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Blog Nosh

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One Night Out Grateful Dating Our writer attends a City Paper-sponsored “nosh mob,” where the bartender calls her “sweetheart.” Is he flirting? Jamy wonders. She calls another DC dating blogger for advice. The end result is a narrative that artfully captures the moment. An excerpt:

“You should mingle more!” “I would, but have you seen this group? Everyone brought a friend.”

“That’s true. But you just sit at the bar and say hello to whoever you’re next to. It’s easy.”

“Not with these people…” I motioned to the woman sitting next to me, who still had her back turned.

He smiled slightly, cocked his head, and said quietly, “Well, no. Not with them.”

He’s Back (And he wants comments) Mayor’s Blog Mayor Anthony Williams started his blog last summer but stopped posting in September without explanation. The mayor resumed posting this month and said he will bring a “renewed commitment” to the blog. He recently posted this:

I know that over the last five or so months I’ve essentially killed this blog. I know that. I recognize that I’m attempting a resurrection here. But we’ve got big issues to discuss and this is an important forum to air them. What could be bigger than education, public safety, baseball, the proposed new hospital? Come on folks. It takes two people to have a conversation. We need your contribution. Now!

Also Noted: ‘Capers was an amazing play, writes The Life and Times of Chai. Those of us who live in Northwest, in Virginia, in Maryland live in a bubble. We don’t see how gentrification affects those who are getting kicked out or bought out for people like me to live in their areas. I encourage all of you to go see this play. Ends Feb. 5th. Volunteering has its perks. Floor seats with two seven year olds. From Tales From the Club. Big Changes – a Photo Essay. This is very good, clever and touching. From Pie Pants. Just don’t lick them … See photos on The Graduate. Best use of parking meters ever. Chicken antioxidant soup at Iron Fist of Love.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Inside the Secret Lonnie Bruner Our writer helps PostSecret blogger Frank Warren select post cards for this week’s edition. He shares the experience. An excerpt:

We sat at a table, separating our favorites from the rest, and went through the highly selective process of choosing the final 23. At one point I asked Frank, “So how often do you have people help you with this?” He responded, “You’re the first.”

Bloggers Poetry Reading — You’re Invited Grace’s Poppies It’s Thursday, Feb. 2 and you don’t need to leave the house. The location is on your blog. Spread the news. An excerpt:

Select a poem you like – by a favorite poet or one of your own – to post February 2. I don’t imagine zillions of bloggers will partake of this online celebration of midwinter, but I am curious to see who is called to join this project, and especially curious to read the poetry that gets published.

Also Noted: More houses sold below listing price than above in the month of December, according to a list of home sales published monthly on Petworth News. Of the 26 house sales on this list, 6 sold for over the list price, 8 were sold at the list price, and 12 below. In Shaw also has a list of eight recent house sales and only one sold above the list price; five were sold below their list price, and two sold at the list price. Adventures in DC car buying. At one point we were being followed by these guys – who were shouting things we chose not to hear. Sirens were still wailing – and not in the distance either. From Random Musings. Of urgent importance: The famous Dupont Circle landmark, Brewmaster’s Castle, “a living time machine,” writes the The Washington Oculus, may be soon sold to the highest bidder and converted into private use. Debt is forcing it into foreclosure. New blogger, DC Princess, writes about her dining experience at Mon Ami Gabi in Bethesda. Link Update: The blog Real World Bethesda is now Girl with a Cat.

Blog Gentlemen

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Elevator Etiquette I Caught You a Delicious Blog Elevator behavior is a common blog topic. Maybe it’s the close proximity, faux intimacy, and its randomness. It’s a rant, fellas, and it starts:

Lately I have been noticing an influx of ‘Elevator Gentlemen’ in my office building. In my books, an ‘Elevator Gentleman’ is a man who holds the elevator door for a woman, and ushers her in the elevator before entering himself. While inside the elevator, as the designated floor approaches, he softly steps back, and waits for her to exit the elevator before leaving himself. Now. Is this really necessary?

