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Labor Day Break Edition

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New Orleans memories: Fat Tuesday No Taming This Shrew A talented, fast-paced and furious, writer at work.

It was one of those moments where I realized just how young and stupid we really were. You could see it in our sleep-crushed faces and crazy hair. We were teetering on the edge of deep shit and could feel it in our marrow. We got off easy with only one bail being paid. No one hurt, no one injured, no one killed.

Feats of Strength Kathryn on … Double treat: Vacation photos and lawn decorations. Photos.

TC: Hey, see those [heavy, blue ceramic decorative orbs] over there?
KO: Yes….
TC: I bet I can pick one up.
KO: Go ahead and give it a shot. Let me get my camera out

Alpha Soccer Omega DC Sports A tribute to the camaraderie of soccer players.

I love my fellow soccer players. I’m not saying that this is restricted only to footballers as a group, but I feel like we’re a closely-knit fraternity. I really haven’t come around to noticing this until now, since I’ve been hurt and on the sidelines (ironic, that I’d notice something about soccer players when I’m not actually on the field). When I walk around the supermarket or CVS or around the building here at work, very rarely do I get a random person asking me what happened or how it happened or anything about my obviously-injured foot. But when I’m at the field, players I’ve never met before will ask, “what happened to you?”… “how long are you out?”…”

Embarassments of the day Blackberry Debutantes A bad day that starts this way:

On my way to a second interview with a potential employer, I ran into a street sign. With my forehead. In downtown DC. A “Do Not Enter” sign. Irony, I know.

Because Even Criminals Have Bed Times The Blog from Nowhere A cookout, the National Guard and high-powered lights.

Three soldiers emerged from the Humvee and erected the lights, which ran off a generator in the trailer at the base of the light pole. As they were setting up they were joined by two D.C. cops who drove up in a MPDC van. The lights were set up to illuminate the entry to the alley behind Perry Place.

Also Noted: Since Congress is in recess, our writer decides to wear a pair of Natucket Red pants. Two hot girls passed me and said “What’s up with fashion nowadays?” writes Advice and Consent, a new blog. It gets better for this writer at work. He concludes: Whoever designed Nantucket red for guys on pants (JCrew?) never experienced snotty DC business professionals. The ChaliceBlog, which has the mottoWhen I am dead, may it be said, “Her sins were scarlet, but her blog was read,” writes about a Dupont Circle church. The minister is a hippie, and not the cool kind like Edie. He thinks guitar music is just the thing for making a Gothic Cathedral homey. Operation Iraqi Freedom, A One-Act Play, on Alt. Hippo. Clever. Book recommendation: Rubicon by My Blog. It paints a very harsh picture of the city of Rome and the Roman way of life, a remarkable picture of men and women of extraordinary capability who are out for their own glory at the expense of friend and family and who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. It is extremely readable. Universal curse, by the Ankle Biter. So, Tom and I had originally planned to leave for Pittsburgh early this afternoon. And yet, here it is, quarter-to-nine as I type this sentence, and I’m still in Arlington. Let’s examine the chain of events that caused it, shall we? A list of moving tips by Maisnon, including: look for charities that accept business clothing, for example Dress for Success. New Irish restaurant coming at Vermont & Florida, reports A Capitol Life.

Dear Readers: I’m taking a short break and will return with daily postings right after Labor Day. Meanwhile, please explore the links. Thanks for visiting this blog.

DC Blogs Noted:

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The Heart Attack, Surgery, Recovery My View From the Jeep Our writer experiences chest pains and jokes how it might be a heart attack. He nonetheless continues with his travel plans. But the symptoms don’t abate and he soon finds himself in a hospital facing surgery. Throughout the ordeal, this writer keeps his blog updated with his experiences. The postings, in my view, are indicative of someone with a lot of courage, presence of mind and ability to handle a major challenge with great grace. Wish him well. The link takes you to the latest post on this blog; just scroll down to the Friday Aug. 19 post where this story begins.

I went to George Washington University Hospital in DC, complaining of chest tightness, a sore arm and lack of breath (hello, could I be any MORE clueless?) After a few tests, they told me that I had a heart attack and that I may need surgery. Tough words to hear when you are laying on a gurney in a hospital all alone…

A dancer’s performance Rhinestone Cowgirl A belly dancer’s story – snappy writing from Lucy.

