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Blog birthday

DCist is Leading the Way A DCBlogs note about DCist The change and ferment of DC’s blogosphere is volcanic, but DCist has emerged, in the span of a short year, as the city’s most popular and far-reaching blog. This is an impressive accomplisment, but rich content, good writing and an engaged readershp will do that. […]

DC Blogs Noted:

What Not to Say at a Sobriety Checkpoint The Real World: Bethesda Fun behind the wheel in Adams Morgan. “So you got behind the wheel even though you were drinking?” “Uh yeah…because I’m not drunk.” There. He looked at me like I was mentally deficient. “So, you mean to say that if I asked you […]

Blog clouds

One soldier’s perspective: Iraqi Rodeo ‘Somehow I don’t think we really helped ourselves out yesterday’ DirectCurrent This is a report of a military action in Iraq that’s written by a friend of the blog writer DirectCurrent. It’s posted on his blog. It’s an outstanding, first person account that raises broad questions about U.S. methods in […]

Blog fabulous

The Fabulizing of DC Is this really the best that the city can muster? Actually…::: Why DC isn’t fabulous. In the city of Washington, one thing that never fails to amaze me is the ability of countless local social rags to make life in the Capital City seem fabulously stylish. From Washingtonian to DC Style, […]

Blog dance

A Slip ‘I never thought medicine would be frightening’ The Cords of Billroth This a rapid and heart-pounding recounting of a hospital accident. It’s an effective, powerful piece that brings home some of the risks of working in health care. It starts this way: it was the tiniest of mistakes. a meer slip of the […]

Blog protests

We are Renegade Volunteers ‘we did not let restrictions … deter us’ Thirty-Something: The Quarter-Life Crisis Dropping off donations for Katrina victims at “the local fire station just seems discouraging,” this blogger writes. Instead KDL and Halo go directly to the DC Armory to hand out relief supplies. The post includes information about the supplies […]

DC Blogs Noted

Spinning Outta Control Dry Humping the Whore of Babylon This is a new blog by a writer who describes himself as “a jaded news media producer, writer and historian of fascism.” The blog is “about the ways in which we compromise ourselves.” He’s a powerful writer. The first excerpt is from his introductory post. Aug. […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Photo near Eastern Market: Is this a suggestion or criticism? When a Plan Comes Together Babes in Washington Here’s a new blog modestly described in a note by its authors as “a stupid blog about life and law school in DC.” It’s far from stupid. It’s the effort of three law school friends and it […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Red Cross Training Scottish Lass in DC The Katrina disaster prompted this writer to volunteer for a Red Cross assignment. She is awaiting deployment. Her decision to volunteer, as well as her training, is covered here and here. I have never in my life been so drawn to something. I can’t just sit at home […]

DC Blogs and Katrina

There is No Excuse I Hate Kit Kats Personal reaction coupled with stinging analysis. It starts this way: As the situation in New Orleans deteriorates, so does my mood. You know how in Star Wars when the Death Star blows up some unsuspecting little planet, and Yoda or Obi Wan or whoever it is detects […]