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DC Blogs Noted:

Photo: Homage to my favorite sign Running Just as Fast as I Can The Pictures Are All I Can Feel Our writer, a runner, was skipping Friday night parties to get up early and wait for “the cap gun to signal the start of the 10K.” But there’s a car accident. This is a new […]

DC Blogs Noted

The Malling of SoHo Dragon in Retrograde Gentrification is clearly changing the character of DC, and one area feeling its force is the city’s longstanding gay neighborhood. The absence of the magazine “Out” at the Whole Foods counter helps to touch off a thoughtful discussion by this writer on how the city is changing. An […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Four Years Ago Wedded Bliss This is a post about first meetings; how it happened, the conversation that flows, the initial spark, and what may happen when two people connect. It’s very well written and takes you into the story this way: I was in a 2 year relationship with a very controlling person. He […]

Blog things

Landscaper Zombies You Look Like I Need a Drink This business plan makes more sense than most ventures. I was driving home today and on my horrendous drive I happened to notice a landscaping truck with the company name of Romero. Thinking about George Romero, I started to daydream about zombies. Then I came […]

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Thoracic Thursday Lucky Spinster Version 2.0 The DC Blogs staff was at a loss to figure out why a new version of Lucky Spinster was needed. LSV 1.0. was excellent, and so we were worried about this new arrival. Usually, new versions introduce new bugs, which are also known as undocumented features in the software […]

Romancing the Blog

Authentic Synchronicity in Richmond DC Sleeps Alone Tonight Playfulindc is in Richmond and when she returns to DC “I will be living sans Nick.” Meanwhile, she is in exile on vacation. I love my good friend Rachel, but she and I have seen the exact type of southern man here in Richmond that makes me […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Hey Dude, What’s Up with the Blowtorch? Rotten Eggs What does it take to install an air conditioner? I asked him, “Hey, do you always have to use a blowtorch to put in an air conditioner?” He said, “Eh, yeah, sometimes.” August Recess Rocks Leann’s Random Thoughts When the lawmakers go home. I still have […]

Blog bash

Gearing up Sarath A medical professional from North Carolina writes about a pediatric patient experience as he shares thoughts about his upcoming DC stay. …as I continue to semi-actively look at potential residency locations, outside of the nearly impossible to get San Francisco Bay area, there really is no other city that interests me. Washington, […]

Blog stress

Washington: the city of stress One Glass, One Song, One Man The intensity of living in DC. Sure, it’s a free country; it’s a republican-democracy. You have the right to shop for furniture on Craig’s List in order to save a few bucks. You have the right to rent that room in the neglected house […]

DC Blogs noted:

End of the line DCSOB One of the most popular and widely read blogs in the city, DCSOB, is ending. Its writer is off to law school in Chicago, a move that includes a new blog. For nearly two years, DCSOB has brought you snark, joy, anger, bemusement and the occasional piece of new information […]