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DC Blogs Noted

A man on a Metro bus isn’t moving and efforts to shake him awake don’t work. The bus driver asks passengers: “What do you think I should do?” To this the writer at The True Tales of a Caffeine Addict says, I doubt it would have been too much to check to see if the […]

Should D.C.’s gun ban be overturned?

The Supreme Court is currently considering whether or not to uphold a federal appeals court’s strikedown of the D.C. gun ban. The essential argument is that even with the gun ban in place, D.C.’s violent crime rate is still far too high, and the illegal gun trade means that criminals can always get their hands […]

DMV putting SmarTrip chips in DC driver’s licenses: A convenience or a privacy violation?

Today’s Examiner has a brief story about the DC DMV’s new initiative to embed SmarTrip chips in D.C. driver’s licenses, starting in 2008. As someone who’s written about privacy invasions and identity theft extensively, this scares the living crap out of me. If you lose one of these new licenses, someone can not only steal […]

DC cabs to change from zones to meters

Those of you who have lists of things to complain about regarding our fair city won’t have the notorious zone system to kick around anymore–Mayor Adrian Fenty has ordered the DC Taxicab Commission to switch all cabs operating in the District to a metered system. Naturally, the cabbies are threatening a strike, and none of […]

Put ‘Em On The Glass

I saw DC Councilmember Jim Graham while I was out having a drink at Temperance Hall last night. It’s funny, because I tend to disagree with the hard-line stance Graham takes when it comes to city nightclubs and bars that cater to an urban(read: non-white) demographic. That said, I realized that I could not argue with those views too much that night once I walked past […]

Question: Is this Racist?

Sometimes I think my super liberal hypersensitive mind is playing tricks on me. However, I know for a fact I can’t be crazy all the time. I mean, is it just me, or am I not the only person who finds this poster not just offensive, but dangerous? Some background: I live in Switzerland right […]