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Ah, California DC Sleeps Alone Tonight Our writer, who is performing in a touring Kennedy Center production, Alexander, has been on the road. It’s quite a trip. Now in California and previously in Salt Lake, Laramie, Illinois, and other places. The adventure continues post after post — just start reading. This beautifully written excerpt is from Sept. 28.

My body clock is out of whack. I hope it will settle by the weekend because I need more than small naps on a van to keep me functioning. If I do sleep, my dreams are montages of my past, filled with unresolved moments of separation. Men from my past keep popping up in present time situations. I never go back to their time, though, and I suppose it is a good sign (or so an amateur therapist my say) that I stay in my reality …

Political blogs … A Note:
Mayor Williams could have made history had he used his blog to announce his decision not to seek a third term. But I hope that the city’s mayoral candidates follow his example and start blogging. No doubt any mayoral candidate blogger will be hit by an orchestrated snark attack cluttering up post threads. It’s a small risk. A blog will still be more effective in reaching voters than wordy press releases, pointless stump speeches and carefully staged debates. But then, I’m a blogger.
Blogs may have problems but good questions deserve good answers and most readers, especially in this town, know a fake when they see it.

The last point is this: The mayoral contest will be an opportunity for hard-hitting bloggers to distinguish themselves with cogent analysis, original research and precision ranting.
And DC bloggers, especially those who occasionally go to war over absolutely nothing, will be able to use their sometimes destructive, often creative, and usually amusing energies in new ways.
Here’s a blogging round-up on the Williams exit: (I’m sure I missed quite a few, so apologies all around. Add in comments) City Desk: In the end the city’s budget was balanced but a huge deficit was left in its soul.

Washingtonrox: I know, I know, it’d be completely surprising if he went for the Oval Office, but it is interesting to think about. I’d support him. A totally competent politician is an endangered species in this day and age.

Swiftly and With Style: The bow-tied Democrat brought an air of competence and respectability to the city’s government …

Metroblogging at the scene of the announcement: It was probably Tony’s best public appearance ever … I’ve never seen him so comfortable with an audience …

No Monkeys: Tony Williams is calling it a career as D.C.’s mayor. For anyone who has spent any time in the District over the last eight years you know this is not a good thing.

By The Bayou: Williams stalled out. Because he’s basically tone-deaf when it comes to relating to city residents, he was never able to explain the rationale behind some of his ideas, or build any kind of consensus about what should happen in the city …

DCist: Not one to be a lame duck … Williams Wednesday laid out his ten priorities for the coming legislative session.

Another Gay Republican: Williams has been a good mayor and came along at the right time. He was far from perfect, but on balance, he was a success. And did DC ever need a success

Mayor’s blog: Smithsonian Birds. Blog Note: Two Girls in DC (formerly A Girl in DC) is offline. That blog hadn’t been updated in a while, which is usually a sign of something. This was one of the first blogs to link this one, and for that I am most grateful. But in particular I really enjoyed its writing and humor. Hope it’s a temporary hiatus – but if not, a belated applause and salute to one of the best blogs in the city.

Blog trends

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Tragedies ang pamille ko (My family tragedies) Orgasmic Booty Shorts Boy Western culture represses the idea of omens but embraces foreshadowing. I don’t know whether that’s a paradox but this well-written post accepts omens as an essential part of a family history. This writer’s story begins like this:

I translated the title to Tagalog (I am trilingual in English, Tagalog and Japanese) in order to highlight the tragedies that have plagued my family. Tonight as my mom was driving us home, she spoke about my father as well as her family in the Pilipinas (Philipines) ..

One More Reason to Move Back to Florida

Painting DC Pink Taxes, for one.

Not only does Florida have the sunshine, my family and old friends, Cuban restaurants on every corner, and beautiful beaches— they also do not have income tax, personal property tax, emissions testing and county/city tax on personal property.

