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Blog birthday

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DCist is Leading the Way A DCBlogs note about DCist The change and ferment of DC’s blogosphere is volcanic, but DCist has emerged, in the span of a short year, as the city’s most popular and far-reaching blog. This is an impressive accomplisment, but rich content, good writing and an engaged readershp will do that. This success is due to the skillful direction of Rob Goodspeed, the editor, and a talented staff of similarly committed writers. But the one-year anniversary is a milestone, not just for DCist but for other blogs in this city as well. The success and popularity of DCist is a clear sign that blogs are emerging as an alternative media. Best wishes and congratulations on this anniversary.

But I’d Rather be Whistling in the Dark ‘Mom, do you think Daddy will ever move back home?’ Pointed Our writer will meet ‘The Husband’ for lunch at the Mayflower, but something is now much different. This is the work of a skilled and descriptive writer. It’s a poignant piece about longing and finality and it starts like this:

I’m sitting in traffic, stopped in traffic, on my way into the city in the morning. I turn off the book I’m listening to so I can think about what I need to do today. Right now it’s a juggling act at work, but that’s fine; I like being busy. And at noon I am meeting The Husband for lunch. “I have a meeting at the Mayflower Hotel,” he said. “We can meet there.”….

Another Cherished Moment with Mom Always Write This snappy, often humorous writer, has been at work on her blog since May, but it only recently got on my radar. Despite my best efforts at searching, following links etc., I’m sure I’m missing some other good bloggers in my link list. But this is a nice addition. The short and amusing post starts like this:

A recent Sunday afternoon, the day after The Birthday Celebration That Never Was. My mother, my sister and I are in Target shopping for bookends. I say nothing about the night before but I am so, so sad, and it shows. My mother takes one look at me and understands.

Also Noted No more mystery pens the Cardinal Law of Blogging: if you want to rake in the comments, you’d better be sexy. If you can’t post a sexy picture of yourself (or if you’re not sexy), you need to approach your writing with a certain level of irony and cooler-than-thou-ness– We’re talking cutting-edge hip-osity here. It also wouldn’t hurt to invent new words, using a suffix like “ness” or “osity” if that will help. From Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page Outstanding photo by Team Wet Dog at Wrigley Field. Ionarts Hits the Big Time. The work of one of the city’s most sophisticated arts blogs is getting increased national attention, and reports that its work is appearing alongside the mainstream press. From Ionarts. Supporting N’awlins.The Kitchenette writes about the New Orleans Café in Adams Morgan. Conveniently enough, a northern Louisana native was waiting in line outside the New Orleans Cafe and shared her positive feedback on the “just like home” cuisine. she called the po’ boy sandwiches “a great deal” at around six bucks and when raving of the etouffee, even closed her eyes emphatically, calling it “perfect.”

DC Blogs Noted:

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What Not to Say at a Sobriety Checkpoint The Real World: Bethesda Fun behind the wheel in Adams Morgan.

“So you got behind the wheel even though you were drinking?” “Uh yeah…because I’m not drunk.” There. He looked at me like I was mentally deficient. “So, you mean to say that if I asked you out of the car and told you to take a breathalyzer, you would pass?”…

Also Noted: Regarding the Washington Post editorial, “A Clear Risk to the City” outlining the threat posed by a railroad tank car that’s filled with chlorine, blah, blah, black sheep has this to say:Besides, I’m sure the federal government is on top of this whole bleach thing. The audition: Back into Battle Our writer travels to NYC to audition for a tour of an Oscar Wilde play. … So standing in line at 7:00 am to be allowed into the building at 8:00 am so I could get a slot for a 10:30 audition that would last all of 2 1/2 minutes was sort of surreal. And it makes it very apparent how many people are doing exactly what you’re trying to do, and how bad the odds are. Frankly, I prefer to remain ignorant. From Playmaker. If young couples can’t afford housing are prices too high? The story of one house shopping couple: … We have one minor, itty-bitty problem though. We’ve hopped online to various “How much house can I afford?” calculators, and we’ve come up with a range from about $240K to $300K. Which is great, if we lived in Kansas … From I hate kit kats. Hypocrites at law school: Last night Josh called me to bitch about the fact that several people at his law school lie and say they are interested in working in public interest or doing good in the world, and then proceed to go to work at law firms and follow the money. This phenomenon is nothing new to me…. From E-Brechi. A blog returns: The Washington Oculus. After an extended absence. The Washington Oculus is an online notebook, journal and personal blog about things that may or may not be related to living in the District of Columbia, edited by Michael Grass, Local editor of The Washington Post’s Express. Credit the Rock Creek Rambler for this news. Capt. Jack Sparrow of Conversations with Mud a female amateur downhill mountain bike racer, with a photo at work. So… I’ve found I enjoy urban riding in the suburbs, because generally no one yells at me. Down in Fraggle Rock. After much anxious waiting, my boxed set of Fraggle Rock Season One finally arrived last week. From Blog Me, Baby. The Baxter, a movie which opens Friday, gets a recommendation from The Upstate Life. Interesting photo comparison of ABC’s new show Commander-in-Chief and the West Wing. There’s scarcely a difference. Replace the stars with the stripes, switch around the actors, and it’s pretty much the same photograph. From Tales From the Club. I’m so depressed. Calories and Chipotle. From D.C. Foodies.

