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The Big Blog Sleep

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 30th, 2005 by dcblogs
The Sleep Post A Sleepy Girl’s Thoughts on Life Is there such a thing as sleeping too much? — Dennis! The “Big Sleep Post” begins:

I have had an addiction to sleeping for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been able to sleep in every chance I get. Once, I actually slept until 5 p.m. (having gone to bed around 11 p.m. the night before). For some reason, I’m always tired. I am tired even when I get a good night’s rest. And I am also tired when I get too little sleep. My eyes constantly feel like closing, and sometimes it almost hurts to stay awake.

Overheard at The Big Hunt I-495 Blues Posts like these really make me think someone should start up “Overheard in D.C.” – Dennis! An excerpt: Drunk Girl: This place is getting old, let’s get out of here. Drunk Steve: Well, umm… where do you live? Drunk Girl: Drunk Girl (with a slight grimmace): You don’t know my name, do you? Drunk Steve: What? If Only in My Dreams Pointed Christmas unease by a talented writer. It begins:

November has not ended yet and the houses on my street have their Christmas trees and outside decorations up. The music, lights and decorations have the opposite effect on me than they are meant to: they make Christmas seem very far away, a tiny speck of a holiday, far off in the twinkling distance.

Also Noted Scenes from a Haircut:She turned away for a second – naturally the second that it took my stylist to gather the hair in a pony tail and cut it all off – and when she turned back to me gasped, “Your hair is gone” with a very shocked look on her face. From a new blog, Isn’t it pretty to think so? Exhibits I Don’t Want To Miss From AlexandraSilverthorne. Here’s to being easily entertained … Nine photos. One trick caught the attention of Anne. She decided she was gonna be able to do the “huge stack of quarters off the elbow into the palm” trick, too. From Random samplings from the “Good Life” Frapper Map up to 289 on Dappled Things. Calling all Women. From A Circle Has Too Much Symmetry. Cap Lounge hiring. From Metrocurean. (Fire in August. See DCist)

Site note: This site was offline for several hours this morning; the hosting provider was having problems. Sorry about that.

Blog Group is Born

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Olives Bruised or Spanked Hookers and Blow There is a promising endeavor on the horizon which is due to officially launch on December 2nd: a new blog called Hookers and Blow: An Online Journal. This writing collective is to be “manned” by six women and one man in the D.C. – Baltimore Metropolitan area with seven graduate degrees between them. Some of the contributors are names you might already be familiar with: Momentary Academic, Megarita, Jordan Baker, Retrodragon! and Mystery Girl with Grad School Reject and Cracklin’ Rosie joining the crew. Their URL is gradschoolneverends., and their motto is “You Don’t Have to Put Out to Get In.” The blog’s focus is poetry, fiction, music, art, popular culture, not-so-popular culture and politics, and the Hookers are looking forward to gaining a readership with commenters and contributors actively participating in their efforts. Their manifesto shoots this volley across the bow:

We’ve been to the deep end and have found it wanting. Join us as we bring our literate chicken fights to the heretofore underprivileged shallow end. We’re having big thoughts, but we’re having them about whether we want those olives bruised or spanked. Gather round, children, and leave your starched blue shirt on the settee.

(dcblogs report by Washington Cube) Eye Level Smithsonian American Art Museum The Smithsonian American Art Museum launched a blog Monday, a project involving two very talented DC blogosphere veterans. Jeff Gates, of the blog Life Outtacontext, designed the blog and managed the project, and Kriston Capps of Grammar Police, is its writer. This is the Smithsonian’s first blog, and it has national trend setting potential. Institutions and businesses are only beginning to use blogs to interact with customers and audiences and the Smithsonian is taking a leadership role. In a note, Jeff described it as team effort, and wrote:

… Using the museum’s collection as a touchstone, the conversation at Eye Level will center on the ways in which the nation’s art connects to its history and culture. The discussion will extend beyond works at the Smithsonian American Art Museum to include other collections, exhibitions, and events. Eye Level presents an extraordinary collaboration among curators, conservators, historians, enthusiasts, critics, designers, and of course bloggers-all participants in the story of American art.

