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Foggy Bottom Metro Strong Women Candy Sandwich Plans for the day include honoring “the woman who made a stand by taking a seat,” Rosa Parks. This is from a new group blog. This is post is by Kristen. I am young, urban professional white girl who grew up somewhat poor but most certainly not disadvanted in southeastern Ohio – far from the tumultous south of the 60s. In addition to that, I am uncomfortable around coffins. I prefer to remember people as they were: strong, vibrant, alive. However, I will leave soon to join the line, to honor the very honorable Mrs. Parks in the only way I know how. I would stand all night if I had to, if I have to. Borf With a Lit Degree? Lies & Fish Just to set this one right, the title is mine. The post by this writer is actually called Consider it Implemented. The concept, from what I gather, is described as an Emergent Novel. The novel is on stickers placed around the city. Presumably other people (blue collar editors?) get to scrape the Emergent Novel off. Consider that. What makes me think this may be an elaborate blog hoax (blog name tip off: Lies & Fish) was this line: Another participant, by contrast, attempted to sticker a duck. I mean, seriously, who would attempt to do such a thing to an animal? This has to be a joke, right?

.… we headed down to Dupont to start making DC part of a novel. I passed out stickers and we split up; Dan and I walked to Georgetown and the waterfront, Matt and Kay stayed around Dupont, and the others Metroed to the Mall. Two hours later, we reconvened to share impressions, noticing along the way that some of the earliest stickers had already come down …

New Kiss and Tell Blog Sex and Our City Five women, born somewhere between the late-1960s and mid-1970s, have started a blog because they want a place “where we could talk about dating and relating and kissing and sex … This IS going to be one of THOSE blogs.” That was from the introductory post. The writers have been introducing themselves in subsequent posts. This excerpt is from the post titled, Joi De Vivre:

I’ve been single more than I’ve been a double. And it seems strange to me. Well, it seems strange to me that any of us are single, frankly. All of us posting here are intelligent, attractive, creative, empowered women – what the hell is the problem with men out there? Seriously, we are not a bunch of couch potatoes pining away for men as we consume pints of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and watch romantic comedies.

Lessons Learned Sueandnou Our writer is in Georgia and files a report with some stunning photos: When a German says, “We’re going out to the mountains to fly kites on Saturday, want to join?” What he means is: “We are going to jump off of a mountain on Saturday.” Also Noted: The DC blogosphere is picking up on a new Web mapping offering, Frappr. Father Jim Tucker of Dappled Things is using it and credits the Republic of T for the tip. Also setting up a Frappr map is DCBachelor. “A really neat application of the Google map technology,” writes Father Tucker. Diary of an Angry Black Woman goes to Hooters and has an epiphany. Interning in DC this fall is Lauren at My Life and this is her job: My heart broke when I had to brief my Director on the 2,000 landmark that the US Military reached in Iraq.

Blog Ghosts

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Haunting Thoughts About a Forgotten Man DC Drama Grrls A man dies and his skeleton is found in the bathtub. The background and questions are in this Washington Post story, but the answers are missing. Our blog writer becomes obsessed with wanting to know more. She visits the place where the Forgotten Man lived and died and leaves with a new way of living. An excerpt: I struggle to comprehend how this man could simply disappear, not to be noticed or missed by anyone; only to have his remains discovered by an investor who just took possession of the house after purchasing it in a tax sale. We live our lives with little notice to our neighbors, too busy in our own day-to-day routine.

(Nod to Washington Cube for citing this post)

Ghost Stories Grace’s Poppies This writer “believes in magic” and it shows in writing that captures life’s mysticism. An excerpt:
The ghosts are everywhere this week – tucked in between the bright red maple leaves, stirring in my dog’s favorite verbena bush, all over the National Mall – they run thick down there – and of course in our house. Only in October does the plumbing groan here on Tennessee Ave. … Palisades Dispatch The Washington Oculus This post is pure DC: Parties, The French, hint of scandal. This is delicious writing by a talented scribe. An excerpt:

