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Blog laundry

Underfarewell No Taming This Shrew Shakespeare and other topics are on this blog. But this cleverly named post is about parting with closely-held apparel. If you read the comments you’ll learn this revealing fact: I guess this is a cultural thing, but there are no holes in Japanese boxers. There’s something really sad about waving […]

Missing blog moods

DC can change moods quickly I am not very good at naming things A post about life observed in and around Dupont Circle. Walking around in a funk last night stuck in my “what is going on with my life” quandary, I realized that walking around can actually remind me of things in the world […]

DC Blogs Noted

Photo: Scene from this weekend’s Caribbean Festival near Howard University. DC and Alcohol Ms. Reina goes to Washington Pointed observations about DC’s obsession with drink by this California transplant. In this well written and thoughtful indictment, Ms. Reina makes the case that there is way too much alcohol consumption in this town. Her post begins: […]

Blog festival fashion tips

Writings from an American in Germany Here I stand This is a new blog by Jennifer who has relocated from DC Metro to Germany. In two separate posts she writes about the “things I don’t miss,” and the “5 things I miss.” Included among the not missed: The general standoffishness of people in a metro […]

DC Blog noted:

Time to Cowgirl Up Beauty and the Beltway When I first started reading this blog, I was immediately taken by this young woman’s extraordinary writing ability, flowing cadence and striking candor. If there were such a thing as a best blog writers list this “story of a Montana girl surviving life in the District,” would […]

DC Blogs: Life stories

Easy As Life Confessions of a Twenty Something Drama Queen The woman who writes the excellent blog Grace’s Poppies, wrote me recently about blogs (and I don’t think she’ll mind if I share part of her note), describing them “as a great gift of the Internet – that people are writing about their lives and […]

Blog rides

The chief’s stolen car DC Blogs everywhere The theft of Police Chief Ramsey’s unmarked freebie Crown Vic this past weekend is fast food for DC’s blogging world. Sadly, few shed crocodile tears. The Washington Post story, and the blogging take: Peekaboo writes: That’s right. Someone stole the Chief of Police’s unmarked police car. The strange […]

DC Blogs noted

Reasoning with the Unreasonable All about Trey About dealing with the government. A rant that nonetheless ought to be required reading. At the Naval Academy, they told us to make sure that we weren’t “yes men.” Don’t become some slobbering sycophant because that’s not what leadership is about. Now as a government contractor, you’ve never […]

New on the blog

Reporter interning Ms. Williams Goes to Washington Attending Georgetown University and interning as a reporter, this snappy writer is discovering DC’s centers of power. She introduces herself this way: This humble blog is my attempt to chronicle my two months spent at the epicenter of the free world. And no, they’re not letting me anywhere […]

DC Blogs noted

The Washingtonienne Speaks Louder than Words Jessica Cutler’s short-lived blog has had a long life. This writer offers a thoughtful assessment of the Washingtonienne after listening to Cutler on the radio. And how was it that she gets a book deal? … and I fruitlessly tap away at my keyboard with no book deal to […]