I rush home and begin tossing my clothes off. It’s 5:30 already, and I have to be at Marrakesh by 6:30. Quickly, I scarf some food down – usually cereal, but sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich for energy. I make coffee and as it’s dripping, I run into the bathroom to touch up my makeup. I create bigger kohl lines around my eyes, I apply false eyelashes, I put on lipstick, I dust bronzer in my cleavage to make my boobs look bigger…

Walter Reed closing — some blogging comments Goodbye, Walter Reed, Why do I care about this, you might ask? Well, I was born in Walter Reed hospital. It’s true. So shed a little tear as you drive by on Georgia Avenue (or 16th Street, if that’s your thing) — I know I will.The American Errorist. Grace’s Poppies, writes: Even though I only spent a couple of days there working there, I’m having a big reaction to this news. I read in the Post today about how one group wants the site to become housing, the mayor wants a jazzy commercial area, the military prefers to keep the land for itself and Congress says they’ll decide what’s to become of it. DC Perspectivethe ideal use for this site is an extension of a very successful university system in the DC region called the Consortium of Universities of the Metropolitan Area with it’s own flagship university to be called the Walter Reed University. Archival photos and background on Greatscat. Also Noted: I Hate Kit Kats discovers she is an ID theft victim when thousands of dollars of camera equipment is delivered to her house. Photos. A message to bicyclists who believe traffic rules don’t apply. In other words, when you have a red light and I have a walk signal, you don’t get to fly through the intersection and nearly take my ass out just because you “drive” a Schwinn instead of a Saab.Till human voices wake us, and we drown.

Blog Xbox

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Xbox Ode Lots of Monkeys A fruitless search for an Xbox 360 produces a very clever piece of writing. An excerpt: Also see: “We have NO Xbox 360s in stock!” From GigMatrix Mean Reds Lagniappe in DC A post that begins by questioning the reasons for blogging quickly develops into a rapid and engaging snapshot of a life assessed. An excerpt: … Like do people really want to hear how my parents divorced just before hurricane Katrina came and rocked our worlds, and how most of my father’s family lost thier homes in the aftermath, and how they are all struggling to maintian a sense of normalcy in their lives, and how my uncle passed away after the hurricane from a brain hemmorhage, and how this, combined with the hurricane has made my entire family depressed? … Thai Kitchen Le Cuvee Americain This blog describes itself as the “opinions and adventures of a Washington, D.C.-based epicure as he cooks and eats around town and around the country.” There are restaurant reviews from many cities but the more recent ones are about DC restaurants, where this writer is based. This excerpt is from a review about the Thai Kitchen on M Street in the West End.

… A lot of the decor is Chinese in nature, including ba-gua feng shui items over the doors. Inside, one of the first things one see is a huge picture of the management with actress Angelina Jolie, who recently used Thai Kitchen to cater a fund raising dinner for one of her refugee charities….

Also Noted: What Western NY and U Street have in common. DC Urban Family. Escalators in Japan versus DC Metro escalators. From Across the Pacific. Plane adventures on the return to DC. … Another announcement in a different voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m agent (forgot his name) and I’m with the FBI. We would like anyone that saw anything unusual outside the plane 10-15 minutes after takeoff to ring their call button and come talk to us.” WHAAAT?!?!? Is Osama on a hang glider outside LA? From Extreme Indifference to Human Life. A fab idea: Tab Returns! From The Long Way. The panda pens: It wasn’t my idea to only let the wealthy zoo donors get first dibs at visiting me, and while I appreciate their philanthropy, it’s kind of starting to creep me out. From The Butterstick Blog. DC’s First Outdoor Holiday Festival Market. From Authentic Art DC. New DC Book Store, Books for America, at at 1417 22nd Street, NW – near the corner of 22nd & P. The best way to describe our place is to say that it is a “community outreach center cleverly disguised as a used book store. From Biblovixen. Metro robbery postscript: Lower the crime rate a bit by giving to the poor. From Sarah’s Feuilletons.

blog sounds

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Photo: Faucets in Love, Foggy Bottom Tick Tock, you don’t stop Pygmalion in a Blanket This writer’s heart (not the metaphoric one) has extra beats. Next is the stress test, the echocardiogram, and the sonogram.

