DC Blogs Noted

An Evening with Christopher Hitchens. The writer, Lauren, at Thoughts Thought Out describes her visit with the famed author at his Dupont Circle home.

A former DC resident who has since moved to Salt Lake City returns to DC for a visit. My Scenic Byway is struck by DC’s energy. The contrast begins on the plane trip.

City Girl Blog reviews her experience with chemo, and writes: A female always accompanied male patients to the chemotherapy room, whether as a daughter, wife, girlfriend or mother. By contrast, female patients were rarely accompanied by a male friend or loved one. Also read, Graduation Day.

Native Washingtonian 101.5 – How to really tick us off. Monumental Thought.

You call it paranoia, I call it being aware of my surroundings. In Shaw.

Pizza Cipolla (Or how to Turn a Few Onions into An Extraodinary Dinner). The arugula files.

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