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Blog Wedding

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14 St. NW near U Wedding Plans Conversations with Mud Indie rocker turned downhill mountain biker Capt. Jack Sparrow is engaged. In three generous posts, she shares her surprise at this happy turn of events. She says “I don’t feel the need to write a really emotional blog … But something big is happening in my life, and I shouldn’t have a blog if I’m not going to put how I feel about it out there.” Her happiness and excitement is infectious. Love is grand. – Reya. Posts: Wow, for real, the time has come, What I really think about having a wedding, Part I and Part II An excerpt:

… But what makes me unusually quiet on the subject is that I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know how to be a bride-to-be. I don’t even know how to picture my wedding day. I can’t say, “I’ve always kinda pictured my dress looking like this….”

More sleepless in DC The Better Days Project Ever wonder why everyone looks so sleepy on the Metro? Recently, Beauty and the Beltway wrote about her sleepless nights. We now have another tale of sleepless woe. WaPo may do a story next. We pick up the latest report:

… After more than a week of that I left a note: Please try not to shout after 11pm. The walls are thin and we hear everything …

What is Fear Really? Up All Night Jane Jane rarely holds back in writing about her life, and this post is one of the finest examples of her work.

That is one thing I have been noticing lately. Fear. Some people live their whole lives cowering and scared of everything. Scared of change, scared of the good, the bad, the unknown, the possibilities, the chance to succeed or be rejected …

Also Noted: Ice Breaker or Stupid Question? Politics. Avert Your Eyes. My car was broken into last weekend. No one ever said, “I’m so sorry that happened to you.” From Guava Light and Warm Rain Cat Politics. Cute. From Prod & Ponder. Congratulations to John Banville, the recipient of this year’s Booker Prize for his novel The Sea. From Tiaras Optional. Black-capped chickadees flying around. From DC Birding Blog

DC Blogs Noted:

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Dateable DC Cookie Our writer offers a succinct guide for finding out whether a suitor is really interested. This particular post was recommended by a fellow DC blogger, (I am not sure whether she wants to be anonymous or not so I won’t mention her name. ) but it’s an excellent recommendation and my thanks for it: It starts like this:

I believe women can inherently tell the difference between a guy who wants a relationship and a guy who just wants to hook up. But there are so many times we don’t listen to our gut. If you’re currently ‘involved’ with someone, in whatever capacity, and you aren’t sure where his heart is, let me break it down for you: … (Update: Cookie points out a DC Bachelor rebuttal)

The Letter All About Trey Coming out is one of the most healing, also one of the most traumatic things a person can do. Why don’t heterosexuals have to come out? (“Hey mom, I sleep with people of the opposite sex.”) This post is honest and courageous. — Reya

I’m one of the million of your run-of-the-mill gay guys. I work, work out, pay taxes, pay bills, give to charities, go to church, like to travel, etc. I’ll go out for drinks and dinner with my friends occasionally. Like to go to movies. Do you see anything inherently gay there? No.

Mudsugar is a new music and arts blog that adds to the rich list of existing city arts blogs. I don’t know if it has had its official launch just yet, but its design is attractive. It’s looking for writers. Also noted: The deer are more insane than ever this season, writes Church of the Big Sky after hitting a deer. Both deer and driver are fine. I still can’t find stuff at the new Giant, writes The Cords of Billroth, in a critique of it’s food organization. Naptime on the bus. From DC20009


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The Expats: Ujezd and Nathan DC residents end up in all kinds of places. Baby Banana recently sent a note about two DC bloggers now overseas, and included these descriptions: Meg of the blog Ujezd left a good job in DC to got to Prague and get her Masters, wrote BabyBanana. See this post, a church which uses bones for decorations. Nathan, wrote BabyBanana, left a decent job in DC to join the Peace Corps and got sent to Kazakhstan

Socktoberfest 2005 Pink Monkey Knits Pink Monkey Knits uses her opposable thumbs to knit up a storm, she says. A series of artful pics of her projects prove this is true. There’s more than knitting in this blog – great graphics, charming snapshot-ish pics and her list of 100 things about her, because we’ve been “clamoring” for it. – Reya. An excerpt from a recent post:

… The party was held at this amazing store called Housewerks. It used to be a natural gas plant/station, then a stained glass workshop, and now is a store where they sell all of these salvaged items from old houses, restaurants and factories. I wanted to buy so much in there, especially the big, old mantels … Can You Still Be Friends 20 Years Later? Blue Dog Art & Design They did everything together, and then the years went by. Near the eve of a 20th high school reunion … An excerpt:

We have continued to reconnect by e-mail. I even invited her to come to DC for a visit, which she initially accepted, but then declined. At the time, I just accepted the declination without question. Later I did ask her why she changed her mind.