I’m sure watching your baby in utero is a joyous event, but watching the operations of your heart in real-time is disturbing. It’s incredibly small and fragile. After being diagnosed with extra or “ectopic” heartbeats, I figured I would rather have too many than not enough. But I started to gloom over the idea that my heart was allotted only a finite number of beats over its lifetime and I was using them up by drinking caffeine or taking cold medicine. This anatomical/philosophical dread returned as I watched it tick away on the screen.

New city online effort The Howard Insider A new city online effort is emerging, The Howard Insider. The group, which has at least 10 writers, recently advertised for photographers as well. According to one of the organizers, “the main coverage will focus on campus life in and outside of the campus, music, fashion, entertainment, and personal musing from past and present Howard University Students.” The site will launch Sept. 2. For now, information about this effort is available via its blog, “The Howard Insider Presents Joi’s Ramblings With the launch next week, the Howard Insider will have its own domain, The Howard Insider. The employment ad for photographers. TMDI (Too Much Disposable Income) Angry Pregnant Lawyer She’s angry all right about a trend reported in a recent WP story on high-priced premium jeans. (Also read the many comments.) When I see a word (be it LOVE or JUICY or PRIDE or SUTTON HIGH VOLLEYBALL) written on the ass of another woman, I am not envious. I am saddened and embarrassed for my sex. Comedy/Tragedy Urban Fantasy Our writer decides to audition for a role in a community theater in Dupont Circle. The theater could have charged admission to the audition.

Instead of a prepared monologue, the director had asked us to spend a few minutes talking about a romantic relationship. This simple-sounding request became one of the most intense things I’d ever seen. Complete strangers were telling stories of losing virginities, falling in love, coming out of the closet, being cheated on. It was emotionally exhibitionist even by theater standards …

Also Noted: Blogstretch has assembled a hilarious collection of Craig’s List ads. Doing DC: The Hay Adams, a report from Unrequited Narcissism. …the bar itself is incredibly classic and timeless looking: low lights, heavy, polished wood paneling, and a customer age average of about 55 – mostly men in suits. i had been told by fritz that john, the bartender, was amazing, and he was totally right. john made our night. he is an incredibly jovial guy who is smart, well-traveled, and a great conversationalist. not to mention that he passed out free drinks when he learned i was leaving for chicago… Restaurant claims valet parking, kicking out the meter parkers, including When the Smoke Clears. That’s all fine and dandy, except that I have yet to see anyone come up and use the valet services of this restaurant. I’m parked in one of those spots. It’s 5 minutes to 5:00. Do you think that if I’m not there, pulling out of my spot right as the second hand hits twelve, there will be a two truck waiting for me? Broken Flowers review by I Am Not Very Good At Naming Things. By the way, why has Bill Murray played the same character in the last five films or so? It’s not even that interesting or complex: just a burned out guy that stares into space a lot. But I digress.

Blog flames

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New York, New York Siryn’s Song Our writer gets a job offer at a NY firm, and meets a guy from eHarmony. They go for a walk around the DC monuments at night.

…It was a beautiful night, and there is so much I have neglected to do while I have been living here. I regret the thought of leaving without having seen all that Washington has to offer. There is a measure of comfort and beauty that cannot compare to New York City, though New York is also a cultural Mecca. It’s like comparing Golden Delicious to Red Delicious Apples.

For real: A Star is Born DC Sleeps Alone Tonight Big news on this blog. PlayfulinDC is leaving the office life to tour in a Kennedy Center production, “Alexander and I’m Not…Going to Move.” It’s a seven month commitment filled with angst and excitement. I met this writer at a DC Weblogger meeting and can tell you why she is destined as a big stage performer. Like her blog, PlayfulinDC is full of life, giving, smart and witty – fun to be around. But there’s some ache about this decision.

Really, my fear comes down to loneliness. I had gotten used to my busy, active life rolled in with the budding possibilities of a healthy, passionate relationship. None of these will exist once I hop on that tour bus. I’ll have to put my personal life on hold to re-invent my career. Yes, I know there will be interesting people along the way, but we theatre folk know that there is nothing better than our stable non-theatre friends or a stable, non-theatre boyfriend to even things out.

