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DC Bl06s: Toxic Holiday Edition

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Survival of the Drunkest The American Dream for Country Mice. So you thought your relative visit was bad? An excerpt:

I am entirely uncertain how she thinks I managed to break the toilet in my bathroom or cause the plastic on the new microwave to peel, but she clearly feels that I am somehow to blame for the fact that her 1950 townhouse is breaking.

Smelt Party EJ Takes Life The best course at this Boxing Day dinner party is a love story. Recommended by Kathryn. An excerpt:

“But at that party everyone was dancing!” Marie’s eyes are wide as she gets to the juicy part. “And so I found myself dancing with him. And Tom says, he says ‘how is a girl like you not married yet?”

“Well,” our neighbor Debbie interjects, “you had a hell of an excuse.”

She’s Full of Holiday Spirits Always Write An apparent desire for grandchildren prompts this Grandma to sing. “Well that’s something different!” She was getting louder. “I’m talking about a boy. Why can’t you meet someone, get married, have a family? I mean, let’s face it–” and then she began to sing off-key — “the clooooock is tiiiiiick-iiiiinnnnnng, la la la laaaa deeeee daaaaah…” Love Outlook Climaxes in the New Year DC Shenanigans After the third relative inquiry about her love life, our writer begins “cooking up glorious stories.” An excerpt: Story No. 1: The stereotypic engagement to the college boyfriend, but the rock was en route from Africa. It would be a long engagement. Home for the Holidays City Mouse Shares 25 observations about her trip to Poughkeepsie. Including:

7. When the lights went up at the end of the show the woman punched me very hard in the arm and told me that she had a terminal illness so it was okay that she talk during the show. I respectfully disagreed. My father said I should have turned her in for assault but I was too speechless to do or say anything and busy worrying whether my arm would be bruised.

Holiday Stress A Swift Kick and A Band-Aid There’s no place like home:

For the first time in my life, I’m anxious to get back to DC. I am antsy to have my space back, where I can think or experience my feelings without being observed or interrogated.

Also Noted:

Does the Army & Navy club have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy? If (more like when) I get a little tipsy at lunch and blurt out something gay, will I be dishonorably discharged from the lunch? I wonder… From It’s Like Three’s Company, But Not. Year-end album recommendations at The DCeiver. Holiday food question: Don’t you also find it ironic, they never push health foods like carrots and apples on you? From Johnny DC. Fashion Flounders of 05 by Borrowing (and causing) Trouble. Urban Gentrification Meets Bulletproof Windows. This is an NPR streaming audio report: As some Washington, D.C., neighborhoods become more affluent, the bulletproof glass in local convenience stores is causing conflict between merchants and area customers. Found this link via Frozen Tropics. About Michelle Malkin’s latest screed “Unhinged,” Alt Hippo, points to an Amazon review written by Noel Hurley. (Once on Amazon, you need to go back three pages to get to the Malkin review, but some of the others are hilarious as well) After You’ve Opened the Gifts: Avoid becoming an easy target for post-holiday burglars by not leaving boxes for new electronics and other items in the alley or other garbage pick-up locations for several days at a time. Advice from MPD Officer K. A. Sodimu on Petworth News. Site note: Back in 06. Happy New Year!

Blog and Pony Show

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When Mr. Satan Knocks on My Heart’s Door Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog The Princess, whose mission is to “keep track of Condoleezza’s hairdo so you don’t have to,” has started audio blogging with the help of a gadget (a link is provided) that makes it easy to convert vinyl to mp3s. Her first audioblogging effort offers two songs from Marcy Sings to Children, including the Mr. Satan song. The Princess writes:

Disturbing Christian music for children is one of my favorite genres, and I’ve got more than a dozen LPs by the fabulously nightmarish Marcy, whose power to clear a room exceeds even Throbbing Gristle.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2006 Filmmaking For The Poor This DC based blogger focuses on independent filmmakers. He describes his mission this way: Compared to the multi-national, multi-million & multi-billion dollar Hollywood Indiewood film production and distribution companies and their resources, most all other filmmakers are poor. This blog will celebrate films made on a very low budget. This is a well research post with a strong collection of links.
Also Noted: Dupont Circle makes the list of worst public “squares” in the U.S. It’s at number 13. Education Plaza in DC ranks at 10. City Hall Plaza in Boston is first. From Project for Public Spaces. Blogging about the list is the 13th Floor from Governing. The kindnesses of strangers. A suit is needed in a hurry and a Nordstrom’s sales clerk responds. From Neptunus Lex I won’t tell anyone that Mark Warner is running for president if you don’t. Richard Barton writing for the Falls Church News-Press. Tonic Owners Head to Foggy Bottom. From Metrocurean. Religious Vigil Against Torture, tonight from 5 to 7, outside the vice president’s house. Come demonstrate quietly and peacefully with candles, flashlights, and signs on the sidewalk across from the house. Once you arrive, take your place next to the last person in line, on the sidewalk, facing the Vice President’s House. A line will be created down Massachusetts Avenue as long as the number of people who have joined. This is a vigil – please, no shouting or chanting. From DC Metro Action.

Blog Vixen and ….

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Comet Deli sign, Adams Morgan. The Comet is closing. See also noted item for details. Christmas in Iraq Chairborne Stanger Christmas for a DC metro soldier serving in Iraq includes a roadside bomb scare, a banquet and an invitation to dance. There are at least two Christmas related post. Here’s an excerpt from one:

Boots on the ground. Running around, searching cars. Pointing my very loaded and lethal weapon at people and vehicles. Shots fired. Thinking I was going to get blown up for a good half hour …

Miracle Whip on West 34th Street Washington Cube This intrepid reporter goes to Baltimore with camera and returns with a richly illustrated report about a place that decorates for Christmas in John Waters style. It starts: There is a street in Baltimore that has been over-the-top for several years now: hubcap christmas trees, crab reindeer sleighs, pink flamingos and a lot of Grinches. The community of Hampden calls it “Miracle on 34th Street,” and it draws quite a crowd every Christmas season. Travis Saves Christmas. Throwing Hammers This blogger’s humor and photoshop talents are going great guns in this holiday tale that spread over a number of posts. Just scroll through it. And please check out the Playaz Ball 12 days of Christmas for more photoshop wiz and humor. Off to Seattle why.i.hate.dc This blogger, who began his mission to “mercilessly mock anything related to life in the Washington metro area” in March 2003, is starting a new job in Seattle. This blog, one of the city’s most popular, was relentless and often dead-on-target in its sharply written and often amusing criticisms of local government, media and DC life. (The Washington Post profiled the author earlier this year.) In the post announcing his move, the writer also offers an explanation and advice. An excerpt:

If you’re a like-minded individual, and you are in D.C. or thereabouts, and you don’t like what you see… don’t stop observing and criticizing where needed, but try to be more active than I was in changing things. We have a lot of smart and thoughtful people who live here, but I think that too often they let their ideas and their individuality get subsumed by the great gray mass that is Washington.

Manual Labor: Harder than it Looks The Home Improvement Ninja With hammer and wit, this writer is is chronicling his attempt to renovate an 100 year old townhouse. An excerpt: After installing some floors, your lower back hurts from being hunched over; you wrist hurts from from the impact (you have to hit each nail hard at least 2 or 3 times to get it to go in right) and you get callouses on you hand. Okay, okay, callouses on my hand and my wrist hurts, please spare me the comments on excessive onanism. Also noted The Comet Deli is closing, reports Sandwich Repair Kit. (Photo on top of page shows the Comet’s landmark sign in Adams Morgan) In today’s edition, The Washington Post offered this report about the Comet, A Blaze of Memory and Regret. Adios Jerry Phillips. This longtime radio voice on WHUR, was recently dropped by Clear Channel Communications, reports the Washington Post. El Guapo in DC isn’t happy with the decision Silent Night. The view from the G2 bus on Christmas Eve. In Shaw. Holiday spirit at Dupont Circle Starbucks, writes Millionaire Socialite. $10. Some local spots around U Street and Georgia Avenue to get food for under $10. A Capitol Life. Site Note: Postings will be at a somewhat less frequent pace through the New Year.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Secret faucet location revealed: located at 21st and I Street, NW on the side of the TGIF restaurant, which is near Tower Records. They've been this way for many years. This Greeting Has Been Cleared by My Attorney Avert Your Eyes Politically safe holiday cheer. An excerpt:

This greeting is warranted to perform as reasonably may be expected within the usual application of good tidings, for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first.