Blog clouds

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One soldier’s perspective: Iraqi Rodeo ‘Somehow I don’t think we really helped ourselves out yesterday’ DirectCurrent This is a report of a military action in Iraq that’s written by a friend of the blog writer DirectCurrent. It’s posted on his blog. It’s an outstanding, first person account that raises broad questions about U.S. methods in Iraq. Excerpt:
..We arrived in the town just before dawn, and immediately one of the IA battalion commanders jumped on the loudspeaker of the town mosque and called for all of the military-age males (males from 16-55) to come down to the town’s school — EVERYBODY. Soon there was a huge crowd of young men gathered around… (Nod to Washington Cube for the pointer) Adventures in Volunteering Beauty and the Beltway A report from a recent DC volunteering experience to help victims of Katrina. A well-turned report.

… I had been there for about an hour sorting toiletries into ziploc baggies, when my friend Jennifer and I heard screams coming from outside the center. A four-year-old-girl, soaking wet and screaming, came running toward us, clearly terrified of something. She threw herself to the floor and begged Jennifer and I to get the water off of her, to dry her off before she died …

Also Noted: The Numbers are Broken: Before I moved to Washington, DC, the salary that would induce me to move here was affected by the high cost of housing in DC. But if housing prices double over the next five years (as they have in the previous five), will my standard of living fall if my salary fails to keep pace? No. … From Cafe Hayek, the work of George Mason University economics professors. Also see:

DCist: Mayoral Issue No. 2: Affordable Housing
WaPo: Number of D.C. Affordable Housing Units Plunge

A Note on Popped Collars: Pretentious. With Photos. From DC Pussycat Doll. Salsa: I am excited about Salsa coming back to H20 [800 Water St SW Waterfront] on Fridays. The owners are committed to making things a lot more comfortable for the Salseros in the DC area. They have decided to move salsa into the main room, which means there will plenty of space to dance. From DC Salsa Blog. Protest traffic alert. This bit of news from Guerilla Science: From September 23-26, thousands of people will descend upon DC to resist the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the capitalist war in Iraq.The Adopt an Intersection Campaign (AIC) is a coordinated, decentralized direct action campaign with the goal of interfering with the delegates … Sept. 11 memory: I remember what I was wearing and where I was standing the moment I heard a plane had crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. On Rush Hour in D.C. Flowers at last Saturday’s H Street Farm Fresh Market. Photo by Frozen Tropics. Report from someone who went to the opening party for Union Jack’s, a new British-themed bar in Bethesda. From Notebook: Washington, DC.

Blog fabulous

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The Fabulizing of DC Is this really the best that the city can muster? Actually…::: Why DC isn’t fabulous.

In the city of Washington, one thing that never fails to amaze me is the ability of countless local social rags to make life in the Capital City seem fabulously stylish. From Washingtonian to DC Style, writers and editors really scrape the sides of the bowl to put the city’s best face forward ….

Now I’m a Philosophizer (Dodgeball) More Than My Luggage I didn’t know there was a Dodgeball group in DC. Here’s a link and a game report.