Lafayette’s Hipster In the City for Art and a Job The story: boy-man challenges mild-mannered dc art scene. Requests job and places to art. A new and energized blog. Also Noted There are spelling errors and then there are spelling errors in neon. From Washington Cube. (Cube tells me she was out in the freezing cold last night to take this photo. It was worth it.) The monthly horror show that is our gas statement: $353.18 billed to Happy Pants! Best line of the week. Sex and the Single Lady at Blackberry Debutantes. Blank Slate, The Photo by Prod & Ponder. Almost empty Metro car but: Getting whomped in the chest is one thing, but winding up in Van Ness is a problem in and of itself. From Time I’ll Never Get Back. In Defense of Sisterhood: I thought I’d do my part for woman-kind by showing the flip-side of woman-bashing (however popular it may be) … From roarsavage. Morgan in Rwanda. I featured this blog last week just as this writer was leaving for Africa. Check out her photos and stories since arriving. It’s very good. That CVS system makes no sense says the Big Green Chair. Bourbon Bunk: Hype and America’s Greatest Spirit. On DC Drinks. I think fat free cream cheese should be outlawed says Johnny DC. Catalog of Bethesda discoveries at Bethesda Rookie

DC Blogs Noted:

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When Do I Call? First Date DC DC Bachelor is convinced he gives “the best dating advice in the world.” If that were so, DCB wouldn’t need to team up with Kathryn to launch First Date DC. But that’s why this new blog will likely be an entertaining and popular read. It brings together two sharp but contrasting writers with large readerships. It’s a welcome addition. An excerpt from the introductory post penned by Kathryn:

… As our friendship progressed, and we felt close enough to share intimate blogging details, we discovered we both got a lot of dating-related search hits and reader questions. How many days to wait after a date to call? What did he mean when he said it was over? How can I meet easy women? Why do guys send flowers after a date? How do you break up with someone? But seriously, when do I call? …

A new neighborhood blog? Columbia Heights News Columbia Heights News started last month. The blog says its mission “is to provide the latest news and information about the Columbia Heights.” But the blog appears focused on commercial development issues, with particular interest in getting Whole Foods to open a store in this neighborhood. Another goal of this blog is “to serve as a conduit for all the contributions provided by the community.” But it’s a fair to ask how that will happen if the blog authors remain anonymous. And that’s been the source of controversy and discussion. See: A Battle is Raging at Inside the DC Bubble and Whole Foods or Whole Conspiracy in Columbia Heights at Metroblogging. Visit Columbia Heights Yahoo Group as well. Columbia Heights News is a new blog and like all blogs completely free to follow its own path. And I can sympathize with anyone who wants to stay below the Google radar. The default position for many bloggers is anonymity and most readers respect a desire for privacy. But a blog with a newsgathering mission has other issues to consider, especially one reporting on commercial development. A serious community news blog, a hyper-local effort, as a general rule, operates as much on trust as content. Also Noted: Osama ruined my condo value? Where to buy at the Metro DC Sewer, a new blog. For sale signs everywhere. With photo in post, “Speculators Looking to Get Out!” on Bubble Meter. The New Mimosa by DirectCurrent. G-thinking: Here I am tonight, working late at the office in a blue and white polka dot g-string, contemplating love and control. Aunt Sassy’s Condo.

Blog High, Blog Lowe

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DC to LA: The Rob Lowe Interview
Hookers and Blow
Momentary Academic interviews LA blogger
Rob Lowe (not the actor) in the latest edition of Hookers and Blow, a collaborative online journal. Lowe is sharp and witty and a good subject for this. He can also write a sentence: The chorus of my internal dialogue being muted by sleep depravation and over-indulgence through all that is unhealthy. Lowe’s in LA and links to DC bloggers and that makes him part of this expanding local universe. – Cube recommendation. (link goes to main page, scroll down – check out the other journal entries as well) An excerpt from the interview:

… I got a booty call and went to pick up this girl I was seeing who lived down the street on Kelton. I was wearing boxer briefs, no helmet and not carrying ID. I was so nervous; I couldn’t remember how old I was. The cop stopped me …

Borscht, pelmeni, and plov, oh my!
Merujo’s Kitchen
A delicious cooking journey involving some Russian cooking staples. This is a relatively new group blog. The latest post starts:

Every once in a while, I get a hankering for the common, traditional foods I ate in Moscow. Not all of these were Russian, for the record. Georgian food rocks, and it rocks hard. Uzbek food I simply love …

Also Noted:

The unbreakfast club: DC Cookie reports: … I eat dill pickles, I eat bison, I eat fish, I eat crabs, I eat moussaka … and then there’s Through Irish Eyes .. I dined on Antelope, Boar, Emu and Rabbit. (Cube find)

From Iraq: I missed keeping up on all of the blogs while I was gone. Although if I got a Blackberry and hooked it up to the sat phone, that would be a pretty amusing uplink. Maybe it might work. From Chairborne Stranger.