Neighborhood by Neighborhood BeyondDC BeyondDC is an attractive, informative and addicting resource about DC Metro area neighborhoods, architecture and urban planning issues. It’s rich with photos and interesting facts, such as heights of the area’s taller buildings. The blog is by J. Daniel Malouff, a recent city-planning graduate of the University of Colorado who works for local government in Northern Virginia. The posts are topical, but what I really liked were the neighborhood critiques. For instance, here’s an excerpt about Brookland:

More than just the presence of so many religious institutions, the physical environment of Brookland emits a more Midwestern character than other DC neighborhoods. It’s not as dense – populated with few of the traditional rowhouses and more by detached bungalows. It’s not as old, and it’s a whole lot quieter than most of the other college neighborhoods in the city. Indeed, walking in Brookland one might just as easily think he were in a close-in neighborhood of Denver or Cleveland.

Also Noted: The PostSecret book is being released! This world famous blog is now a book. The blog is the work of local blogger Frank Warren. It’s 288 pages. All the postcard images are in color and many have never been seen before. From PostSecret. The Year-End Blog Bash Wednesday, Eyebar. The ladies running this effort are City Sparkle, DC Cookie, Kathryn On…, and Rhinestone Cowgirl, and they are welcoming everyone. Santa. Jimbo. Tourist Report: What kind of sick city puts up signs that say things like, “Don’t Block the Box” or “Left lane use only 7:15am – 2:45pm” or (my personal favorite) “No buses” above a sign that says, “Metro buses only this lane”? From Blog Monkey. Green Party Elections: General Body meeting Thursday of the DC Statehood Green Party at the University of the District of Columbia. Elections will be held and our writer is up for a spot. If you subscribe to the following 10 key values of the Green Party, you should consider switching parties (they’re listed). From The Daily Render The Vlogging Revolution, From DC Art News New blog about dogs: The Dogs by Day “Blog for Dogs”

DC Blogs Noted …

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Final Chapters The Happy Booker Wendi Kaufman’s blog, The Happy Booker, is a great resource about DC metro area authors and literary events. Wendi is a writer and adjunct lecture at Johns Hopkins MFA program in Dupont. This particular post is about the effort to save Chapters: A Literary Bookstore at 445 11 St. NW. The bookstore recently marked its 20th anniversary, but is facing financial problems, writes The Happy Booker. “… the small indie bookstore is going nonprofit and appealing to the public for support. 1,600 people willing to contribute $50 each is what it’s going to take to keep this vibrant bookstore open.” The Happy Booker is doing its part to raise awareness through a series of essays about independent book sellers. In this post, Jeremy Mercer, whose latest work, Time Was Soft There, a memoir of the Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company, was released last month by St. Martin’s Press. An excerpt from his essay:

I have nothing against the online booksellers and big chains; anybody who spreads the written word is doing noble work. I just believe that independent bookstore owners, the more eccentric the better, are on the fast track to sainthood …

Eyes Front, Mouth Shut DirectCurrent The art should provide enough hint to understand the title. Click for the rest. This post comes highly recommended by the entire dcblogs contributor team, Reya and Cube, and in a note from Lucy. It’s very funny.

Take to the Sky Countersignature One family’s upcoming Thanksgiving experience will also be a difficult time. A powerful read. (Nod to DC Cookie for the link) It starts like this:

Tomorrow we will be leaving for California on a not-a-vacation trip. My wife’s mother is very ill and we’re going to visit her. It’s been a long struggle over the past few years with a lot of hope and even more disappointment, but it appears we’re dwindling down to end-of-life options.

Also noted: Photographer Theresa Manzanares of Blue Coyote Laughing recently did a segment on NPR’s All Things Considered on the use of “toy cameras,” which are described as cheaply made plastic devices that leak light resulting in interesting photo effects. She has two posts about this, the first, Toy Cameras on NPR provides a link to the NPR site and streaming audio playback. When he’s not throwing reporters in jail or indicting White House second raters, Patrick J. Fitzgerald keeps his blog up. Relationships. He speaks in strange words likemarriage…babies…Laura, move in with me.” All I hear is “blah..blah..blah” From WonL Global warming shivers. From The Blog From Nowhere Dick Cheney in the ‘hood From Machination Butterstick chronicles: Sprite Writes succeeds where DCist fails. Today’s Almost-Darwin Award: Going outside for a smoke while flying. From Articulatory Loop. Who needs turkey: Eggplant Parmesan with Prosciutto. From Tasting Journal’s Recipes. Washington DC is run by incompetent morons. Stadium. From America Blog.