I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care Angry Pregnant Lawyer A view on belief and being good. An excerpt:

I am an agnostic. More than that, my views on God are like that old joke about the difference between ignorance and apathy: I don’t know and I don’t care.

Also Noted: Maryland is NOT a southern state, writes Failed Southern Lady. I understand why Marylanders might want to be southern. I mean who wouldn’t want all that baggage to drag around with them? A story about a mugging by DC Sleeps Alone Tonight. Sanitized music for children: a haiku rant. From Fictional Rockstar. (Best Haiku of the Week Award from Reya.) Why eavesdropping is always a bad idea, writes Dixie In DC, “stories from a displaced Southern Belle surviving inside the Beltway.” Daily Preciousness’ report about the recent New Orleans protest in Lafayette Park. A blogging mapping tool recommendation at The Goodspeed Update. Discount dining during Restaurant Week from Jan. 9-15th. Details at DC Foodies. Site Note: Postings will be at a somewhat less frequent pace through the New Year. I hope everyone gets to share this holiday with someone special, a kindness with a stranger, and a way to make amends. Those are my hopes at leastkob.

DC Blogs Noted:

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fun with photoshop; haphazard coloring is deliberate If My Life Were A Movie Gwadzilla Our writer, taking random photographs, has a run in with someone and his camera is stolen.

…as I took the third shot and got ready for a different angle for the fourth a driver shouted at me from his truck, “what you flashing at me?” …

The Reason for the Season City Sparkle This writer’s church attendance has gradually declined and it troubles her. An excerpt:

I miss going to church. I just feel like I can’t now. Which is dumb, because of course I can anytime. I just feel guilty because I’ve been gone so long. When I was in high school I went pretty much every week, then in college I went during breaks, and more in the summer, and now I basically go 1-3 times a year. I didn’t even go on Easter this year.

Also Noted: The Chutry Experiment has a link to a new video documentary project, TurnHere, chronicling neighborhoods throughout the US, including two in DC, Dupont Circle and Shaw. A very good point is made about the error rate differences in the Wikipedia and Britannica on Lies & Fish. Blogger Meetup Wednesday: So far 21 people have RSVPed ‘Yes’ for the blogger Meetup on Wednesday, with nine others possible – a nice turnout. These are very informal meetings and everyone is welcome — all you have to do is just show-up. In Adams Morgan at Pharaoh’s Bar & Grill, 1817 Columbia Rd. It starts at 7 p.m. (Photo Credit: Rob Goodspeed)

DC Blogs Noted:

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Trials of Communal Living Hey Pretty Living in a group house reaches a breaking point after a President Bush refrigerator magnet arrives. An excerpt:

I thought it could be a bonding experience for a house populated by liberals and moderate Dems. I thought wrong.

The Half-Light Lipstick Gargoyle The writing is as good and interesting as the blog name. An excerpt: I think the greatest women in my family have had a close relationship with the twilight. Our greatest work is done then. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Till human voices wake us, and we drown. Neighbors call 911 over loud lovemaking.

Yeah, that’s right. We got a visit from the po-po because I’m a screamer.

Also Noted: Panda Ticket Tip: We met Zookeeper Mo, who told us the Zoo Secret– that despite the hype, it’s really quite easy to get tickets to see the pandas, especially when it’s cold. Just show up at 11:00 and claim the no-show tickets. Great photos. Panda-Monium! at EJ Takes Life. Bus drivers who ignore you. True life from Countersignature. Identity theft attempts. I have received numerous “phishing” phone calls that attempt to obtain personal information such as my social security number under the guise of checking some account or other. From Antigravitas. Two tales of out-of-control passion on the Metro. Separate incidents witnessed by Chase-ing Complacency and Scary Little Monkey. A pedestrian gets indignant when warned about traffic, from A Blokes Blog, the story of “a British bloke living in America.” New Orleans song in Dupont Circle, from The Iron Fist of Love. Tourist report: Observing the homeless in McPherson Square. Despite the wonderful day, I did see something that left me feeling a bit uneasy. During our cab ride we drove past McPherson Square, which is a couple of blocks from the White House. The square was completely littered: with newspapers, trash, and people … From Xoloitzquintle.