This weekend, on a lark, I went to meet some people for a game of Dodgeball. I hadn’t played since grade school, and I decided this would be a fun, social way of getting myself back into the groove of physical activity, since I am now determined that I am old, fat, and out of shape. Nearly 3000 Souls Lucky Spinster How it affected this writer. An excerpt:

…. I was living in DC and didn’t leave my home for a week. I couldn’t cry. I was in shock. Numb. When I finally did cry, it didn’t feel good. I was nauseous and my insomnia kicked up a notch. Six months later I moved to New Hampshire …

Also Noted: DC vs. Small Town, Tennessee. From a new blog: The whole experience of exploring DC is frightening, but I can’t help but notice that while I’m exploring a new city, I’m also exploring my boundaries mentally and emotionally…. Katie: a wanderer from a little town in Tennessee Office bathroom pet peeves: Excuse me, but there is absolutely no reason you need to be on the phone while taking care of business. From Painting DC Pink. Goodbye, DC! I’m unpacked and getting settled into Ohio again … my six months working & living in the District are going to be spoken of in the past tense during conversation. I’m movin’ on. From Don’t Stop Me Now. Dixie’s Bath from Lilium Inter Spinas

August home sales listed. Average sale price for August (credit Long and Foster) in that neighborhood: $412,706. From Petworth News.

Blog dance

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A Slip ‘I never thought medicine would be frightening’ The Cords of Billroth This a rapid and heart-pounding recounting of a hospital accident. It’s an effective, powerful piece that brings home some of the risks of working in health care. It starts this way:

it was the tiniest of mistakes. a meer slip of the wrist, or was it the fingers? i can’t really remember, it was such a brief millisecond of time. but i felt the hint of a prick on my finger and saw the jagged edge of a rent in my glove. i discarded the needle, pulled off my glove and stared at the small drop of red on my flesh. my blood? or his?

Going Home and Finding it in DC Some Great Reward An Alabama girl living inside the Beltway” discovers home after a trip to Brimingham.

…Then I think about how I have made more friends here in DC than I had back home, and how I feel more comfortable being myself here than I ever did in Alabama. I love my family and I miss them but I am really happy where I am and I missed DC while I was gone….

Radical DC First to Third A law student with an interest in community organizing starts searches for like-minded people.

DC is seen as a dead scene primarily because people don’t pay attention to what’s happening with the older residents, who are primarily black. So I want to learn to unlearn that response. I want to see what’s really happening here, and I want to connect to law students and other who are more connected to grassroots work here in the City. So I’m looking forward to the Disorientation, and to finding some more like-minded folks.

Also Noted: Our writer offers housing for Katrinia victims and gets a note from someone who describes himself as “a very nice man.” Sounded like someone sincere about getting back on his feet so I did a quick Google search for his phone number and came up with his profile on 17 different male escort sites. I think I’m going to pass on this “evacuee.” From I Was Going to Say Something. A thoughtful post about relationships. She makes me want to be the best I can be, but she makes me deathly afraid that I will let her down or disappoint her…and not because of a lack or confidence or some kind of insecurity, but because she has yet to be emotionally available to me. From … and the City. Strong movie recommendation, Crash. Crash has got be one of the most honest films about race that I have ever seen. From Chase-ing Random Thoughts.

Adams Morgan fesitval photos by Craig Lebowitz Photos: Adams Morgan Fesitval

Blog protests

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We are Renegade Volunteers ‘we did not let restrictions … deter us’ Thirty-Something: The Quarter-Life Crisis Dropping off donations for Katrina victims at “the local fire station just seems discouraging,” this blogger writes. Instead KDL and Halo go directly to the DC Armory to hand out relief supplies. The post includes information about the supplies most needed by the new Armory residents.

As we walked up to the building, there were a good number of people outside. People just like us who took it upon themselves to take matters in their own hands. A few people had bags of clothes and were helping some of the victims sort through them to see if they could find their sizes. That was so depressing to see them have to do that outside on the sidewalk …


Directions to the DC Armory. The DCeiver has compiled DC Katrina relief resources. Camp Katrina, on the Mall, Sunday. Survivors of Katrina will commit an act of Civil disobedience by setting up an illegal camp on the Washington DC Mall, reports The Autumn of The Fall. Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? In DC?

In Shaw Our writer is reading the WaPo’s District section. The “Animal Watch” column which reports that a red hen “was trying to navigate a busy intersection” at North Capitol and S Streets NE. She writes:

…Then there is another question, why are there chickens in the District? It is against the law to have chickens. It’s also against the law to have handguns but apparently that doesn’t stop some people….

What I Saw on My Drive To Work Not-For-Proft-Dad Our writer makes the best of a traffic jam, with a series of observations, some funny, some snarky. There’s a long list. Some excerpts:

Metro buses still have ads on them for FilmFest DC which ended back in April. Good to see that Metro is squeezing every last bit of revenue out of advertising before raising rates. Again.
I think I can quantitatively prove that the signs in front of churches get more fundamentalist and macabre in their messages the further you get from downtown….

