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Blog laundry

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Underfarewell No Taming This Shrew Shakespeare and other topics are on this blog. But this cleverly named post is about parting with closely-held apparel. If you read the comments you’ll learn this revealing fact: I guess this is a cultural thing, but there are no holes in Japanese boxers.

There’s something really sad about waving goodbye to a fabulous bra or a particularly effective pair of panties. Maybe boys feel the same way about their boxers. I know a few who certainly held on to theirs right up to the bitter end…

The Death of Local TV Commercials Blincoln Blog Longtime DC area residents may recall these TV commercials. This walk down the static lane begins this way:

The best thing about local television in the 1970s and 1980s was the commercials for local businesses. They had zero production values and the “talent” was usually the person that owned the particular business concern. No matter what part of the country you grew up in there is some local TV commercial wedged somewhere in your brain.

Living in DelRay Crazy Girl City Crazy Girl assesses her neighborhood, DelRay, in Alexandria. Peaceful DelRay.

The only excitement I have witnessed was when I first moved here and some guy had his kid held hostage up the street. Well that and me trying to solve this week’s mystery of who the hell is knocking on my window at 2am.

DC Driving Advice Louder than Words There are 14 pointers, observations and other strange things about driving in DC. Among them:

Construction sites tie up traffic, even if there’s no actual construction happening. I guess people expect that the construction workers are laying in wait behind the orange-and-white barrels, ready to begin jackhammering at a moment’s notice.

The only way to successfully navigate DuPont Circle is to pretend that you can’t see other cars, pedestrians, or traffic lights.

Also noted: Is Being Single Sexy? This is the question asked on Diva’s Disclosures, whose writer is just a fun loving girl who has been blessed with great friends and family but who has been cursed with an addictive love of men! Read about my trials and tribulations in search for Mr. Right. Kathryn on … the question of Pretty, cute, hot or not. With photos. I’ve recently been thinking about the different ways women’s looks can be categorized: pretty, cute, hot, or not …. I had never really thought about this before. What is the difference? Dragon in Retrograde offers some advice in a post, “The Four Lessons I Learned This Weekend. Here’s the first item: Never give your non-drinking Muslim friend the task of buying the mixers for a party. Free Summer Movies, a helpful guide to outdoor movies assembled by lagniappe in dc. Covers Screen on the Green in DC, Village at Shirlington, as well as Movies Under the Stars in Bethesda. Also noted here is the rainy day option at the Library of Congress Mary Pickford Theater.
Photo: Smithsonian Festival scene
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Missing blog moods

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DC can change moods quickly I am not very good at naming things A post about life observed in and around Dupont Circle.

Walking around in a funk last night stuck in my “what is going on with my life” quandary, I realized that walking around can actually remind me of things in the world outside of my head. I saw a dog in his “last throes”, as Cheney would say, and was brought to tears …

I really think it’s a gene

Blackberry Debutantes The wedding isn’t quite in the works but the planning is underway. Thoughts about marriage

I really am beginning to think that all females have the “marriage” gene. Just like with your eye color, it might be dominant orrecessive; except that the marriage gene is dominant, and evolution is slowly starting to kill out all recessive non-marriage genes. I have long prided myself on being independent and strong, capable of being alone and not bitching, assuaging any fears I have with false hopes of “the perfect man is out there for me.” Yet, in the prescense of the white dress, I flip out. I am all consumed. WTF mate.

Missing Ohio
Working Title (formerly Athens Socialites) Many people in DC are from someplace else. And for all DC offers, there’s still no place like home – at least for these Ohio interns. A nice post.

Never ever thought in a million years we’d miss Ohio but let me tell you something…We sure do! There is just something wholesome and endearing about nice midwestern folk that is impossible to find anywhere else. Maybe it’s the innocence of suburbia. Maybe its some unnatural high from all of those wheat crops but whatever it is…we miss it. We miss the strip malls and traffic lights, the town squares and small town familiarity …

Talk About a First Day
DC and Me New DC arrival, new DC blog.

My first impressions of the city: awesome! DC people walk around in suits and skirts with sneakers and then put their heels and dress shoes on when they get to work. It’s funny to see them. The drivers do not stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. And people are fanatical about “stand on the right, walk on the left” on escalators. It’s very very very humid, but very beautiful. Really a great city. Nice houses, brick and old-looking. Brick crosswalks. Three people said good morning to me on the street today.

