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Some of these blogs were added a month ago. Note to Blogger users: Please set your default time zone to UK time, UTC or GMT 00. That will ensure that your more recent post appears on the top of the feed. Otherwise, your post will show up four to five hours deep into the feed. […]

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Zack Morris Cell Phone explains itself this way: In this crazy, complicated, expensive, and wired world, it’s nice to reflect on Zack Morris and his cell phone. between the lines has a friend who said this about her: I am quite fond of how you can yack on your cell phone and ride your bike […]

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Midnight Train to DC explains herself this way: A career-minded feminist with a good UK government job meets a handsome American man with a better US Government job. Produce: one ruby ring and a house on Capitol Hill. The topics that Sociology in My Neighborhood: DC Ward Six takes on include racial segregation and gentrification. […]

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The Rhode Island Ave NE Insider. A neighborhood blog. Iconoclassicist is about revealing DC’s silent citizens, its statues. The writer who once blogged at Life and Musings returns with a newly named blog, Musings on Life and Other Things. The Honeymooning Chef is not a chef and not on a honeymoon. But I did just […]