DC Blogs Noted

Out of the Frying and Into the Mire writes:

The other night I was out on a date and my companion inquired what I planned on ordering. When the server came, he ordered for both of us.

I found this incredibly hot.

When relaying this story to a friend, I followed it up with a question: “Does this make me a bad feminist?”

Football is back, and here are the rankings. I’ve Never Been Good With Titles.

Terrorist Pony Creates Mayhem Out Of Thin Air. Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog. News crew video.

If you are a parent, Halloween is scary. DC Urban Dad, in the post, Moms and Dads is this appropriate?

Time for black walnuts. The Natural Capital writes: Around this time of year, black walnut trees are cursed by homeowners throughout the DC area as they start dropping their nuts on roofs and driveways. But we say, when life gives you walnuts, make…walnuts!

A large group has brunch at Founding Farmers and takes photos of the food. Lunching in the DMV.