Monthly Archives: June 2005

Urgent messages

Yeah, We Were Shocked Too Rotten Eggs This writer discovers that she is pregnant. A wonderful post. And yes, I got a copy of What to Expect. The King bought it for me. We saw it in the store, and I told him I had wanted to buy a copy for the last two years, […]

Guys and things

The Waiting Kathryn on What is it with guys? (Read the comments, too.) I am hoping some of you can offer an explanation for why men go to major efforts to get a woman’s phone number, then never use it. It’s the little things in life A Silent Cacophony Our writer, a retired Army officer, […]

DC Blogs: Bikes, buses and great guys

Class conflict, DC-style Her Ladyship Our writer is on a bus and looking down at someone in a BMW convertible and doesn’t like the way he is dressed. It’s a feeling shared by other bus passengers. Just when I was thinking, “Man, those are dorky shorts,” the guy two rows behind me opens up his […]

DC Blogs: Pride and other notes

Happy Pride? More Than My Luggage This weekend was Capital Pride, its 30th anniversary. Some reflections on its meaning. … in Washington, DC, does Pride even really matter? There’s a lot of gay people here, and we function pretty darn well in society. Is there really so much of a need for us to reaffirm […]


Sex, lives and politics in DC Desperate in DC These posts, written in the form of back-and-forth letters, real, fiction or composite we can’t tell, are viciously entertaining. The writers are “C” – a “liberal, thirty-something lawyer and married mother of four,” and “P” “A conservative, thirty-something PR consultant and married mother of two.” They […]

New things and old nightmares

Soviet America Articulatory Loop This link will take you to a photo of a poster seen on a MARC commuter train, our writer reports. It is national security themed and is eerily reminiscent of Stalinist-era propaganda. It’s a red flag about our nation’s direction. Or, as this blogger puts it, “this picture pretty much sums […]

DC Blogs noted

Reconnecting Eileen’s Journey to Enlightenment Sometimes a blog post is so seemingly personal I’m reluctant to provide a link. It doesn’t matter that they are anonymous. But, conversely, these posts can also be viewed as life-affirming acts, perhaps therapeutic or written for the purpose inspiring others. Regardless of motive, people who write about the challenging […]

Ducks are saved, tree is not

Ducks in the road Suburban Lesbian Our writer witnesses the rescue of a duck family. Movement on the highway median catches my eye. I see a family. A family of ducks! Mommy and six little babies. “Oh! Baby ducks! How cute!” are my first thoughts. Then I think, “Holy shit what are those ducks doing […]

DC Blogs noted

Babbling Brookland Non-fat latte liberal This writer is out on his porch drinking a Guinness. He chronicles, and be warned it’s in stark language, what he witnesses. He also writes about his neighborhood Brookland, and finishes with a report about something that sounded like firecrackers. … as I was reading Balloon Juice. I heard a […]

Cops, Wifi, and other DC Blogs of note

Eyewitness report: PD drama Little pink flower Here’s the story of a couple, longtime DC residents, on the verge of moving to Ohio. But this week they got caught up in a nearby police action. Here’s a small part of this dramatic post: …Before I could formulate my next thought, the police were yelling at […]