“Amalie is watching a collapsing world with a benevolent mind. That is very beautiful. No?” I wasn’t sure if Renaud was referring to his prose-on-the-fly, or to Amalie’s sobriety in the midst of embassy interns and staffers drunk on pastis, cheap beer and tequila. …

This is my humble request dear readers, not his: Support a DC troop in Iraq and give him a link. His blog name is Chairborne Stranger. In a recent post, this is what Crazy City Girl had to say about his writing: He gives such a visual on what it’s like in a war zone from a soldier’s perspective, something that is vastly different from that of a journalist reporting from Iraq. If you know of other DC metro soldiers overseas with blogs, please send me their links. Our blogger in Iraq writes:

Good day again, here in Iraq, as far as good days go. Great meal at dinner (Fresh baked bread rocks, along with shake ‘n bake chicken) …

Also Noted: Blog relationships. Thoughtful post, good comments. From City Sparkle – who has a new blog look. The weird thing is that although it may seem like we all know each other so well, in reality most of us don’t. Dating two boys is hard by Blackberry Debutantes. There are other issues as well. DC Ghost Story at Metroblogging. Logan Circle News makes USATV9 news. Report and video link from site. A new Wonketter? DC’s Tyrannosaurs Rex of Snark, the DCeiver, is writing for Wonkette. Amazing photographic work at Olechko. Small Picture DC High Heel Race photos artfully done.

“Incredible” — 3-D photo arts on The Butterfly Network.

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No title Beauty and the Beltway I made note of a post by this author in the notes column Tuesday. As a rule, I like to space out blog posts by various authors. The goal is to expose readers to a range of blogs. But I couldn’t ignore this post and the note sent to me by the author of DC Rush Hour: I think it’s one of the best and most mature blog entries I’ve read in a long, long time. I’ll share that view. The writer has turned off comments to her post and for reasons that may seem clear. Her post starts like this:

On a sunny day in early March 2001, I sat at the desk in my dorm room penning a series of letters. One to every family member, and three more to my closest friends. When I was done, I sealed the envelopes and walked down the stairs to my car. I breathed in the crisp fresh air and dewy sunshine feeling disappointed that it was such a nice day. After all, in my film noir imagination it would be dreary and stormy on the day that I was going to end my life …

I’ve Been Thinking About My Doorbell … Velvet in Dupont Velvet is direct, cutting and her writing style reflects this. She usually doesn’t hold back. But in this post, someone makes a connection to Velvet’s blog, whom Velvet calls The Bartender. An excerpt:
I find it absolutely endearing that he slowly let the cat out of the bag that he had actually read as much as he did. Most men would be afraid to admit that they have any tiny miniscule interest in your life. Apparently not my Bartender.

An Open Letter …. Militant Hedonist Our civilization is coming to an end and this author finds proof on the GW Parkway. We pick up his letter:

Dearest Sir: I am not a professional etiquette technician. I will freely acknowledge this fact. I was actually a poor student of the household arts, and to this day could not tell you the essential difference betwixt a tea cozy and a coaster, or between a bow and a curtsey, for that matter. In short, I have absolutely no professional grounds for the following judgment.

Big Man’s Blogging Blunder From Fat to Fabulous This is a short post, well told, that ends with an interesting question:

This morning in our weekly all staff meeting the “big man” asked if any of us “blog.” I know for a fact that at least 10 people I work with blog, but we all hung our heads in shame …

Also Noted: Tools are like catnip for men. From DCLastCall Musing. High Heel Races: Several dirty martinis and Liz Taylors (purple like her eyes) later, the conversation had made the uncomfortable turn to our respective parents’ sex lives. Clearly, it was time to head out to the street … from a new blog, It’s Like Three’s Company, but Not. More High Heel Race reports on Field of Flowerz, … This is my 6th year in DC but the first time I’ve gone to see the race. And Dragon in Retrograde tells us about a pre-race party: The party was comprised almost entirely of gay men and their straight wives. And, while waiting for his frozen toes to thaw, Are You Kidding Me wonders: Is my life really this boring?
Tourist Report: They want blood! Republican blood! From Homemade Sin – A Conservative Songwriter Caught in Squirrel Cage. It’s a renter’s market, writes Joint Strike Weasel. I’m willing to take his gamble and hold off on buying for a year or two rather than risk getting stuck in a condo if prices do go down. Dancing links on Sara’s Blog Spot.

