DC Blogs Noted

New law for tourists: It’s illegal to use your cell phone on the Metro. Sandblower files this hilarious report. (Nod to Washington Cube for the recommendation.) Health care in America. Merujo at Church of the Big Sky has started selling favorite possessions on eBay to help pay for medical treatments that will keep her from losing her vision. Now offered, a vintage Thomas Dolby poster from 1983. (Nod to Erika for the recommendation.)Role reversal. This writer’s mother quits her job and now begins a new job hunt. Whom does she call for help? Diet Coke of Evil.The


benefits of gym membership in Glover Park: George Stephanopoulos, reports DC Chai. Some Katrina memories. The Calm Before the Storm at Consultant Confessions. Writing about Katrina last year was such a powerful part of my life. I found my inner voice that I didn’t know existed. I worry if that was a fleeting moment that I will never be able to grasp again.

Police need to step up activity on Todd Place, NE. Two shootings this week, reports Eckington Block. Excerpt: This is a continuation of the violence earlier this year in the same area. Let me make it easy for the police. There are bad people with guns and drugs that live on the unit block of Todd Pl. Please continue patrols and your policing efforts. One night of a spotlight won’t do the trick.Oddities round-up: Belching contest leads to a request for a phone number, writes Life of Red. Crickets interrupt work flow at Kat’s World.

Photo: Storefront in New Orlean’s French Quarter. Taken last week.