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Blog Zombies

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Zombie Bloggers Throwing Hammers This zombie post might be fodder for a Frank Rich-type column explaining the deeper cultural meaning of blogging behavior. (Is tagging a form zombie acquisition?) But it may be a reach to suggest that this is anything but edgy humor by a very creative and talented storyphototeller, Travis. And it’s served up in obvious good fun to help set the stage for the All Blog Happy Hour on Wednesday, Mackey’s at 1823 L St. NW, starting at 7 p.m. Alert CNN. Six Degrees of Separation The Kitchenette The actual title of this post is “Geishas Are All the Rage,” but one of the things that drew Cube’s recommendation to this particular post by this lyrical writer is a reference to actor Kevin Bacon. Everyone in DC can probably claim one or two degrees of separation from President Bush, but not so to Kevin Bacon. The idea behind “six degrees of separation” is that you can connect two people through six or fewer intermediaries. The Wikipedia describes the game and provides links to the Small World Phenomenon, which sought to prove, scientifically, that we are all closer than we think. Our writer reports from The Geisha House in Hollywood, where Mr. Bacon was; the writing is as tasty and colorful as the food she describes. It begins:

Many complained that the film adaptation of “Memoirs of a Geisha” was boring and slow. Some resented the English speech with Japanese accents. Others said it was trying too hard for authenticity. Luckily there is a geisha of another kind wandering the Hollywood scene, and she tastes so good …

Also Noted: Why you need an SUV. From Choof. Online dating profile wisdom shared by The Daily Life of the Fantastic Subatom. beta feed update: I’ve pulled the automated beta feed offline for technical work as well as a new process for doing the art. But more importantly, I want to change the model. Instead of just adding links from the blogroll, I’m now leaning strongly toward a process where people who want to be included in an automated blog roll sign-up — unless requested a blog link won’t be added. But please don’t send in any request yet; hopefully, I can build a form for this. I don’t have a specific date for resuming service.

DC Blogs Noted

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View of recently repaved but unopened parking lot in the Foggy Bottom area; shot taken from ninth floor, NW Life After Half-Life Looking2Live Cutting edge western medicine can be just like science fiction, but this writer kept her humor – and blogged – throughout her experience of being nuked from the inside out. – Reya. An excerpt:

It has also showed me how important the Blogger community is in my life. In addition to words of support from old friends and new friends, I received comments from perfect strangers who it turns out were reading my Blog and had things to tell me. The miraculous discovery of a keyboard in the hospital was absolutely the thing that kept me sane …

Also Noted: Indebleu review at Dancing through the Law. So, night number three has come and gone, writes Lala. And I’d love to tell you all, my faithful readers, that we went down in flames. And we were taken down not by a big ball of fire but, rather, an inconspicuous effing spark. From Borrowing (and causing) t-r-o-u-b-l-e. DC Cab Rider. A new blog by a longtime city resident who uses cabs frequently. In a note, this blogger wrote: I’ve been riding cabs in DC for many years now, and thought it might be interesting and fun to startwriting down some of those experiences. And look for input from others on their cab experiences, better or worse. Best intro to a post award: Nobody knows this, but I’ve got frozen waffles in my pocket right now. From Cam Jansen’s Protégé. Funny restaurant sign from Don Rockwell. Found this link via Chunaezoh.

DC Blogs Noted:

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The Old Lady Swallowed a Fly Sarcastic and Cynical This blogger’s motto is: “I Make God Sad.” This post proves it. Jamy alerted us to this post: It had me laughing out LOUD, she wrote. Ditto. It starts:

After packing my things back into my bag and readied to leave work, I thought of the delicious meal I would have later and how I should start eating more than soup for lunch. I walked to the elevators and patiently waited until one finally came. It was already full, but I stepped on board, swallowing my claustrophobic feelings.

Femi-Namaste Namaste A talented writer on feminism, violence against women and need for better men. It starts:

I can’t speak for everyone, but I have to say that one of my worst fears(aside from caged birds and extremely large moving staircases) is…for real…something that I’m sure is pretty disturbing to all women. It’s the very real fear of waking up in my own bed only to discover that I am being physically pinned down by some strange, crazy bastard with serious female issues and a warped sense of aggressive entitlement either from hating his mother or being breast fed for far too long …

All Blog Happy Hour: Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 7 p.m. at Mackey’s 1823 L Street. This is a combined effort of the Webloggers Group, the Monthly Blogging Happy Hour, which means that no one should be posting on any blog in the Nation’s Capital that night. This is for all bloggers, anyone who reads blogs, and it’s really a great way to meet people. For more information please see Kathryn’s post. But there’s more: DCist is holding a happy hour the following night, Jan. 19, starting at 6 p.m. at the Cue Bar. Details here. Also Noted: Sculpture Unbound & Dimensions tonight. From Painterly Visions. The Inverted Yield Curve and You by Workers of the World Relax Other highlights of the day included seeing Senator Ted Kennedy on my lunch break. He was just hanging around in the lobby. An intern from Utah starts work on The Hill. From the Foggy Bottom Tribune. Final delurking days. Completely Irrelevant. Some restaurant week experiences: at Eat with Me and Pussycat Doll.

