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Site note: I’m trying something different with the links but have mixed feelings about it. I’m seeking opinions/advice regarding a different approach to link art. I’ve assembled more than 250 links so far and with few exceptions they’re all active blogs. I’ll do my best to keep this list updated. Regarding the link art: it may help the links look distinctive and encourage visitors to explore blogs. But I’m also worried it may make the site look like a commercial strip on a New Jersey highway, as well as hurt page loading. My plan, for now, is to leave it the way it is (partially completed) and see if there’s any reaction from readers. If you have thoughts about this link format, I’d really appreaciate your feedback, good or bad. If the reaction appears negative I may reverse course.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Photo: street scene, Georgetown
Tourist report: Many powerful … Tumaini DC visitors can be sharp critics as well as astute observers of this town. This particular writer, in from San Francisco, has assembled a great, if not stinging and funny take on DC and its people.

…Downtown I ate in automat cafeteria-style buffets that cost more than a three and a half star restaurant in San Francisco. In the Adams-Morgan neighborhood I found a cheap little diner staffed by fabulous gay waiters who will tell you look gorgeous at 7am despite the fact that you may actually more closely resemble sun-baked roadkill. I assume that’s to make up for the fact that their meals also remind one of asphalt.

…So even in my black trousers and white button-down shirt I felt horribly under-dressed. I also felt like everyone was giving me dirty looks and staring at me rudely. That’s because they were… On the west coast we tend to make some attempt at acknowledging the humanity of the other person we pass on the street ….

On Chivarly & In Defense of the CPMC and its Membership Cleveland Park Men’s Club & Blackberry Debutantes The always gracious gentlemen at Cleveland Park Men’s Club and the unerringly elegant ladies at Blackberry Debutantes have joined in a debate on what it means to be chivalrous. Thanks to City Sparkle for this pointer. The Debutantes write: Silly me. In my almost one full year of singlehood (Well, I’m one week shy of my singlehood anniversary), I have, as you all know, kissed my share of frogs. Frogs who opened car doors for me and took quite a few pages out of the CPMC rule book and swept me off my feet with southern chivalry, but who, in the end, were toolbag frogs… CPMC responds: The modern american man ….. endeavors to treat a woman with chivalry but is met with charges of misogyny; he endeavors to assume the role of provider but is challenged as an intricate perpetuator of glass ceilings; he endeavors to live by principles such as duty, honor, and country, but is demonized as an insensitive and bloodthirsty warlord of calculation and broken oaths.All of this is a long way around to saying that the contemporary American man’s catch-22 between these two worlds of the Modern and Post-Modern makes him open to assaults on his character from every direction …. Listen Up! Always Greener Grass This is a new blog which fits in perfectly with the post above. This blog follows the lives of The Single One and The Committed One with their unique views as young twenty-something females in DC… be it committed or single! They write, in part:

Recently on a trip with two of my close girlfriends, who in an ironic twist of fate both became single just as I found my man, discussed their “singledom” and relationships during our journey. They complained about how certain boys (yes boys) were acting towards them, and then proceeded to try and convince themselves they didn’t really care … um for something they didn’t care about I find it ironic that this conversation continued for over 2 hours! What bothered me most about this whole “analysis”, was that neither one of them ever stopped to consider their actions and how those actions affected the actions of said boys.

Also noted: Female gradute students make the best roommates, or so it seems, reports Ivy Lane. Findings from a room search in DC. … female graduate students around 30 tend to be loners so they don’t have noisy people over to party all the time. They are also meticulous so they tend to tidy up their living places often. In another words, they are not fun and sociable but they make great roommates! Pizza review, Radius, by The Red Line. Bear in mind that pizza in DC is terrible, and therefore Radius didn’t have to offer much in order to compete for best of status. Even so, the pizza easily stands on its own merits. It was by far the best pie I have had in the seven years I’ve been here.

