Monthly Archives: November 2005

The Big Blog Sleep

The Sleep Post A Sleepy Girl’s Thoughts on Life Is there such a thing as sleeping too much? — Dennis! The “Big Sleep Post” begins: I have had an addiction to sleeping for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been able to sleep in every chance I get. Once, I actually slept until […]

Blog Group is Born

Olives Bruised or Spanked Hookers and Blow There is a promising endeavor on the horizon which is due to officially launch on December 2nd: a new blog called Hookers and Blow: An Online Journal. This writing collective is to be “manned” by six women and one man in the D.C. – Baltimore Metropolitan area with […]

DC Blogs Noted …

Final Chapters The Happy Booker Wendi Kaufman’s blog, The Happy Booker, is a great resource about DC metro area authors and literary events. Wendi is a writer and adjunct lecture at Johns Hopkins MFA program in Dupont. This particular post is about the effort to save Chapters: A Literary Bookstore at 445 11 St. NW. […]

DC Blogs Noted:

You Like Breasts? The Lexfiles An intro to this entertaining and well written post could spoil its fun. It starts like this: The question just hung there for a second. She had smiled as I walked up, maybe mischievously? Perhaps flirtatiously? But I thought to myself that I must have misheard her. I went through […]

Blog Noise

Cell Phone, Redux Theaterboy It’s the holidays and time for the theater irritations. This interesting post about cell phones begins like this: OK, people. I’ll grant you I don’t much like people who let their cellphones ring in theaters — of the legit or the movie variety. In fact, I’d like to hurt them. Slowly. […]

Blog History

Korea To Here Yeah, So I’m … The subhead on this blog is this: “Leaving you wanting more … Despite the fact that I haven’t really given you anything to begin with.” The first part is true but the second part is not. This writer, I-66, has shared a lot of himself in this post; […]

Blog Reports

Dali Lama Sightings Candy Sandwich and Church of the Big Sky Experiences with the Dali Lama are reported. BrokeKid of Candy heard the Dali speak: The Dalai Lama is a rather jovial fellow. As he was making himself comfortable in his chair, he began to fiddle with his shoes. I thought he was pulling up […]

DC Blogs Noted:

At War in Iraq The Replacements This blog is written by a officer serving in Iraq, a Lt. Adam. In a note about this blog, April of Captain & Coke, wrote: Adam is actually a lawyer from the Arlington area who is currently fighting the war in Iraq due to his Army Reserve status. He […]

DC Blogs Noted

Living in the City Veritography This is a story about a day in the city that’s told in a series of seemingly disconnected but vivid sketches. It’s powerful writing. An excerpt: Washington DC isn’t an organism with a closed circulatory system, like that of a human being which needs a heart to pump the blood […]

Blog Western

Inner Voice Snooze DCLastCall Musing This is a delicious, wonderfully illustrated, chronicle of sorts about a trip in the desert. It involves the police, road signs, and some very amusing photos. An excerpt: During the troopers advisement that he could have impounded my rental car, thrown me in jail, and had the jailers perform a […]