Blog Por Favor

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CVS: Por favor! Please! El Guapo in DC Dennis writes about this post: One of the funniest entries I read in a while. El Guapo has a problem with the fact that his local CVS locks up certain popular yet private products … An excerpt:

Unfriendly customer service? Yes, but not my top issue. Long lines? Yes, but not my top issue. Handwritten “No cash back for Debit” notes? Yes, but not my top issue. Not enough religious candles? Yes, I’d like a larger assortment, but not my top issue. My top issue?

Demons On the W.W. Wagon This is a distressing yet courageous post. Thanks to Velvet for the recommendation, who wrote this about it: I’m totally moved by this post from Stef, and I’m rarely moved by anything. The extent of the humiliation she has been made to feel due to her appearance not being what other people deemed was right – it’s heartbreaking. An excerpt:

I’ve been overweight all of my life. What has come with that is the fact that I have been the victim of some pretty cruel comments for as long as I can remember. They’ve come from strangers, from classmates, from those who are supposed to care about me…

Also Noted: Two Amy’s report at Field of Flowerz. They charged us $9 each for the limoncello which we thought was a bit excessive, but I had been craving limoncello for the last 5 or 6 weeks so I was happy to conquer my craving. A former Blade reporter now in Oahu shares an interesting read from his archive. From But a Well-Organized Closet is Still a Closet. A message from a former DC blogger now in Texas about an election there. I know I have a lot of DC readers here, since that’s my old home, and while this is a Texas race, I’d like to point out that you all have a vested interest in its outcome. From By the Bayou I’m no great fan of Marion Barry, by any means, but I don’t understand why a court, looking at his tax crimes, also ordered him to undergo a drug test. From Dappled Things. A Naval officer in town for a conference writes: My bed in Bethesda is as uncomfortable as my room is poorly appointed. The government-issue, fire-retardant mattress is covered by only a thin sheet that forced me to repress the thought of when last it was changed. I slept moderately last night and awoke at reveille. Water pressure in the shower is so low that I have to run around just to get wet …. From a Corner of the Cosmos.

DC Blogs Noted:

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DC’s Political Bloggers Sam’s Idea Blog It was disappointing to see Mayor Williams’ blog fizzle, but it lacked direction, consistent voice and probably readers. I hope the mayor tries again. An RSS feed, coupled with some genuine insight into what is really going on this city, could be potent. And because Williams isn’t seeking reelection, he doesn’t have a thing to worry about. Not so with Sam Brooks. Brooks wants to represent Ward 3 on the DC city council. He set up a blog last month, a story DCist reported, and may be the first city candidate to do so. Since then, Brooks posted four times. There’s been little reader comment and, with the exception of DCist, no apparent outside links (check Technorati). But I’ll give Brooks credit. Brooks is taking comments and leaving a record for his opponents. That’s an obvious risk for a candidate. But Brooks is also creating opportunity for dialog. That’s a worthwhile tradeoff and a good way to demonstrate leadership in what’s become the forum of choice for many DC residents, a blog. Gonna Be a Cowboy, Baby Mystery Girl Our writer enjoys a short adventure as a truckin’ Cinderella, thanks to an auto repair. An excerpt:

One by one, the three people whose cars were in line before me were called to the cashier, given their keys, paid their bills and left. About fifteen minutes later, the service manager approached.

“Mysterygirl!, can I talk to you for a moment?”

That doesn’t bode well.