Blog strikes and outs

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Robinson Crossing the Potomac Ball Wonk There are a number of excellent Nationals-focused Web sites, but Ball Wonk is certainly one of the best. This particular post is a well-written and interesting analysis of Nationals Manager Frank Robinson’s performance. It starts this way:

Looking back on the first half of the season, BallWonk salutes Frank Robinson, who really is the George Washington of, um, Washington baseball. Washington, like Robinson, was a peerless leader of men, the kind of inspiring and dogged leader capable of molding raw rookies, society’s castoffs, the sick and lame, and over-the-hill veterans into a fighting force capable of facing down the mightiest imperial army on the planet. A country gets maybe one such leader every three hundred years if it’s lucky. A baseball team, maybe once every 50 years. …

Also Noted: Think Pink. Wine lovers, check out this site: Chief Wino, who writes: My little piece of the online world where I will share wine tasting notes and details on hot restaurants. And from a post this week: I know what you are all thinking….pink wine…ugh…sounds like White Zinfandel and must be sickly sweet–something like granny would drink. Not so…not all pink wines are sweet, in fact, most are not. Trust me on this…pink is IN! No more bathroom rushes flying into DCA. From Making Noyes. Rich collection of comments in regard to DCist report on the arrest of the alleged Borf. Including: DCPD got it all wrong. ROVE. Not Borf. ROVE. They got the wrong guy! Photo: Dupont Circle

DC Blogs note: Little pressed for time tonight, so I’ve kept it short.

Blog swims

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NYC Olympic Triathlon Belly Button Window A report about participating in the 2005 New York City Olympic Triathlon. The writing will draw you in like a Hudson River current. It begins this way:

Looking down, I could see the current ripping past the start barge. The guys already in the water were holding onto the safety rope else they would be swept away. Seeing this current, I was not afraid, no I was elated. When you’re facing a 1,500 meter swim (300ft short of a mile) at the start of an Olympic-distance triathlon, every bit of help is welcome, and the low tide current of the Hudson River this morning was a wonderful sight.

I’m usually the one doing the leaving Where is my mind? When friends leave town.

I worked hard to build a friend base when I moved back to the DC area two years ago. I’ve gotten to the point where I know so many people that I hardly have time to see them all. I’ve gotten used to having too many options. Now I’m afraid all of that is coming to an end. Well, that might be a little too dramatic and I’m not a drama queen. There will be no end but certainly my social life will slow down.

Happy Blogiversary Avert Your Eyes Reaches the first anniversary of her blog and reflects on what her blog has come to mean.

I am honored to be among the countless talented writers out there in the blogging community. I am highly amused at the hits received by this site. It is passe to list the way in which some of you have found this blog, I won’t itemize the searches. It is for my own amusement after all and for the individuals who search. I am surprised by the number of visitors, over 10 thousand. Amazing. If you have the time to let me know how you found me, leave a comment or e-mail.

I’m a dork Tiaras Optional Reading the 100 greatest books and offers some highlights. But this nicely written post begins like this:

I’m a dork. I freely admit this. But I am a dork in a very specific way. No BiMonSciFiCon attendance here. No dressing up as characters from videogames. No Elf ears hidden in my closet. But I do like trivia. I rage at Trivial Pursuit (Genus edition only, not the dumbed-down new version). I fall within the range of what I like to call “hipster dork.” We dress well, we hang out at dive bars, and we know a ridiculous amount of Simpsons trivia (bonus points if you get the above Simpsons reference). Luckily for me, I found a fellow dork to wed. This works out well, since we don’t have to hide our dorkiness from each other. We can let it all hang out.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Two Cities, Two Mayors Random Duck Compares and contrasts the tube/Metro riding habits of London’s mayor and DC’s mayor. Short and pointed. Links added by DC Blogs: UK: Online Sun: Ken Takes to the Tube DCist: OMG, Mayor to Ride Metro

Longtime foodie writes and reviews
Chunae’s Food This is a new blog by a former Chicago resident who moved to the city last year. He’s in search of a good places to eat.

I have been a foodie for a real long time now and Chicago was a great place to indulge that habit. Between having FoodTV on in my house 24/7 and always on the search for a good place to eat, food has always pervaded every aspect of my life. You could find almost anything to eat in Chicago, except a good cheesesteak. So although I didn’t feel like I was being spoiled by particularly good eats, I knew there was a lot that Chicago had to offer. I was really looking forward to moving to DC so I could really expand my gastronomic experiences. After all, Washington DC is an international hub. Surely the culinary scene is just as deep and broad as everything else in DC. Oh how wrong I was.

