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When I was really young, I remember being told that being Chinese was something special. It not only reflects in your face but in every part of who you are. Being young, I didn’t care. I wanted to be like all the other kids – white, rich, blonde, whatever. I just didn’t want to be […]

Stop Your Sobbing

As an actively practising heterosexual woman (I date), I read what women and men have to say about dating.  Craig’s List’s Rants and Raves section is either highly entertaining or deeply depressing, depending on your perspective.  So are the personal listings sections.  I read M4W and W4M, not the gay, miscellaneous, or casual sections, mainly […]

Photography Contest: Vote Now!

Thanks to everyone for entering in the DCBlogs Photography Contest. We’ve had a lot of beautiful entries from some very talented bloggers. It will be really tough to pick a winner, which is why I’ll let the DC blogging community vote for their favorite photo. Please leave a comment with the number of your favorite […]

DCBlogs Photography Contest Update

The wonderful people at Threadless are offering a $40 gift certificate as a prize, more than enough for 2 shirts!  Contest ends soon, so please either e-mail us with your entries, or post the link in the comments section.  Thanks to all the participants so far for their wonderful entries.

DMV putting SmarTrip chips in DC driver’s licenses: A convenience or a privacy violation?

Today’s Examiner has a brief story about the DC DMV’s new initiative to embed SmarTrip chips in D.C. driver’s licenses, starting in 2008. As someone who’s written about privacy invasions and identity theft extensively, this scares the living crap out of me. If you lose one of these new licenses, someone can not only steal […]

The Reality of It All

I don’t watch a lot of t.v. When I do , I don’t watch a lot of reality shows. In fact, the only one I watch with any regularity is The Biggest Loser on NBC. American Idol, Survivor, Big Brother–can’t stomach any of those. Lately, though, I’ve started watching snippets of Dancing with the Stars. […]

Regal Gallery Place Management Cracks Down on Annoying Patrons

For anyone familiar with movie theaters in our area, certain annoyances are to be expected. There are the chair-kickers, the play-by-play reciters, the dayglo cellphone blinders, and last but not least, the inappropriate baby-bringers. Last night, I attended a late showing of 30 Days of Night, fully prepared to put the smackdown on nearby annoying […]

DC cabs to change from zones to meters

Those of you who have lists of things to complain about regarding our fair city won’t have the notorious zone system to kick around anymore–Mayor Adrian Fenty has ordered the DC Taxicab Commission to switch all cabs operating in the District to a metered system. Naturally, the cabbies are threatening a strike, and none of […]