DC Blogs Noted


Comings and goings. Goings and comings. For one, lots and lots of talk about a certain Corvette hitting a certain pedestrian. Perhaps Outta mind outta site summed it up best in Disparity? Priceless musings.

Going to college? Georgetown in particular? Vox Populi spells it out for you in 12 answers to class of ‘12 questions. Wonder no more things like “How many meals should I get on my meal plan?” A: Do you like breakfast? Or “What kind of computer do I get?” Answer: Whatever.

Coming home when you have kiddies could be a set up for a big fall warns KC of Where’s My Cape, after countless episodes of being met with “What Up, Woman? Okay, time to get back to my Dora/painting/mud cake baking/torturing beast cat/what have you. Peace out.”  But not this time. Perhaps the age of reciprocity is dawning at KC’s house.

Cross-generational communication can be quite a trip. One of Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s editors asked her and the two interns (median age: 23.3) to look over a piece (she works at AARP) called Fifty Words Kids Think You Don’t Know. Tired of explaining to your mom what a crackberry is. Here’s your chance to set the record straight for AARP’s two million plus readers via Elizabeth.

Think you have to go beyond the Beltway for some good old fashioned honesty. Not if you’re blog s t r e t c h. That dollar bill (yall) is sittin right on top of Tom’s salt water taffy. Still. She works with honest people.

California isn’t the answer to anything for M.A. But she’d like to think it is.