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Beautiful People vs. The Bloggers Assorted blogs If you are reading this then you are probably not in
The Hill’s Beautiful People round up. Because you know what would happen once the newspaper published its special edition: blogging snark fest. (a sampling) The DCeiver’s Highlights from Hill Hotties 2005 is priceless and gets top honors from many bloggers. The Hill’s feature is called “The 50 Most Beautiful” … probably because last year’s “Hill Hotties” just didn’t lend the correct amount of editorial gravitas to this venture. Wonkette’s take and takeWe do notice that none of last year’s most beautiful made it to this year’s list. It’s a tough town, one year you’re young and gorgeous, the next you’re. . Denny Hastert. Why.i.hate.dc has found yet another reason dislike this city. It’s like living in some kind of parallel universe where the Key Club from my high school went back in time and took over the world. The DC Drama Grrls (new blog) I feel like this is HS and we are voting for prom queen and king…In NYC you know your fabulous, socialite and you don’t need to be on some list… Decorating with crayons IkeaModder The actual title of this post is “Modifying with Crayola Window Markers,” which is a far more scientific and purposeful sounding than the link title. But this post is inspiring. We now know how we’re going to spend this weekend: decorating windows and glass objects with removable windows markers. (This is a clever, witty and very well designed blog.) Crayola has a new line of removable for drawing on windows and glass. I have the 8-pack of medium tipped makers. I got my set at Target for less than $5, a mighty fine price. When you write on glass with these the marker will wipe clean with a clothe, however on non-glass the marker can be permanent. The Most Talkative Metro Operator Ever
Blackberry Debutantes Bonding with the Metro operator.

People on the train are now smirking in disbelief. We are getting a monologue which is becoming increasingly entertaining. The train is still pulling across the river, but now we’re going over GW parkway into the ground under the Pentagon. He’s still talking.

Chewing the Fat Online Washingtonian This magazine has given well-deserved recognition to some local food blogs and food Web resources: DC Foodies, DC Fud, DC Food Blog, Chowhound, Don Rockwell, eGullet The List, and Metrocurean. The writer of this piece has produced an enjoyable read, with interesting background about these local efforts. Congrats to all. Dept. of Good Ideas

Cleveland Park Men’s Club Sangria recipes.

Also noted: Purple Pen has re-written her Friendster profile. It starts: Surprisingly passionate about a certain number of things, surprisingly dispassionate about other things. I am the best educated college dropout that you know. Not saying goodbye, just sayin’ shares a story he wrote for a local newspaper on why I joined the Air Force after 9/11. It recounts his experience of that day which began for him in Mclean. Thursday Confessions by Rhinestone Cowgirl. Short, perfect and touching – just read it.

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Where Can I Get A Bucket to Kick? Washington D.C. Daybook The writer of this blog, known as Washington Cube, is blogospheric – there’s no other word that quite captures her expansive range and eclectic interests. Her topics include Cocktail Of The Week, movie reviews, and very immaginative cultural critiques. In particular, check out this take on the cartoon strip character Mary Worth — they run over a number of posts: June 22, June 27, July 11, July 20.

In Cube’s most recent post, she writes about a difficult task facing her this weekend: writing an obituary.

I don’t want to do it, but how on earth do I get out of something like this, other than leaving the earth myself? “Gee…I’d really love to help you, but $4 Happy Hour?”

(Private, secret note to Cube: Thanks for your note on DCist. For the record, I discovered it after I completed this highlight of your wonderful work!)

Essay of the Flexible Neanderthal
Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash Smash and her date are at the Dupont Circle Metro when a shoeless man approaches in a talkative mood. The conversation quickly turns to zoology. Big mistake.

Instead, I said, “Oh, yeah? I actually have a degree in zoology,” which, while technically true, is somewhat misleading in that my emphasis was human-based. I’m not sure why I said it. I was slightly uncomfortable with the conversation as it was and really had no wish to prolong it. Maybe I wanted my date to notice how kind and compassionate I am to less fortunate people. Nah, that doesn’t really sound like me, does it? Maybe I was a little tipsy from the Shirley Temple … Whatever my reason, the stinky man got REALLY excited.

