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Labor Day Break Edition

New Orleans memories: Fat Tuesday No Taming This Shrew A talented, fast-paced and furious, writer at work. It was one of those moments where I realized just how young and stupid we really were. You could see it in our sleep-crushed faces and crazy hair. We were teetering on the edge of deep shit and […]

DC Blogs Noted:

The Heart Attack, Surgery, Recovery My View From the Jeep Our writer experiences chest pains and jokes how it might be a heart attack. He nonetheless continues with his travel plans. But the symptoms don’t abate and he soon finds himself in a hospital facing surgery. Throughout the ordeal, this writer keeps his blog updated […]

Blog Xbox

Xbox Ode Lots of Monkeys A fruitless search for an Xbox 360 produces a very clever piece of writing. An excerpt: Also see: “We have NO Xbox 360s in stock!” From GigMatrix Mean Reds Lagniappe in DC A post that begins by questioning the reasons for blogging quickly develops into a rapid and engaging snapshot […]

blog sounds

Photo: Faucets in Love, Foggy Bottom Tick Tock, you don’t stop Pygmalion in a Blanket This writer’s heart (not the metaphoric one) has extra beats. Next is the stress test, the echocardiogram, and the sonogram. I’m sure watching your baby in utero is a joyous event, but watching the operations of your heart in real-time […]

Blog flames

New York, New York Siryn’s Song Our writer gets a job offer at a NY firm, and meets a guy from eHarmony. They go for a walk around the DC monuments at night. …It was a beautiful night, and there is so much I have neglected to do while I have been living here. I […]

DC Blogs Noted:

I Like My Shih Tzu Crocheted Two-Timing the Cosmos (With Your Mom) A car is rented for furniture shopping and an adventure, of sorts, begins. An entertaining post. So, in seeming retribution for my always-being-rightness, T decided we needed to find Every Single Furniture Store Within Fifty Miles of DC, because we had to justify […]

Blog Arts

I See Dead People Cleveland Park Men’s Club This is an exceptional post by the Senator. It’s about his experience as a volunteer with an emergency medical team. It’s a post about life, death and respect – and it’s one of the best I’ve read. It’s effective because it tells a story built on authentic […]

DC Blogs Noted

The stolen purse Got Gauge Our writer is in DC for a party and returns to her car to discover a broken window and missing purse. After several 911 calls, the police arrive with advice … … he [police officer] comes over to the car and starts telling the Husband that he really should not […]

Blog flames

Internet Dating Failed Southern Lady This may be the definitive indictment of Internet dating and the men who use it. FSL is on a tear here. An excerpt: …the most often suggested means of meeting men short of spending Saturday night standing on a street corner in a micro-mini is internet dating. I have friends […]

Blog adventures

ISO “A Guest” Diary of an Angry Black Woman Our writer needs to bring someone to a work-related dinner cruise. But there’s a problem: She doesn’t have anyone to bring. There’s no “Plus-One” in her life. This is a very good post on a common dilemma for many in the DC area, and it ends […]