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DC Bl06s: Toxic Holiday Edition

Survival of the Drunkest The American Dream for Country Mice. So you thought your relative visit was bad? An excerpt: I am entirely uncertain how she thinks I managed to break the toilet in my bathroom or cause the plastic on the new microwave to peel, but she clearly feels that I am somehow to […]

Blog and Pony Show

When Mr. Satan Knocks on My Heart’s Door Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog The Princess, whose mission is to “keep track of Condoleezza’s hairdo so you don’t have to,” has started audio blogging with the help of a gadget (a link is provided) that makes it easy to convert vinyl to mp3s. Her first audioblogging […]

Blog Vixen and ….

Christmas in Iraq Chairborne Stanger Christmas for a DC metro soldier serving in Iraq includes a roadside bomb scare, a banquet and an invitation to dance. There are at least two Christmas related post. Here’s an excerpt from one: Boots on the ground. Running around, searching cars. Pointing my very loaded and lethal weapon at […]

DC Blogs Noted:

This Greeting Has Been Cleared by My Attorney Avert Your Eyes Politically safe holiday cheer. An excerpt: This greeting is warranted to perform as reasonably may be expected within the usual application of good tidings, for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first. I Don’t […]

DC Blogs Noted:

If My Life Were A Movie Gwadzilla Our writer, taking random photographs, has a run in with someone and his camera is stolen. …as I took the third shot and got ready for a different angle for the fourth a driver shouted at me from his truck, “what you flashing at me?” … The Reason […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Trials of Communal Living Hey Pretty Living in a group house reaches a breaking point after a President Bush refrigerator magnet arrives. An excerpt: I thought it could be a bonding experience for a house populated by liberals and moderate Dems. I thought wrong. The Half-Light Lipstick Gargoyle The writing is as good and interesting […]

Blog Gifts Needed

A special request: A friend of a DC Metro blogger in Iraq is assembling care packages for 300 Marines and Army troops stationed there. They are in a relatively “HOT” zone and keeping their spirits up is a must, writes Julia, the organizer and whose friend is the blogger, Chairborne Stranger. Her list of what’s […]

Blog Secrets and Muggings

The Exhibit PostSecret Without question, PostSecret is one of the most interesting and captivating blogs today. The anonymous post cards are, in many cases, messages of profound distress, guilt, hope and desire for redemption. They’re also works of art and that art is on display through January 18 at the former Georgetown Staples Store 3307 […]

Blog Silence

Sounds of Silence I’m not a girl, not yet a wino A talented writer examines the unease of silence. An excerpt: I can’t stand to watch a couple at a neighboring restaurant table eat an entire meal without conversation. To me it is diagnostic of a dying relationship rather than a choice steak. There is […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Whole Foods Magnets Thoughts When I Really Should be Working Whole Food isn’t just a store, it’s a strange lifestyle. This post begins: There is nothing more fascinating about living in the area of DC that i do, logan circle, than the way it’s defined by a grocery store. within a month of moving into […]