A Sultry Evening Twitch
A DC Birding Blog This blog is an excellent resource for birders. The post are well-written and researched by an obviously capable and experienced birder. This post, excerpted, gives you an idea of some of its strengths.

Not many birds were stirring. I heard one pileated woodpecker and saw a wood duck with three ducklings in the same place I have seen a wood duck family for the past three summers. More wood ducks awaited when I mounted the Chain Bridge and began looking down into the ponds. The land below the bridge presents lush green foliage contrasting with the deep grays of the ponds and rocks, with the dark brown ribbon of the Potomac coursing just beyond. Within the meadows, white-tailed deer browse. As often as I have seen them there, they still can be a startling sight when I see their heads sticking up out of the grasses. …

Dysfunctional DC Why Do We Tolerate DC Gov Abusing its Customers? Rob Halligan, who is on the Dupont ANC, has started a blog critical of the city’s administration. He describes his effort this way: I got active in DC government 3 years ago. We were only 3 years into the Williams administration and it seemed there was momentum to change the profoundly dysfunctional culture of most of the DC government. These posts will chronicle that continued dysfunctionality. One has to wonder what role blogs will play in next year’s DC mayoral contest. Halligan is trying to drum up some blogging activism. In one post:

….if 15 people or 50 people had blogs like this one – that were all linked – it would be a group in itself. The media wouldn’t have to call around to get stories, they would just read the blogs….

Call me cynical In Shaw The writer of this outstanding neighborhood blog takes note of mayoral canadidate and Councilman Orange’s planned visit to the Windows Café in ANC 5C03. When I first came to the Truxton part of Shaw 4 years ago, Orange didn’t really seem (to) acknowledge that this was in his Ward, writes In Shaw. … I see it less as a public servant embracing an accidentally forgotten Truxton and more of a politician getting his mayoral run in order ….. Metro Etiquette The Misadventures of a Mom This is a new blog by Chacha Dos, “a Single Mom, living in Maryland and working in Washington DC. All of these incidents are true, only the names and some distinguishing details have been changed to protect some of the idiots I run into.” She has penned a post on how to behave on the Metro.

Modern blog stories

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Forbes: City Blogs — Best of the Web Pick DC Blogs I thought this was some strange error. But this blog made the list and I was utterly shocked. I’m thankful for this kind recognition by Forbes but particularly grateful to the readers of this blog. What Forbes is really recognizing isn’t so much this Web site, but the many great blogs and bloggers in the DC area. Strange Things are Afoot … No Taming This Shrew Life in DC in the age of terror. A well told story.

Then this guy comes into the restaurant, very likely homeless or perhaps just eccentric. He’s wearing a black trench coat and flip flops, he has sort of wild hair and a beard. He’s not homeless wild, exactly, but something’s off. Particularly since I was wearing a strappy sundress and sweating my booty off and this fellow is wearing a trenchcoat. He was followed in by 20 Spanish tourists. The guy’s trenchcoat had a weird bulge, big one in the back, that was distinctly shotgun in shape.

We had a total DC panic attack at our table.

Like a tree planted next to water Grace’s Poppies When a fallen tree, struck by lighting, isn’t removed by the city neighbors take matters into their own hands. And our writer gets a wand in the process.

The drama of the tree struck by lightning continues to unfold. Yesterday by late afternoon, the citizens of G Street NE came to the conclusion that the city wasn’t going to produce a team of workers anytime soon (to clean up the huge fallen half tree), so they went to work on it themselves, first chainsawing the fallen half from the part still standing, then cutting the fallen branches into manageable chunks that could be lugged to the side of the street.

R We D8ing? Lagniappe in DC Relationships meet text messaging.

You see, there’s a New Guy on the scene and he really digs me. And i think i really dig him back. But here’s the situation thus far: we initially “met” through Friendster (aack! yes. the Way To Meet People that dare not speak it’s name) about a month or 2 ago and slowly started to get to know each other through a weekly e-mail exchange. Very cas. Nothing pressing. But fun banter and he was(is) quite persistent.