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers. Taking a break over the holiday and will return this weekend.

DC Blogs Noted:

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near Café Saint-Ex 1847 14th Street, NW
You Like Breasts? The Lexfiles An intro to this entertaining and well written post could spoil its fun. It starts like this:

The question just hung there for a second. She had smiled as I walked up, maybe mischievously? Perhaps flirtatiously? But I thought to myself that I must have misheard her. I went through the usual facial contortions – the furrowing of the brow and the narrowing of the eyes and all that, almost grimacing in my attempt to not drop the smile that had previously been gracing my lips. ….

40 Points for Grandma DC Viking DC driving adventures. An excerpt:

… Not smart, I know. Miss Viking has already lectured me on this. “Don’t flip people off in traffic. Didn’t you hear about the guy whose dog was pulled from his car when he did that?!?” I hadn’t, I have no idea what that means, but rest assured I have already had my senselessness pointed out to me …

Boys – Earmuffs Sarah DisGrace The “Boys – Earmuffs” title describes a machine in a women’s restroom. But the real story here is this writer’s sharp-edge, and wonderfully illustrated, humor. Scroll through the posts.

Crime on the Metro My Tiny Voice in this Big World A friend’s wallet is stolen on the Metro, but transit officials and police offer little help. An excerpt:

Last weekend, my friend had her wallet stolen while on Metro. She had it when she picked up her ticket, couldn’t find it as they exited the station at their last stop …

Blog Noise

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Cell Phone, Redux Theaterboy It’s the holidays and time for the theater irritations. This interesting post about cell phones begins like this:

OK, people. I’ll grant you I don’t much like people who let their cellphones ring in theaters — of the legit or the movie variety. In fact, I’d like to hurt them. Slowly.

But I’m gettin’ to the point where I’m almost willing to put up with the occasional dramaticus interruptus ….

Our House Your Mother’s Blog The housing sales boom (don’t know if it’s officially past tense yet) has given rise to a new phenomena: the Real Estate agent as rock star. (Nod to Dennis! For this link) An excerpt:

What once were bland photo ID-like head shots of the guy who helps you find a house are now more akin to the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine complete with airbrushing and designer threads. One of my favorites features a team of Realtors in coordinated black Kenneth Cole shirts standing in front of a shadowy back drop …

Pervasive Alcoholism in DC? You Look Like I Need A Drink The art on this redesign is edgy, very abstract, and strangely appealing but this particular post is disquieting. It reflects on one incident, but the title raises a question that isn’t a reach from this post. Excerpt: … I asked her what had happened to her friend. Apparently, S’s friend had overdosed on the liquor and had to have her stomach pumped.
It’s Gonna Be a James Brown Christmas DCent Is it too early to start thinking about the holidays? As long as James Brown is a part of the story, why not? Reflecting on Christmases past, DCent tells stories of her family’s funky Christmases. – Reya.

“James Brown single handedly saved every Christmas of my youth; turning would-be disasters into comical affairs that I still cherish to this day. ”

Also Noted Ward 3 Politics and Linda Cropp’s reported opposition to a school funding plan. From The Passenger. DC Commuter Tax? Yes! From Best of Washington DC. Credit for persistence: I Crap In A Box.

Blog History

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Dog Waiting Area Outside of Whole Foods, P Street
Korea To Here Yeah, So I’m … The subhead on this blog is this: “Leaving you wanting more … Despite the fact that I haven’t really given you anything to begin with.” The first part is true but the second part is not. This writer, I-66, has shared a lot of himself in this post; truths of the greatest kind.

One night, some weeks after moving in, my mother asks me to scan some lawyer docs (OCR, for editing) – being the only technically savvy one in the house, I was often asked to do stuff like this – and handed me a stack of sheets face down. I flipped them over to make sure they were right-side up before scanning and saw briefly the words “Of the three children, two adopted and one natural” ….