Capitol Lounge fire Assorted DC blogs A fire severely damaged this popular Hill spot. Fortunately, DC has a few other bars left. A round-up of comments. Designs on You: They had $.10 wings on Tuesdays, and that was my weekly brunch place, iced tea, eggs over medium/bacon, and chips/salsa b/c the salsa was homemade and outta this world. DCist: Provides story and photo links. Also check out the rich collection of comments, including: I will miss you sweet sweet Capitol Lounge. I loved the way you made me feel when I walked (often) through your doors. You held me, you rocked me, and slowly sang me a sweet lullabye. Metroblogging: No injuries were reported though widespread panic is rippling through the Capitol Hill intern community. Access Anisa: It feels like the remnants of a confused young adult trying to make it in DC are no more. I have a million memories from that place. My favorite: the jukebox. My best friend, Amber, and I would play D12’s “Purple Pills” whenever we would go there. Washington Post: earlier review.
Also noted When Robin Worldwide’s PDA dies and its contact list lost, a note is sent to her parents. It produces an exchange that this writer shares. A touching read. Girls with Drinks is a new blog that list seven contributors. There are about a half-dozen posts. One concerns plans for Saturday night. A coworker/friend is turning 30 next week (really, I pity her…can you hear my sarcasm?!) and wants to do it up this weekend… in 21 year old form… Yeah, you know that can only mean one thing… bar hopping in Adams Morgan. There’s also (very good read) this tribute to the Capitol Lounge: According to channel four news, the bar will reopen soon. I can only hope. I know that the world’s in a bit of chaos these days. I should be ashamed for mourning the temporary loss of a bar but I do. It feels like home.
Road Trippin’ with Tiaras Optional to Scranton, Pa., to a party with 800 other people. And she reports that she “had basically the same conversation with all of them.” Click to find out. Bewildering glances on Vitals.dc. Zippy the Pinhead made the Vet’s Liquor sign in Beltsville famous in a recent cartoon strip. Washington Cube drives out and takes photos of the real sign. From Don’t Stop Me Now there’s a warning about the game Googlewhacking. I read through all the rules and thought, “Well, this can’t be too hard — just think of pairs of offbeat words…” I was wrong. I can’t do it! Even worse, it’s addictive. Opinions sought concerning wedding monogram templates by Working Title which has been renamed Athens Fabulous 101.

DC Blogs Noted:

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I Like My Shih Tzu Crocheted Two-Timing the Cosmos (With Your Mom) A car is rented for furniture shopping and an adventure, of sorts, begins. An entertaining post.

So, in seeming retribution for my always-being-rightness, T decided we needed to find Every Single Furniture Store Within Fifty Miles of DC, because we had to justify the SUV somehow, and only rampant consumerism would do.

Exposed DC Urban Family I don’t believe that this blog is being perpetuated by The Boy, as this post contends. I know that this is a group blog through the fact-checking power of logical deduction. This blog is too funny and sharp. No one person can be that funny and sharp. Therefore, this has to be a group blog. Nonetheless:

It should also be noted that he doesn’t live in a fabulous house on U Street with a bunch of girls. Rather, he lives ALONE in Reston, VA. OK, not alone so much as with 9 cats. The kids in the neighborhood actually refer to him as the creepy cat man.

Bloody Knuckles Metro Encounters The goal of this new blog is to capture “the odd yet memorable moments spent in DC.” In this post, the writer is waiting for a bus and is joined by a man.

In his mid to late thirties, the man in black approached me. He stood a foot away. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed long, thin, greasy black hair spilling out from a zebra patterned cowboy hat. A thin red rope came down from the black and white hat and snaked around his chin. His skin was unusually pale, his eyes as dark as his dyed hair. He caught me studying him and took the opportunity to introduce himself.

Reader Note: Getting rid of blog spam Direct Current, Rock Creek Rambler and others. Blog spam is on the rise and with it the use of word verification. Direct Current offers some important pointers for Blogger users. RCR has a different take on Blogger.
Direct Current: Has put up some screen shots that clearly show how to turn on word verification in Blogger. But he’s turning it off because of some bugs. Rock Creek Rambler launches into an attack on Blogger. He raises a number of points, including one that Blogger users should be aware of: Right now I’m talking to the people who only allow commenting by Blogger members on their blogs. I’m not sure why you do this – I thought maybe it was to prevent spam comments, but those are coming from people with Blogger accounts anyway. And besides, spam commenting can all be avoided with word verification. (Also note comment section post by Washington Cube on this topic. A nod to Cube who provided heads up on this.) Also noted: A Moment of Girliness compliments of the perfect COACH Signature Swing Pack, with photo on Baby Bananas Velvet in Dupont survives bad dates and loser boyfriends with the help of Sammy. Photo. Taking an ECB day from workThrowing Hammers.