Moving along Soleil, Lune, & Astrales Pink Elephant, who produces a blog of clever design, thoughtful writing and wit, is moving out of the area. Her work and observations of the DC scene will be missed. But she plans to continue blogging. I am moving in the beginning of August! The move will be out of the area. This is a sad time, but also an optimistic one and the catalyst for new opportunities. I will also eventually be switching over to a new template on either blogger or typepad to provide more accessibility. Until then, I will post in this blog til the *bittersweet* end.

Beware of the Faux-Friendsters The DC Male’s Perspective This relatively new blog intends to tell “Everything you always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask, about dating … and 60’s French cinema here in the nation’s capital.” This post is about a Friendster experience.

A curious thing has happened lately on Friendster, of all places. I, like many others, receive mass solicitations by women or websites trying to intice me into their webcam pages, or dating sites. These are disguised as personal messages, usually along the lines of “I saw your profile, and I think you are so hot…” etc. But I received a particularly clever one last week by someone posing as ‘Kate’…

Also noted:

New blog, Bill’s Corporate Affairs Stuff, miscellanea from a Washington, DC-based corporate affairs staffer. Thinking About Art has a DC round-up and reviews of some art shows. The mysterious Kelly Ann Collins, formerly of Washington Socialites, appears to have restarted a site that bears her name, Kelly Ann Collins. The main page art is well done. We learned of this development via the Cleveland Park Men’s Club. Interning in the District is off to Danville Va., to begin my teaching career.

Photo: Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market, Sunday.

DC video blogs

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YouTube DC Blogs note to readers There’s a relatively new service, YouTube that allows you to upload video from a digital camera and stream on demand. (Most digital cameras have some video capability). It’s very useful, Flickr-like and free. It was difficult finding bloggers in the DC area who are making use of it. Here’s an example of its potential by an Malaysian Web site that embedded a YouTube video feed on its blog, Minishorts. There may be other services similar to YouTube, and if you know of one please let other readers know in the comments section. Considering the low cost and ubiquity of digital cameras, video blogging may soon be commonplace. Click on the screenshot to view my short sample on how this works. (If you post a video on your blog, please send a note) Some other examples: Blog via YouTube: From Lulu’s Gonna Love Manhattan Clips from YouTube: – 34th Street Penn Station, NYC Crossing the Street (DC Blog production!) Plane flying under a bridge Completely snarkless Amalah An update on Amalah’s pregnancy with the most amazing 4D ultrasound images. She writes: I’m so blown away and totally in love with my little boy that I’m rendered completely snarkless. I mean, look! A baby! Who is mine! DC’s Red bus bust Unrequited Narcissism DC’s new bus, the Downtown Circulator (see this DCist report) may have issues. This writer discovers that these red buses are going to make some people red.

…..DC has found a way to make these seemingly innocuous buses a terrible, terrible idea. Namely: dedicated bus lanes on 7th and 9th streets. The crews are out there right now, measuring things, looking confused and blocking traffic in surprisingly inventive ways. It’s a little early to tell exactly how it’s going to shape up, but as far as I can tell the rightmost lane southbound on 9th and northbound on 7th will be dedicated to buses…..