Discomfort in DC First To Third This post looks at some of the undercurrents on neighborhood listservs. It provides, indirectly, an argument for moving neighborhood lists to a blog format. It’s a very compelling read about attitudes and neighborhoods. An excerpt:

… it seems like the folks on the lists are from other parts of the country, and either unaccustomed to living in an actual city, or so prone to entitlement anxiety that their true roots shine through the bleached liberalism that they’ve tried to commit themselves to. Tolerance is, in my eyes, just a short step away from animus …

Note to Readers: One reader asked why I was running photos of Seattle lately. That’s where I am right now, drinking coffee. But returning to DC in a few hours and that’s why today’s post is short. I do include locations, sometimes, in the photo’s alt tag – just move the pointer over the photo and it should display itself. Thanks for reading.

Blog Reports

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Another view of Seattle, which is the other Washington, the one with voting rights Dali Lama Sightings Candy Sandwich and Church of the Big Sky Experiences with the Dali Lama are reported. BrokeKid of Candy heard the Dali speak: The Dalai Lama is a rather jovial fellow. As he was making himself comfortable in his chair, he began to fiddle with his shoes. I thought he was pulling up his socks, but then I thought maybe he didn’t wear socks, he was actually removing his shoes. He then sat cross legged in his chair and the crowd was quick with a giggle … Church of the Big Sky just happened to meet him: … Moments later, walking slowly and silently through the hall, came the Dalai Lama. I just about passed out. He had a small entourage of monks and a group of Secret Service men with him, all draped in white prayer scarves. As he approached where I sat, he smiled broadly, leaned over to me and waved. “Hello! How are you?” His voice was incredibly cheerful and warm. Metro Mugging Thoughts on Metro This recently created blog reports about a mugging on the Metro. DCist had initial report on this blog and the comments it prompted are, with some exceptions, recommended as well. An excerpt:

From Thoughts on Metro: I looked around at the other passengers on the car, and I asked them repeatedly if any of them would help me. Someone asked me what was happening, and I said that this group of teenagers was mugging me, and that the ones in the back had my iPod.

One DCist poster (in response to a comment): Oh, please. You expect the mass of Metro riders who carry iPods or other electronic equipment to stop carrying them in order to be appropriately “risk averse”?

Capote, Correspondence and Communion Washington Cube Yes, dear Cube is part of the dcblogs team but she is still a blogger, and unbeknown to her, Reya and I both agreed that this post is a standout. Don’t take our word, read the comments which are as thoughtful as the post. An excerpt:

… he did strenuously keep up with friends as he moved around the world. It is little remembered that Capote spent ten years of his life living in Europe, and oftentimes he was residing in remote, rural areas. You would have thought Capote was hunkered down in a hotel room in Holcomb, Kansas, but the bulk of In Cold Blood was written in a tiny village in Switzerland, while he was out taking the air with his pet bulldog or buying friends cuckoo clocks.

Don’t Wanna Hear It Angry Pregnant Lawyer The problem with criticism and praise in a short and pointed post. It starts like this: Sign on 14th Street

Like many people, I don’t take criticism well. But I also have a difficult time with praise. I’m not sure if that makes me unusual.

Also Noted: Inside Finland’s embassy to see an exhibit on contemporary Finnish design. From Rebel Prince. Scathing Tourist Report: There were no handmade clothes, nothing looked thrifted, no tattoos, no piercings, no goofy outfits that will be hip in two years, no good beer, no good coffee, no good music. Intellectually D.C. may be very alive, I don’t know. Culturally it is barren. From El Pocho Abogado. My nemesis: the Super Giant. From Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Vegas Lounge thoughts. From Keith Graham’s Wanderings. The Washington Blogger Meetup Group will gather tonight at 7 at Pharaoh’s Bar & Grill, 1817 Columbia Rd. NW. Everyone is invited. No secret handshakes or oaths.

DC Blogs Noted:

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At War in Iraq The Replacements This blog is written by a officer serving in Iraq, a Lt. Adam. In a note about this blog, April of Captain & Coke, wrote: Adam is actually a lawyer from the Arlington area who is currently fighting the war in Iraq due to his Army Reserve status. He tells of his military experiences that will have you captivated from the first sentence. The blog dates from December 2004, just before his call-up. He doesn’t post too often, but his work is well crafted and the archives are worth the visit. An excerpt from a Sept. 15 post:

My training tells me that without knowing the enemy situation, the location of friendly forces, and the direction to the enemy, rolling in with our guns blazing, without an informed plan could possibly be one of the worst things I could do.

The army calls it “tactical patience.”

I call it the longest ten minutes of my life.