Trend spotting: Why the interest in Western style boots in what has to be a really bad year for Texans? … The Texans who are trying to run things here in DC … Western-style boots on

Field of Flowerz and Failed Southern Lady. Also Noted: The new $10 bill unveiled on K Street Blues. 100 things about Angry Pregnant Lawyer. Misery loves company: Make It Stop – the French nursery rhyme “stuck in my head.” Alouette, from Avert Your Eyes. Review of the PBS documentary on Bob Dylan by The Chutry Experiment in two posts, here and here. And until I watched this film, I’d forgotten how haunting and how powerful many of his songs actually are. Moving to Chicago is My View from the Jeep, After 10 years, I forsake 2 apartments, 2 houses, and 5 jobs. I leave behind experiences like sharing a pizza on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at 2AM, seeing the pink cherry blossoms color a gray dawn at the Tidal Basin, shopping on an autumn Sunday at Eastern Market, biking along the Potomac River, and walking through the streets of the city with thousands of others during an AIDSwalk – all things that could only be experienced in DC. New Blogs

The new fall season begins. DC20009, a Costa-Rican-Virginian twenty-*ahem*-something-year-old male living in NW. Signed a lease for for an apartment on California Street this month, he writes. Views From my Phone, a photoblog, Connecticut Avenue, Dupont Circle, 9:30 Club and other DC scenes. Blog started in August. The Vantage From My Wake, by a writer “firmly representing the California way …” Christian’s Blog from Fairfax. In a recent post writes about a cycling trip from Reston to Crystal City and back.

(nearly) internal dialogue by a 24-year-old DC resident since 1999. She writes: This age group, I’m finding, involves a lot of confusion, being lost, and searching for answers or reasons. It’s fun… like banging-your-head-into-the-wall sort of fun.

DC Blogs Noted:

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I Should Know You “Yousuchacutepuppy! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!” Urban Fantasy The powerful versus a cute puppy. It starts like this:

We’re waiting outside the recording studio in Old Town for the boys to show up. It’s a steroetype, but it’s true: women are just better at getting places …

Also Noted: Married, Married, Not so Contrary is a new blog with one post as of Tuesday. Usually I wait to see if a blog goes beyond one post before linking to it, but this one, written by a 24-year-old woman, law student, sounds like it might be around for a while. The introductory post — What is this all about? — starts like this: I am starting this blog to provide a place where news on marriage can be found in one neat little package. Anyone just needs to take a look around and see that there are major problems in marriage nowadays. The Real Estate Capital Forum is a new blog started by Jim Tracy, a NOVA resident who works at a real estate private equity firm in DC. I started this blog to foster informal, real-time discussion of trends in the real estate industry. His most recent post: Cheaper to Own than to Rent in DC MSA? Really? The Skunkeye Consumer Guide taped the PBS Bob Dylan documentary so he could catch a screening of Michael Almereyda’s William Eggleston in the Real World. A detailed report is offered. A friend gets arrested. Protest report at Jtosh Photoblog: Mazzie. The new place near Dupont for a temporary New Orleans transplant. Photos. From Artjamac

Blog cures

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The Wind Catches Your Feet ‘And something happened in DC. Something really special.’ Sarath Doctor from North Cackalack writes about DC.

… A new energy. A new life. With a prologue set for the next 2 chapters. A final one in proving surgical potential & mettle in the South and the beginning of life in the District of Columbia. And it wasn’t some sort of bullshit feel-good Tom Hanks movie. It was real. ‘Chock full of the authentic joy and misery of life….

Police at my door this morning Strange Violin Music The author of the former blog, Daily Bulletin from Dating Hell, is broadening her topics, but this post is close to home.

… and sure enough, two police officers, who had gone around back to knock on my neighbor’s door and ask for me, were coming back through the gate and up the front steps.”Can I help you?” I asked. …

Also Noted: Incorrect use of gender. “Do you have a girlfriend?” From Dragon in Retrograde House warming: I woke up with so much guilt, it is killing me. I missed ten calls for help from T last night. And you know why he was calling? Cause his house was burning down! From the The Life and Times of Chai Why does everyone have to be a sicko? Writes Diet Coke is the New Water after viewing some personal ads. Drinking Cosi’s vanilla blueberry kefir while watching lit-up police cars race under the circle to repress dissent somewhere. From In Revolt. Protesting is hard work. I’ve never seen so many mohawks in one place before. From Kim’s Notebook. CodePink blogs from Washington DC

Who runs Metro? FEMA? Liberal Waiters and other protest stories

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This is an update of yesterday’s post and includes additional links. I marched in the protest Sunday, taking photos and observing the scene. For part of the way I traveled with a Buddhist group, determined and gentle souls, who marched to a rhythmic cadence set by their drummers.