Keys to the Kingdom

Urban Fantasy Real estate thoughts and why “Barracks Row is the new Logan Circle” thinking is part of what’s wrong.

First of all, we are not New York. Thank God. I will never live in New York because all its young, overeducated, snappy people can talk about is the superiority of their particular slice of burrough, just to justify making them feel better about paying $1600 a month for a shitty studio over an Indian restaurant.

There’s more real estate: Why.I.hate.dc. on I hate real estate and its price. Basically, it all makes me feel like a chump. I’m feel like I’m paid pretty well, but it still seems to get me nowhere. And I’m getting frighteningly close to that scary grown-up round-number age (don’t make me say it), at which point I’m going to feel especially super-lame if I’m still living like a college student. Also noted: A note about the DC Flickr gallery show by Prod & Ponder. Also: Washington DC/Metro Area/Pool on Flickr. (If you take photos, it’s a cool thing to join.) Zoe Mitchell, the writer of A Ten, A Five, and Five Ones, is “saying goodbye for real, for real.” She is moving because of law school. I’m moving because if I stay, I’ll never move on. She began her blog in July, 2003. DC Navigator has arrived. This new blog describes itself this way: The DC Navigator (”DC Nav” for short) is a newslog focused on getting in, around, and out of the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Here, you’ll find news on road closures, Metro issues, traffic projects and other items related to getting about town. If you’ve got a tip for us, drop a note to tips [at] This note on the Cleveland Park Junior League. A summertime break: I am vacating CPJL for a much-needed summer break. I wish the CPMC and their harem a good summer without my gentle, alluring, seductive, flirtatious teasing. The wit and wisdom of Marion Barry for students of DC history by K Street Blues. Also writing about Barry is Babylon on the Potomac. Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in DC on the Cook Group Technology Blog. This post is two months old but looks good. Join the DC blog world. If you want to see what DC bloggers look like, check out these photos of the recent “Live Blog ‘05” by DC Cookie. Also, the first-ever DCist concert, Unbuckled, is taking place Thursday at the Black Cat backstage. The concert will feature Cartel and Bicycle Thieves, two great local bands. There’ll be a bunch of giveaways, including concert tickets for Tegan & Sara, Teenage Fanclub, and Thievery Corporation. Admission is just $7, and things will get started at 9 p.m.
Photo: Folklife Festival Sunday, an hour before opening.

DC Blogs Noted

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Photo: Scene from this weekend’s Caribbean Festival near Howard University. DC and Alcohol Ms. Reina goes to Washington Pointed observations about DC’s obsession with drink by this California transplant. In this well written and thoughtful indictment, Ms. Reina makes the case that there is way too much alcohol consumption in this town. Her post begins:

One thing I never realized before I came here was the fact that Washington DC is in a state of drunken stupor, especially on the weekends. This town may be conservative (in its DRESS), but it is very liberal when it comes to its alcohol.

DC Blogs editor’s note: For further reading on the topic of drinking in DC please see these blogs: Cadillac Brewski, as reported by the Butterfly Network. Fantastic Weekend. And I didn’t even hit up a single bar. I hung out in Arlington, at a friend’s place, and learned the BEST drinking game. Granted, it’s a good pregamming type of game, I ended up playing it all night long. And subsequently got absolutely hammered. From DC Divas, this report: I absolutely LOVE getting drunk before the night has even officially begun! So we get to the bar and are feeling rowdy b/c tequila does that to us. We immediately are befriended by two cute military guys who start buying us more drinks. Now, B. can hold her liquor a hell of a lot better than I can so she was good and drunk but I was trashed. Uncle Bertie’s Bag of Goodies writes, in part: I have drank way too much in the last three days and really need to detox. Housemate stories House of the Dumb This is a new blog by a woman who writes about “house, housemates, mates, dates and ultimately fates.” Scathing humor. The writer also urges readers not to take anything she writes seriously. The story begins this way:

Our house is a nice townshouse-esque place in the residential (read: relatively crime-free) section of Washington DC. Three levels, great location, right near the bus stop … everything about it is great … save one thing. Well, actually, four. Those precious four things constitute the idea behind this blog. The house is infested with idiots, and I’m on the verge of going absolutely nuts.