Also noted: City Sparkle , a new blog arrival by the Asian Mistress. She has a clever, snappy intro about herself and blog mission: Every woman should know…how to drive a stick shift; know her mind, change it; have better things to do; how to dance crazy all alone; stare at a phone; get dressed in five minutes; be a princess, get over it; believe in the perfect man, get over it; be single and like it, a lot. Note: Democrats are sexy. A Republican is just an elephant, but a Democrat…
Best lemonade in DC recommendations at VagaBlond Two long-time bloggers are new DC blog arrivals, the-coffeys, Nathan & Valerie, have moved to Capitol Hill via West Virgina, California. They are Flickr fans who want to become involved in the DC blogging community. They write: We met in Rexburg, ID in the fall of 1997 at the ripe old ages of 18 and 19. We dated for 3 years then got married in December of 2000. Valerie got her Bachelors in Anthropology from Brigham Young University and Nathan got his Bachelors in Linguistics from the University of California – Irvine then a Masters in Sports Mgmt from West Virginia University. Valerie works for a Life Settlement Firm and Nathan is seeking a career in Major League Baseball Media Relations beginning with an upcoming internship with the Houston Astros. Alfred McComber who is the host of The Code Red radio show recently set up the Security Alert Blog as companion effort. The blog is describe this way: The show is hosted by veteran law enforcement and dignitary protection agent Alfred McCombe. Code Red! airs Monday through Friday on Fox News Radio’s WMET 1160AM in Washington, DC and worldwide via the internet. The show is also video webcast on Homeland Defense TV. Ken’s RNR blog is the product of Keith, Elena, and Niki ranting and raving about DC, life, and each other. This blog began in June and many of the post so far have focused on things to do, movies and restaurants. A recent post about the Logan Circle area restaurant, Rice, and begins this way: We all know that Logan Circle is Hot Hot Hot– new lofts, yummy restaurants, Whole Foods…. One of the great finds in the up and coming neighborhood is Rice Restaurant. Carol Jane, who is … Complicated. Inquisitive. Self-confident. Yet humble. Catholic. Avid iced caramel macchiato fan, but also a sucker for boba/pearl milk tea/whatever you choose to name it. Books are my obsession: bankruptcy is soon to follow … has been posting photos around DC and elsewhere on her blog. A report about a recent meeting of the “DC indiblogger gang” by Scientific Masala. It was three hours of clean, pure fun. I haven’t had such a time since my college days.

DC bloggers react to London terrorism

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The London bombings drew a variety of comments and reactions from DC Bloggers. For many, it brought back memories of 9/11 and concerns about the future. Some of these posts are touching and moving, while others are angry. These aren’t all the post on this subject by DC blog writers and I’m sure I missed many good ones in my search. Apologies. Please click on these links and read the full posts, and if I missed yours please add it to the comments section. Excerpts follow. It is hard for me to watch those images without it bringing up strong feelings in me, writes DC Girl at Two Girls in DC. I can recall my entire few days after 9/11 having had to respond to the Pentagon on the medic unit. I remember driving down the streets of DC, seeing people’s faces with the look of confusion. I remember pulling up to the massive stone edifice watching the large flames erupting from the side. (Formerly named A Girl in DC. See Circle V post below for commentary on this change.) Having lived in Washington, DC, seeing the Pentagon with its one shiny new side twice a day on my way to work and home, I know that none of those people’s lives will ever be the same, even if they weren’t actually on the subway when it happened, writes Rotten Eggs, in a post, Not a Funny Day Grateful Dating writes in her post, London, The police sirens and ambulances I hear today make me jumpy. I didn’t want to take the subway this morning. I’m more on edge than usual. Living in DC when bombings start is not a comfortable thing. I was here on 9/11. We’re in the middle of the bullseye.