Blog Arts

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I See Dead People Cleveland Park Men’s Club This is an exceptional post by the Senator. It’s about his experience as a volunteer with an emergency medical team. It’s a post about life, death and respect – and it’s one of the best I’ve read. It’s effective because it tells a story built on authentic experience. This is how it starts:
Last Friday I held a dead man.
As some may (or may not) know, “A Girl in DC” is a fire fighter, emergency medical technician, and field medic for Montgomery County…

Slowdown in DC theater attendence? Theater Boy This post, titled Where do we go from here? Ask blog readers to share their views about a slowdown in theater attendance. And did they. There are some 45 comments in response to this request. Some brief excerpts from a sampling of the many comments on this lively blog:

– People bring up dvds and movies as possible culprits but in fact sales of both movie tickets and dvds have also been declining. — As for the summer slump, I have one word for all of yas: it’s called VACATION. — It’s definitely not due to summer vacation time. All of us regularly going to DC theatre have seen the drop off in attendance. — I don’t have A/C in my car, so someone’s gotta flash some flesh to get me to motor on in to DC from VA. — We also have to look at who drives ticket sales. Speaking strict demographics: women and gay men. — Certain theater two days ago. Audience of nine, cast of nine. Act (Play) 2, audience of 4, all of whom seem sedated or have their mouths sewn shut.

Engagement cliffhanger Part One, Part Two Grateful Dating If the U.S. intelligence agencies put as much effort into their work as this writer puts into her analysis of dating and relationships, the world would be a much safer place. But for a brief moment, there were fears that this dating blog was about to morph into a wedding blog. Please read both posts.

He was funny and unabashed and ready to talk about the things (like marriage) that I’ve been avoiding for years. He asked me interesting questions that made me think. I enjoy that. He asked, “When did you know you were ready to get married?”

It’s the Little Things Love, Love, Love Our writer, Princess Guiness, attends a Marine Chamber Orchestra concert, but toward the end notices a man with his young son sitting on his lap with a baton. What she witnesses is “most extraordinary, and writes:

I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one who had noticed, he may have stolen the show for those of us with wandering eyes. We were delighted, indeed.

Time To Leave This Apartment Beauty and the Beltway This DC resident via Montana has had enough of her apartment building. There’s the police car that crashed into the building, the flood from an apartment above, and then there’s the real messy problems in the stairwells.

Attention Residents of the District of Columbia, I need your help. I’m in the market for a new apartment and I’m looking for advice and recommendations. Which neighborhoods are the best/worst? Which buildings do you love/hate? Are apartment brokers worth the money? Which management companies should be avoided? But just so you have an idea what I am looking for, let’s discuss where I have been. …

Busted Miles From DC Police take action and close a crackhouse, this blogging neighbor reports.

The guys seemed like nice enough people but when you partake in an underground economy such as they had it cheapens a neighborhood and endangers a community. But this morning that is no longer a concern – because somewhere in a DC jail sit the former neighbors.

Also noted: Happy 100th, Stanley Kunitz – one of America’s greatest living poets, writes Enchilada’s Blog The Plastic Opening – news about the plastic tape car (with photo) on DC Art News. Taste of Bethesda returns Oct. 1, reports DC Foodies.

DC Blogs Noted

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The stolen purse Got Gauge Our writer is in DC for a party and returns to her car to discover a broken window and missing purse. After several 911 calls, the police arrive with advice …

… he [police officer] comes over to the car and starts telling the Husband that he really should not have parked in this spot or even in the District if he wasn’t willing to have something happen to the car. The Husband says, “there are no less than 6 people walking down this sidewalk right this very minute, there is a residential building to the right and a busy street to the left and TONS of meters. There is lighting. If it’s not safe, why isn’t it a no parking zone?”…

Me in 20 minutes Jaybeas Corpus The trials of law firm recruitment interviews at the Washington College of Law.