I made my boss cry today My View from the Jeep A director of operations at a nonprofit, this blogger gave notice yesterday. He writes about how he successfully turned the organization around and how upset his boss was with the news of his planned departure. But life brings changes, and this 10-year DC residents decides to go to Chicago. There are a lot of reasons for the change, and here’s one of them:

Having lived in DC for the last 10 years, I have found my life to be stagnate and lacking much interest. I was asked recently what my hobbies are, and I didn’t have an answer. So it’s time to invigorate myself. And my gut tells me that Chicago is the place to do it.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival disappointment d.c. native This is a new blog by a twenty-something who “returns to take on her hometown after college.”

Went to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall yesterday with a bunch of friends. What a disappointment. The lack of creativity is overwhelming. At its inaugural five ears ago, the Smithsonian focused on the ENTIRE Silk Road—which was so amazing and interesting, and kind of felt like Epcot Center …

Also noted: Jennifer writes about this guy on the Metro who is apparently unaware that eating, drinking, and using noisy electronics is against the law. SO. I get on the metro, and this man sits in front of me and takes out his PORTABLE DVD player, and proceeds to watch a damn movie. Then. as the train continues down the tracks toward Silver Spring, this man takes out a big gulp from 7-eleven. I’m like… can a police officer PLEASE come and get this man. Rare non-sarcastic praise from DCSOB regarding the new Giant in Columbia Heights. … just got a lot of cool stuff I can’t easily get elsewhere in the neighborhood, like Guarana soda, Jamaican beef patties in bulk, pre-prepared individually-packaged flan and frozen Paneer. The usual funny collection in the latest edition of DCeptette by The DCeiver. So at the office, there’s a box where we’ve been collecting foodstuffs for So Others Might Eat. But, when you walk by the box, the signage thereon says: “Please leave donations for / SO OTHERS MIGHT EAT IN THIS BOX.” A rant about personal responsibility that’s worth reading, by Jus Primae Noctis.

Blog festival fashion tips

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Writings from an American in Germany Here I stand This is a new blog by Jennifer who has relocated from DC Metro to Germany. In two separate posts she writes about the “things I don’t miss,” and the “5 things I miss.” Included among the not missed:

The general standoffishness of people in a metro area. The DC area just isn’t very friendly. I haven’t met many Germans (and those I have I couldn’t communicate with very well), but the Americans living here are very friendly. Perhaps because they were newcomers not that long ago, or because we’re all in a foreign country

How Not to be Classy The Large Glass A report from a Get Up Kids concert:

Throughout the concert, the band members were drinking beers and taking the occasional whisky shot, which I don’t mind – I’m all for the rock star style and having a fun, relaxed time and all. However, if I’m paying money to see you perform, you damn well better be able to perform. So, by the end of the concert the guitar player was trashed.

High Court Disappointment Sprite Writes The importance of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision backing New London, Conn.’s right of eminent domain.

This case has repercussions throughout the nation where thousands of residents face eminent domain for private development. The repercussions here in D.C. include the new baseball stadium, which stands to be built where private businesses currently exist.

(The DCist take with helpful links on this topic.)

What is it with Men’s Fashion this Summer? Webcowgirl This Texas to Arlington transplant is wondering about men’s summer fashion.

I was at a country club with D and we were surrounded by seersucker pants (I saw one MAN in a delicate shade of pink – I had no idea pink seersucker existed)

How Washington Works A view From the Sidelines of Life Jerry from Colorado recalls a story about Senator Byrd and the help he gave a woman in getting a job at the FBI, in a post titled: A Word about My Personal Experience with Senator Byrd. Prophet of Doom The Land of JD There’s a round-up of earthquake warnings covered here with special emphasis on New Madrid Fault, which runs from northwest of Memphis to southern Illinois.

How strange it is that these Westerners ignore such dire warnings such as this and instead of preparing themselves they make things like they were before, as if in doing so they will not have to face the consequences of their inactions in the future.

