Monthly Archives: November 2005

Blog Wedding

Wedding Plans Conversations with Mud Indie rocker turned downhill mountain biker Capt. Jack Sparrow is engaged. In three generous posts, she shares her surprise at this happy turn of events. She says “I don’t feel the need to write a really emotional blog … But something big is happening in my life, and I shouldn’t […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Dateable DC Cookie Our writer offers a succinct guide for finding out whether a suitor is really interested. This particular post was recommended by a fellow DC blogger, (I am not sure whether she wants to be anonymous or not so I won’t mention her name. ) but it’s an excellent recommendation and my thanks […]


The Expats: Ujezd and Nathan DC residents end up in all kinds of places. Baby Banana recently sent a note about two DC bloggers now overseas, and included these descriptions: Meg of the blog Ujezd left a good job in DC to got to Prague and get her Masters, wrote BabyBanana. See this post, a […]

Blog First Impressions

The Metro Thingy And other reports by the new and wide-eyed. … Now, If I could only find the “Metro” thingy that everyone keeps talking about. After calling a very helpful convincing and informative friend that is from MD I managed to build up the courage to find this Metro … By a first time […]

Blog History

When Your Blog Meets Your Date DC Sleeps Alone Tonight This writer wants to know if it’s a good idea to “dump the backlog” – get rid of months of old posts. She worries “others in the future could have access to my emotional past.” This is short post about an issue that’s probably on […]

Blog House

Pleasantville, DC? growahouse Owner of a house needing a substantial rehab is blogging about his efforts, and there’s a lot involved. This is a very good blog. Click on the blog’s gallery photo link for an idea of the scope of work. But this post, the most recent, is a thoughtful look at how neighbors […]

Blog Art

Blog Designs, Part 1 Son of Clown Ops Part of the fun of blogging is the art of it, the photographs and other design elements. Some bloggers go to elaborate lengths and customize templates, and that’s what this writer has done. He’s recreated his blog with a bold, splashy and engaging look. But, most importantly, […]