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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 16th, 2014 by dcblogs


House of Cards reduced to a list. Life as List.

How many good horror movies have actually been made? Annabelle failed to deliver, writes Candy Sandwich.

The best appetizer you will ever eat (and one you have no shot at spelling). In Between DC.

Young people don’t want cars, if they can help it. Greater Greater Washington.

On the road with Humane Society law enforcement. Washington Humane Society blog.

Old Ebbitt ranked third highest-grossing restaurant in America. Best Bites.

The Library of Congress employee art show has opened. LIT.

Changes in the cab hailing app industry. New Columbia Heights.

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adams morgan photo songbyrd 450 dcblogs

Hannah Graham et al. DC Peg reflects on her own college experience.

A dispatch from the NYC apartment hunt. karina versus.

What’s up with the hump on I-66? Dumb Things I Have Done Lately.

Sure, you get paid a lot but Biglaw is dead – Part 11. Everyone I know is Ridiculous.

The Slow Cook is in DC to talk about his writing. Excerpt: The District of Columbia just keeps growing. In our old neighborhood, a new apartment building, new grocery, new cafe springs up on every corner.

Mutant mushrooms find a happy home in Rosslyn. The Ode Street Tribune.

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adams morgan art stand painted

Poverty & Policy takes the Food Stamp Challenge and writes: Truth to tell, I couldn’t see myself living on a $33 grocery budget for the week. For food maybe. But doing without the rich, dark coffee I drink from morn to eve? No way.

Vacation report: Great Lakes, from Ann Arbor up to the Leelanau Peninsula in photos. Hitherto.

What I’ve learned since moving to DC. HughChe’s Blog list continues.

What have you accomplished over the last three months? In the last 100 days, Candy Sandwich bought a home, got a new job, ended a relationship, traveled to Croatia, among other things. The post: The end of happy.

In photos, the favorite things, currently, of the writer at Life in an Apartment Near Chinatown.

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street scene connecticut photo dcblogs 1600_edited-1

Grateful Dating is about to reach the 10th year anniversary of her blog. Excerpt:

So much has changed, yet so little has changed. I live in the same city, the same house, I’m single. I almost put “still single” but that’s not quite right–I’ve been single, unsingle, dating, etc. I went to live in France. I bought some new bicycles. I bought a brand new car. I made some friends and lost a couple…

That time I was ugly in Vegas. Unemployed Kat, who writes: Walking through the casinos in my sensible work outfits, I felt invisible.

Disrespect while biking while female. Collective Action.

DC Redditors, what are your thoughts on the Bloomingdale neighborhood? Bloomingdale.

Now that he is raising children, Ice Ice Andrew declares himself to be “Feminist Dad.”

DCPhotoartist explore the Alphonse Osteria & Market in words and photos, and writes: I had Bronzino with roasted beets, pears and almonds, and a Valhrona chocolate cannoli that was just to die for.

Insightful interview with architectural photographer Steve Hall. Parchment.

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window writing at MLK library

Secret revealed: The bounty in discarded Metro farecards. Greater Greater Washington. Why are a lot of farecards discarded? See item immediately below.

DC is wealthiest ‘state,’ according to Wallet Hub. It’s certainly the wealthiest district. Capital Comment.

Here is how to find the backstory about But I do Have a Law Degree.

Sligo Creek squirrels: harmless hooligans or terrorists in training? DC Reflections.

Really nice photograph of the U.S. Capitol. Exposed DC.

A healthy fast food restaurant, hälsa, is coming to Monroe Street market. Brookland Bridge.

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downtown building

Why Ebola may spread in the U.S. DCFemella.

Will President Obama cast a vote for D.C. mayor in November? Vox Populi.

The Green Miles wonders why climate change is excluded from story about Miami flooding.

Ten reasons why my headcold is worse than your pregnancy. Scary Mommy.

Just up the Pike ends anonymous commenting. This is from August, and we missed it when it first posted.

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The reasons why I won’t be a Nats Plus member. Make Lemons.

Adventures in laundry. I drank what?

We needed you. Jimbo. When someone from the rugby team doesn’t show, and the news as to why may be unbearable.

If you are ever put in a position of having to rent out your place, this may help: “The essential guide to being an amateur landlord in DC.” Urban Turf.

Vacation report: Photos from Paris. DC Scorpio Blog.

How failure haunts you. A Wash of Paint.

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rain two

Someone from Seattle in town for a job interview writes: “Arlington is a World Class…DumpArlington Yupette.

She did not use her credit card at a gas station in Brazil. SuperNoVAWife.

The everyday struggles of a former big booty girl. Elizabethany.

Dining with Strangers reviews the Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery in Santa Fe. (It’s a bit of drive, buy you never know.)

Closer to home: Photo of cheese-steak launch at Taylor Gourmet. Triangle.

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store window

Hey this thing happened. A Girl and Her Bike.

More outstanding work from the Slow Cook (see yesterday). This is the story about the fox that was killing his hens. The post: One dead fox.

District of Chic is in Paris and shows off her outfit, along with some photos of the city.

The solar power revolution is working because utilities are now fighting back. Notions Capital.

Who would have thought: Rosslyn’s natural beauty. Photo. Ode Street Tribune.

Terrible news: Revenue from traffic cameras drop. Urban Turf.

DC Vlog: Eastern Market & Adams Morgan Day. A well-done video that begins with the consequences of a broken dehumidifier.

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used art downtown

Climate change threatens to raise global temps 5F by the end of this century. It will deliver disease, water and food shortages, floods and extreme weather, species extinctions, ocean acidification and crumbling political systems. Greater Greater Washington argues for an increase in efforts to create sustainable cities. But this is not a case where every little bit helps. This is a case where every little bit won’t be enough. Massive change is needed.

So you want to leave DC and realize your dreams of living on a farm. Go for it. You can still pen a “dating blog” regardless of where you live. That’s what the Slow Cook did, and in his latest update he tells the story of Tigger, the boy goat, in search of love.

There are people in DC who still use film cameras. DC Photo Artist is one of them. Many B&W photos here. The post begins: A while ago a friend of mine asked me to shoot a roll of Tri-X through my Contax G2 so he could see how it performed in low-light situations, as he was thinking about getting one himself.

When it’s “too nice out” to take the kids to a museum. National Museum of American History Blog.

Rantings of a Creole Princess has moved to a new blog platform and URL.

On assignment in Wheeling, WV, with camera. Arielmin.