Also noted: Overheard on the Metro by Alexandra Silverthorne: comments about the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Damsel in DC lists the top five reasons you can’t wear a bikini top to the DC Caribbean Festival The Saloon, a U Street bar, gets a recommendation from A Fine are not allowed to stand at the bar or anywhere in the place. So it never gets silly-packed or too loud. Tremendous. The weird comments behind Washington Nationals community outreach program, by Mellow. Celebrity sightings by Her Ladyship. Among them: Wolf Blitzer outside Chloe in Adams-Morgan. He is just as cute and huggable in person as he is on TV. Just a wee little guy! DCaffeinateds blog is coming to an end. In the fall I may come back to blogging, but I’ll be based out of Austin, Texas, so a DC-themed blog probably doesn’t make the most sense.

Photo: Scene from this weekend’s Caribbean Festival near Howard University.
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DC Blog noted:

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Time to Cowgirl Up Beauty and the Beltway When I first started reading this blog, I was immediately taken by this young woman’s extraordinary writing ability, flowing cadence and striking candor. If there were such a thing as a best blog writers list this “story of a Montana girl surviving life in the District,” would be high on it. Very high. In this post she writes about a visit to a doctor and a potentially troubling diagnosis. I’ll now add courage to the list of things I like about this blog writer.

You know that sound a record makes when it stops, I heard that in my head. All I knew about MS was what I learned on the West Wing, which has turned out to be wholly innacurate (who’da thought). In 24 hours, I went from the girl who couldn’t get an appt., to having neurologists calling personally to “fit me in.”

This will be the only blog noted today. Apologies. Photo: Dupont Circle, Connecticut Ave.

DC Blogs: Life stories

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Easy As Life Confessions of a Twenty Something Drama Queen The woman who writes the excellent blog Grace’s Poppies, wrote me recently about blogs (and I don’t think she’ll mind if I share part of her note), describing them “as a great gift of the Internet – that people are writing about their lives and sharing that with others is incredible..” I thought of those words after reading this post by Confessions. It begins this way:

I don’t understand what it is about the Irish, well at least the Boston Irish, but we constantly internalize and suppress our feelings. More specifically, if something is wrong, we give off the air, or at least try to, that absolutely nothing is wrong. We will do anything other than show our emotions…

Appendix removal fun Tragic: the blathering In case you want to know what it’s like to have your appendix removed, here’s an adventure well told:

They wheel me into the OR and my final memories of having an appendix were just cold, so very very very cold. I had a mask over my face and was breathing deeply while someone packed me in warm towels, but I still felt like I should be shaking when I woke up someplace else.

Open Letters to People at Work Direct Current Six letters to co-workers, beginning with:

Dear Guy Who Brings Paperwork Into The Stall: I’m so happy that we work on different projects. Does your boss or your customer know that you do that? Tell me that’s a draft that you’re about to shred.

And You Think We’re Confused
DC Cookie In this scenario, DC Cookie, a new blog, ask her readers to examine this guy’s prospects for a second date:

Guy switches to a beer, just to have something to hold. Girl orders one more sour apple…her inner demon whispering “they’re not that strong, right?” Recall…Guy knows bartender.

Also noted: Restaurant review by d.c. foodies: Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar In part writes, I saw many people around me ordering pizza, and they seemed to be enjoying it. There aren’t any “prebuilt” pizzas and the toppings are all a la carte ranging from $3 to $5 each. You start with your crust and red tomato-based, green pesto or white olive-oil-based sauces. Pig icon sightings at the The Washington Canard. My First Day by Texan Interns (a group blog) begins with a Metro adventure… tried to get through the turnstile my card was denied. turns out the one-day pass is only valid after peak morning hours, after 9:30am. so the station manager had to help me out and let me through the emergency gate. theeeeeeeeeeen, i saw that my train was coming to the platform ….so i ran to catch it. turns out i took the wrong train … Metro’s July 4th service schedule, with comment at oh Metro! : why must they screw up the Metro just for that one day? Photo: Georgetown, M.