Overall, this part of the process seems arbitrary. Each firm is interviewing at least a dozen (probably closer to 20 or 25) students on campus, and these students got the interviews because of their resume (read: grades, law journal, and/or moot court). From there, I imagine it gets hard to tell us apart. It’s not like any of us are going to go in there and act like an ass. But then again, I also imagine we have certain personality traits we just can’t shake, and they’re on the lookout for those. I asked a couple of the interviewers what exactly they were looking for, since it seems so difficult to pick out a few individuals out of such a large group of good candidates, and they basically said they were just looking for someone who “fit.”

Metro Orbs Above Us Life Outtacontext Metro has installed security cameras on some of its trains, a fellow rider loudly announces.

Taking public transportation often provides its own entertainment. But unlike New York’s subway with its Latino-to-Classical music performances (to say nothing of its standup salesmen and vocalists on the ride uptown), DC’s Metro is pretty damn tame. … So, when, in between the second and third stops on my commute, a very large man stated loudly to all “Well, it’s about time they got cameras in the cars!” I was immediately shocked out of my early morning stupor.

The Itch Mishaps and Misanthropes This post is indeed about a mishap.

For those of you who live in parts of the world where there are forests or trees, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but to a city girl like me… I am horrified. I felt helpless, stupid and most importantly….itchy! I am still itchy to this day! And why do people not know how to solve this problem? Everyone has their own theories… Here is a conversation between two brothers trying to impart on me their ivy wisdom…

Come What May The Red Line In two months, the Red Line will leave DC and head to Ohio, and he’s been thinking what he will miss as well as look forward to. Here’s a partial list of things I’m looking forward to (the kickasses) and what I’ll miss (the lames) .. an excerpt from two:

Lame: Loss of identity. I grew acustomed to thinking of DC as my city. Now I’m from Ohio again. It also feels like failing, in a way. I left after high school, and that was supposed to be that. Kickass: Seeing my (immediate) family regularly. Though I imagine my status as favored child due to lack of contact and distance is going to fall off pretty quickly.

Blog flames

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Internet Dating
Failed Southern Lady
This may be the definitive indictment of Internet dating and the men who use it. FSL is on a tear here. An excerpt:

…the most often suggested means of meeting men short of spending Saturday night standing on a street corner in a micro-mini is internet dating. I have friends who swear by it. I know people who married the guy they met on Well, god bless you all! Just leave me the hell alone, thank you. I call it the land of the maladjusted, malingerers, miscreants, and misanthropes for a reason….

Sheehan vigil in Dupont Circle
The Life and Times and Chai
Chai attends a
MoveOn vigil for Cindy Sheehan.

The cool thing about it was that I got to see SUCH a diverse crowd in Dupont Circle. There were older people there. Actually, now that I reflect back, there were mostly older people (when I say older people, I mean people over the age of 55 years). I was amazed! I hope I keep my political activism up when I am older. I also saw families. I saw young professionals, students, and hippies. I kept thinking, “This is why I enjoy DC.”

All about *ette
The Kitchenette
This is a new food blog, smartly written, which introduces itself with a take on: *ette — the sassy suffix appears in words such as: cigarette, drum majorette, novelette, Antoinette, Wonkette, lorgnette (a pair of opera glasses with a short handle) and yours truly, kitchenette. There’s also a report from an “
insider source” about how to score a free salad at Chipotle. And there’s also this report on Snap, a Georgetown hideaway:

… a creperie meets bubble teahouse named snap came to the surface of the red brick alleyway. the sterile white paint job, beaming lights and charming lowercase font were almost as striking as its innovative combination. how come we didn’t think of this before? the menu contained both “savory” and “sweet” crepes with a diverse line-up of fillings—chicken guacamole, spicy thai tuna, white chocolate peanut butter, red bean paste, mint chocolate chips, surely unique enough to wow even the French.

Mobile Photo Weblog rides the Circulator
Small Picture
Our writer uses either her RAZR V3 mobile phone or my Casio Exilim digital camera to take photos on the go. This particular post is about the DC Circulator bus.

This bus route is designed for people who want to go out and about, not just to work. When I first saw it, I thought Wow, here comes the party bus, but unfortunately, it only operates until 9PM. On the bright side, it’s scheduled to arrive at each stop every 5-10 minutes, and it only costs one dollar per ride (compared to $1.25 for a Metro bus ride).