Blog Gifts Needed

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M Street A special request: A friend of a DC Metro blogger in Iraq is assembling care packages for 300 Marines and Army troops stationed there. They are in a relatively “HOT” zone and keeping their spirits up is a must, writes Julia, the organizer and whose friend is the blogger, Chairborne Stranger. Her list of what’s needed: Cookies and baked goods, food that is packaged and won’t go bad, jerky, boxes of cereal, chocolate and candy in winter (won’t melt), tuna/canned goods, granola/nuts, personal items, including tootbrushes, soap, razors (Mach 3), coffee for coffee lovers, warm clothes for winter, letters and cards, games to play, DVDs or CDs, reading material (books, newspapers, magazines) and socks (always exciting) All these will go out about 2nd week of January. With the elections and holidays mail is slow to none existent so I wanted to wait a bit to send everything. If you have things to donate for this, please write Julia at: Brave Old World Circle V A writer considers the state of the world and the line at Starbucks. A thoughtful essay recommended by Jamy. An excerpt:

There is this other world out there. A world where leaders of countries don’t believe in the holocaust. Where people see little use for their own life than to blow themselves up for a God that has done nothing for them. Or maybe we are the other world?

Also Noted Top Five Rookie Mistakes for a Martini Drinker. DC Drinks. A blog recommended by Washington Cube, who has some drinks as well. A different kind of online dating: Of course I already fell in love with one of the guys. Well, his genes anyway. Writes the Green Chair after discovering a searchable sperm bank. Moran. DC Donut. iBook on life support. The best thing about owning an Apple computer is that you feel like it becomes a part of you. PC users yell at their machines. I’ve literally spooned my iBook. Twice. Writes Way Beyond Sunset after her iBook hard drive fails. Double parking and Sunday church service controversy. As for the Sunday morning double-parking problem, for the time being, they [the police] will exercise discretion but are asking the church and residents to work together to come to a solution and have supposedly encouraged the churches to work diligently with us. From Summoner of Nothing, after a visit by two senior office of the DC PC visited her. Background: DCist report. Kong This: I wouldn’t rant and rave about it. Crazy City Girl. Bike Handle on Richardson. Interesting photo composition by In Shaw. Intern Capitol Hill report: If I got a job on the Hill, I would probably start believing I was an extremely important person doing extremely important things, even when I was just making photocopies. I might even be right. From It Never Happened.

Blog Secrets and Muggings

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Scenes from the PostSecret exhibit The Exhibit PostSecret Without question, PostSecret is one of the most interesting and captivating blogs today. The anonymous post cards are, in many cases, messages of profound distress, guilt, hope and desire for redemption. They’re also works of art and that art is on display through January 18 at the former Georgetown Staples Store 3307 M Street. The person behind PostSecret is, Frank Warren, a DC area blogger. Last night a fundraising reception was held for the National Hopeline Network, a hotline for those in crisis.
Mugged Again The Danger Blanket Our writer was mugged Saturday, his second time since moving to DC in September. His car is also broken into. Twice. A female roommate is mugged as well. What is going on? The first post chronicles his mishaps. A second post offers an analysis of the crimes. An excerpt:

This is ridiculous. I know hundreds of people that have lived in Washington for ages and haven’t any dealings with crime, but I’ve already had way more than my fair share, and I’ve only been about ¼ of a year.