I don’t know what will be reported about this protest, how it will be spun by the nonsense writers, dismissed or celebrated, but I found the event quite moving. The people I met were genuinely concerned. Of course, when it comes to blogging about this, I must sprinkle in some irreverency to these links of note. Some of the links are from writers based outside the Metro area. (And please note Penn State name badge holder on Chief Ramsey.) There was a very positive vibe writes Dilatory Action. Photos. Peaceniks were the impetus for several detours and lots of questions. “What would Jesus bomb?” and “Mr. Bush, why aren’t your kids in Iraq?” they demanded. writes DC Shenanigans. Little Green Footballs says the protest was hosted by the peace-loving Stalinists of International Answer. Whatever. Crooks and Liars commenters round out the hyperbole. Writes one: I was there and I estimate the crowd at more than two-three million. Not everyone was on the Mall in front of the stage. I saw quite a few protestors in the NASM, on 495, at Dupont Circle, at Tyson’s Square, and even at Rockville Plaza. Not all were carrying signs. Most looked normal. You have to add them all up to get a true and accurate figure. Metro woes: We got to Huntington Metro Station at 9, but we didn’t leave it till 9:40 ish, because the yellow, blue, and green lines of the Metro were only running one track due to “scheduled” maintence. So the metro was pretty messed up. From Lost Lorax.

More Metro woes: Failed Southern Lady becomes the Metro Hostage: …. But it was all overshadowed by the fact it took me TWO HOURS to get home from Dupont Circle ….. Who the hell plans track maintenance on 3 lines when this is one of the busiest weekends yet?

Lots of photos on Democracy Cell Project.

Most of the protesters looked just like well, my mom. Middle aged women in twin sets, keds, khakis and denim jackets talking about the War while sipping hot tea. I also saw a lot of college kids with backpacks and birkenstocks. Young professionals blackberrying pictures of the protest to their friends. And military vets usually surrounded by a crowd engaged in strenuous discussion. Writes The Beauty and the Beltway

The DC blog regulars are, of course, writing about more urgent problems. From Athens Fabulous 101.

This was Lonnie Bruner’s biggest protest, and with camera in tow has assembled a nice collection of photos, including the one on the immediate left.

And the overwrought protest writing award goes to the Huffington Post: The gray skies hung overhead, casting monochrome silence among the crowds.

The Huffington Post could learn how reporting is suppose to work from Seenster. He doesn’t even report from the protest (we think) and comes back with better material with the help of his tape recorder. Among his intercepts: “Bloggers are hipsters of the Internet: vapid, drug dependent, bad haircuts and wandering like freaking bums. I hope they get burned on capital gains tax.”

Flickr photos tagged protest.

Better yet: Collage of Protest on asi es mi vida.

Screaming at Bush all day is “hard work,” writes GreyBlog.

Protest size calculated in metrics, by Hekt News Independent.

Most bizarre, is the SegwayFest. . . the national convention for Segway owners is being held at Hotel Washington. And that’s weird for me because I remember when the Segway was introduced in 2001 at Epcot’s Innoventions. From Love, Love Love. Link for SegwayFest.

… my taxes are no longer supporting that war. From We Move to Canada.

As one might expect, at least 90 percent of the group looked to be under the age of 30 (you need to be young to realize how evil the IMF is). The crowd was festive, preferring the beat of drummers to protest chants. From Power Line.

Friday night’s Critical Mass bike ride from Dupont Circle — a report by Unspooled. Just riding along with so many people drawing cheers, jeers, peace signs and the finger from cars and pedestrians was a nice feeling. Some riders yelled the prerequisite “Whose Streets? Our Streets!” “More bikes, less cars!” and various anti-war chants. Check out the photo.

Owl Spotting photos of the National Book Festival and protest.

Numerous photos on Global Cop From DC

Local photobloggers at work: Daily Dreamtime DC Streets Joe Tresh

Many photos and words on Liberal Rage, and dinner, of course: We had a great table overlooking the train station main hall, and a fabulously liberal waiter (remember – DC and all) named Austin who asked us about the protesting. Because he was so adorable and liberal, we asked if we could take his picture …

This has nothing to with the protest. Our headline-writing award of the day goes to the Washington Times: School for losing weight expands

Blog wages

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Requiem to a DC Real Living Wage Happy Hour Girls with Drinks The plan was to attend a fund raiser for the DC Living Wage effort. But things went wrong. Very wrong. There was the accident and a fruitless search and, finally, the sad Krispy Kreme window moment. An excerpt:

Then, I got into an accident. My tank of Jeep Wrangler utterly demolished a piece of plastic formerly known as an Altima bumper. Nobody was hurt and other than the bumper, both cars seem fine, but the police came. Insurance got involved. People yelled at me and I was that girl, the traffic-blocking, I-damaged-your-baby, girl.