Also Noted:

Wanted: BFsitter. Our writer, Sueandnotu, is taking a trip to Texas. But here’s the thing; I need somebody to watch my boyfriend.

Rock Creek Rambler takes exception to the Washington Post Best Bets and offers his list, the
Rambler Best Bets, for brunch, burgers, Chinese, Romantic, and others.

Scientific Masala announces a blogging break. I have a busy semester coming up; teaching, studying and research will become my full time occupation.

Blog adventures

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ISO “A Guest” Diary of an Angry Black Woman Our writer needs to bring someone to a work-related dinner cruise. But there’s a problem: She doesn’t have anyone to bring. There’s no “Plus-One” in her life. This is a very good post on a common dilemma for many in the DC area, and it ends with this personal:

So, if you are 5”9 or taller; age (26-36); educated; a good-looking brotha who doesn’t use bridges or fillers like “knowhaimsayin;” love to wear a suit; can hold your own with nosey “work people” and have some knowledge of society, cultural, and world/national issues, please let me know. Maybe you can accompany me on this and other occasions when I need a plus one.

What is a blog? DC Mayor Williams DC Mayor Anthony Williams has started a blog and it’s impressive that he has done so. As an elected official, it’s a bold territory he’s entering and, hopefully, it will inspire others in office to do likewise. A difficult issue facing the mayor and his staff is how to deal with comments posted on the blog. As it stands, the publishing of comments is at the “discretion of the Mayor’s communications staff.”
These standards should be detailed, so if a post isn’t published that writer has a reference point. To do otherwise is to appear arbitrary, engender mistrust, and weaken the blog’s value as a communications tool; the mayor’s blog will be seen as a press release by other means. (Please note, however, that I raised similar concerns in a post that was published yesterday on the mayor’s blog.) These concerns aside, the mayor deserves the benefit of doubt and best wishes in this effort. He writes, in part:

As I welcome you to my blog I’m asking myself the question: What is a blog anyway? Is it a modern high-tech version of the diary logging the experiences and observations of a local public official? Is it an almanac capturing my far flung and scattered interests in fields ranging from ornithology to baseball? …. I’m not really sure. We’ll figure this out as we go.

Hooters Tetes and Assets Washington Cube Our writer, who is moving her blog to Blogger (so update your links), has written an excellent post about Boys’ Lunches and their rationales for going to Hooters. But the post artfully moves into some thoughts about friendships and blogging.

When they do get together for lunch it’s never at some chi chi little bistro or restaurant du jour, but usually at “guy” type places like Mongolian barbeque, or an Irish pub, or…Hooters. When I told Drew I might be writing about this summer lunch ritual, he said “Remember that despite our surroundings, our discussions remain elevated and intellectual. It’s the contrast and disparity we relish and can’t explain to those who don’t understand.” Okay, Drew. So you like to go to Hooters.

Professionalism, Where Have You Gone? Cleveland Park Men’s Club The writers at the CPMC have attitude, range and creativity, which is evident in this post on professionalism. The author of this piece, the Milkman, believes excuse-ridden incompetence is gaining too much ground. One piece of advice:

THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS “YES, AND”: Forget that you ever heard the word “No.” It is useless in virtually every situation. “No” people put up roadblocks when there is a piece of collapsed highway in their path. “Yes” people find a way to quickly and calmly build a bridge so that forward movement is never halted but only delayed slightly. If your first instinct during a situation is to say, “No,” pause, breathe and begin your next verbalization with “Yes, and…”

Also noted: All I think About is Food shares a vegetarian secret, with recipe. It’s one we don’t talk about, but we all keep. We like soy meat substitutes. Donkey Rampant in the City shares a beautifully written letter from a friend who is in Russia. He introduces the letter this way: Just think when you have it bad, you still have it better than this… For those of you who believe that bloggers blog because they have no other way to have fun, check out this report by Rob Goodspeed, the editor of DCist, on the monthly DC Blogger Meetup. Rob has graciously organized these get togethers. It’s a real joy to meet some of the people behind so many of DC’s lively blogs. I encourage anyone with an interest in blogging to attend. It’s a nice way to meet new people.