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Beautiful People vs. The Bloggers Assorted blogs If you are reading this then you are probably not in The Hill’s Beautiful People round up. Because you know what would happen once the newspaper published its special edition: blogging snark fest. (a sampling) The DCeiver’s Highlights from Hill Hotties 2005 is priceless and gets top honors […]

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Where Can I Get A Bucket to Kick? Washington D.C. Daybook The writer of this blog, known as Washington Cube, is blogospheric – there’s no other word that quite captures her expansive range and eclectic interests. Her topics include Cocktail Of The Week, movie reviews, and very immaginative cultural critiques. In particular, check out this […]

Modern blog stories

Forbes: City Blogs — Best of the Web Pick DC Blogs I thought this was some strange error. But this blog made the list and I was utterly shocked. I’m thankful for this kind recognition by Forbes but particularly grateful to the readers of this blog. What Forbes is really recognizing isn’t so much this […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Bubble thoughts Vitals DC & Advanced Remediation & others Housing prices in the DC Meto area have soared out of reach for many, and buying a house has become painful and risky. In the building I live in, for instance, condos that were selling for less than $100,000 five years ago – efficiencies and one […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Baby bloggers Ego Inc. & Rude Catcus New arrivals captured in some absolutely wonderful photographs. Click on the screenshots. Some other local blogs about childbirth and raising children include: Amalah Life Changes .. Delayed Not-For-Profit-Dad Rotten Eggs 2at1ce (Thanks to DC Cookie for the 2at1ce link) Rules for dealing with customer service Son of Clown […]

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Kickball Grateful Dating This post concerns kickball. The sport of kickball. On and off field strategy is discussed, as well as the rules. There’s also a rundown of the team: who plays defense, offense as well as overall stats, such as runs, kicks and errors. Unhappy short guy: not too short and rather good looking. […]

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The Republican Diet Program All About Trey The GOP South Beach Diet. I’ve been on the Republican Diet Program for almost a year now and I have to tell you it’s just AMAZING!!! Yep, a year ago some heathen,liberal, socialist, and probably gay Democrats were making ugly, unpatriotic comments about my weight, so I decided […]

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Photo: Sign at the NGA Sassy’s Story Aunt Sassy’s Condo This post has it all: bars, attempted make-outs and emails. And it starts on fire: Cut to last Friday: I was wearing my hot pink mesh g-string, slaving away at my job, counting the nanoseconds until Happy Hour. “The Man” had sent a software trainer […]

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You can make a difference Donkey Rampant in the City There’s an organization called the Halo Trust that removes “the debris of war.” In one school yard this writer’s friend helped to clear 138 anti-personnel mines. At dinner the other night I was with a friend who tends to think that you can not save […]

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My Summer Vacashun Sueandnotyou Sue writes about her trip to Austin, mostly in a series of photos and hilarious captions. The title and first three sentences set the tone. On my summer vacation, I visited the city of Austin, TX. Austin is the capital of Texas, which is the 28th state to join the union. […]