DC Sleeps Alone Tonight writes: I heard the news as I rounded the 395 curve around the Pentagon, and thought back to the weekend after 9-11. I was curious to see the Pentagon, and wanted to check on Jennifer who lived by Lincoln Park in SE DC. After that, why did I move here, I wondered? What was the true motivation behind my quick, but pointed move to this city? For those of you who live outside the Beltway, inside the lines the tension is palpable, writes Beauty and the Beltway in London Calling. As one of my neighbors told me earlier today,Every innocent person in the District is a possible soft target, and you have to remember that or else you put yourself at risk.” There are police officers with Steyr rifles patrolling my neighborhood metro stop, and snipers keeping watch atop nearby government buildings. One of my classmates from Israel says that it’s reminiscent of life in the West Bank: the fear is ever present but somehow life goes on. I can’t imagine that it will be easy to forget that in the District, I am a target. Click on this art work by Conversation with Mud. In Condolences to London, Countersignature writes about some of the political issues facing the U.S. We are faced with a huge challenge in how to keep our society’s values intact while combatting a dedicated core of fundamentalists who take advantage of our openness. The Bush administration’s solution, thus far, has been to curtail rights that we have often seen as foundational, such as freedom of association. As far as real advances in the War on Terror (TM), we have thus far been treated to a tremendous bait and switch called the Iraq Invasion. I Am Not Very Good at Naming Things raises issues over the media coverage in a provocative and challenging post. It begins this way: Like Sonja, I was torn about this morning’s announcement of the explosions in London. Obviously they are horrific and any pointless loss of human life is tragic, but the blatant outpouring of coverage for an incident like this, compared to the paucity of coverage of other events in non-white areas that are even more fatal and often ongoing, is jarring, to say the least. K Street Blues sees policy failures, in his post: More on London. I don’t want to jump the gun here, but let me just say that if this attack is truly linked to al Qaeda, then there ought to be riots in the streets of London and Washington. Both Tony Blair and George Bush took their eye off the ball when they got tired of playing with the Afghanistan toy and found a shiny new trinket in Iraq. Instead of finishing the job against al Qaeda when we had them against the ropes, they chose to launch a war with a country that had nothing to do with the terrorist group and no connection to any attacks on either country. Live From the Third Rail has a list of the Worst transit disasters dating from 1903 Photos: Link to the Flickr photo pool concerning the bomb blast. Also Noted: Circle V has assembled some energetic commentary on the latest developments on a number blogs, including Two Girls in DC. Anyway, some insiders say this is the merger of the century. The Florist is who many of you will remember is the Senator’s lovely lady friend. She has a flower shop in G-town that I recently voted for to be best in DC (hope she wins though I have never been to her shop). DCB predicts drama, which is understandable in these types of things. But, DC Girl, The Florist and Miss Penny Lane seem pretty chummy. However, a recent posting on CPMC alluded to the fact that Penny is ready to make this duo a trio. Either way, I think it sounds like a positive thing for our little blog community.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Dangerous Circle E-Brechi Writes about the recent stabbing of a woman in Dupont Circle, his own close encounters, and the reality of living in this neighborhood.

I have also been a victim of muggings twice here in Dupont Circle. The first time, I was completely naive, just like many people I know. I was innocently walking down the sidewalk at around 11:00 p.m., when my assailant jumped out from an alley next to the sidewalk, tackled me to the ground, and told me he was going to “Blow me away” if I didn’t give him my wallet. Somehow I managed to instinctively kick him off of me and run away without him hurting me. I called the police, who were not helpful in finding and arresting him.

We love you! Share the experience!! Fun things to do in DC This blogger is one of the city’s most prolific and lyrical writers. She has a way of taking you into her adventures and bringing you along for the ride. Usually on her bike. This post is about a recent bike ride on the Mall, which includes trips to the Sackler, Folklife Festival, National Gallery and thoughts about Winslow Homer paintings and watercolors. An entertaining read.

If you do go to the exhibition, please take a moment to enjoy the exquisite potted gardenia tree just outside the entrance, which you can smell from twenty feet away. As I was leaving I noticed an old man stopping to admire one of the flowers; he inspired six other museum goers to pause and start chatting with each other about the rapturous smell, and then the exhibit. It could have been a moment out of a Winslow Homer painting.

Restaurant Week – The Master List D.C. Foodies For those unfortunate to be stuck in DC during August, the parking spaces are simple to find and theater and dinner reservations are easy to make … for those not spending time at crowded, boozy beach bars and eating greasy fries, there are also great dinner deals to be had, D.C. Foodies reports. This site has assembled a comprehensive list of restaurants participating in the city’s Restaurant Week. Recommendations are coming but here’s the appetizer:

If you don’t know already, Restaurant Week is August 1st through the 7th. Lunch is $20.05 and Dinner is $30.05. Below is THE LIST of participating D.C. Restaurant Week restaurants and what they’ll be offering on their menus that week. I’m calling around to each and every one of , and as I get information from them I’ll fill in this list. Usually, I’m not done until the week before, because many restaurants don’t finalize their menus until then.