Also Noted: City photographer, Daily Dreamtime. Interesting work. A city visitor takes issue with guys who cycle on sidewalks. I’m a lass and somehow a college aged woman on the sidewalk doesn’t really bother me—I figure that when she gains the confidence in her bicycle or the flow of traffic she’ll do the sensible thing and put down her cell phone, strap on a helmet and get on the street. Fine, right? But when I see a guy on the sidewalk, I question his manhood/intelligence/cajones/machismo. I wanna shout at him- baby, wimp, weakling—why is it that .. from Cyclists Inciting Change thru Live Exchange Adams Morgan Day on Sunday, 12 to 6 p.m., reports Metroblogging. DC Hotties is a new blog. But there’s only one photo and a short cutline. DC let me go writes The Bottom of the World who is off to Antarctica.

DC Blogs Noted

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Spinning Outta Control Dry Humping the Whore of Babylon This is a new blog by a writer who describes himself as “a jaded news media producer, writer and historian of fascism.” The blog is “about the ways in which we compromise ourselves.” He’s a powerful writer. The first excerpt is from his introductory post.

Aug. 25: DC is about demons. The demons of our collective past: a Capitol built by slaves, a city without a vote, an entire race mired in poverty and segregated into sections of the city, the booming war industry and bloated bureaucracies…and the posh, self-satisfied party scene of Georgetown that brings together the journalists, politicians and lobbyists into an incestuous stew of self-righteousness. It [is] the source of many ills. Sept. 7: (Spinning Out of Control) Like the White House, we’ve spun ourselves outta control. We’ve bought into the housing bubble, with no-down and ARM mortgages and equity-driven Home Depot dreams of renovating ourselves into wealth…

(Nod to DC Sleeps Alone Tonight for the pointer) Goodbye Gilligan Mellow A number of bloggers wrote this week about the passing of Bob Denver of Gilligan’s Island. Catciao, the writer of the blog Mellow, knew Denver. An excerpt:

I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Bob in 1993 when he was in San Francisco promoting his book Gilligan, Maynard and Me. Almost 30 years after the show aired he was still THE most recognizable and loved person I have ever witnessed. Everyone recognized him …

The Rehnquist Viewing Away From Home A report:

The line to get in was down the steps, out to the street, down to the corner, across the street, and clear along the next block. We quickly wondered whether it was a bad idea to come, but we stood in line anyway. Surprisingly enough, the line moved fairly quickly, and within an hour were at the steps, waiting to go in. We overheard some people behind us talking about how “They’re showing this on C-SPAN! We’re going to be on TV!”

Week One, Year One Hoya Lawya ‘08 First post by this new DC arrival. Stop by and say hello.

…Our new kitties, Trixie and Special Agent Johnny Utah have acclimated fully to their new environment. I feel like a new mom–buying them everything I can think of that they might like, snapping cute pictures of them sleeping, playing, eating… I can only imagine what I will be like when I actually have children!…

Also Noted: This one is funny. Extremely. Check out the photos of the Labor Day Weekend of Death and then the video (there’s a link at the bottom of the post, or click here.) This is from the Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash The leaves are turning already, reports Grapefeed in a Dupont Circle photo. For a great weekend forecast see Capital Weather.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Photo near Eastern Market: Is this a suggestion or criticism? When a Plan Comes Together Babes in Washington Here’s a new blog modestly described in a note by its authors as “a stupid blog about life and law school in DC.” It’s far from stupid. It’s the effort of three law school friends and it includes a link to the Babes in Poland blog. Two of these bloggers spent a semester in Cracow. One writes: We started the original Babes in Poland blog as a way to talk to our families while we were gone. Well, it got passed around and the next thing we knew there were 10,000 hits on the webpage. Crazy. After we got back, we got a ton of emails asking us to continue. So we did and here we are. From the most recent post:

I received an early graduation gift from my mother this past week so I guess that means I better graduate or I’ll have to give it back.

My mother, upon hearing a rumor that her daughter and friend were going to be appearing in court, did the only thing a mother can do in a situation like that and bought me a Louis Vuitton briefcase….

What Really Matters WonL A Louisiana native now DC law school student has written a series of posts about Katrina. And out of the storm’s chaos and destruction comes clarity. Among the entries:

Sept. 3: I should be there. I should be serving food and giving water. I should be crying with my family and providing a shoulder for my friends to cry on. I feel guilty for being here. My childhood and all of my friends and family are just falling apart and I am here. I should be there. Sept. 5: That being said, I am shutting things down on this blog for a while to focus my time and energy on more important matters. To any of my readers local to the Washington DC area, I will welcome any help you can provide.

