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Blog Nosh

One Night Out Grateful Dating Our writer attends a City Paper-sponsored “nosh mob,” where the bartender calls her “sweetheart.” Is he flirting? Jamy wonders. She calls another DC dating blogger for advice. The end result is a narrative that artfully captures the moment. An excerpt: “You should mingle more!” “I would, but have you seen […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Inside the Secret Lonnie Bruner Our writer helps PostSecret blogger Frank Warren select post cards for this week’s edition. He shares the experience. An excerpt: We sat at a table, separating our favorites from the rest, and went through the highly selective process of choosing the final 23. At one point I asked Frank, “So […]

Blog Gentlemen

Elevator Etiquette I Caught You a Delicious Blog Elevator behavior is a common blog topic. Maybe it’s the close proximity, faux intimacy, and its randomness. It’s a rant, fellas, and it starts: Lately I have been noticing an influx of ‘Elevator Gentlemen’ in my office building. In my books, an ‘Elevator Gentleman’ is a man […]

DC Blogs Noted:

When Do I Call? First Date DC DC Bachelor is convinced he gives “the best dating advice in the world.” If that were so, DCB wouldn’t need to team up with Kathryn to launch First Date DC. But that’s why this new blog will likely be an entertaining and popular read. It brings together two […]

Blog High, Blog Lowe

DC to LA: The Rob Lowe Interview Hookers and Blow Momentary Academic interviews LA blogger Rob Lowe (not the actor) in the latest edition of Hookers and Blow, a collaborative online journal. Lowe is sharp and witty and a good subject for this. He can also write a sentence: The chorus of my internal dialogue […]

DC Blogs Noted

The Child Actor: Photo Edition Yeah, So I’m … I-66, the blog author, is a former child actor who also did some modeling. The history is explained in an earlier post; you’ll see the link. The most recent post – which drew some 40 comments – is a portfolio of some of his advertising shots. […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Another side to the PostSecret show Thinking About Art Many of PostSecret’s post cards are imaginative and artistically rendered train wrecks of guilt and regret. If the post cards are somehow cathartic for the writer what are they for the viewer? Amusement? Art? Porn? Insight? The viewers had their day with the recent PostSecret exhibition […]

DC Blogs and Bloggers Noted:

Buy Buy Baby Improbable Things This is an eye-opening adventure through the cost and complexity of cribs, bassinets, strollers, and, of course, the indispensable Baby DNA Kit. It’s an informative, sharply written and entertaining post. – A Cube recommendation. An excerpt: … Cribs…are expensive. They are also known as “deluxe sleeping systems” with no irony […]

Blog Travels

Murphy’s Law Dictates . . . Morgan In Africa In the dcblogs mail Wednesday was a note sent at 5:30 a.m. by a woman, Morgan, about to board to plane to Rwanda. It included a link to her new blog. “I’m not sure if anyone would be interested, since I’ll be writing about Rwanda … […]

DC Blogs Noted

The DeafDC Blog Deaf DC The mission of DeafDC is to provide “access to information, resources and bottom-line benefits for deaf and hard of hearing professionals” in DC Metro. This multi-page, attractively designed site, is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month with the launch of a group blog. I hope its gets a wide readership […]