Humans appearing oddly Various blogs Disturbing reports about The Human Condition: The Butterfly Network wonders are these Abs Real or Fake? (Click and ponder for yourself) And DC Bachelor, the home of DC’s Cultural Commentary, lives up to his mission by taking Dove Soap and its bus shelter ad to task, in Weight Sensitive Soap. And then, of course, there’s The Inhuman Condition. Washington D.C. Daybook has a fun review of Land of the Dead, the zombie movie. The undead are making progress. They are beginning to show some ability in taking direction, they are learning to work together cooperatively and they have some rudimentary deductive reasoning. Also noted: Washington Lessons, Part 1 by Ms. Williams Goes to Washington. More of an intern’s experience of working and living in this city. Told with candor and zip. Among her topics is this lunch: I think I was the only person in the room not trying to get a job there in the future. Endless functions with endless smoozing. It’s obnoxious, it’s phony…but hey, there’s always free food.
Photo: Foggy Bottom Metro
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Blogs and photos

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Photos make the point Frozen Tropics Neighborhood blogs are a good way to learn about the city. Unfortunately, the list of neighborhood blogs is short. But there are, nonetheless, excellent neighborhood blogs in DC, and Frozen Tropics is one. It’s about the neighborhood known as Trinidad — a tiny neighborhood located north of Capitol Hill (or in Capitol Hill according some realtors). Actually, it’s next to Galludet. If you look at a map Trinidad looks like someone took it and just twisted the entire neighborhood a bit. The streets don’t exactly match up with the streets outside the neighborhood. Trinidad is a tiny almost square patch that was originally a rich man’s country estate. Its author often uses photos to tell the story of neighborhood concerns, both large and small, as in this recent post. New Spin on Spinsters Soleil, Lune, & Astrales Here’s a list of wedding do’s and don’ts. Inspired by a recent Connecticut wedding. With photos. Two from this list:

Do not take a shower while the wedding is still in progress, or even worse, answer the door in a towel. Even if the estate has twelve bathrooms, you are playing Russian roulette. Never know who will come a knocking. Do not let your intoxicated friend attempt to find the car; one just may end up disheveled and in an abandoned soccer field two miles away.

July 4th reports Various blogs Don’t stop me now writes: There is just something about seeing fireworks with the Washington Monument in the foreground. I mean, this is stuff I remember watching on television as a kid. Cleveland Park Men’s Club takes blogging to another level and offers the CPMC Fouth of July Video Collage. DC Skyline photo at night at Goodspeed Update. Joe Tresh has an outstanding collection of fireworks and related photos. Biking around DC Two Wheel DC This blog is an excellent resource for bikers in this city. It couples strong opinions with a good link collection. From one post:

…Cyclists have suffered from a virtual dictatorship of cars on America’s roadways for the better part of the last 50 years, and we’re the ones deserving of your hatred? Please. We’re forced to the fringes of America’s transportation network, given slivers of road to navigate on (which are then take over by double-parked cars anyhow), pitted against tons and tons of steel and horsepower driven by people too lazy to rely on public transportation themselves…

Also Noted:
New blog named DC Pussycat Doll, who introduces herself this way: I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut in this wasteland of exploding manhole covers and abominable Ann Taylor suits … otherwise known as the DC Metro area. Some of her initial postings are about dancing, the Jumbo Slice and attempted relationships. From one post: … and I spotted a guy to dance with who was superfun until…. he leans over and says, “You’re cute…real cute. But I bet you already know that.” OK, seriously WTF? All I did was smile and dance with the guy and he thinks I’m stuck on myself. Dangling Conversation reports that this was her last Monday in DC. Moving. She writes: The last week was one of the best of my life, as far as friends and fun. I’m going to miss everybody so much. I am going to miss this city but it will always be here. Tourist report: A couple from northern California traveling around the country visit the National Mall and marvel at its grandeur and human diversity. For good or bad, I’m not often prone to having feelings of pride in my country, but this is one place that always makes me feel it strongly – from Bridging the Chasm, Matt and Karen’s Journey through America. DC Theatre Reviews is a new site that will have news and reviews about the DC Metro theater scene. It announced itself July 4th and it’s by Walter Ruff and Delinda Frazier. The site will provide professional reviews of DC theatre and direct links to the reviews written by other local critics. In addition the website will provide listings of all new productions …. Although it’s using a blog format, the site isn’t accepting comments from visitors just yet, but its publisher said they plan to open up parts of it after it gets going.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Live 8 disappointment Scoopstories Our writer, who is making a career change from journalist to teaching, has two excellent offerings. The first analyzes the meaning of July 4, while his more recent post assesses Live 8, His Live 8 post includes a collection of comments from other bloggers as well.