Writing that’s in tune: Guitar playing to me is like hooking up with girls in high school. It seems to come so easily to some yet to me it’s all fumbling and bumbling and feeling like a dope … from Castor Oil.

I84 unit low income housing project: there have been countless emails flying back and forth on the eckington listserve about this. From Bloomingdale.

Caterwauling experiences a hosting account problem. Interesting read.

DC Blogs Noted

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The Child Actor: Photo Edition Yeah, So I’m … I-66, the blog author, is a former child actor who also did some modeling. The history is explained in an earlier post; you’ll see the link. The most recent post – which drew some 40 comments – is a portfolio of some of his advertising shots. – Cube recommendation. Also Noted: Questions a Man Should Never Ask a Woman by Louder than Words which comes in response to Questions a Women Should Never Ask a Man by A circle has too much symmetry. This is really huge news, says Frozen Tropics: Streetcar Tracks Coming to H Street. Letters to strangers buffet: Dear Platform Bench-Sitting Metro Lady, Dear 1L Chick in the Library, and others. WonL. I stifled a yawn as he pulled out his Blackberry. From a post called The Theory of Entitlement at What Do You Do? Universal truth: Whenever I’m driving or walking around, I have brilliant ideas for blog entries. Whenever I’m in front of a computer, I’ve got nothing. From Where is My Mind? DC is home to two competing kickball organizations, the “corporate” World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) and the newer, less profit-oriented DC Kickball. From Hey Pretty. Using blogs to motivate students by Teacher Sol. Her book: The Girl I Wanted to Be by Sarah Disgrace. Check out the art redesign on No Pasa Nada

DC Blogs Noted:

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Another side to the PostSecret show Thinking About Art Many of PostSecret’s post cards are imaginative and artistically rendered train wrecks of guilt and regret. If the post cards are somehow cathartic for the writer what are they for the viewer? Amusement? Art? Porn? Insight? The viewers had their day with the recent PostSecret exhibition in Georgetown. And our writer offers a perceptive and thought provoking analysis of the people who went to it, and that’s what makes this well illustrated post an important and engaging read. None of this takes away from what Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret, has accomplished. Warren’s effort opens a door into something disturbingly beautiful. The actual title of this post is “Georgetown Gallery Roundup,” an understatement for what it offers its readers. An excerpt:

The formation of a line suggested the same thing to me. It was an assembly line of reading. Few people lingered in front of a card and gave it prolonged, serious thought. People wanted to get to the next funny or embarrassing card.

Be My Valentine – The Application. The ladies at No Sex and the City invite men to apply to join them in celebration of the holiday of togetherness. They write: Before you ask, the application will not get ..
Also Noted Trueborn gets assaulted. Attackers get the worse of it. Good Night Bad Night at Lifes Little Truths. Cube recommendation. Affordable housing and housing values at In Shaw. Perceptive. A list of marriage demands at I Hate Kit Kats. DC Arts Jobs gets a shoutout at Butts in The Seats. This list makes no sense. Ok, DC maybe No. 18 but Baltimore No. 1? See DC Drama Girls and make your own opinion. A postscript. Thank god I can move on … Love and Haterade. Blacksalt restaurant at Ken’s RNR.

DC Blogs and Bloggers Noted:

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Buy Buy Baby
Improbable Things
This is an eye-opening adventure through the cost and complexity of cribs, bassinets, strollers, and, of course, the indispensable Baby DNA Kit. It’s an informative, sharply written and entertaining post. – A
Cube recommendation. An excerpt:

… Cribs…are expensive. They are also known as “deluxe sleeping systems” with no irony at all. You can get 2-in1 up to 4-in-1 cribs, again with little correlation to price. I happily located mini-cribs for those of us still not living in our starter mansion …

Kudos is Due:
Blogging awards deserve to go to Jason’s Ruminations and Ridor for their work on the story about MPD police sitting on a hood of a moving cruiser. Jason had photos and contacted Ridor who posted them on his blog. DCist, which also deserves credit for recognizing the story, picked it up and put it on the radar of local news outfits such as NBC4. The NBC4 report seems solid but should have included links to the blogs responsible for this. In the days before blogs, a complaint of this type would have been too easily dismissed and buried. Self-publishing is a powerful tool, and Ridor and Jason deserve recognition for bringing this to the attention of the community.

Also Noted:

Happy Hour postscript: I can’t say enough good things about the All Blog Happy Hour. I just wish there was more time to talk with people. But extra credit is due to
Kathryn, who kept a list of attendees, handed out nametags and then wrote an outstanding post about it. Kathryn has a complete set of links, but I also want to thank DC Cookie for her write up and kind words.