DC Gov Shocker Miss Penny Lane Our writer’s request for some street repairs gets a quick response.

Last Thursday, I went to DC dot gov to file a service request for some potholes on Connecticut Ave to be fixed. Actually, there was one small pothole; the real problem was that there were loose manhole covers and a big steel plate, so when busses or trucks drive over them (which is every minute) the noise is like an explosion (no joke) right outside our bedroom window.

Being alone or the plague? Circle V Writes about being in the “marriage zone” and its messy end.

One of my friends has a little problem. She wants to be married. “Who doesn’t?” you ask. Me for one. And every other friend I have that lives in DC. Let’s call my friend Melanie.

(Nod to Direct Current for the pointer) Metro opens doors and …er… other things Baby Bananas Our blogger isn’t the first to write about announcements made by Metro operators, but she’s the first to make this point:

Has anyone else been on the Orange line and had the pleasure of being Metroed around by the woman with the awesome phone-sex operator voice (perhaps she operates other lines, but I only have familiarity with Orange)? Seriously her voice is like butter. Warm, melted butter.

Relationship Hurricanes … and the city A report by a go-to person.

It’s been a crazy couple weeks in the world today. We’ve had a hurricane wipe out a major historical city and another on its way to devistating lives in Texas. My problems, trials and tribulations are so frivolous in comparison to the problems of those around me, but, in the “lighter sense”, it is the season of the relationship hurricane.

Also noted: After 17 years in law school a process serving strategy emerges: FTD could have the “Sorry You’re Getting Sued” bouquet full of blue carnations and baby’s breath. From Babes in Washington. Good sushi: After nearly 30 weeks in Washington DC, I finally found it. The Holy Grail. Good, cheap sushi. Correction, great sushi that is so cheap I feel like I committed a crime after I leave. From The Q Speaks Protest activism resource: DC Metro Action DC Critical Mass bike ride at Dupont Circle tonight. Mattwdc has the link for info. Emergency preparedness. So I started getting serious, writes All About Trey. The bottle water, storing some food, a new first aid kit, face masks. … The addiction and economics of Tivo from Appreciate the Cheese. Cap Hill residents The Coffees have left Houston for College Station, TX. Growing up in Southern California I grew accustomed to small earthquakes but it is interesting to be a part of a hurricane scare. Haunting photo of the H Street bridge by Blue Coyote Laughing.

DC Blogs Noted:

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The Missing DC Bus Seeking Irony In WMATA’s world, bus drivers don’t respond to calls and supervisors get in their cars and drive around looking for buses. Actual recreated dialog brings you to the scene of this drama. This is a very good post, which I found via a link from Live from the Third Rail: Maybe they should put a picture of the bus on a milk carton )

“So they have some sort of communications devices that they’re supposed to be using, but they’re just not responding.” “Yes.” “So what happens now?”

Blogging from the Base of the Long Tail The Republic of T Are you discouraged because your blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic? It’s not a Kos? Then read this post. A perceptive analysis by this DC Metro area resident and ‘blog master” that explains why lower ranked blogs may have greater reader hours and attention.

It’s easy, particularly in Washington, D.C. to focus almost exclusively on national politics and the stories that inform and drive it, but when it comes to politically engaged blogging, it’s worth remembering Tip O’Neal’s famous tip that all politics is local, and maybe even the feminist adage that the personal is political.

Proud and Lousy Parents (A Southern Maryland thing?) You Look Like I Need a Drink Things noticed at a family playground, such as children eating dirt. But this post starts with an unrelated photo. It begins like this.

I don’t normally post family pictures because of some of the content I post here but damn if this picture of my kid doesn’t make me smile, I don’t know what will. Pictured here, my 5 year old is at Kmart trying on ski masks. ………

Also Noted: Wake me up when September Ends, writes Nasty Nats. Not feeling well? Everyone that I know either has or just had this nasty cold/sinus thing that is being spread around town like the bubonic plague. From Athens Fabulous 101.

