Beautiful People vs. The Bloggers Assorted blogs If you are reading this then you are probably not in
The Hill’s Beautiful People round up. Because you know what would happen once the newspaper published its special edition: blogging snark fest. (a sampling) The DCeiver’s Highlights from Hill Hotties 2005 is priceless and gets top honors from many bloggers. The Hill’s feature is called “The 50 Most Beautiful” … probably because last year’s “Hill Hotties” just didn’t lend the correct amount of editorial gravitas to this venture. Wonkette’s take and takeWe do notice that none of last year’s most beautiful made it to this year’s list. It’s a tough town, one year you’re young and gorgeous, the next you’re. . Denny Hastert. Why.i.hate.dc has found yet another reason dislike this city. It’s like living in some kind of parallel universe where the Key Club from my high school went back in time and took over the world. The DC Drama Grrls (new blog) I feel like this is HS and we are voting for prom queen and king…In NYC you know your fabulous, socialite and you don’t need to be on some list… Decorating with crayons IkeaModder The actual title of this post is “Modifying with Crayola Window Markers,” which is a far more scientific and purposeful sounding than the link title. But this post is inspiring. We now know how we’re going to spend this weekend: decorating windows and glass objects with removable windows markers. (This is a clever, witty and very well designed blog.) Crayola has a new line of removable for drawing on windows and glass. I have the 8-pack of medium tipped makers. I got my set at Target for less than $5, a mighty fine price. When you write on glass with these the marker will wipe clean with a clothe, however on non-glass the marker can be permanent. The Most Talkative Metro Operator Ever
Blackberry Debutantes Bonding with the Metro operator.

People on the train are now smirking in disbelief. We are getting a monologue which is becoming increasingly entertaining. The train is still pulling across the river, but now we’re going over GW parkway into the ground under the Pentagon. He’s still talking.

Chewing the Fat Online Washingtonian This magazine has given well-deserved recognition to some local food blogs and food Web resources: DC Foodies, DC Fud, DC Food Blog, Chowhound, Don Rockwell, eGullet The List, and Metrocurean. The writer of this piece has produced an enjoyable read, with interesting background about these local efforts. Congrats to all. Dept. of Good Ideas

Cleveland Park Men’s Club Sangria recipes.

Also noted: Purple Pen has re-written her Friendster profile. It starts: Surprisingly passionate about a certain number of things, surprisingly dispassionate about other things. I am the best educated college dropout that you know. Not saying goodbye, just sayin’ shares a story he wrote for a local newspaper on why I joined the Air Force after 9/11. It recounts his experience of that day which began for him in Mclean. Thursday Confessions by Rhinestone Cowgirl. Short, perfect and touching – just read it.