Poets taking it off, apparently. Lolita & Gilda’s Burlesque Poetry Hour. Monday Jan. 30. This is evidently the premier event. Some accomplished poets will read and … Lolita and Gilda write: All readings will take place at Bar Rouge which is located at 1315 16th street (between Mass. & O). Readings are free to the public but your patronage at the bar will be greatly appreciated. The poets will be “taking it off” and if you want to “have it (that being which is taken off),” you may want to anticipate having a few extra dollar bills as “having it” is not “free.”

Questions a woman should never ask a man by A circle has too much symmetry.

An offer of $33.5 million arrives in the Playaz mailbox. A series of emails are exchanged with frantic haste as the savvy Playaz team negotiates with the head of a major international bank.

Top ablums heard in 2005 by Hate My Way.

Petcasso at the DC Dog Blog.

Blog Travels

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Murphy’s Law Dictates . . . Morgan In Africa In the dcblogs mail Wednesday was a note sent at 5:30 a.m. by a woman, Morgan, about to board to plane to Rwanda. It included a link to her new blog. “I’m not sure if anyone would be interested, since I’ll be writing about Rwanda … but I thought I’d send you a link just in case.” DC bloggers end up in all kinds of places and some on the link list are in Asia and Europe, but they’re still part of the DC blogging community. And based on the writing in this blog, there may be a lot of interest Morgan’s journey. This excerpt is from a post Sunday about a car accident, hence the title …. It begins:

…That whatever can go wrong, will.

Such was Friday night, after I went to see a late movie with a friend. Driving home on Constitution Avenue, getting onto the ramp to the Roosevelt Bridge, a drunk driver swerved in front of me, jumped the curb and rolled his car down the hill next to the road …

Mount Pleasant Project Team Wet Dog Savoring the creative process while pursuing excellence is the philosophy behind the photoblog Team Wet Dog. Both text and image reflect this thoughtful, talented artist’s focus. Please see as well the site. – Reya.
Collaborative Art Darn Knit Every Monday, a group of DC visual artists gets together to create collaborative pieces. Shoofly reports that this past Monday, the group got together at The Argonaut bar on H Street. The results of this week’s collaboration are fantastic. — Reya. An excerpt:

The Argonaut was great. We made it just in time for happy hour, and the staff were really supportive of us being there. How could we resist, they sell pitchers of ‘booty beer’! We had such a good time doing it, we’re thinking of keeping our art nights out for the next few weeks. Where will we be next? hmm…..

DCist happy hour. Thur, Jan. 19. — That’s tonight. Don’t miss.

DC Blogs Noted

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The DeafDC Blog Deaf DC The mission of DeafDC is to provide “access to information, resources and bottom-line benefits for deaf and hard of hearing professionals” in DC Metro. This multi-page, attractively designed site, is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month with the launch of a group blog. I hope its gets a wide readership for the perspective it offers for the “hearies.” An excerpt from a post written by Allison Kaftan:

We’ll go to a restaurant. Waiter comes up. We’re actual living breathing citizens of this world who do, on occasion, patronize restaurants. We know the drill. Hi, my name is blah blah and the specials are blah blah and can I get you some drinks?

But no, before anything can happen, the in-law jumps in: “Just want you to know: these people [gestures to all of us] are all deaf, so you have to look at them and let them read your lips.”

We are absolutely mortified …

GWU Basketball Colonial Hoops Personally, I think college basketball is far more entertaining than the professional alternative and this area certainly has some good teams. Now it has a good blog about one of them, the George Washington University team. Also Noted: Check out photos of Pug, only weeks old it seems. By The Captain (of DC Sports) at a new and more personal blog, Through Irish Eyes. Metro gets its share of knocks from bloggers, but Killy of Knee Deep In It has a $50 story to tell. The market’s Not dead! Another opinion on the DC housing market by a new blog, the RealAstute Real Estate Blog. In other real estate blog news, Inside the DC Bubble, reports about a new retailer on 14th Street, Future Green. What’ s notable, this blogger writes, is that this is the second retail outlet that has opened in DC recently with a mission in mind other than simply turning a profit. Books For America — with its pro-literacy mission — opened in Dupont Circle last year. Unsolicited opinion: What we really need is a not-for-profit grocery store. Longing for Fuzio Universal Pasta and its Firecracker Pork Fusilli. From Eat With Me.
Site note: Important social blogging engagement tonight (scroll down until you see the art …) so I don’t know how much the team will post Thur. )