Also Noted: Knitting is a big thing in blog land. I don’t know yet how many are in the DC area, but here’s a good one: babblingB’s Knit Blog. In this post, Over Committed, she writes about a number of activities, including taking part in a group called MEETinDC. Our writer explains: They are a free social group that is about making friends. Meetin now has chapters all over the country, in fact the world. The way it works is that there is this web site and if you want to get some people to do something you post an event and anyone can sign up. Or you can sign up to go to someone else’s event. It is sorta like MeetUp in that way except rather than joining a specific activity group you can find people to do anything with. So you can go camping, to the movies, dinner a museum.

Cocorican has a two-for-one post. The first is a note about the “utter disappointment” with the turnout for the New York Times reporter, Judy Miller, who is in jail for refusing to disclose a source. …after skipping out of work at lunch and heading over, i was met with a wall of heat (“feels like 102 degrees” the news said) instead of a wall of impassioned bodies. totally unfortunate… And then there’s the shoe shopping part of the post. … now i’m known on the fifth floor as the lady with the great shoes. i can live with that …

If you’re in the mood for an excellent steak, A Blog Mainly About Food has a recommendation about something that’s available at the Eastern Market. Every Saturday, Cibola Farms come to Eastern Market to sell their outstanding free range meats and eggs. I had their version of a Slim Jim, a Buffalo Trail Stick, last weekend and gotta say even that was good. Their eggs are truly outstanding, if a little unpredictable. Refuse a police search on DC metro includes some links and information about this issue, should it arise here. From Fun things to do in DC. I hate kit kats has been writing about her desire to have a Kitty Kat. See photo: Someone’s idea of getting me a kitty for my birthday. Some background.
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Bubble thoughts Vitals DC & Advanced Remediation & others Housing prices in the DC Meto area have soared out of reach for many, and buying a house has become painful and risky. In the building I live in, for instance, condos that were selling for less than $100,000 five years ago – efficiencies and one bedrooms – are getting $200,000-plus. Just this weekend a one bedroom was offered for $289,000 with a $400-plus maintenance charge. (of course, I rent) If you bought at that price and had to move there’s almost no way the rent would come close to covering the unit’s overhead. And just how much more are people willing to pay for a one bedroom? But the Washington Post reports that housing prices may be cooling off. Bloggers are also discussing this. Among them those writing about this issue is a new blog, “Vitals. DC. Real Dish for DC Women”, a blog for women in dc, between 25-35, require straight-up information, shaken, on-ice. this blog deals with popular topics we know and love; however, no recycled magazine content here. here you’ll find raw advice on all things lady… Vitals begins her post on the DC housing market this way: The ever-lovable housing discussion and related stressful thought process – to buy or not to buy; personally, it keeps me up at night. For every article one comes across that advises buying is a smart move, there are another dozen articles that talk about the “bubble” or “froth” or the general madness of the DC and its neighboring housing market and related prices. Like most people, I like to have options. Although I am seriously exploring the idea of buying, I may want to renew my current lease, if the condo that I am renting is not sold in the near future. Advanced Remediation just spent his First Night in his new house and made some discoveries after moving in. See you have to understand that with the DC/Baltimore housing market, there is no time for a home inspection. There is no time for anything. We spent maybe 25 minutes in this house before we wrote a contract on it, and hadn’t been back until after settlment. Good thing we had taken some pictures with the digital cam. Also commenting recently on metro housing: In a post titled Vacancies, Rants and Ramblings writes: I spend $1,000 a month in rent for my little apartment. Thinking of how much I’ve paid in rent the past two years — somewhere in the neighborhood of $24,000 — makes me more than a little sick.
In Burning Down the House, Countersignature writes: Apparently houses aren’t getting snapped up after only two hours on the market anymore. This Morgantown, WV writer, Jim’s Blog, believes the push for affordable housing will push people into his state and he’s worried about it. So, what in the world does all this have to do with West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle? The EP is the next target of developers lusting for cheap land to airlift and drop in tens of thousands of homes as they have done to the once picturesque countryside of Price William and Loudon counties. West Virginia is unable and politically would be unwilling to build the public infrastructure necessary to support the addition of tens of thousands of residents to the eastern tip of our state at the exclusion of long-promised projects in the rest of the state. Current commitments for building roads and water and sewer works will take our state 200 years to complete with the funds available.
A July to Remember, Part 2 DCSOB This writer made a list of things he wanted to do before the end of July, including eating at the Supreme Court cafeteria and getting drunk at Chipotle, among other things. Regarding Chipotle:

The beer is cheap, the locations are convenient, the chips, salsa and guacamole beat anything at a “real” bar. Plus, there’s no fighting to get an order in at the bar, no frat boys poured uncomfortably into shirts and ties and no smoke

Also noted:

New dating blog, Professional Match DC, which describes itself as “a place for professional men to kick back and relax, learn a few things, and live like a pro …” Regarding the Borf-In at Dupont Circle, see the DCist report and the photo spread by Your Mind Better Be Blowing and Soon.

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Baby bloggers Ego Inc. & Rude Catcus New arrivals captured in some absolutely wonderful photographs. Click on the screenshots.

Some other local blogs about childbirth and raising children include: Amalah Life Changes .. Delayed Not-For-Profit-Dad Rotten Eggs 2at1ce (Thanks to DC Cookie for the 2at1ce link) Rules for dealing with customer service Son of Clown Ops Dealing with customer service is usually frustrating. Here’s some advice from someone who once worked at it. It starts like this:

1. Customer Service thinks you’re an idiot. Why not oblige them? Continually pretend that you don’t understand their policies. Never EVER admit that you might be wrong or mistaken. An excellent phrase to use is, “Can you explain to me…?” , and “I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding….”

Things I’ve learned Crazy, Goofy World A list of 16 things learned at work. Earned wisdom:

1. I may not always be right, but gosh darn it, I’m not always wrong either. The “expert” or “senior” can be wrong and you can’t take their word for it. You have to check up on them, too.

Site note: Thanks to everyone who provided some site design advice last week. I’m acting on it. One thing I did accomplish this weekend was to alphabetize the personal journals, or DC Lives category. Because of poor eye-to-hand coordination, it’s completely possible that I may have inadvertently deleted a link or made some other error. Please send me a note if that’s the case.

One added category: Ex-DC and now in …

I’m planning to make some other link/category/art changes over the next few weeks that will hopefully make this site easier to use. Please email your links. Thanks for visiting.

Blog balls

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Kickball Grateful Dating This post concerns kickball. The sport of kickball. On and off field strategy is discussed, as well as the rules. There’s also a rundown of the team: who plays defense, offense as well as overall stats, such as runs, kicks and errors.

Unhappy short guy: not too short and rather good looking. Flirted with Pele when she gave him a ride to the game. Fished for an invitation to a sporting event, which she declined to issue. Flirted with me as soon as I arrived in the bar. When his girlfriend arrived, he did not introduce her to us and sat with her away from the group for the rest of the night. Pele and I were astonished, “No way. No way does he have a girlfriend. But she is so his girlfriend.” Later I said, “He’s getting the cold-shoulder from us. He must be punished.”

For more information see DC Kickball. There’s a schedule and email/sign-up list on the DC Kickball site. Also, please see this report in DCist. The Age Of Mediocrity On Rush Hour in D.C. This is a new blog, started up this month by a writer with a love/hate relationship with DC. But this post addresses the declining standards in all things.

…our conversation included the subject of the dumbing down of America and how mediocrity is now actually something to be proud of. It is, to borrow a Dickensian phrase, “the worst of times” in America to aspire to be smart and to seek excellence in all one undertakes. We are rapidly becoming a nation of many adults who think it’s okay to quit in the middle of a race or a C-average is good enough or spelling, grammar and punctuation are old-fashioned and time-consuming….

Rascal Ambivalent Imbroglio If you like dogs, you’ll like this post. Click on the photo.