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Photo: Angry Pushcart Pretzels DC Crime Wave? Logan Circle News DC needs more neighborhood blogs — more sources of grass roots news. And here’s a new blog, Logan Circle News, that helps take this city a step closer to that. I wanted to learn more about this blog and one of the people behind this effort, Chris, sent this note:

We are residents of Logan Circle, who have unfortunately experienced a horrific crime wave – one that continues to terrorize our neighborhood. In an effort to streamline communications (there are just too many listserves and email addresses) we created the blog to unite the community and keep everyone informed.

There are few blogs in DC that write about neighborhood issues (see link list on right), and that’s perplexing. It’s not as if DC residents are shy about online communication – nearly every city neighborhood is served by a mailing list. (See DCist: What’s Your Neighborhood Listserv) But mailing lists aren’t easily accessible or searchable, as Chris’ note implies. Blogs are much better vehicles for disseminating information. If every neighborhood had a blog it would be much easier to identify, on a grass roots level, citywide trends and issues. And if these blogs networked, they wouldn’t face this problem. The blog network would be the media. Why can’t neighborhood Listservs publish some of their content on blogs? Crime trend? Logan Circle isn’t the only blog reporting a crime issue. In Shaw also noted a problem in a recent post, Crime Uptick. This brings us to the Logan Circle News, which has a number of crime reports, including here and here. 2000 Life Outtacontext
The art is the message here, and speaks for itself. There’s a short intro from the main page, then the graphic should launch by itself. If for so some reason it doesn’t, then click on this second screen link.

Also Noted: The Stuff You Make Syrup From: So I’m now an official officer of the U.S. Foreign Service. From A Blog Mainly About Food. Clever blog title of the week: It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Fitzmas From Grammar Police Free things I have gotten from From You Look Like I Need A Drink

Blog Regrets

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Drivin’ that Train Kathryn On … A clever rundown of the types of nightmare passengers you find on a train — based on actual experience. A well-told story with a strong finish. An excerpt: New to DC – this gal had some major problems with her ticket and her cell phone for the first 15 minutes of the ride home from NYC a few weeks ago, and said, under her breath several times, “my life sucks.” She later started trying to talk to me about how she moved to DC a year ago … Still Sleepless in DC Beauty and the Beltway Romance is a wonderful thing unless you’re on the other side of the wall trying to sleep. Our writer chronicles her ongoing adventures with the Screamer.
I was lying in my bed dreaming of warm sandy beaches and umbrella drinks when I was rocked awake by a dreadful pounding. I’m not sure if it was extreme exhaustion or pure unadulterated denial that caused my disorientation, but for a full minute I honestly thought the DC Metro area was experiencing an earthquake. It wasn’t until I heard the oh so familiar sound of a baby seal being clubbed to death on the other side of the wall that I realized that my neighbors were quite literally at it again. Blogger List Mania Bloggers, increasingly, are posting lists on all kinds of things. Great secrets, hidden desires, and other really strange interesting things, are being shared on these list, and often in multiples of seven. Here’s a brief tour: Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset A list of important traits for a man over 30. This post made the rocks in my scotch crack. It’s that sharp. From one: Stoicism: By age 30, a man shouldn’t say whatever’s on his mind, whenever. A man with a slight degree of stoicism does not whine or complain … Baby Bananas for Everyone List all the things on her desk, illustrated with numbered photo. Clever post. Among the things she lists: K. My review mirror so I can see who is trying to sneak up on me. Till human voices wake us, and we drown Long and good: 27. When I was in the sixth grade, I played the role of Max the Dog in “The Little Mermaid.” Even though I was the best singer. Because this other chick was cute and had red hair, and I was well into my 10-year awkward phase. But I’m not bitter Maisnon (now in bay area, Calif.) Sevens: 7 things that attract me to another person: slightly imperfect features. Give me a gap-toothed smile, or an interesting nose any day! I hate kit kats More sevens: Seven things that I find attractive in a man: 5. Paperbacks in back pockets. (Swoon.) Aunt Sassy’s Condo Is giving up coffee. 3) Irritability. Anyone who saw me on Wednesday can attest to this one. I fought with Chaz all day over something as low a s … don’t laugh … designer jeans?! Direct Current Important notes: 3. For some women, the most effective aphrodisiac is seeing the man they’re out with get hit on by a gay bartender. Also Noted: The 17th Street High Heel Race tonight (Tue), according to Observe But Do Not Interfere. One of my favorite places to hang out in Washington, DC is none other than 17 Street High Heel Race, often taken on Tuesday a week before Halloween. This year, it is slated to happen on October 25, 2005 at 9 PM. For first-timers, take Metro to DuPont Circle and head eastward to 17 Street as early as 6 PM to seize good spot in observing the High Heel Race … It is a hysterical. Tourist report: I found that Washington is far different from the Hawaii. Well, people here don’t not really obey all the traffic rules; nor the walker neither the driver. From Duman. Random Weekend Musings sampler: The soap at the Loews Cinema in Georgetown smells like napthaleen. From, new blog, Nothing But Static.