Also Noted: Bad Things Artists do to Galleries. A story reported by one of the oldest and best resources for city art news, DC Art News. I’m going to be a DC girl! A new arrival from New Orleans writes about her transition and includes photos of her new apartment. When I came to see the apartment he mentioned that he read some of my blog, that I had sent him a link to, and that he thought I was funny. From The Princess Diaries. Someone broke into my car last night. Life in DC from Candy Sandwich. Weird resolution: I’ve resolved to try cooking with at least two new ingredients each week. So by the end of the year, I will have tried out at least 104 new types of food. From Strange Violin Music. Ever wonder how a coin-operated pool table knows the difference between the cue ball and all of the striped and solid balls? From Where is My Mind? Advisory Neighborhood Commission blog,, Logan Circle, Thomas Circle, Old City, Blagden Alley, Franklin Square, and parts of Shaw and Downtown. The controversy. I have a signed first edition of A Million Little Pieces. WDCdilettante.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Two Minute Warning: Man on Metro Tracks Illusions, Delusions and Confusion A blogger produces this dramatic report about a man who fell on the tracks at the Dupont Circle Station. An excerpt:

Finally it was two minutes until the train was to arrive. Suddenly, a full-grown man, possibly in his forties, fell backwards off the platform, landing back-first on the rain. We heard a loud cracking sound and knew it was the sound of bones breaking. And then he began to moan and groan and pain. The only words he muttered were an agonizing “My leg!”

So where should we drink tonight? Connecticut Avenue A primer of how to effectively name bars and restaurants for ease of reference – Dennis. It starts:

There’s been some odd naming of bars in the Cleveland Park area just lately. The Uptown Tavern for one …

Also Noted: Citizen for a better DC Taxicab System. New blog. It’s authors write: The blog was created to provide a forum for citizen’s complaints and other issues related to D.C. taxicabs. This blog will post citizen’s news and concerns about the D.C. taxicab system. Discovered this blog via Logan Circle News. Dear Mister Mayor. A French journalism intern writes about Mayor William’s blog. First weekend in DC. New arrival writes. I also saw the White House for the first time in person…it was smaller than I imagined. From Like the Northern Line, only faster… My emotional state was a bit of a cocktail. A visitors from Sydney tries to visit the Pentagon. From The Home of Marky Homez

DC Blogs Noted:

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Photo: Interior of Shops at National Place at 13th and F NW. One Yard Penalty Love and Haterade This is about a doomed relationship and came recommended from Reya with one one word: Wow. An excerpt:

He was still with his girlfriend, he still didn’t want to get married, and he most probably would be proposing. When I pressed on the incongruity of those statements coupled with the fact that he was sitting in my apartment and playing with my fingers and plying me with that familiar list of superlatives I’d heard all summer, he continued: “It’s complicated …

DC versus Philadelphia I’d be a Little More Apathetic … As fellow Philly college alum, I can totally see where she’s coming from. It’s not terribly charitable to Philadelphians, but… well, it hurts. – Dennis

I grew up in the DC area, about 5 minutes outside of SouthEast, which is the murder capitol of the murder capitol. Specifically, I’m from Prince George’s County, which has recently established a new all time murder high since 1991, which was the height of the crack epidemic. GO TEAM! ….

Also Noted: $186.35 restaurant bill in all its scanned detail. At Uncle Danny’s. Smash, The Store, from Smash the Blog. Funny.Wanta Fanta. One-year anniversary of Bluestate. Dance. Jan. 14. From Seeking Irony. update: There are 125 blogs loaded. An automated screen image-capturing tool is not giving uniformly good results, so gradually entering art manually, which also makes it more visually interesting. Distorted screen shots are gradually being replaced. Overall, the pace of blogs entered into the system should pick up.

DC Blogs Noted:

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Whither Be Winter? Randomduck Observations about snow and its absence. An excerpt from this well written piece:

My first few winters in DC had more than their share of wonderful snow. The District looks particularly lovely with a fresh coat of white: the Mall and its trees are like the best of Ansel Adams when blanketed in downy snow, with the deep crimson of the Smithsonian castle breaking the black-and-white landscape. At night, the sodium streetlamps give a snow-covered DC the feel of a living sepia print.

The Noisemakers Quest for Quiet This blog is about a dispute with street preachers in the area of H and 8th NE. The obvious tension and need for a solution comes across clearly in this blog. There are numerous photos. The link goes to the main page, but just scroll through the entries to get a sense of this matter. An excerpt from a recent post:

Finally, we need urgent relief. I’m always treated rudely anytime I try to interact with the noisemakers, but I may have made some progress. After I photographed the noisemaking group on Dec. 23 at the corner of 12th and G Streets NW, I was able to conduct a short, civil dialogue with one of the noisemakers who called himself “Yahanna.”