Blog peeps

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New Business Ordeal Petworth News If you want to see a neighborhood in action read the comments that follow this post by Ken Rubotzky of Torta Bakery. Rubotzky’s post describes his ongoing frustration with the DC’s Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR). The city continues to list the building as “vacant” despite his work to turn it around, he writes. And the readers of Petworth News aren’t happy about this.

Over the last two years, I have invested thousands of dollars in equipment, utility payments, and property taxes. But OTR says none of that matters — that my building is “vacant”, and I must pay fines.

Kickin’ Wit Da Peeps Washington Cube Peeps. An excerpt:
When I showed my friends the picture of the chainsawed Peeps, they loved it, and Peep fever took over. Shortly after this, our group was invited to another friend’s wedding in Philadelphia and Peeps went with us. Peeps visited the Liberty Bell, Freedom Plaza, Rodin’s statue of “The Thinker,” and they even went in a bar where they drank martinis and got drunk … Redskins Notes: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I guess God read my post last week because the ‘Skins won in remarkable fashion … From My name really is George and here’s why. All hail Joe Gibbs and bring on the mid-term elections! From Mellow. Some would probably argue that the Redskins are on their way, except that they have no offense. Come on, their offense put up 23 points in two games. Even Chicago put up 38 points on Sunday alone. From DC Sports Chick Also Noted: Busboys and Poets gets a recommendation from The Long Way Here. Sunday: ever since hearing about Busboys and Poets, I’ve been excited to visit. We spent Sunday afternoon there, and my expectations were met. Busboys and Poets, which opened last Tuesday, is a hip, sunny, bright, clean Tryst. There are tables around the perimeter where people can eat a square meal of lunch or dinner (breakfast is coming, they say). Inside are comfy couches and chaises where people settled in for the afternoon. Wi-fi makes it easy to set down with a laptop. [14th & V Streets] DC Underground Film Fest is Coming reports Diyfilms’ Journal. Planting a seed of rebellion in the nations capital, the 3rd annual DC Underground Film Festival (DCUFF) will continue to revolutionize the Washington, DC movie-going experience on Friday, September 30th from 6PM to 12AM and Saturday, October 1st from 3PM to 12AM at the Goethe-Institute — 812 7th Street, NW near the Gallery Place metro station. Tickets are $6 per program and can be purchased at the box office starting September 30th at 5:30PM. Becoming Your FatherIt starts when you buy your first chrome Cross pen. From Professor Chaos. A special request from The Studio Theater to post this: The Studio Theatre’s debut of the 2005-06 season, “A Number,” closes on October 16. The regional premiere of this Caryl Churchill drama grapples with the oldest human questions of family, as well as modern ethical dilemmas of cloning and technology. Stars two of DC’s most acclaimed talents. Shows run all week, except for Monday.

Blogging Misery Edition

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Why do you blog? The Rock Creek Rambler This post, titled Random Musings by The Rambler, isn’t so rambling. In it, RCR questions his reasons for blogging, which is something, I suspect, most bloggers will do. This is an activity that takes much work, but has no finish line or goal and with purpose known only to its authors. When does that purpose end?

When people find out I have a blog (I don’t advertise that fact), invariably I’m asked “why do you blog.” First and foremost, this strikes me as a stupid question. Remember your 5th grade teacher who said there are no stupid questions? Yep, they were wrong …

Blogging misery loves company: The DC Webloggers will meet Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Pharaoh’s Bar & Grill, 1817 Columbia Rd. All bloggers are invited. Just show up. No secret handshakes. All ages are invited (Yes, that includes the Baby Boomer-bloggers, and you know who you are.) Informal, engaging and cash bar. Kickball pay offs Grateful Dating Don’t be misled by the title. Yes, it led to the “second longest first date of my life.” But there are complications.

My reaction was strong, similar to the way I’d felt when I found out the Republican was separated-but-not-divorced. I felt it in my chest–a tightening, a difficulty breathing. An urge to be far, far away. Like I was watching myself from above.