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My New Gig Rude Cactus Our writer — and top notch photographer — gets a new job but faces having to “choose between caring for our daughter and earning a second income.” They gave up the second income. This causes the writer to reflect on the U.S. standing on maternity leave – 12 weeks – versus what some other countries offer.

We’re the most prosperous country in the world. We claim to value our self-determination and our children above all else. And yet we’re having a hard time competing with maternity leave minimums handed out by third world countries.

Mensch The Better Days Project A cousin dies suddenly prompting this writer to think about how to live a life.

What does to ‘live one’s life to the fullest’ mean anyway? Does it mean to have ecstatic fun, to drink and take drugs until the doctor comes and goes again, to have sex with as many different people as you can (at the same time or in sequence), to make and spend as much as you can?

Monty Python in Georgetown Mellow Catciao’s powers of observation at work in a Georgetown book store. It start liks this:

After an early morning breakfast in Georgetown my lovely lady friend and I popped in to Bartleby’s Books.

While purusing “first editions, rare and antiquarian books and ephemera with emphasis on American History, and Law as well as a good general stock of literature, poetry, the arts, hunting and fishing, travel, books on books, and other histories from ancient to modern” I saw him again…

Now, I Give Up The Back of the Napkin The negative campaigning in Virginia governor’s race has this writer’s ire. An excerpt:

…I have never in my life been so turned off that I am going to not vote for either of these two candidates and I am not sure what I am going to do. The television ads, radio spots, and general campaigns have been a mess (there are ads running comparing Kaine to Hitler). I can tell you that at least 50% of my friends feel the exact same way as I do today and have been turned off to this election.

Blogs and CPMC
This blog, dcblogs, started as a collection of notes of work that struck me as either interesting, amusing, thoughtful or just good reads. It does not attempt to be a “best of,” an impossibility in any case. What I try to do is help people discover blogs specific to DC metro. That’s it. While tempted to aim volleys at bloggers who are off-the-chart, ignoring the obvious messes is best. This isn’t Swiss. The so-called blog war, which didn’t register on the pulse-o-meter of 99% of DC blogs, was for any outsider an obvious and incomprehensible embarrassment for all involved, especially the shameful blog that ridicules the Cleveland Park Men’s Club. So CPMC apparently pulls the plug. I liked what these gentlemen did and attempted to do; they created a concept, splashed color, humor, wit and their own idea of taste and manner and wrapped it up into an often entertaining package. It quickly became one of the more popular sites. All blogs run their course, CPMC and in time this one as well; people move on. I wish them well.