A Spoonful of Sugar And Lots ‘O Delirium Green Canary Feeling good about being sick. An excerpt:

The one good thing about being sick is that it often gives you great ideas. Blame it on the fever if you must, but I find I am at my most creative when delirious. As I lay in bed today, debating on whether my room was indeed cold or whether it was Just Me, I came up with the brilliant plan to visit America’s great roadside attractions. The thought process went something like this …

Also Noted: Hot for 2006. A joint production of the Swamp Pundette and Blackberry Debutantes. Letter from Ana: The Wonkette, aka Ana Marie Cox, is leaving her post to step into a emeritus role. Her writing is fresh, snappy, usually very entertaining and funny. She explains: The time freed up from posting 12 times a day will be largely devoted to weeping over a diminishing Google Alert ego feed and working on my new book …. Regarding the New Year’s resolution gym rush: Some of these activities can involve being at least partially naked. But lately I’ve noticed a lot of people who are insanely not alright with this. From The DC. Town Hall to discuss war in Iraq, Saturday, at Busboys and Poets starting at 3 p.m. Details at DC Metro Action. Tapas Time. Jaleo’s Crystal City Location. From dcfud

Blog Cars

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I Go To Traffic Court … and Win By Default The Home Improvement Ninja Tom Quixote, a derivatives lawyer by day, fights the city over a ticket. A great, funny post with photos as well. (Recommended by Cube) It starts like this: [dcblogs note: The link changed; just scroll down for this post. The link above now goes to the main site]

I spent a few hours researching statutes last night and preparing my trial strategy. I was kinda nervous and popping antacids like they were M&Ms. I reaaaaaally wanted to get out of this ticket and make the traffic cop look like a moron in the process so I needed to be over prepared.

For further DMV reading please see: Welcome to the DisCo on DC Urban Family. It was either a Goose or Big Bird Narcissistic Nihilism Cars, feathers and animal control. (Cube recommendation as well)

I was on the phone with the police tonight – twice. You’re still with me, you sick pups? Okay …. Driving home in the dark ….

Also Noted: The greatest accessory ever … is the eyebrow grooming, says DCCeline. A rude surprise, writes Rants and Ramblings, about the demise of z104. Tom at Metroblogging writes: Z104, purveyor of crappy morning shows and more commercials than I thought was possible on a “music” station, is now gone. It was relentless and stressful and…shattering, writes Are Seven about the film, Munich. I don’t appreciate being told over your loudspeakers that the “Orange Line is Running Late” when clearly it wasn’t running at all, writes The Conservative Futurist. I don’t appreciate telling my boss the reasons why I’m late only to have him say, “I never got any Metro alerts via email.” That makes me look like a liar. “Every one of those lights represents a customer,” my new friend informed me. I was jealous. From a short essay, The Flyover, on Ionarts. January is National Just Read More Novels Month or NaJuReMoNoMo, pronounced Nah-JOO-REE-Moe-NO-Moe, writes Foma. (nod to Jamy) It was the DC Bomb Squad flying through the streets. I had never seen the Squad before, so I was slightly shocked. writes Manage my Blue Funk. However, I knew in some parallel universe this would result in a delay on the Metro line somewhere, somehow. Best reason in the world for not posting. DC Education Blog.

Blog Trains

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Doors Closing! Or Your Chance to Be Famous K Street Blues News alert: Metro is holding auditions for the next “please stand clear of the closing doors” voice on all its subway trains. I’m so going to try out, writes ED. Who then wonders what some famous politicians might say if they gave the door closing announcement. His list of suspects, and their door closing lines, includes Bill Clinton, Howard Dean and Marion Barry.

I understand, though, that it might be hard to snag any of these famous people, and Metro might even want to go with some voices that are, sadly, no longer with us (“Ich bin ein closing door”).

A WMATA Rider’s Advisory Council Member Writes Life on the DC Metro RAC Michael Snyder was appointed to WMATA Riders’ Advisory Council (RAC) in December and is keeping a blog of his experiences. He also wants his blog to serve as a forum for people interested in WMATA issues. When he isn’t involved in transportation issues, Michael is vice president of CASEtech, an IT consulting firm. He summarizes his approach to the rider’s council this way:

My philosophy has always been to bring forward solutions or ideas for resolving issues at the same time a problem is identified. Anyone can complain about service … it takes some thought and consideration to think through the problems and offer-up suggestions.

Also Noted Become a minimalist. Well, this is pretty self-explanatory. Last year, after the tsunami, I realized how material things don’t matter at the end of the day. From a list of resolutions by The Life and Times of Chai (Check out her new site design.) A very good resource on PG County political issues: PG-Politics. So apparently i am a major jdate hottie. major. From jdater. Top 10 Books of 2005 by Sprite Writes.