We went last night to meet Rascal, the dog I mentioned yesterday, and to let our current dog, Sisu, meet him and see what would happen. As you can see from the picture, the two of them wore each other out. They got along famously; I don’t think we’d have to worry about dog fights.

Things that tick me off Urban Fantasy A fine collection of rants that can be enjoyed by all. A sample:

The District of Columbia, for its psychotic parking registration laws that mean I either pay an additional thousand dollars a year to get DC insurance and plates or give up my precious one vacation day to drive the Focus back to Michigan where it will sit, unloved and undriven, for the remainder of its lonely days. Except, of course, for when my sister comes home on Christmas break from her fancy-schmancy school to drive it into the side of the garage and get in accidents in the parking lot of Starbucks.

Also noted: DC Bloggers have fun! Blogger mugshots from The Butterfly Network.

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The Republican Diet Program All About Trey The GOP South Beach Diet.

I’ve been on the Republican Diet Program for almost a year now and I have to tell you it’s just AMAZING!!! Yep, a year ago some heathen,liberal, socialist, and probably gay Democrats were making ugly, unpatriotic comments about my weight, so I decided to declare a War On Fat or WOF, for short. My WOF would how them all that my love for my body is only surpassed by my love of my country. So I started on the Republican Diet.

Glossary Kathryn on … This is the official, first online edition, Kathryn-to-English Dictionary. And, unlike that Potter/Wizard book, you don’t have to stand in line. This invaluable reference will help you spice up cocktail chatter with expressions such as:

dramaramadingdong - (origin: my gay bf W) noun; overwraught dramatic situation that stretches out over a period of time. e.g. “My sister’s wedding was a big, long dramaramadingdong. You don’t wanna know.”

Serious Cleanup in Aisle 9 I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet A Wino A touching post about a cat, a grandfather and shopping. It starts like this: Bug is on a diet. I compared his body to the drawings of acceptable and “yo mama is so fat” feline bodies in Cats for Dummies and Bug is decidedly the latter. So I’ve cut back his food in attempt to trim him down. Also Noted This might be a stretch, but the Manchurian Candidate nominee by Rants and Ramblings. The perfect gift to that someone special who refuses to ask for directions: Google Moon. Not only amazing but also pretty amusing, writes DirectCurrent.

Blog stories

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Photo: Sign at the NGA
Sassy’s Story
Aunt Sassy’s Condo This post has it all: bars, attempted make-outs and emails. And it starts on fire:

Cut to last Friday: I was wearing my hot pink mesh g-string, slaving away at my job, counting the nanoseconds until Happy Hour. “The Man” had sent a software trainer from Corporate to make sure we were compliant with a program we are consolidating in 2006 (ch-ch-ch-changes). I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Pixar film “Antz,” but this guy looked like the head ant in that movie. He was the type of guy who probably drank glue in elementary school, which is why I’m going to refer to him as “Elmer” from here on out. Elmer had all the right features of a hot guy, they were all just arranged in a funny way. …

Wherein my brain barfs all over blogger Rhinestone Cowgirl Lucy, a bellydancer, is also a very active and funny blogger. From one of many random thoughts:

I don’t mind paying – in fact, I’m happy to – but if YOU ask ME out, then you pay up. Especially on that all-important first date, hello. This rule becomes irrelevant if we actually start dating, because I think keeping track of who spends how much is just boring and a waste of time, but first impressions are important and I think L just came away looking cheap. …

Cast of Characters DC Pussycat Doll There are more woman bloggers than men who describe in exacting, sometimes punishing detail, their dates and relationships. Men must quietly read about their failures, foibles, and inadequacies and just suck it up. This double standard in the blogging world is no surprise because the old rules for a man still apply: never ever kiss and tell. If a man reveals anything about his dating life on his blog, he’ll be likely consigned to spending the rest of his life writing pleading and pathetic personal ads for Craig’s List. Vive le difference, we say, because without it we wouldn’t have this post:

I am not a player. I just crush a lot. It seems that I am currently juggling a few boy toys. This was brought to my attention after I told Loo that I made out with our mutual friend Malibu Ken Friday night, and a week prior had made out with the Gopher. She asked me how I was juggling all these boys, and I realized that emotionally I have been a little screwed up from this and unsure if any of these boys might turn into relationships.