Futurists say that blogging is a gathering “collective intelligence.” Its opposite is also at work. But the vast majority of blogs are exemplary and generous in what they offer: insights and moving stories about heartbreak and hope — stories about this city and life in it. An amazing wonder unfolding. The blogging world is volcanic; with new authors rising and familiar ones breaking old molds and starting fresh; a ferment constantly recreating itself. Today won’t be tomorrow is all I know about it. — kob

(An important note: The CPMC site went offline Saturday, and a message was posted Sunday on the site announcing its end. But something doesn’t seem right. The links and standing text on CPMC’s site have been change. There are any number of explanations for this including a hacking. Exactly what has happened is unclear.)

Also noted The Iman book signing at Borders was a bit of mess. gay men took over, elbowing and crowding us women to get to the front … From Wanderings in DC. Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bridezilla. Great read. From Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page. Advice I should follow: Attention, practitioners of the American English language: Can we please stop using the word “over” … From Adventures Into the Well-Known. Candy Jar Whodunnit: I work with some evil evil people. From It really is just a blog in my pocket. Forty is the new 20: On November 1st, I turn 40. From Church of the Big Sky Man shopping, no scarcasm, no date. Pursuing men on these websites is like shopping for an MP3 player on From Ah Bugger

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White House area
Remembering The Pictures Are All I Can Feel Happy and Jaded explains: Six years ago on this date, I was raped. I wrote this post last year and am re-posting it in honor of today. This is brilliant, powerful and emotionally charged writing. It deserves to be published in the New Yorker, but this writer is sharing her life affirming story on a blog. It begins:

The Metro slowly edges forward and pulls up to the platform. I push myself through the mob of people, excited to be out of the cold, misty rain. I unbutton my jacket, dig through my bag for the newspaper that I bought, and get comfortable for my 40 minute ride into the District. …

(Nod to Washington Cube for this recommendation) Everybody’s Got Their Secrets I-495Blues I was unable to make the Webloggers meeting this week, and regret that. But the writer of this blog did attend and files a report. This is a long post that moves from one of the most infamous people on The Hill to the person behind one of the most recognized blogs in the world, Post Secret. He met the author at the DC Webloggers meeting. An excerpt:

As the conversation drew to a close, I asked him the final thing that came to mind:

“Frank, outside of helping to deal with your own secrets as you mentioned earlier… what is the one thing that you’ve learned since starting this project?”

“The one thing I’ve learned?” …

Artist Snubbed by Bag Hungry Hotel Help Painterly Visions Our writer, an artist from New Orleans who calls DC her home, recently attended a press reception — as a blogger — at a boutique hotel, the Hotel Palomar, under construction in Dupont Circle. Bravo. If the press can blog then bloggers are the press.

Alas, the staff didn’t know that I am press, writing for my art blog, Painterly Visions. I forgot to include that in my introduction. An announcement was made in the model Hotel Palomar room, to enjoy ourselves and we would all receive a gift bag when we left. Being infantile when it comes to gift bags, I saw the table of gifts as I was leaving and asked the escort, could I take one? …

Please wake me up from this nightmare Ocean of Reality This is a short post about one of the most difficult things anyone one can face, the dissolution of a marriage. There were some comments, words of support, from readers. The post starts like this:

Yesterday’s counseling session ended up not being counseling at all. It was more of an ‘assessment’ of our relationship by a neutral third party. She gave us some recommendations on what we should do, and sent us on our way. NO follow-up visits …

Fairy Tales Sharkbait The post above is sad but what follows is a well told story about finding love on Craig’s List. A very nice read. An excerpt:

Now, I was never truly into meeting men from the internet (though some have had good luck), but I figured that night, what the hell, why not. I responded to a few friendly sounding ads and then I read the one that captured my heart. It was along the lines of a shy guy looking for sweet girl, into cars, video games, etc.. I responded with something like “I’m a sweet girl, and I know nothing about cars, but I am willing to learn!”

