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DC Blogs Noted

Ah, California DC Sleeps Alone Tonight Our writer, who is performing in a touring Kennedy Center production, Alexander, has been on the road. It’s quite a trip. Now in California and previously in Salt Lake, Laramie, Illinois, and other places. The adventure continues post after post — just start reading. This beautifully written excerpt is […]

Blog trends

Tragedies ang pamille ko (My family tragedies) Orgasmic Booty Shorts Boy Western culture represses the idea of omens but embraces foreshadowing. I don’t know whether that’s a paradox but this well-written post accepts omens as an essential part of a family history. This writer’s story begins like this: I translated the title to Tagalog (I […]

DC Blogs Noted:

I Should Know You “Yousuchacutepuppy! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!” Urban Fantasy The powerful versus a cute puppy. It starts like this: We’re waiting outside the recording studio in Old Town for the boys to show up. It’s a steroetype, but it’s true: women are just better at getting places … Also Noted: Married, Married, Not so Contrary […]

Blog cures

The Wind Catches Your Feet ‘And something happened in DC. Something really special.’ Sarath Doctor from North Cackalack writes about DC. … A new energy. A new life. With a prologue set for the next 2 chapters. A final one in proving surgical potential & mettle in the South and the beginning of life in […]

Who runs Metro? FEMA? Liberal Waiters and other protest stories

This is an update of yesterday’s post and includes additional links. I marched in the protest Sunday, taking photos and observing the scene. For part of the way I traveled with a Buddhist group, determined and gentle souls, who marched to a rhythmic cadence set by their drummers. I don’t know what will be reported […]

Blog wages

Requiem to a DC Real Living Wage Happy Hour Girls with Drinks The plan was to attend a fund raiser for the DC Living Wage effort. But things went wrong. Very wrong. There was the accident and a fruitless search and, finally, the sad Krispy Kreme window moment. An excerpt: Then, I got into an […]

DC Blogs Noted:

The Missing DC Bus Seeking Irony In WMATA’s world, bus drivers don’t respond to calls and supervisors get in their cars and drive around looking for buses. Actual recreated dialog brings you to the scene of this drama. This is a very good post, which I found via a link from Live from the Third […]

Blog peeps

New Business Ordeal Petworth News If you want to see a neighborhood in action read the comments that follow this post by Ken Rubotzky of Torta Bakery. Rubotzky’s post describes his ongoing frustration with the DC’s Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR). The city continues to list the building as “vacant” despite his work to […]

Blogging Misery Edition

Why do you blog? The Rock Creek Rambler This post, titled Random Musings by The Rambler, isn’t so rambling. In it, RCR questions his reasons for blogging, which is something, I suspect, most bloggers will do. This is an activity that takes much work, but has no finish line or goal and with purpose known […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Photo: Restaurant sign On The Heels Of…Sherri Edelen (An Interview) Stephen Gregory Smith Our writer, a Helen Hayes Award winning DC actor, has started a blog that’s focused on the theater and arts. He’s also interviewing local performers, including Sherri Edelen. In this recent post he writes: An actress of many strengths, she has been […]