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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 30th, 2014 by dcblogs

queen2 450

Tulip Frenzy takes photos of the annual high heel race in Dupont. The images were taken with a Leica Monochrom, a seriously expensive camera, but the photographer clearly knows how to use it. It’s very good and different work.

On the problem of street harassment in DC, Manda Writes Things offers her take on the woman videotaped walking around NYC who receives numerous catcalls. Excerpt: Culturally, moving from DC to Dallas, it took a lot to get used to people interacting with me in a way that is genuinely pleasant (sometimes people actually just say “hello” in Dallas with no strings attached!) versus an indicator I’m about to be mugged or harassed.

This is interesting: Scroll down to see how Uber compares with DC cabs in terms background checks and insurance coverage. District Source.

Urban Living by Alia goes inside a new Hill place, Radici, and comes back with photos.

You may not want to open this top 10 costume thingy at work. If fact, you may not want to open it all. And why we are providing a link to it is in the category of slowing down, or rubber necking, to get a look at the wreck. Hungry Lobbyist.

Dear Readers: We won’t be publishing Friday to prepare for setting the clocks back. (By the way, the homegrown live feed froze up but we we’ll have it running soon.) Thanks for reading.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 29th, 2014 by dcblogs

fashion happy

This kiss wasn’t acting. Unemployed Kat. Good story telling.

What the hell is wrong with people in DC? Sexual assault while leaving a DC grocery store. Collective Action.

From the Journal of Homebrew Therapy: Emily Kate DC says that when she feels angry, sad or overwhelmed, she “dances it out” in her apartment.

Have you seen these around? They are called Alphabet Animals and deserve a name. East City Art.

When my mama comes to town. Art in Life.

DC has a reputation as being transient, and populated by an increasing number of the young and single. Developers are responding to this demographic. But that’s coupled with concern that families are being pushed out the District. District Source.

DC Film Girl reviews John Wick.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 28th, 2014 by dcblogs

mount pleasant grocery 450

Great photo collection: Meandering Through Hong Kong. WhereaboutsPhoto.

The artist Sean Hennessey presents and explains some of this work, including She Drowns The World With Her Sorrow.

My Amused Bouche is one of the best writers in the blogosphere. The opening sentence of her latest restaurant review: It’s a rural place where I currently live and I’ve come to miss those things that just seem silly in a place like this.

Since CVS dominates DC, this post may be of interest: Why you won’t be using Apple Pay at CVS any time soon. InTheCapital.

A date at DGS in Dupont Circle. DC Wrapped Dates.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 27th, 2014 by dcblogs

mount pleasant3

Cupcakes and Shoes, or a Georgia peach in DC, writes about the thing she never thought she would do. (It’s about housing in DC.)

Reading a “A Discovery of Witches,” on the bus, prompts a not-so-kind-or-thoughtful comment from a fellow bus rider. Half My Heart. (Tweet below).

The Yik Yak App is used for nonsense on the Hill. Post Grad Problems.

Ten of the stupidest comments left in the comment section. Scary Mommy.

More about moving by an interesting writer. And then there was Mel.

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from old negative all history about it is lost

Long, long ago, when blogging was still a new thing, someone wrote that blogs will help humanize our communities. The writings will give people an opportunity to share little parts of their lives, their worries, celebrations, experiences and reactions. And that sharing might begin to change how we see our world. The anonymous people on the Metro, while still anonymous, might be seen in a somewhat different light. The intellectual realization that we’re not all that different might become an emotional realization. This post is a good example of that thought. In 2005, Occam’s Razor wrote a post imagining what his life might be like in 2015. It is close enough to 2015 for him to review what he thought his life might be like against the reality of his life today. It’s a very honest and authentic assessment.

Should cute, innocent puppies be used in toxic, irritating political campaigns? (Strike that question). Can a political candidate improve her image by holding a puppy? Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog answers this question.

Ionarts said the reviews on the Death of Klinghoffer are difficult to read.

Brock Boland writes about his plan to take a social media break.

What Mickey Eats checks out Art and Soul near Union Station.

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An alternative architectural vision for Washington, circa 1963. ЦARЬCHITECT.

Five reasons the DC mayoral race is over and five reasons its not. Capital Comment.

If Carol Schwartz dropped out, would David Catania close the poll gap he has with Muriel Browser? Of course, Cantania could leave as well and throw his support to Schwartz. Vox Populi. (They don’t discuss that question in this post, but the numbers invite it.)

DC needs to add a runoff element to the elections process. Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. A plan to relieve the excruciating tedium of local races.

Ben Bradlee’s Electric Glow. Very good writing. Time.

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Bones was on her way to investigate

A drunkard stole my Kale, then apologized with a gift card. City Desk

The Bunch (of disaster). PHNX65 brings this story of an odd afternoon to life.

Logan Circle ANC endorses razing of an old, unwanted building on “most endangered places” list. SALM.

Zandria writes about the subject-specific blogs that get her attention.

The presentation was “curious,” reports Capitol Hill Corner.

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DC voter’s guide has upside down flag. Vox Populi.

Here are 19 reasons why you don’t want to work on a campaign. Cloture Club.

DC named best city to visit next year by Lonely Planet. DCist.

Election news: Most ANC elections are no-contest. Urban Turf.

Fashion or how to look young for a reasonably length of time. Panda Head.

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ignore me if you must

How DC’s legal system leaves bike crash victims without access to justice. Medium.

If you ever wonder how palm trees can survive this far north, read the Hardy palms of Rehoboth Beach. DC Tropics.

An Instagrammer artist: James Jackson. Exposed DC.

I made a sonic screwdriver out of toilet parts. Stirrup Queens. [Editor's note: Absolutely no idea what a sonic screwdriver is.]

DC Outlook reviews the movie, Fury, and likes it.

A autumn walk at Fort Totten. Orange Explains it All. Not a bad idea before winter.

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framed art

My first (selfie) gif. That Gumbo Life. Well done, too.

Animals of the fear list. Lemon Gloria. It begins with a cow. It’s serious.

Random photo roundup: There is something weird or interesting about this photo. Frozen Tropics. The post is about a BBQ, but photo looks like it was taken somewhere else and in another time. This photo by liminality was definitely taken somewhere else.

This autumn photo is very rich and beautiful. Many Muses.

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