Monthly Archives: May 2005

DC Blogs noted

Rolling Thunder Thunder Tales Vietnam fighter pilot, author and blogger Ed Rasimus of Colorado Springs was in DC for the Memorial Day observances. He writes of his visit. It’s a long post and a very good read. The throaty roar of Harley-Davidson was everywhere. The bikers are older than most that you see in Middle […]

Rolling Thunder

Dead Soldiers Grace’s Poppies It’s not just the tourists and Vietnam vets arriving this weekend. This is Memorial Day, so of course all the dead soldiers are stirring: the ones who tend to linger here anyway, and others who feel unfamiliar — as if they’re arriving from elsewhere (odd, isn’t it, to think that even […]

Chinatown, exploding manhole covers, travels

Rehoboth trip Countersignature This writer discusses the Rehoboth of old and new. And then there’s the food of old and new: The chips and salsa were fine until I detected the unmistakable flavor of crab. Upon further investigation, I discovered that some of the chips tasted of crab, while others didn’t. To me, this finding […]

DC Blogs noted:

Waiting Tiki Tiki Tembo This poet and musician who dances, lights candles in a shower and runs 12 miles, writes poignantly about the issues in her life. Maybe I’m fascinated with heads because I’m feeling headless myself. I don’t know when I’ll write another song. Something else? What the Kay Smartly written meditation on life, […]

Golden moments

Stealth Avert Your Eyes What happens when Verizon workers meet Golden Retriever. A wonderfully written piece. The other day when I returned from work, I found 5 Verizon technicians staring intently at a 3-foot diameter hole they had dug in my yard. They seemed to be mesmerized by their efforts. It was as if the […]

Star Wars confusion

Girly time and Oxytocin Improbable Things Knitting and female bonding explored. Last night I hosted the DC Stitch-n-Bitch, which I’d only ever joined 2x before. So 8 near strangers converged on my place last night, fairly cowing my sniffle-ridden husband into bonding with his Mac all night. It was fun and we broke out the […]

Water turnoffs

No water Shesbitter Live action waterless drama, thanks to the DC water main break Saturday. it’s 5am. i’m going to la in three hours. i’m in the middle of doing laundry and have just discovered that the water in my building is off. i have nothing to wear, and my roommate is going to wake […]

Depression and black lacquer

The ship awash, our rudder gone Standing at the Corner of Evil and Indecision Free floating angst. The last couple of days more than anything have felt like something’s missing. I’ve got great friends, a good job, activities that I enjoy to keep busy; heck .. So why do I feel like I’m just adrift? […]


Stop McMetro DC Metro Action Metro seems intent on pasting advertising on Metro trains and buses. But more troubling is this recent report in the Washington Post: (If the link doesn’t work the story appear May 10, with this head: Cash-Strapped Metro Rolls Out Ad-Wrapped Trains.) Coming soon will be television screens inside trains and […]

Dates and other things

Craig’s List Guinea Pig A Blog Mainly About Food The writer, Kanishka, has seat for two Friday evening “for a special preview of Sonoma.” But whom to take? I could take a friend, someone I’ve known and know is a food fan (no one specific in mind, thinking out loud here). Or… I could take […]