Also Noted: A Firsthand Look at Metered Cabs on DCist. Good luck catching one, but check this post out. As part of a test being conducted by the Taxicab Information Project, 20 of the city’s 6,500 cabs were recently outfitted with meters for an eight-month trial period. (Why do they need an eight-month delay trial period? Is there a fear that a meter is not as accurate as the zone system?) The Heat is On: Apartment buildings are turning on their heating systems. For Field of Flowerz the start of the heating season brings on a song. Starts like: Ohh-wo-ho, ohh-wo-ho … DC Dog Blog, which is written by Hogan, a Jack Russell Mutt in DC. This post has information about canine influenza. Best of Party Photo Awards go to: I-66 and DC Cookie. Check out the Halloween Series on DC Drama Girls. The post is in three parts, so scroll down. Also includes very helpful list of where to get costumes locally. But for something short and quirky, unrelated to Halloween, check out this post: Drop the lingo. Define Sick. Metro adventures. Failed Southern Lady.

Blog Winds

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The plan: Visit Every Starbucks in DC Siren Song This blog details the caffeinated adventures of Jacinda and Jerry, who are on a quest to visit every Starbucks in DC. It’s self-described as “an incredible waste of time,” which makes it absolutely perfect for blogging. There are 50 “and counting” Starbucks in DC. Is this a good thing? Of course, as exciting as Starbucks can be, there’s nothing like a fire to get the blood racing. An excerpt:

… We first noticed it when a good samaritan began yelling at cars and pedestrians who were headed towards it that there was a fire and to stay away. This only prompted us and everyone else to rush to gawk. It was pretty cool, as fires tend to be.

The firemen arrived and they started to hose down the bus. However, that only seemed to make the fire angrier as the flames got bigger and began to shoot out of the windows …

DC I Miss You .. Miami .. Mia Solomente Our writer says something nice about this blog, which is not the reason I’m noting it … (I was touched, however, by her kind words) I’m noting it for what this blogger has to say about life, career and relationships. The Miami connection also struck a little cord. I’m sitting in an airport bar in Orlando as I type this, enjoying a properly chilled Heineken (I had to justify use of the bar’s power supply) and waiting to return to DC. I was also talking to a young woman from Miami (trying to muster up the courage to ask: “do you blog?” without seeming incredibly strange), and who worried about the brewing storm. This is a very good post … it starts like this:

So, I was reminded today, right in the middle my very attentive review of my Federal Jurisdiction class as my displaced Brooklynite Professor discussed the fascinating world of Federal Courts and rules on disclosing experts and monetary santions for failing to make intial disclosures, how much I miss Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and the East Coast all together. So I decided to update my blog. I am still here, I swear …

Also Noted: Recent blog arrival, Authentic Art DC, with good content and nice collection of links.
(This is all I have time for tonight … a flight beckons.)

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The Zoo’s African American Heritage Garden Big Green Chair The writers of this blog take issue with the National Zoo’s African American Heritage Garden and pose provocative questions about it.

… Then we stumbled upon the African American Heritage Garden. Intrigued, we took a closer look. The garden had black-eyed peas, watermelon, peanuts, and okra. Needless to say, we were disgusted. The rest of the time at the zoo and at dinner afterward, we couldn’t stop talking about this garden. The images of ads from the 30s and 40s featuring wide-eyed little black boys chomping on watermelon slices couldn’t leave my head …

Mom’s in the Convent Thoughts and Musing This Bethesda based writer reports on what developed after a nearby Victoria’s Secret filled “three massive window displays with what can be conservatively be called scenes of bondage.” An excerpt from this sharp and stinging post:

… And then a young woman voiced her opinion. “You’re telling me that people take young children to Victoria’s Secret? Blech,” she said. I saw red. I mean, what. Just because I have two little kids running around, I’m supposed to sit home and follow along with Elmo all the time? Or I’m supposed to shell out $12 an hour (the going rate here) for a babysitter to hang out with them while I run errands? I think not …


On the best parking job … ever Throwing Hammers Story and photos about car on a flight of fancy until it ends up on a plyon.

And so let’s say that as you’re flying (not literally – yet) through the little lot between a certain historic building and the Exxon at interstate speed, you see that your headlights are shining not on more roadway, but a large stone wall. And between your car and the wall are a couple pylons. Congratulations. Your life as you know it has now been reduced to a high school physics problem.