Blog rides

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The chief’s stolen car DC Blogs everywhere The theft of Police Chief Ramsey’s unmarked freebie Crown Vic this past weekend is fast food for DC’s blogging world. Sadly, few shed crocodile tears. The Washington Post story, and the blogging take: Peekaboo writes: That’s right. Someone stole the Chief of Police’s unmarked police car. The strange thing is that in the article, it says that he was going to take the car to church. Is Church a proper use of a car paid for with taxpayer dollars? What the hell?
Wonkett describes it as: A moment of Washington Zen. Tom Bridge at Metroblogging writes: He becomes one of roughly 20,000 car theft victims expected in the district in 2005. So, if you see someone tooling around downtown or the burbs in a black Crown Vic … let the Chief know, will ya? Tres Chicas sees justice: Whoa. DC Police Chief Ramsey’s car was stolen. Make that his MPD police vehicle. For a police chief who has been widely criticized for focusing his attention on arresting protesters rather than solving or preventing crime in the District, it’s almost fitting. (Yi. I don’t actually wish crime on anyone. Even bad people.) why.i.hate.dc calls it hilarious, And, unlike when your car gets stolen, the police are actively looking for it DCist reacts: … we chuckled for a very brief momentLinden Place Death Frozen Tropics Hopefully finding the chief’s car is off the priority list because there’s still a lot of serious crime in this city. Posts on this neighborhood blog concerning a recent murder. Car jacking, too. New jobs Dangling Conversation & Rock Creek Rambler Two DC bloggers write about their job changes, and the difficulty involved.
Dangling Conversation writes: I have been so torn up over this decision for many reasons, not to mention the rollercoaster I seemed to be on during the process of finding out if I got the offer or not. Then once I got the offer I needed to muster up the courage to follow my heart and actually leave a company that I take pride in …. Rock Creek Rambler: I finally submitted my formal resignation yesterday. That really really really sucked. I actually broke out into a cold sweat right before I went to his office…. Diet help Lucky Spinster Is waiting for NetFlix to deliver Super Size Me.

I’ve heard that people who watch SSM are so disgusted that they stop eating junk food entirely for, like, a whole day or something. This can only be a good thing.

Also noted: The DCeiver is quoted in the New York Times. Noded on why the moon looks so large. With excellent photo. Note to readers: I’m constantly hunting for DC area blogs to add to this list. The search engines are less than perfect. Following blog links helps, but if you blog or know of one that I haven’t linked in my amazing Random Ordering System ™, please send a link and suggest a category. If the category doesn’t exist, then I’ll probably create it. (Some weekend I’ll arrange these links in alphabetical order.)
Photo: K Street at 24th St. bridge, NW.

DC Blogs noted

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Reasoning with the Unreasonable All about Trey About dealing with the government. A rant that nonetheless ought to be required reading.

At the Naval Academy, they told us to make sure that we weren’t “yes men.” Don’t become some slobbering sycophant because that’s not what leadership is about. Now as a government contractor, you’ve never supposed to say no. “Of course I can solve world hunger.” And you can if you get the funding….

The Bachelorette Party The Daily Bulletin from Dating Hell The dating scribe attended a bachelorette party and left it many hours later with a buffet of stories for her dear readers. Here’s part of the set-up:

It was a scene straight out of Sex and the City. We were lounging on couches in B.’s stylishly outfitted living room sipping white wine and champagne, all dressed up in our going-out clothes. And we had six straight hours of noshing, laughing, and nasty, raunchy girl talk.

Eating on a budget in DC A Capitol Life Some budget dinning recommendations by Culocho. Among them, Pho 75, Moby Dick House of Kabob, and …

Like any good Latin girl, I have a soft spot for Julia’s Empanadas. Naturally the empanadas are good, I like the Chilean-style with beef and the Bolivian-style Saltenas. Each of these has just the right mixture of meat, olives & raisins tucked into a perfect handheld crust.

Open letter to Whole Foods on P Street DC Urban Family This is a new blog about “the stories of four urban 20-something’s living the dream in the U St. corridor.” DC Bachelor pointed this blog out in his DC Blog Scene Update. DCB wrote that it “has a lot of potential.” And he offered to help it grow: Maybe I’m going through a hormonal phase right now but I really want to take a new, small site and nurture it like the Young Republicans do to naive college students. In this post, the four members of DC Urban Family take Whole Foods i.e. Whole Paycheck, to task for removing Jamba Juice from its P Street branch.

What compounds this travesty are the lies that you have been propogating. The Boy and the The Material Girl have been told on several occasions by your staff that Jamba Juice will be returning. We have seen no signs of construction, but only the sad hungover faces of nearby residents.