Extra Helpful Rants and Ramblings Some aspects of ecommerce seem a little creepy, this writer notes.

… while I’m aware that my movements on any Web site are bound to be tracked in some manner or another, it’s a little unsettling to have my surfing activities reflected right back at me, unsolicited …

Also Noted: Birthday round up Memories, celebrations by Scorpios. In a drunken Caps game moment I introduced my soon-to-be beau to my ex by saying, “This is Ronny. We used to have sex.” I’m not a girl, not yet a wino The HAWT waiter with the deep, sultry voice comes by and asks if we need anything else. I look at him seductively and say “yes, a glass of ice…” And he brought it! He then turns to A. and says, “is she always like this?” DC Cookie

DC Blogs Noted

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My current location ... The other Washington Living in the City Veritography This is a story about a day in the city that’s told in a series of seemingly disconnected but vivid sketches. It’s powerful writing. An excerpt:

Washington DC isn’t an organism with a closed circulatory system, like that of a human being which needs a heart to pump the blood to all the cells of the body. Instead, this is a city with an open circulatory system, like that of a clam … There is no beat, just a lot of blood that can get anywhere and do what it needs to do without a pump telling it where to go.

Fantasy (Photoshop) Island Throwing Hammers This is sidesplitting, hilarious story telling involving some local bloggers. Our writer, Mr. Travis, becomes your host of his version of Fantasy Island. His story includes some artful and clever photo work. DC Squirrels on Crack? And So It Is …. UK news outlet reports that there are crack-addicted squirrels living in city parks. Fox News picks it up. Is this projection on the part of Londoners — is there really such a thing as crack-addicted squirrels? – Reya. An excerpt:

Can anyone find a source to confirm crack-addicted squirrels in DC???

A Blog About Gardening Washington Gardener This is a new blog started by the people behind Washington Gardner magazine, which began publishing this spring. It’s fifth issue was recently mailed out. Kathy Jentz, the editor and publisher of the Washington Gardner, writes: The blog was started to talk about the behind-the-scenes on the magazine as well as give tips and thoughts on DC area gardening. From a recent post:

Time for a rant. I hate this time of year. I hate it being dark by 5:00 pm. I hate the falling leaves drowning out my flower beds. I hate the cold winds that blow when I’m trying to clean out my pond. I hate the 1,000s of acorns that I’m constantly stepping on, sweeping aside, picking out of pots, etc. I hate the thought of that coming hard frost that will kill all my still-blooming annuals. I hate everything turning the same muddy brown and sallow hues.

Weighty Battle DC Bachelor and Chase-ing Complacency DC Bachelor takes umbrage at women who write about dieting, which prompts a counterattack from Chase-ing Complacency. (A Cube find) Some excerpts: DCB: I’m concerned by a recent trend that is corrupting the quality of some DC blogs I read: blogging about dieting and weight. Apparently for female bloggers, weight loss is such a huge issue that internet help is needed in the form of blogger support circles, with meetings held in comments sections. CC:You deserve to be discriminated against, looked down upon, made fun of, and deemed untouchable because society says it’s okay to do so. Who cares that most women are not a size 2 and that the average size for women is a size 12. Our society is shallow and you just don’t fit in.

Blog Western

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Inner Voice Snooze DCLastCall Musing This is a delicious, wonderfully illustrated, chronicle of sorts about a trip in the desert. It involves the police, road signs, and some very amusing photos. An excerpt:

During the troopers advisement that he could have impounded my rental car, thrown me in jail, and had the jailers perform a full cavity search, Katherina meandered off to meet the locals. One very nice local, who took great interest in my sister … (A Cube find)
Have a Seat at Frozen Tropics. This blog does a great job documenting the Trinidad/H Street area with photos. It’s a wonderful community resource. It’s turned me on all kinds of neighborhood happenings, wrote Jamy at Grateful Dating
Spy Lunch Also Noted: OH MY GOD I GRABBED HER BOOB. Job interview mishaps. From Pie Pants. Picks on DC Sports Information Leafblower gives White House press briefing. Golf Mask on Tape Men Officially Mild: Weekend forecast on Capital Weather. Photo Exhibit, Saturday. From Authentic Art DC Mid City Artists Open Studios this weekend. Link and info on Painterly Visions. Home Plate in the Orgy Room. About the new baseball stadium. Through Hir Eyes