Also Noted DConstructed announces a new city, a new blog Starbucks history and Rumsfeld at Siren Song Grey chest hair on Rock Creek Rambler

Blog First Impressions

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14th NW The Metro Thingy And other reports by the new and wide-eyed. … Now, If I could only find the “Metro” thingy that everyone keeps talking about. After calling a very helpful convincing and informative friend that is from MD I managed to build up the courage to find this Metro … By a first time visitor from Greensboro. From An Open Book. here’s a city ruled by change. Everyone is so educated and people actually say hello to you when they pass by you on the street … By a new resident. From A Light Bright, A Tunnel and A Train. My first impressions is that it’s more of a city than I had previously thought, though not as urban as I usually want my cities to be (knifings on every corner, grime, et al)From The Manrilla Blog. There’s a wonderful utility in telling my fellow citizens that I hail from our Nation’s Capital. For many (especially bartenders) it promptly elicits a declaration about that person’s political position. Being a political junkie, I enjoy this. A DC’er on the road, Purple America. Where Everybody Knows Your Name My Grass if Blue There’s the CPA exam, but the best memory of the day isn’t a testing room, it’s a diner. A restaurant that serves soul food of all sorts. An excerpt: “There goes Prince Charles,” says the burly man. “Yeah, the jerk. Made me miss a light this morning,” replied another. “Do you guys have veggie burgers?” This was followed by snickers and hearty laughter … Also Noted: No kidding: Map to Captain Kidd’s Lost Treasure on Talkin’ Shit About A Pretty Sunset. If that link doesn’t work go here. It’s my 100th, Like You Care – from Sarcastic and Cynical. Promises to continue blogging: repetitive, yet clever. We agree with the latter. Real estate cash out? See The Gravy Train on the Columbia Heights neighborhood blog. Moving to Texas: Yup, I decided it was time to tint that red state with a hint of blue. From Her Ladyship. “The DC Blog That’s Actually About DC,” new blog, 51st State. Note to Readers: Reya, the talented, lyrical and mystical writer of Grace’s Poppies has graciously signed up to help out as a contributor to this effort. Many months ago, Reya sent me a note describing blogging, particularly the personal online journals, as a “gift.” Reya has the ability to quickly get at the essence of an idea and change perception of it. When I characterized the collection of links (to the right) as being “trailer park-like” in its design, she described it, instead, as a “quilt,” that helps knit together a blogging community. I noted earlier that Washington Cube is also part of this emerging collaboration. What many may be unaware of is that Cube has been helping out for sometime, behind the scenes, by frequently suggesting posts she has discovered in her scans of the DC blog universe. She has been an enormous help. Cube has a remarkable set of talents: blog explorer extraordinary (see her Blog-a-Thon) an artist who merges the two mediums (see her Mary Worth series), as well an artful writer and astute social commentator, such as her most recent post, a must-read: What DSL Really Means. Broadly, the dc blogging community has been very supportive and I’m most grateful for it. This tells me that this effort has some value to readers, which is humbling. But collaboration can improve dcblogs, make it stronger and move it in new directions. And I mean collaboration in the truest sense – a project that represents a collective of ideas and joint decision-making that isn’t dependent on any one person. That’s where I believe something like this needs to go, and for those with ideas, thoughts, interest, please send a note.

Blog History

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Uptown Theater When Your Blog Meets Your Date DC Sleeps Alone Tonight This writer wants to know if it’s a good idea to “dump the backlog” – get rid of months of old posts. She worries “others in the future could have access to my emotional past.” This is short post about an issue that’s probably on the minds of many bloggers. Does it have a good answer?

The last man I dated was good at research. 2 hours into our first date, he disclosed that not only had he found my blog, he had read the entire thing.

This did not bode well.

I Blog the Body Electric Dealing in Subterfuges Bloggers who are effectively disembodied from their audience and may want anonymity, nonetheless leave hints about their physical characteristics. Our writer explores the why of this. (Editor’s Note: In my case, I would put my photo on this blog but worry some might quickly mistake it for 007 Sean Connery fan site.)