Disobedient Maybe, but Damn Adorable Joe Tresh A series of photographs from the 12th Annual Pride of Pets held this past weekend at Dupont Circle. This photographer writes: PETS DC, a “non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with HIV/AIDS and their companion animals” that hosted the event, was kind enough to ask me to be the official photographer. Enjoy the puppy pics! Good party, great music, lame guy Metroblogging Generational differences at a dance club. A well-told story by Tiffany.

I was a little put off by how excited he looked as he went to put his drink down. I was wondering what I had just gotten myself into with Starey McEyeball when he returned, grabbed my hand, and led me out onto the dance floor.

Also Noted: Occasionally DC Blogs features the work of visitors to this city. Her Desires, a new blog, is a tourist report of a different sort. Our writer meets her lover at the downtown Hyatt because DC is the half-way point. She says she is only in a relationship because of their children: I’m 32, married for the time being, 2 kids-a girl and a boy, Live in a moderate to high income area, you know…the all American life. Right. I can play the part, but I have a secret. A secret that most of my internet friends know, but not anyone in direct contact with me. I have a friend, a friend who i’m deeply in love with, whom I go see every month for a week at a time. He is my best friend, my “boyfriend,” my lover….he is what people say a “soulmate” should be. New DC area arrivals, The Heerwigs, moved from New England. They describe the change in this post, Boxes & Podcasts: The change in weather from New England to here is incredible – 5 hours & you have perfect weather – I LOVE THIS PLACE! Last week was the DC Salsa Congress. To learn more about area Salsa activites check out the DC Salsa Blog. Information Leafblower turned 31 Monday.

New on the blog

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Reporter interning Ms. Williams Goes to Washington Attending Georgetown University and interning as a reporter, this snappy writer is discovering DC’s centers of power. She introduces herself this way: This humble blog is my attempt to chronicle my two months spent at the epicenter of the free world. And no, they’re not letting me anywhere near the World War III button. From some of the posts:

I passed by Tom Delay’s office and started laughing. Then, I had the best crabcakes I’ve ever had in my life courtesy of some lobbyists…who were lobbying for preservation of marine life. Oh the irony.

- – -

Also, I found out quickly that Wisconsin Avenue is where it’s at. Currently, two of my roommates are wandering down that road in an attempt to find the nearest Safeway, an establishment that Tim Russert reportedly frequents. Awesome.

- – -

The roads, while all named after letters (i.e. O, P, and R Streets), are not necessarily in a strict order. This caused a great deal of frustration this past weekend.

The New (food) Kid on the Blog Aunt Esther’s Antipasto She is Bonny Wolf, a DC food writer, who is working on a book of food essays that will be published by St. Martin’s Press. She recently started a blog.

For years, I’ve been telling stories in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and on the radio about my family and friends and the foods we eat. (I also talk about food at the gym, on the subway and in the line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.) Food is the way I connect with the world. I know I’m not alone.

Dumped? Start a blog Texas Cutie There are a lot of reasons to start a blog. Here’s one: Seeing as though I basically got dumped a few days ago, it appears that I’ll have some spare time on my hands. You can read why in this post: Sad Saturday. I never thought I’d be so upset over losing a stupid guy …. But Texas Cutie also considers some of life’s big questions, such as: Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture?

As a whole, men have it easier in our culture but since every successful man got there because of a better woman standing behind him and supporting him, women have the control. Personally I’d rather have control than ease, so I would never wish to be a male.

(Note: The gentlemen at the Cleveland Park Men’s Club gave Texas Cutie a warm intro to the DC blogosphere.) Blonde moments HannahBanana vs. DixonVixen A new blog by: a 25-year-old working girl/grad student who’s enjoying her single status while patiently (and sometimes impatiently) waiting upon the Lord to lead me to the man He’s prepared for me. The goal of her “is to allow people a look at what’s going on in my head…and perhaps my heart.” In this post she shares some of her “blonde moments.”

Most of these occur when I’m tired and my keen observation skillz short-out. … On two separate occasions I have consumed moldly food or drink. (And no, this does not include cheese.)

