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DC Blogs site note

Site note: I’m trying something different with the links but have mixed feelings about it. I’m seeking opinions/advice regarding a different approach to link art. I’ve assembled more than 250 links so far and with few exceptions they’re all active blogs. I’ll do my best to keep this list updated. Regarding the link art: it […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Photo: street scene, Georgetown Tourist report: Many powerful … Tumaini DC visitors can be sharp critics as well as astute observers of this town. This particular writer, in from San Francisco, has assembled a great, if not stinging and funny take on DC and its people. …Downtown I ate in automat cafeteria-style buffets that cost […]

Blog strikes and outs

Robinson Crossing the Potomac Ball Wonk There are a number of excellent Nationals-focused Web sites, but Ball Wonk is certainly one of the best. This particular post is a well-written and interesting analysis of Nationals Manager Frank Robinson’s performance. It starts this way: Looking back on the first half of the season, BallWonk salutes Frank […]

Blog swims

NYC Olympic Triathlon Belly Button Window A report about participating in the 2005 New York City Olympic Triathlon. The writing will draw you in like a Hudson River current. It begins this way: Looking down, I could see the current ripping past the start barge. The guys already in the water were holding onto the […]

DC Blogs Noted:

    Two Cities, Two Mayors Random Duck Compares and contrasts the tube/Metro riding habits of London’s mayor and DC’s mayor. Short and pointed. Links added by DC Blogs: UK: Online Sun: Ken Takes to the Tube DCist: OMG, Mayor to Ride Metro Longtime foodie writes and reviews Chunae’s Food This is a new blog […]

DC video blogs

YouTube DC Blogs note to readers There’s a relatively new service, YouTube that allows you to upload video from a digital camera and stream on demand. (Most digital cameras have some video capability). It’s very useful, Flickr-like and free. It was difficult finding bloggers in the DC area who are making use of it. Here’s […]

DC bloggers react to London terrorism

The London bombings drew a variety of comments and reactions from DC Bloggers. For many, it brought back memories of 9/11 and concerns about the future. Some of these posts are touching and moving, while others are angry. These aren’t all the post on this subject by DC blog writers and I’m sure I missed […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Dangerous Circle E-Brechi Writes about the recent stabbing of a woman in Dupont Circle, his own close encounters, and the reality of living in this neighborhood. I have also been a victim of muggings twice here in Dupont Circle. The first time, I was completely naive, just like many people I know. I was innocently […]

Blogs and photos

Photos make the point Frozen Tropics Neighborhood blogs are a good way to learn about the city. Unfortunately, the list of neighborhood blogs is short. But there are, nonetheless, excellent neighborhood blogs in DC, and Frozen Tropics is one. It’s about the neighborhood known as Trinidad — a tiny neighborhood located north of Capitol Hill […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Live 8 disappointment Scoopstories Our writer, who is making a career change from journalist to teaching, has two excellent offerings. The first analyzes the meaning of July 4, while his more recent post assesses Live 8, His Live 8 post includes a collection of comments from other bloggers as well. I only caught bits and […]