Picking up trash Simple Stories The writer of this blog describes it as “a collection of true stories from everyday life. Stories that mark or color a day. They could take place anywhere, happening to anyone. Hundreds of stories just waiting to be told and remembered.” The writer makes a point of writing out his experiences. …I turn my head to see a woman dumping the rest of her diner (?) on the street. A half eaten burger, a mustard container, a couple of used napkins, a paper bag with a large yellow mark, all are now on the pavement. It’s disgusting and I tell her. Not surprisingly she is upset by my intervention.
Also Noted:
Tired of the same boring routine? The Army Times is reporting today that the Department of Defense has taken measures to increase the age of enlistment into the armed services from 35 to age 42, writes A Silent Cacophony The Complexity of the Simple Sex by When the Smoke Clears: Men have gotten the reputation of having nothing but sex on the brain…. or at least once every 4 minutes (or is it 6 seconds?). So do we, as women, just assume that every man is thinking of sex and nothing but? Metrocurean is sad to report that the “closed for vacation” sign outside Opera (aka Kuna) was keeping false hope alive. Opera will, in fact, not be returning. The neighborhood will greatly miss the homey bowls of steaming pasta and the congenial guys who ran the place, Mark and Keith. We can only hope that Mark takes his cooking to a new spot soon. Also, new U Street haunt coming: Tabaq

Blog Tape

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You can make a difference Donkey Rampant in the City There’s an organization called the Halo Trust that removes “the debris of war.” In one school yard this writer’s friend helped to clear 138 anti-personnel mines.

At dinner the other night I was with a friend who tends to think that you can not save the world. That one person and their actions can not make a difference. You know what? You can make a difference. This is the basis for one of my Fraternity Brothers and me taking on this enormous multi-national task.

(in)vert Tape Men Check this one out: Two photos of the infamous Tape Men hanging from a bridge. There’s no explanation and the only visitor comment posted so far is an illuminating “wow.” That may not be a catalyst for a “what is art” discussion but it is a reaction. It’s an interesting concept, for sure. Go discover your reaction by clicking on the link. Flying High Suburban Lesbian Whenever I fly I take a double dose of Dramamine and enjoy a drug-induced semi-comatose state. It’s not out of choice. And I usually, now, avoid alcohol before boarding a plane. This does not make me special, only experienced and sympathetic to the Suburban Lesbian’s flying adventure. Her well-written post begins, simply: Have you ever puked on a plane? 44 lines about 21 ‘net dates Dealing in Subterfuges This writer provides a run down of her online dating experiences. Short, snappy and funny. It’s introduced this way: Three things to know: 1) these dates took place between June of 2002 and May of 2005 in three or four intense spurts (with 15 months off to have a bad relationship) …. click for the rest. Welcome to Detroit City! Damsel in DC Crazy Miss J was in Detroit and offers this report: Everyone has a side of the family that they think is in a different social class. But this weekend, I learned a valuable lesson. Also noted: Tales of walking in the rain by The Daily Life of a Fantastic Subatom. Walking alone down the now empty sidewalks of DC, a friendly old woman parked on the street cracked her window and said, “You need help getting where you’re going, baby?” I smiled and thanked her, but said I was fine. The sound of the water crashing all around me masked all the other sounds of the city, and the feeling of millions of little water drops exploding all over me was bordering on as good as sex. Book deals, reports Failed Southern Lady, are available via the Green Valley Book Fair. It’s in Harrisonburg, VA and only on certain weekends. The next one begins August 20 and goes through Labor Day weekend. The books are dirt cheap, and they’ve got just about everything you could want. More free movies by Lagniappe in DC, who has expanded an earlier list of free outdoor movies. Bethesda Restaurant Week through July 24, reports D.C. Foodies. Did you know the person who does one of the most famous blogs in the world, PostSecret, lives in DC Metro? Another Great Guy Going to Waste is planning a “brief hiatus” while he “relocates back to the West Coast.”

