DC Blogs Noted

A counterpoint to Tiger Mothers by Snarkshelf, In Praise of Mowgli Mom. Don’t miss the photo at the end. (For background, Washington Post: Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” on Chinese-American family culture)

Brunch Bird tells of her mother-in-law’s cancer and the nature of life. She writes: As a young woman, she had the looks and sparkle of a Texas debutante but went on to live a life of substance and intellectual curiosity that proved she was more than an exceedingly pretty face. (Photo).

Blarney Crone drives to Virginia to appear in court after a traffic accident. The hotel was part of the adventure. She writes: The room cost $37.44 including tax. Mr Singh, the proprietor, handed me a menu for a Chinese takeaway delivery service and gestured to the machine selling condoms and pepto bismol. Clearly good times were in store …

Sober Single DC is a blog by a woman who can no longer drink. Under the “About Me” she explains why this is so and what the blog is about: I’m a 27 year old grad student living in the DC area and I’ve decided to blog about my misadventures in dating while sober.

The Washington Post profiles the blog, Homicide Watch DC. The story: In blog, homicide victims have their say.

A new arrival at Wife and Mommy‘s home: We brought home a 12 week old puggle-min pin puppy. Photo.

DCist makes its picks for its annual Exposed photo show. Congrats to all.

The chicken tortilla soup at Corcoran Street Kitchen looks delicious.