I only caught bits and pieces of Live 8 Saturday but what I saw greatly disappointed me. It seemed simple and superficial. Knowledge is power?

Baby bird rescue Conversations with Mud This woman, a newbie amateur downhill mountain bike racer/musician, found a baby bird (click on her photo link) on the sidewalk. The story begins:

Monday night I was going to the liquor store to get empty boxes for the big move, and walked past what looked like a big piece of bubblegum on the pavement. It turns out to be a live baby bird, a nestling who was no more than two days old and was no bigger than a small Post-It note. He looked like this. He was amazing. He was featherless and I could see his internal organs. He couldn’t open his eyes yet, but he grabbed my heart strings just the same.

(And while you are on this site, read about this experience at a hotel in Rehoboth.) Scribe of dating decides … The Daily Bulletin from Dating Hell One of the best bloggers in this area, and probably most others, intends to “go on hiatus for a while.” (To our great sadness) She explains:

Sorry for relinquishing the war against workplace boredom, but I think that (A) I am getting too many hits on the blog (200 yesterday), and I’m worried about my anonymity; and (B) fun as it is to torture you all with intimate details regarding my urethra and squabbles with insane girlfriends, I feel guilty about writing so much about Le Divorcé …

Luther Vandross Tribute Yeah … I Said It

Of all the smooth R&B love song singers, no one could sing a ballad quite like Luther. I mean, the man’s voice and style was so unique that when he did a remake, he made the song his own. Folks didn’t want to hear the original …They wanted to hear LUTHER.

DC observations The Neurotic Me A long list of clever quips about living in this area. Among the entries:

“Finding a parking space” actually becomes an appointment on your calendar. (E.g.. 7:00-8:00pm Gym, 8:30-9:00pm – find a parking space, 9:00-10:30pm -Dinner reservations.) When Washington National Airport is and will always be “WASHINGTON NATIONAL”, not “Reagan National”.

Diva shopping Chic in DCity The women behind the Web site, Urban Divas now have a blog focused on shopping in DC.

I have always been a firm believer in self-care practices such as pedicures, massage, and journal writing. With the house to myself this weekend, I decided to indulge in some serious “Diva Therapy” with the help of some delightful products that I purchased from the LUSH store in Georgetown last week.

Also Noted: New blog, Ikeamodder, about making design modifications to Ikea products. From the first post: I’m particularly interested in fun, easy, inexpensive designs and since I’m renting, low impact on walls. In my apartment I’m creating a fun alive space, so you’ll see lots of bright colors, plus impractical and unconventional designs to shake things up structurally. Why have a normal couch when you can have an inflatable one? How Dupont Circle looks from outer space via Google Earth software from Direct Current. DC tourists meet the strangest people. Doing My Part to Clutter Cyberspace is in town on vacation and on the street at 1 a.m. We pick up this report: The streets were completely deserted, and we were harrassed by a guy on a bike who called himself “the flower guy.” He started hitting on Jordana and telling her she was really attractive, so we didn’t even look at him and kept walking briskly. He started laughing and he was like, “Oh my God! Where are you guys from? … You’re afraid of the flower guy.” He followed us to the end of the block yelling …” New restaurant blog, The Hot Plate. It’s just starting and so far there’s little content, but this blog has ambitions. Wonder what’s new and hot on the D.C. restaurant scene? The Hot Plate brings you the latest news on restaurant and bar openings, buzz and noteworthy happenings. James Brislin in Silver Spring, a CUA student who just turned 21, has started a blog. Initial posts include a rundown on some local pubs, including the Irish Channel. The Channel is run by a native of Ireland and ironically is located in Chinatown. Even more amusing, it is directly across from Old St. Mary’s. The Channel has some of the best beer in town – especially Guinness and Harp. Restaurant recommendation, Merkado, by Bureauqette. Well this restaurant doesn’t serve American sized portions … unless you’re dieting, you can order an appetizer, salad, entree, and desert for one person and not feel like you’ve completely pigged out. Also pleasantly surprising was the bill. At less than $40 a person including alcoholic beverages, the place was a steal.

Photo: Monday night from the Lincoln Memorial.