Also Noted: The NY Roundup by Crazy Girl City. She goes to NYC and returns with some lively posts about her adventures. With photos. Cindy Sheehan, who will be in DC this weekend, outlines her views on the Huffington Post. She writes: This week I arrive in Washington DC to begin my Vigil at the White House just like I did in Texas. But this time I’ll be joined by Katrina victims as well. In your America we are all victims. The failed bookends of your Presidency are Iraq and Katrina. Protest information. And Alt Hippo’s trip down memory lane. Only in DC does the DMV give you mismatched license plates for the front and back of your car. Mine were one number off … There are nine other “only in DC” items compiled by Diary of an Angry Black Woman. Au revoirLeaving DC means leaving the life I’ve made there – the family, friends, classmates, etc. I kept meaning to have some kind of party or happy hour. As usual, life got in the way, but more than that, I realised I simply did not want to say goodbye. It’s not that I didn’t want to move, just that I wasn’t up for the gut-wrenching repeated ad infinitum. So, I slipped out like a teen that’s been grounded. I apologize, but it’s what I had to do. From Maison. Good luck and travels. The writer at Defenestrate works “in one of the smokiest bars in DC,” and wonders about the impact of a smoking ban. Will customers drive to Virgina? (Scroll down the post to read this point. The first part of this post concerns some bad smoking behavior.) DC real living wage happy hour on Girls with Drinks. Thursday, Andalu in Dupont Circle.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Photo: Restaurant sign
On The Heels Of…Sherri Edelen (An Interview) Stephen Gregory Smith Our writer, a Helen Hayes Award winning DC actor, has started a blog that’s focused on the theater and arts. He’s also interviewing local performers, including Sherri Edelen. In this recent post he writes:
An actress of many strengths, she has been seen at many of our regional theatres, from Rep Stage to Theatre of the First Amendment, and everywhere in between. She won the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Actress in a Resident Musical for her work as Violet Hilton in Side Show, at Signature Theatre. Does this blog make me look fat? The Blinding Glare of the Obvious In this post, Lizzie examines her reasons for blogging, while writing about politics.

So I have to wonder: is blogging one more point for the democratic good guys, providing an alternative venue for the connected masses to share ideas and express themselves, or is it just another medium for the self-obsessed to admire their probable mediocrity, a cyber mirror for the diffidently vain? Also, The Rev. Dr. George W. Bush, Jr. has a dream Was he trying to “clear away the legacy of inequality” when he cut Head Start funding? Did he think that cutting job-training funding would reduce the income gap in this country? Register a car in DC and lose your right to vote? No Pasa Nada Our writer, who has a “passion for politics,” discovers that registering her car in DC will also mean losing her voting rights.
Here’s the conundrum part: I don’t want to get a license in DC. If I do this, that means that I lose my NY license/identity/ability to vote in a real election for people who actually vote in congress. I don’t want to be a registered DC voter. Repeat: I WANT A VOTING MEMBER OF CONGRESS. While this may not be important to most normal 21 year olds, it is terribly important to me. It’s all very meta A Sleepy Girl’s Thoughts on Life Life, “as seen through the eyes of a twenty-something writer who requires a lot of sleep,” draws comparisons between blogging and the show O.C.

The fact is, as bloggers, we’re putting ourselves out there. And we are fascinated by that fact … we are utterly obsessed with our craft. So we analyze it. And why not do that on our blogs too? This really reminds me of “The O.C.,” which is a very meta show. The shows writers are constantly giving their characters lines that reference the show itself (or in many cases, point out the show’s shortcomings or make fun of it). Example from last week’s season premiere ….

Recipes (Of a different sort) My Grass is Blue This post introduces itself:

Last night a couple from our ward that we BARELY KNOW asked Janna and I if we wanted their left over home pregnancy tests. I think that was their way of announcing the impending arrival of their first child.

Once I had done a double take to assure I was hearing right I thought, “What is the correct response to that question?” ….

Also noted: MP3 recommendations, with links, at Last Second Thoughts Disaster planning by Kraehe. Motivated by New Orleans. So I’m putting some camping gear together, i.e., three sets of underwear, a couple tshirts, some toothpaste, deodorant, chocolate bars (one can survive ANYTHING with sufficient chocolate, right?), instant rice, that kind of stuff, in a backpack that I can store in a file drawer at work. Today’s the Day for Siryn’s Song blog. As of this evening (Sunday) this will no longer be a DC Blog…