Related: Mugging Near Giant Food. My sister, and I were mugged at gun point Sunday evening (December 12th) around 10th & O Street. We needed something that we could not get from Whole Foods thus went to the Giant at 9th & O St. around 5:45 PM, and were mugged on our way home sometime around 6:30ish. … One had a silver revolver. – From Logan Circle News. Also Noted Returning to a Locked Down DC. Jonathan Rowe, On The Commons, There is a connection, I think, between the police state on the Hill and the corporatizing of the neighborhoods. A retail chain that demands conformity in its thousands of outlets is of a piece with a government that demands conformity from its citizens. From the City Desk. Mushy. A collection of scenes and people at Busboys and Poets. The writer is 29 years old. I live in Washington, DC. I’m married. I have a dog, to whom I talk. Often. I’m an only child. A few years ago I met an independent filmmaker at a meeting for work. She asked me if I was a producer; I said no. She said, “That’s surprising. You seem like you have stories to tell.” From Multitudes. Reya recommendation. Viridian, a review, by The Kitchenette. The sea-foam green paint and metallic sign whispering “Viridian,” was so minimalist, we literally missed it four times while driving. Rasika, First Impressions. Our meal started with fabulous palak chaat, a bowl of crispy fried spinach with sweet yogurt and tamarind date chutney. From the Metrocurean. The problem of forgeries of Rodin drawings. From The ARTery. National Zoo Birding. During sustained cold spells like what we experienced over the past two days, local ponds freeze over, leaving waterfowl to seek other open waterways. One place where open water is guaranteed is the National Zoo. Most ponds are heated, and the stretch of Rock Creek below the zoo rarely freezes. So the zoo’s waterfowl population will rise considerably during cold snaps. From A DC Birding Blog. Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Now Registering Youth and Adults for Spring 2006 Classes and Workshops

Blog Silence

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Sounds of Silence I’m not a girl, not yet a wino A talented writer examines the unease of silence. An excerpt:

I can’t stand to watch a couple at a neighboring restaurant table eat an entire meal without conversation. To me it is diagnostic of a dying relationship rather than a choice steak. There is always the intricate design of the silverware, the vivid blue of the hostess’ skirt, the bit of cork that make it into your glass of red. There must be something to say.

Buttery Goodness Sprite Writes
Our writer managed to get some tickets to view the baby panda. We pick up the report.
Should you ever get the opportunity to be invited in to play with a baby panda, I’d like to offer the following advice: wear thick jeans and work boots. Because a baby panda likes to play in much the same way a two-year-old likes to play. It’s very physical.

Best. Blog. Ever. Church of the Big Sky A criticism of cult-like blogging behavior. – Washington Cube recommendation.

I’ve been thinking alot lately about what I call the “Cult of Blogger-ality” where well known bloggers get heaps of praise and slavish comments even for the crappiest posts. You know the type:”Awesome! You rule!””You totally rock, dude!””YEAH! WOO-HOO!”

Also Noted Are you a hipster? A Gawker poll adapted for DC by theUpStatelife. Things I learned in DC: That I do not hate conservatives. In fact, they have some good points. From a list by Green Nebula, who is returning to Austin. Poetry Slam in Chinatown. She stood up, introduced herself as “Chunky” and then fell into a sort of trance. From Then Every Star.
If you don’t want graffiti move to Virginia. With Borf sentencing in place, a debate about graffiti on Logan Circle Community News. Says one commenter: If you guys want to have a graffiti/character-free home and neighborhood, please do all of us a favor and move to Virginia. I would grant you that Borf got a little out of hand there at the end but you must admit that what he did is better than gang tags and, to many people, is considered art. Wrote another: Vandalism in the form of graffiti doesn’t add “character.”

DC Blogs Noted:

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Whole Foods Magnets Thoughts When I Really Should be Working Whole Food isn’t just a store, it’s a strange lifestyle. This post begins:

There is nothing more fascinating about living in the area of DC that i do, logan circle, than the way it’s defined by a grocery store. within a month of moving into the area, people suddenly eat only organic foods, even though we don’t even know what that means. we quickly decry all our years of shopping at more common grocery stores …

I got in an argument with a cab driver tonight Talkin’ Shit About A Pretty Sunset A pure vent: (Dennis find.) Our cab drivers have been stealing money from us for too long in the form of jacked- up fares. So even though they’re jacked-up, people are supposed to lie down and take it because cab drivers are proletarian. She’s Your Cocaine Here. In My Head The best part of jury duty is the movie. (Dennis find)

Finally someone came i at 9:15 to show us this kick ass video from the 80s about how jury selection happens. I’m telling you, there were some FIERCE hair styles in the video. That was pretty much the only thing keeping my attention through the video.