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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on July 31st, 2014 by dcblogs


Sometimes blogs disappear into Twitter, and such was the case with Unsuck DC Metro, one of the District’s most popular blogs. Now it’s a Twitter powerhouse, with some 25,000 followers and a steady retweet stream of misery. The complaints (below) are related to the Blue Line, which has seen some changes since the opening of the Silver Line. Save the Blue Line explains.


Can Lyman’s Tavern resurrect pinball culture in DC? DCist. Weighing in as well is New Columbia Heights.

An in-town vacation of sorts: The District Darling goes to DGS Delicatessen, Jazz in the Gardens, Red Light, Ted’s Bulletin, El Centro, SUNdeVICH, Union Market with a camera. Also, Stachowski Market, Black Cat and other places.

This blog endorses Carol Schwartz for mayor. D2 Route.

Video: There is an effort to try to save a mural painted over the doorway of the Potter’s House in Columbia Road in Adams Morgan. The mural entitled “The Light of the World” was painted by local artist Karla-“Karlisima” Rodas-Israel. Here’s a short interview (2 minutes) with her in her studio. The new owners of the building, the Eighth Day Community Church, plan to paint over the work. The artist’s website.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on July 30th, 2014 by dcblogs

Adams Morgan, Idle Time bookstore stops by the soon-to-open new coffee shop, Compass Coffee in Shaw, and takes a photo of the owners, both having served in the Marines together.

Four quick facts on DC’s economy and its impact on residents. DC Fiscal Policy Institute.

Is the climate dragon awakening? Metlfactor. All about the potential of a methane release.

The FBI is moving out of DC, which doesn’t seem right, but so it is. District Source.

Why it may be worth paying for off-street parking. PoP.

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Nine reasons why Emily will take her husband’s name. Dear Me.

One commenter calls the rest room mannequin creepy. Restonian.

Vacation Report: Asheville, NC, seems like a very nice place to visit. Many goats. Dine and Drink DC.

Bike commuting article from Washington Star, 1972. Rebuilding Place.

In white oak, the region’s east-west divide becomes an urban-suburban one. Just up the Pike.

Urban Turf says the Silver Line will ease the trip to Dulles a little, and by little it means “not by much.”

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With all the drama of a horror movie, the Greatest Escapist discovers a giant bug in her bathroom at 3 a.m.

Among the riders on the newly opened Silver Line, were the people behind the FAAB Blog (Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling). Many photos. Metro amenities include a bike room. Plus, More reaction in the Restonian.

An artist who lives near Metro’s Silver Line sketches impressions. Urban Sketchers.

What I’ve learned since moving to DC. Latest installment, beginning at 3001. HughChe’s Blog.

The American Geophysical Union blog has some photos of the DC boundary stones, as well as a history.

Obscure study ranks DC 3rd “happiest metropolitan areas with a population greater than 1 million, reports PoP.

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A lesson in compassion from behind the wheel. Dharma Monkey.

DC Peg writes of a former neighbor who recently passed. They sometimes chatted in the laundry room but remained strangers. He was convicted in 1978 of spying for Vietnam. The post: Who knew. The Washington Post obit.

Daily Love Affair had dinner at Rose’s Luxury on Capitol Hill and took lots of photos of the food.

The i-Thai, a new Georgetown restaurant, is reviewed by Dine and Drink. Photos.

Rural Society, a new place in the Lowewe’s Hotel, transforms the space, and the surrounding area, from nothing to something spectacular, writes Hungry Lobbyist. Photos.

Jen and Eric has read 13 books so far this year. They are listed.

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Dept. of Second Thoughts: What’s better than a bowl of chili before boarding a plane? Famous DC.

The moment when you realize you are no longer indeed interested in acting young. PHX65.

Capital Sarcasm writes: It is with great sadness I inform the greater DC metro area, that I will be moving back up to New England to pursue my law degree.

June 27th marked the 6 year anniversary of Congress Heights on the Rise. Was it worth it?

Pamela’s Punch visits the Embassy Row Hotel’s new rooftop area, which includes a swimming pool, cabanas and a membership.

In DC, 75% of the District’s roads are rated in fair to excellent condition, says D, the blog of the DC Dept. of Transportation.

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Five lessons I have (inexplicably) learned more than once. Lemon Gloria.

In DC, an art gallery needs a license to offer complimentary glasses of wine and beer. SALM.

If it’s been a while, you may want to know the going rate for the tooth fairy. Stirrup Queens.

New coffee and ice cream place. New Columbia Heights.

Small business negative reviews are a gift. Sword and the Script.

Complain about rats and potholes to a congressman who loves DC and is trying to help. Capital Comment.

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Word Perv has read 59 books so far this year. Here are her five favorites.

America’s border crisis of conscience begins: Sixty bodies lie in a heap on the floor of a morgue that receives the corpses of children under 10 and as young as 2. It’s the body count for just one day, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. How can we in good conscience send children back there? We just did. The Republic of T.

The Houndstooth photographs a sharp dresser downtown. There is also the National Hunt racing fashion. Glamazon.

Work on a one million square-foot casino complex at National Harbor could begin next month. DC Curbed.

Bloomingdale neighbor contracts viral meningitis from a mosquito bite Bloomingdale.

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Overheard in DC: Tourist behavior. DCist.

Sober Politico moved to DC this month and is trying to quickly land a job at the Capitol.

The lump returns. But I Do Have A Law Degree

How can we be clueless to how much you hate us if you won’t shut up about it? Washcycle.

Not all book stores are closing. Barnes and Noble opens a store at Catholic University. The Brookland Bridge.

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This is useful: How to blog effectively. Greater Greater Washington.

If you don’t meet job expectations, this could happen to you. Ode Street Tribune.

City Desk offers to pay your $25 marijuana fine. A Q & A about the new law. Capital Comment.

Surrealicious, a quick note about lost love in the place where it started. Nicely penned.

Another Republican insulted my intelligence this week, writes Stay at Home Pundit.

Apartments replacing Jay’s Saloon could be approved this week. ARL Now.

The beautiful Carnegie Library may become the new Spy Museum site. Triangle.

A cognitive linguist, Chris, who is also a blogger, The Lousy Linguist, has put together a fine post (we’re a little late pointing it out) on Facebook’s lab rat experiment with its users.

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