(Nod to DirectCurrent for this pointer)

Blogging through the Ages City Sparkle Our writer, the AsianMistress, analyzes blogging types, among them: married bloggers, single bloggers, 30-something bloggers, and the 20-something blogger.

The 20-Something: The “what the hell am I doing” blog. Generally its musings include job stress, dealing with no longer having a constant network of friends to depend on, and dating debacles. It’s wondering where the best bar/club is at and how to flirt in a whole new league…

Also Noted: Kathryn on …. Wants bloggers to reveal themselves over drinks. It’s an open invite, but some of DC’s mystery bloggers are singled out. Father Jim Tucker’s photo work on Dappled Things. Bureaucrat by Day is walking down Connecticut and sees a fellow sitting in a chair near Dupont Circle, wearing a t-shirt that says “I work hard at my job…” Friday night there’s a Katrina benefit by local singer Laura Burhenn co-sponsored by DCist, reports The Goodspeed Update. The Scoop, a new blog by an intern, who writes about his DC adventures. A Note: In yesterday’s post about Strange Violin Music, I failed to note that this is the new home by the writer of The Daily Bulletin From Dating Hell.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Red Cross Training Scottish Lass in DC The Katrina disaster prompted this writer to volunteer for a Red Cross assignment. She is awaiting deployment. Her decision to volunteer, as well as her training, is covered here and here.

I have never in my life been so drawn to something. I can’t just sit at home and watch the TV any longer, I have to help. Who knows what I am getting myself into, but I hope it is a rewarding experience for me. My boss doesn’t seem to keen on the idea, but hey I am taking my vacation, and really when is it ever a good time to take vacation. I couldn’t afford to donate my salary for 2 weeks, but I can afford to donate my time (and hopefully that is more valuable).

Debacle DC Bachelor In direct and terse prose, DCB pours battery acid on the political leadership for its inept Katrina response. He also argues that most Americans will quickly push aside memories of this disaster.

The latest talking point coming from the administration and other conservatives goes something like this: “There will be plenty of time to assign blame for the delayed rescue effort.” Another simple deflection that in this microwave-speed culture works time and time again. Several months from now as the people of New Orleans build a life in some new place, everybody will forget about the abysmal relief effort, the human suffering, and the casual response of our politicians …

On Tragedy Painting DC Pink A wide-ranging post that makes some heartfelt points about recent events.

I am fearful that this is just the beginning of a big huge ginormous mess for the US. My mom went as far as to reference 1929. I don’t think it will go that far, but it is scary to think of what could happen as a result of soaring prices. A chain reaction that is going to set this country on its head, when we’ve already been knocked to our knees.

Monday Morning Quarter Backing Elephant In Exile Excerpts from a detailed scorecard on the Katrina response.

The Coast Guard: A++ Even before the feds stepped in the Coast Guard was on the scene picking people from roofs.

Michael Brown, FEMA: F- Mr. Brown gets the award for outstanding audacity in the face of reality.

Aroma Co. show Blue Coyote Laughing This DC photographer has a show running at the Aroma Co. in Cleveland Park through Sept. 12. And unlike many photo blogs, this writer also reflects and writes about her work. From one recent post:

I can remember coming to a point when I realized I could make a graphically “good” image out of anything. A tree. A chair. A pile of ribbon. Whatever. But there was no meaning there for me. And just because I could make that picture. Why?

Why Strange Violin Music Strange Violin Music A blog writer’s motives explained.

I think blogging and reading blogs is a little bit like this strange violin music coming in through the poet’s window. I know I started blogging in the beginning in part because I was depressed, and in part because on some level, although I had plenty of friends, maybe I still felt the need for a kind of interlocuter who was different from any of my friends.

Hangers and Pennies Nothing that Clever Our writer starts a new job and arrives at his desk. He goes through the draws and finds bit and pieces of the previous occupant and things he can’t explain.

A single Marlboro Light
A half book of matches
Three screw drivers
A Budweiser bottle cap
A metro card with $3.50 left on it
Five loose Alleve

The end of Stoney’s To the People New construction is bringing an end to Stoney’s, a well regarded L Street bar and grill. Our writer will miss his neighborhood haunt.