What investment do I have in embodying myself so insistently and in such detail? And why am I so selective about it?

I’ve Been Blessed With Good Jeans Always Write Success at shopping for jeans.

… And then I was stirred by an ambivalence — kind of happy and guilty at the same time — which I later recognized as the simultaneous terror and exhiliration that comes from realizing you’ve just put one over on God …

Also Noted: Overheard on blah, blah, black sheep. See, gentlemen, here’s the thing: this kind of confidence will get you TONS of points. From Failed Southern Lady. The best way to pop popcorn From Poppy Cedes.

Blog House

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Cleveland Park Post Office Pleasantville, DC? growahouse Owner of a house needing a substantial rehab is blogging about his efforts, and there’s a lot involved. This is a very good blog. Click on the blog’s gallery photo link for an idea of the scope of work. But this post, the most recent, is a thoughtful look at how neighbors interact. An excerpt:

I often wonder who the person is that I project to people. I have found my neighbors to be, on average, very open and engaging. Is that a result of them, or me? Do I project an honest non-threatening persona? Or have I just stumbled into an honest and non-threatening community?

Slughunter This blogger has very good photo and design talents. Returning arrival to the DC metro after living in New Orleans. Check out her work. And read her incredible Katrina story. They lost everything but “are happy to have been able to save our 6 cats and pete the dog.” Bus Thoughts Guava Light and Warm Rain Law school student reflects on the needs of senior citizens. An excerpt: DC does provide for $.60 rides for senior citizens (65 and older), but most of them don’t know and pay the full $1.25 to go five city blocks!! I’m resilient. I have a greater earning power than they do. I don’t think senior citizens should have to pay anything at all to use public transportation. I think we should make things palpably easier on senior citizens, not just take a stick off of the bundle on their back. Also Noted: Best Reason Award for Blogging About Everything that Goes On in Your Life goes to the writer of Overeducated Underpaid DC Ramblings: i hate how my memory is completely useless… (From introductory post, but check out restaurant reviews.) I Miss DC, writes a Richmond transplant with a list of reasons. … why is DC the only place that you can get chicken wings and Mambo sauce? From No Psychological Romance. The EagleBucks solution for AU. From DCent. Site Note: Archive files have been restored. Want to give a shoutout to my hosting provider, GoDaddy, for excellent service.

Blog Art

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Foggy Bottom Metro Blog Designs, Part 1 Son of Clown Ops Part of the fun of blogging is the art of it, the photographs and other design elements. Some bloggers go to elaborate lengths and customize templates, and that’s what this writer has done. He’s recreated his blog with a bold, splashy and engaging look. But, most importantly, he’s sharing how it came about. There’s an interesting story here, a story of lessons learned, and it’s coming out in a couple of parts.

As a few people have expressed interest in how the new design came about and how much it cost, I wanted to talk a bit about it. Those of you who are interested in redesigning your own blogs can learn about what it’ll cost you, and can probably learn from some of my mistakes …

Crazy For (office) Love Office Infatuation This is a writer’s “moronic babelfest over a guy I work with … that I can’t get out of my head.” Very entertaining read by a self-aware, if not tortured, writer. An excerpt:

… Horrifying because my fears were realized … He has a girlfriend! They’ve been dating for about 3-4 months. A huge lump was lodged in my throat for several days afterward. However, after a plethora of drinks, he said the most interesting thing to me … Mayor’s Blog Dies DCist In a heads-up report, DCist’s Martin Austermuhle reports that Mayor Williams has given up on his blog. The mayor was ahead of the curve in taking up blogging, and I hoped his blog might inspire other elected officials to do likewise. But the Mayor’s decision will have the opposite effect because it gives capital to those who believe blogging is unimportant.
Also Noted Diamonds are NOT forever: This Aussie blogger finds a diamond ring while waiting seven hours to pay respects to Rosa Parks. I stood on something hard, then I looked down at the trampled dirt and there it was. I immediately felt horrified and sick, knowing how the person who lost it would feel and then wondered what to do. … From My Life as an Alien in modern-day USA. In your face dieting at DC Cookie and Gym guilt at City Sparkle. Looking for something different to do this weekend? Then check out the Cabaret at Signature. From Stephen Gregory Smith. Pumpkin Digression from Metrocurean. New restaurant, Vegetate, a report at All I Think About is Food.