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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 4th, 2015 by dcblogs

saint ex march 3 2012

The dog with the one cool trick: See video at bottom of post. But I do have a law degree.

Nevin Martell, writes: An hour after my son was born, I was right where my wife needed me. In line at Shake Shack.

Interesting: Columbia Heights in DC is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the country. Governing.

A illustrated short story about Neanderthals. (Reading time advisory: 5 seconds) DC Swamp.

The Dept. of Pseudo Statistics reports that one-out-of-ten people in DC is either a reporter or blogger. The balance are mostly attorneys, lobbyists, bartenders, with federal workers and Members scattered about. That’s why this story is much ado about nothing: Politico reporters are ruining Rosslyn. Capital Comment.

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A beautiful, poetic, heart-stirring, water main break. PoP. With apologies to embellishers everywhere.

No Super Bowl for me. Stirrup Queens.

Pay attention: How to turn $5,000 into $5.2M in 18 months. Daily Campello Art News.

For some reason, Mean Louise watches the 2005 horror disaster, Alone in the Dark.

A most different type of dog transport. drpetebeepbeep.

Editor’s note: We won’t be publishing Tuesday. Apologies. We will be back Wed. Thanks for reading

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 30th, 2015 by dcblogs

a well dress woman from a distant era

DC’s experience with the Blizzard of ’88. Streets of Washington.

The idea of adding floors to the MLK library has lost steam. “Congratulations, historic preservationists. You win again, writes Open House. Suicide Blond, who commented on this development, wasn’t keen on the vertical expansion: “Maybe only a few modernists and hobos hang out there now.. but we deserve a few public spaces too,” she wrote.

The love hat supports a good cause. Panda Head.

On 12th Street in the CBD, concerns about light and air. SALM.

DC Film Girl reviews Cake, whose stars include Jennifer Aniston.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 29th, 2015 by dcblogs


PHNX65 is training for a fourth degree black belt, outside, with her sword. She didn’t realize that someone spied her.

The Republic of T has embarked on a project to catalog and put in a timeline the stories of unarmed black men killed by police officers. His research journey is taking him back into time where he is finding an unbroken line of violence.

The DC snow tease from a dog’s perspective. Hungry Lobbyist.

Look Busy! Pope Francis is coming to our neck of the woods. Brookland Bridge.

Useful: Where to wash your pet on the Hill. The Hill is Home.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 27th, 2015 by dcblogs

metro crowd 450

Caught with the flu, That Mango Life calls the airline to change her flight. She has to put up a fight.

Bike Crush reveals herself in a selfie.

Twenty six bosses in 40 years. LIT’s Living on Capitol Hill.

What my Fitbit thinks. Where’s My Cape.

The best bars in DC to ride out the polar vortex. DCist.

A map of where pedestrians and cyclists have been struck in DC this year. City Desk.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 26th, 2015 by dcblogs

cat poster

Fashion and lifestyle bloggers share some of their tips for ruling the blogosphere. Shop Around.

The weather is crummy. Imagine if you were living in Palm Springs, and in one of these houses. Would you be happier? Pretty Ugly.

Armored assault vehicle parks in space for disabled. The DC Bike Blogger.

The things people (should not) say to those with a chronic illness. Candy Sandwich.

Would like to be able to order this in DC: Strawberry Cones pizza. Mikey Hates Everything.

Two women bikers ask to have their photo taken. The results. One Photograph a Day.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 23rd, 2015 by dcblogs

blue white white blue

A lovely sketch, NIH community orchestra, at Urban Sketchers.

A poll with some interesting results: What’s the most overrated activity in Washington? Capital Comment.

The Quivering Pen hangs up the blogging pen, and explains that the blog “became a little too central to my daily writing routine as I found myself using nearly all of my time in the mornings writing and formatting blog posts before I dashed off to my Day Job.

Ten things you may not know about me. Red Nose.

All about basted eggs. Stirrup Queens.

Shipping containers as means to build apartments is catching on. DC Curbed spies another project.

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Store names we remember. Photo. Brutalism.

In keeping with the theme above, here’s a day-in-the-life story with animal control. Washington Humane Society blog.

Mahoganie writes: I loss my dad the Sunday before Christmas … the first day of winter. For my D.C. folks, especially my Ward 7 family, my dad is George B. Browne Jr., ANC Commissioner for 7E01. He was just re-elected to his fourth term as ANC Commissioner in this past election season.

The Washington Post interviewed a Georgetown professor who documents on a Web site, DC Adapters, the various iterations of DC’s flag. It’s very interesting and clever. At Greater Greater Washington, it’s pointed out in a discussion thread that the flag comes from George Washington’s family coat of arms.

DC Rainmaker gives the new Fitbit Surge an in-depth review.

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dcblogs oct 11 2012 turn of the century postcard

Manifest Density is picked to be on a jury considering a DUI case. A woman in Adams Morgan walked past three cops, unsteadily, and into her car. After she started the engine, an officer tapped on the glass and asked her to get out. The case goes to court.

DC police are testing out body cameras, reports Capitol Hill Corner.

Pike Schemes puts in an offer on their first home.

The selflessness of selfishness. By the Way. The writer discovers she has Guillon-barre syndrome.

2015: My Year of Selfishness. An Unscripted Life of Words.

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Manda Writes Things writes: Despite the face that Metro is the worst, people are constantly telling me that I’m too harsh.

Family of metro smoke incident victim raising funds for funeral expenses. DCist.

I’ve given up, and it feels great! Sober Politico.

Useful: Mapping 15 area ice skating rinks. DC Curbed.

The 5 biggest running mistakes of my life. Minutes Per Mile.