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DC Blogs Noted:

Fine Wine, Human Suffering Happy Pants! This meditation on poverty begins after this writer spends a couple of hundred dollars on wine (Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella recommended), and then sees the movie, The Constant Gardner. An outstanding essay. An excerpt: I was quiet on the car ride home. All I could think about was how the […]

Blog Hearts

It’s the weekend and that means dating for some, Sinatra for the rest. What follows are stories to help put you in some kind of mood. My First Crush Diva’s Dating Disclosures Before you go out tonight read Diva’s well written and touching story – it’s a happy one from an innocent time. An excerpt: […]

Blog Playaz

For the Playaz, By the Playaz … Playaz Ball For those who think of Washington, D.C. as a passionless hub, they should remember that it is a city known for encompassing outsiders. The blogging world is no different. D.C. bloggers have embraced a citizen of the South as one of it’s own: Phil and the […]

Blog meetings

Urban Assimilation Purple America This is a blog with the goal, according to its writer, “to unleash equal-opportunity snark on all public characters who subject the American people to their buffoonery — regardless of political affiliation. I started this blog when I started getting banned from commenting on other people’s blogs.” This particular post, thoughtful […]

DC Blogs Noted

Grandpa in a Coma Better Latent Than Never The grandfather is overseas and, as the title points out, in an apparent desperate way medically. When informed of this, our writer sets to tell a family history about success, power and betrayal. The grandfather’s name would be recognized if it could be shared, the writer tells […]


The Blog-A-Thon Washington Cube My virtual friend, Washington Cube, has been working through a list of DC bloggers, reading hundreds of entries and leaving messages. Numbered messages. The people who read and comment on blogs the most, IMHO, are fellow bloggers, and Cube has been interested in seeing how readers react to her comments – […]

Blog nooooooooooooooooooo

Your Taxicab Zone Map Sucks Jimbo An infuriating aspect of DC is the cab zone systems. It’s primed to fleece tourists and continually irritate even veteran city residents. It’s a system aided and abetted by a zone map that’s impossible to read, decipher and use, as Jimbo points out. But instead of just offering a […]

Blog discounts

Note: A combination of Blogger being down last night and travel (see photo slice of Boston left and lower right) limits today’s link offering to just a few. Print this out for $5 discount to the World Premiere of UpShot. This could be a blogging first! Go to the Lighting Designer’s Life, print out the […]

Blog Wonk

From Indymedia to Folk Media Prod & Ponder This post may be blog wonk, but it’s very good blog wonk. The writer, an adjunct professor in conflict and analysis and resolution at George Mason University and whose ‘Net roots go back to the BBS days, looks at the evolution of Indymedia which he says suffers […]

Blog birth

Photo: Scene from Foggy Bottom block party Noah Amalah Amalah delivered a baby boy. Amalah – who has a gift for writing in a flowing, conversational style – has been sharing details and joys of her pregnancy on her blog with, literally, the world. There were over 300 comments to this recent post penned by […]