Second Annual Red Line Pub Crawl
WonL The reporter on the scene of 11 pubs, one night: The evening came complete with laughter and tears, a passed out metro-sexual on the Metro, a molestor-stache, a bar that smelled like sh*t (apparently due to some problem with the facilities), a political debate, an Irish man singing a Cajun song, a lot of peanuts, and best of all…many drunken “i love you’s.
Also noted:

Some observations about Boston by Another Day in the Life, a College Park blogger, including: Drivers in Boston are mean and rude and possibly crazy. I thought the Beltway and DC were bad, but I was really wrong. Mr. Jess goes to Washington is 21-year-old woman from Honolulu in DC for the summer to work at the National Institute of Health. The blog is about her new DC life, with photos. This is Shannon’s 2005 Marathon Training Blog, a log of her training for the 2005 Marine Corps Marathon. In this post, 10 miles, there’s a food review: Power Bar Harvest, Ice Oatmeal Raisin: this was pretty good. Nice granola-y flavor, enjoyed the raisins. The icing added sweetness, which I consider a plus. Felt less dense than the regular Power Bar. GU, “Just Plain”: not bad. True to it’s moniker, it had a simple, sweet taste. Did the job. Noticed that my teeth felt a bit furry after eating it–must’ve not drunk enough water.
Photo: TV camera operator in Georgetown, Sunday night, M & Wisconsin

DC Blogs noted

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The Washingtonienne Speaks
Louder than Words
Jessica Cutler’s short-lived blog has had a long life. This writer offers a thoughtful assessment of the Washingtonienne after listening to Cutler on the radio. And how was it that she gets a book deal?
… and I fruitlessly tap away at my keyboard with no book deal to show for it. She, on the other hand, took an admittedly brainless Capitol Hill job, slept around and bang! Now she’s doing readings and has an sales rank of 1,299. That’s higher than “Moby Dick.”



Here’s a link to what purports to be the original postings from Washingtonienne blog, saved by Kevin at Wizbang. This is the first entry, May 18, 2004 (Regardless of your feelings about Cutler, this opener is rocketing writing): I just took a long lunch with F and made a quick $400. When I returned to the office, I heard that my boss was asking about my whereabouts. Loser.The DCist Washingtonienne book review Also on DCist, Book Signings Both Tawdry and Wholesome.

In defense of public art
SYNERGY art project
This is a new blog about a year old effort, the SYNERGY art project. The group was created “as an answer to the complaint that public art projects have been ‘dumbed down’ for the general population.”

It also followed an article in the Washington Post last year by an art critic that criticized the Pandamania public art project in DC. This was a project that the Synergy blog author was involved in.

When my colleagues from Eastern Market handed me the paper that Sunday, I was so excited to see my panda in the Arts section. Imagine my dismay to read the very lengthy negative article that accompanied the photos of several pandas. After some discussion with friends, it was concluded that inclusion in the arts section was a good thing ….

(DC Blogs note: The original WP article referenced in this blog does not appear available for linking; it’s in WP’s archives. But there’s an excerpted portion on Marja-Leena Rathje’s blog. If someone has other links, please send and I’ll add them.)

The District
Mad Melancholic Feminista
A writer and teacher in the city for a visit brings her students to DC Central Kitchen while also examining the city’s gentrification from multiple angles. This is one:

Gentrification destroys neighborhoods and their informal support networks — sharing in watching kids, building up local schools, knowing when a neighbor is in need. You replace neighborhoods with glossy and gleaming buildings occupied by workaholics who wouldn’t put their kids in DC schools anyway. They shove the low income folks into smaller corners of their former neighborhoods and try to avoid eye contact with them as they swiftly walk by them toward the Starbucks.

3 Nights in Miami
hassan’s aish
DC guy heads to Miami for “3 sinful nights” and “3 amazing clubs.” But the adventure isn’t as lighthearted as it seems, in a post that moves from clubs to deeper recesses. (This post is dated May 26, but we just found it and it needs to be shared.)

In my head I planned to meet some women, attempt to work a little game, drink till I was sweating premium vodka, and perhaps (just perhaps!) do a few things that could never be verbalized back in DC… and then leave… scott free and refreshed for another week of grinding work. The plan sounds great if you ignore the glaring fact that I have no game.

To the would-be Romeos
More than a dozen sharply written pointers. Here’s one:

Please don’t chat me up while your girlfriend/wife is in the same aisle of the grocery store. It only makes me really sad for her.

Also noted:

Photo: A painterly sunset, titled “
Evening Sky,” taken in the Glover Park area by Goodspeedupate aka Rob Goodspeed, editor of DCist.

Photo: Kennedy Center