(Nod to DirectCurrent for this recommendation) Is DC special? My Life in DC This writer is interested in challenges and wonders if DC tougher place to face them. An excerpt:

…. moving to DC was supposed to be my “Stretch School”, my biggest challenge, my Goliath, and well I have found that a city is a city. While DC offers experiences and scenes I have never encountered, it does not challenge me anymore than I would have been challenged had I chose to stay in the Midwest. The lesson I am learning is that no one else can challenge me in the way that I can challenge myself …

I Love DC DC Donut The title says it all. But … … Like many people who move to DC after college, I just can’t see myself living here forever … Also noted: Life in photos from Danville, Va. Sometimes, DC can be a bit overwhelming and I need to get away for a few days, not to realize that I miss it and love it, but because I just need some time to relax and not worry about traffic, gigs for bands, work and everything else that causes me stress. From Jaded Lens. Just in from Washington Shakespear Co., Katheleen Akerley is Tom Stoppard’s Hapgood. From DC Theater Reviews. About Judith Miller’s Trip to Vegas from Elephant in Exile.
EJ Takes Life makes the Express with her Panda comment.

Blog tropics

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Bangkok life Bangkok Expat Mama For an idea of what it’s like to live and raise children in Bangkok, here’s the story of a blogging DC expat. In a note our blogger, the Expat Mama, writes:
I’m a second-generation, homegrown Washingtonian who, aside from two years in Evanston, IL, and nine months in Boston, has always lived in the DC area — until my husband and I moved to Bangkok in 2001. Now I have a blog about rearing my two kids (the first is DC-born, the second arrived on Thai soil) over here, although my posts address topics ranging from martial arts to recipes, from Thai culture to parenting. There’s a lot of interesting material here, including photos. Be sure to check out the link to the right of the homepage, their BKK digs. Dating the Dark Side Strange Violin Music SVM may have missed a recent America’s Future Foundation panel on cross-party dating, but she did date one of the panelists. She files this report:

I said I was afraid to talk to him about politics because then I would hear his ideas and not like him anymore because of them. He said he still wanted to hear my ideas, which I thought was sort of sweet, and he listened quite politely to my theory of something-or-other. But, as I feared, I was horrified by his allegiance to all that I considered evil, bad, and wrong in the political universe.

Oh Dear God Make It Stop The American Dream for Country Mice The trouble with job interviews explained. A hilarious post. It starts like this:

I’ve finally progressed beyond the resume sending stage to the interview stage which is when the whole ball of wax starts to melt. If I am really interested in the job (or in a dating sense, the guy), I get nervous and two things happen. First, I start to babble …

The Night Before the Rest of My Life anacoluthia This is wonderfully written post about life, the GRE and an ear infection. It starts like this:

Murphy’s law rules my life. I’ve known this for a while now. So it should come as no surprise that, for the first time in roughly 18 years, I have an ear infection, and a rather painful one at that. It really kicked up on Wednesday, just a little too close to test day to be allowed to change dates.

Also Noted: Send Capt. Jack Sparrow congratulations: Umm, whoa! Just today, Kranzel Bike of Pennsylvania honored me tremendously by naming me the 2005 Kranzel Bike Female Mountain Biker of the Year!!!! Holy cow! Thanks mucho to Rick Kranzel and everybody else at Kranzel!!!!! And congrats to Brandon Dregalis and Fred Heinley who tied for the 2005 Kranzel Bike Male Mountain Biker of the Year. I am totally blown away by their decision. From Conservations with Mud The 15 qualifications for dating: No. 13: Your last boyfriend’s name wasn’t Todd or Steve. From Seenster. Sara Facts 101 – the complete list. No. 31: There isn’t much that turns me on more than a boy who is really considerate. From The Butterfly Network. Dupont Circle Crazies from Big Green Chair Chinatown Bus from Hell from The Coffeehouse Soapbox. Don’t Burn My Bippy, a new blog. …things that burn my bippy … Having your “fat pants,” fit snug.
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Photo: Outside the Orlando Convention Center.