Blog popcorn

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My Summer Vacashun Sueandnotyou Sue writes about her trip to Austin, mostly in a series of photos and hilarious captions. The title and first three sentences set the tone.

On my summer vacation, I visited the city of Austin, TX. Austin is the capital of Texas, which is the 28th state to join the union. Texas’ state flower is the Bluebonnet and its nickname is the Lone Star State. In my opinion, Austin is a very fun and beautiful city!

A day of extremes Appreciate the Cheese This post is about loss and burning popcorn. It’s an evocative and draws from a well of seemingly disconnected observations and memories. This short post starts like this: My friend Lisa moved away yesterday – I helped her move her stuff out into a truck. SGF Seeking Blood Lust Sarcastic and Cynical The perils and fears of online dating in a series of stories well told. It begins simply: I have an unreasonable fear of meeting from online. The wait for Harry Potter Fictional Rockstar This story begins with a lawnmower.

Picture this: In the D.C. metro area, it is dark. It is gray. The air is so thick that you can swim in it. The grass must be pregnant with dew. Instead of looking outside to a world that resembles the tropical version of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow set, I have to listen to someone mow the lawn.

So there’s this girl …. Somewhere Between Problematic attractions:

….and she’s really fun, and we get along really well, and she’s cute, age appropriate, nice, and I find myself really connecting with her, and she’s getting married soon.

It’s always the unavailable girls.

New to the city: Blog Chase-ing Random Thoughts Our writer, new to city, is blogging away and exploring this town. She describes herself as “a single, 29 year old woman who recently relocated to the DC area. I work in radio broadcasting as an on-air talent. I love to watch the Food Network, workout, cook, hang with friends, explore the city, go to wine tastings, discuss current events as well as the hot buttons of religion, politics, and why I should be married to John Cusack (ha ha). I’m a pretty random person (although some may see my randomness as adult ADD), I enjoy living life to the fullest and observing people. This blog is where I can put all of my crazy thoughts so I won’t be committed. 7/7 Blog-e-Bilal A writer who is very familiar with the British Pakistani community shares his analysis of recent events.

I am deeply disturbed by the recent attacks in London and the revelation that three of the four bombers were in fact British-born Pakistani Muslims. It has struck a personal chord since the condition of the British Pakistani community has been nothing short of an obsession both academically and personally for the past three years. … I went to Britain that summer on a research grant to simply understand how a group of Pakistani kids could essentially burn a city down.

Also Noted: Rantings and Ravings of D-Town, in a recent post, Treading Water, Waiting for the Bomb, writes about the frustration of networking in DC. It can be a real task to meet people, at least the people that you want to meet. Those would be the types who are inherently social and have an established network of friends into which you can tap and contribute. It’s easy to get into a regular routine of calling a short list of people when you do normal activities, or e-viting a standard, but larger group of people when you’re ready to throw a party. I got in that same routine in Atlanta … same people, same bars, same party lists. It’s reassuring, comforting, but can get a little mundane. The Life of Pinky Bear recalls Dupont Circle and 1993 march on Washington for gay rights. It’s a two-part post, part one and two. The March it self was a hot day. While the weather had been nice and spring-like, the Day of the March, it decided to become hot! The March was huge and we were all overwhelmed to see so many people! We knew it was going to be big because everyday you could see the throngs of people arriving. Connecticut Street was a throbbing, pulsating ocean of people! Imagine Mardi Gras, Halloween and Mummer’s Day all combined into one! Some Great Reward is a recent DC blog arrival and has discovered that driving through DC is an adventure. Recommends avoiding the street maps available via the Internet. He relied on AAA maps. The writer of The Blogspell According to G moved into the city several months ago. Some of his observations: So much of DC has hoods that still haven’t fuly recovered from the 60s riots. The homeless are well entrenched in the city parks. Most are somewhat more placid than NY homeless. You got southern religion running most of the shelters here. It’s a very divided town. The outer neighborhoods are screaming for inner amenities. More shops, restaurants, fighting over development down in SE Anacostia ….

A disgruntled slug writes … from Wedded Bliss …?