I lived a block and a half from Stoney’s for five years and have very fond memories of it (I won’t tell stories in order to protect the guilty). I’m not ready to let the bar go without a fight. Where else can I drink with hookers and DEA agents?

Also Noted: The DC Birding Blog is hosting the I and the Bird Carnival, and offers up a nice collection of birding links. Katrina benefit events: Sept. 9, there’s a Katrina benefit at Studio Serenity: Heart-Opening Yoga. Details at Fun Things to Do in DC.

Also, Sept. 9, at Cantina Marina there will be a Katrina benefit featuring Laura Lea and Tripp Fabulous have generously donated their time and talent to this effort. The band will play three sets beginning at 9pm. Details on Lagniappe: A Little Something Extra in DC. Also: Katrina Help Wiki The best ginger limeade is at Teaism, writes The District, a new blog. Gas report in Arlington. I was able to fill my tank for $3.62/gallon at an ExxonMobil in Ballston. The gas stations off Columbia Pike are charging $3.51/gallon today (Monday). From Get the Small Picture DC has the best people watching. Just this weekend, I have seen: Packs of people on rollerblades covered with flashing lights. A half-naked man cavorting in a public fountain. A crowd of college freshmen singing “Lean on Me” … reports Disenchanted Arugula

DC Blogs and Katrina

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There is No Excuse I Hate Kit Kats Personal reaction coupled with stinging analysis. It starts this way:

As the situation in New Orleans deteriorates, so does my mood. You know how in Star Wars when the Death Star blows up some unsuspecting little planet, and Yoda or Obi Wan or whoever it is detects a great disturbance in the Force because a bunch of people just senselessly died? Yeah, I feel like that. Only Jedis seem to take tragedy a hell of a lot better than I do….

A Time for Action That Farm Girl People with strong connections to the affected area, such as the writer of That Farm Girl, want to volunteer.

I have made an inquiry with the Red Cross as to how I can help with the effort as well. One-day training will be held at their chapter office, and then I must agree to a three-week deployment. I’ve indicated I will only accept deployment to Baton Rouge as I will have a place to stay and I can provide my own transportation if there. They are not certain this is possible, but are checking. My other alternative is to just fly down to the area and hope that by canvassing I can come up with a volunteer gig. Also, photos taken by her godmother

Current Events I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Wino Kris recalls her experience with a Florida hurricane; the rapidly rising waters, and the scramble out of her apartment. But the most important point of this post is the trauma that will remain for the survivors long after.

… It was then that an instinctive need to protect those things important to me became overwhelming. I was in constant motion. With each step, my shoeprints appeared on the beige carpet. Only my feet were not wet. The water was coming up through the floors …

Starting over A Silent Cacophony In two posts, Starting Over and Loss Incalculable, this former Tulane student writes about New Orleans and connections to it.

I spoke to my buddy Mike again last night and today. His cell phone allows him to call out but cannot receive calls. He lived in a neighborhood in New Orleans called “Uptown,” just a few blocks north of the northern border of the Tulane University campus. Today, the Washington Post has a graphical map of the city, which is 80% flooded, and it has a large “FLOODED” stamp directly over the block in which he lived. He’s decided that with the two pair of shorts he has and a couple of tee-shirts, he’s going to leave New Iberia, and probably head north, stopping to stay here with me for a while, before starting his life over from scratch at age 40.

The Aftermath Girls with Drinks Advice about charity giving.

I can say that how we take care of our own (especially our impoverished “own”) is enough to make you sick to your stomach! In addition to giving through Red Cross – I would encourage you to research smaller organizations who are doing localized ground work (for example, I am thinking of Habitat for Humanity – who will most likely go in and help with the rebuilding efforts — when we get that far). I have a true appreciation of the American Red Cross, but I know (oh, the non-profit girl in me!) that many smaller, localized charities, are the ones that often do much of the ground work – but receive little funding.

Also Noted: A fundraiser planned Sept. 12 at new restaurant, Acadiana Restaurant, reports Metrocurean. With the devastation of Katrina hitting particularly close to home, the Passion Food group is rallying area chefs for a fundraiser on Acadiana’s opening day called “PO’ BOY POWER, Dress New Orleans Again!”

After hearing an insensitive remark, Angry Black Woman writes: People are less inclined to appreciate the gravity of a situation when they are not directly affected. I guess that’s just the self-absorbed world we live in today. I, however, feel great empathy for those affected by Katrina. How could anyone not?? Politicizing Everything – the politics of donations, from Articulatory Loop.

A prayer by Damsel in DC.