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Sad Day in Georgetown

A photograph of Joseph Pozell, the volunteer police officer, who was stuck by a vehicle in Georgetown this weekend and seriously injured. This photo, taken a few weeks earlier, shows Officer Pozell at work.


Five points, with great links, are here, including a very funny critique of a Craig’s List personal. “Who goes to the Cheesecake Factory to eat a salad?

But this writer really cranks in his recent post, “Getting ready to get killed with – atomic style.”

Lots of helpful tips for dealing with a nuclear blast, and pointers to make it easy to distinguish, for instance, a nuclear explosion from gentrification.

Where’s that pesky steering wheel
Washington Socialites

Writer Kelly Ann Collins discovers she needs a driver’s license and must take a road test. She also needs a car for this road test.

ADD on a Sunday Afternoon
More Than My Luggage

If you had big plans Sunday to head to the office but came up short, don’t worry: you’re in good company. This writer details every step of a Sunday that includes Salem’s Lot, Popeye’s, string cheese and blogging.

Nuptials Drama
The Bex Blog

This writer shares some moments in her life and her running. This is a two-part post. The first is, “Well here’s one way to ensure a sh***y race.

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Photos: Assorted buildings on 17th near Mass Avenue.

Real estate storms

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Bus math
Breaching the Web

Have gas prices made public transit the real deal? You can live close to the city. There’s a condo selling in my building, 507 square-feet, for $229,000 with a $427 monthly maintenance charge that includes gas, air and heat. It’s one block from the Foggy Bottom metro. A few years ago condos in this building, studios in particular, were selling for well below $150,000. In 2000, $60,000 to $80,000 was the norm. Of course, I rent.

Someone I was talking to other night about the booming housing prices asked how values could climb faster than salaries, and said: “Did I miss the money boom?”

I bought a house in Connecticut in 1987 during a similar upturn in housing prices. A few years later that property lost about 30% of its value during the ’89 decline. When I moved to DC in 1998 I thought housing was a bargain, but I wasn’t in a position to buy because of the Connecticut house that I couldn’t sell above its mortgage.

It’s argued that DC isn’t likely to see a drop in housing values because properties were undervalued for so long, and the economy is strong. Will property values continue to rise, stall or decline? If I had any real understanding of these issues I wouldn’t be blogging; I’d be fixing my roof or something.

But this is all far removed from what this interesting blog discusses:

It turns out that it is actually cheaper, right now, for my husband and I to take the bus to and from work. It costs us $1.92 in gas to drive the 23.2 mile round trip. It would cost us just $0.66 in bus fare.

…. I’m not sold on this plan yet….

Give Me Penn Avenue
Dirty Words

Despite the city’s housing prices, some wouldn’t live anywhere else.

It’s official—I’m back in the city, slowly awakening from my suburban nightmare. Really, Silver Spring isn’t so bad, but in 3 years I met no one, man–I mean, no one.

Booty bouquet
I Crap In a Box

This is the blog of “Maddie, a fabulous foul-mouthed Calico from Washington, D.C. I sleep, whine and poop a lot,” and it’s LOL funny. Really. Absolutely check it out.

Dinner Friday & others

This is a relatively new blog by a twenty-something writer. There aren’t many posts, but this blog is off to an entertaining start.

Yikes!! So my unemployed friend was telling me about a disturbing phenomenon among us twenty something ladies in Washington, DC. And it’s called “office ass.”

Those big thunderstorms
Capital Weather

In another life, I was an aerographers mate in the U.S. Navy. I spent most of my service time, nearly 3 out of four years, at the U.S. Feet Weather Central and Joint Typhoon Tracking facility on Guam (since relocated to Hawaii), a place I would happily live but it might be pushing it to telecommute from there. It’s a mere 7-hour flight from Hawaii.

Capital Weather has a nice report about Saturday’s t-storms, witnessed by their reporter at the rain delayed Nationals game. A photo of the gathering clouds, expertly and artfully done, is also posted.

Last night, 20,000+ fans at the Nationals-Cubs game (including me), witnessed a display of firepower and intensity in the heavens unrivaled with any they may ever see on the baseball diamond.

As if I did not already know
Penny Lives

There is something called the online “Personality Defect Test,” which the writer of this blog takes. If you like to start your day off by being insulted, take the test. He shares his results.