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Blog Zombies

Zombie Bloggers Throwing Hammers This zombie post might be fodder for a Frank Rich-type column explaining the deeper cultural meaning of blogging behavior. (Is tagging a form zombie acquisition?) But it may be a reach to suggest that this is anything but edgy humor by a very creative and talented storyphototeller, Travis. And it’s served […]

DC Blogs Noted

Life After Half-Life Looking2Live Cutting edge western medicine can be just like science fiction, but this writer kept her humor – and blogged – throughout her experience of being nuked from the inside out. – Reya. An excerpt: It has also showed me how important the Blogger community is in my life. In addition to […]

DC Blogs Noted:

The Old Lady Swallowed a Fly Sarcastic and Cynical This blogger’s motto is: “I Make God Sad.” This post proves it. Jamy alerted us to this post: It had me laughing out LOUD, she wrote. Ditto. It starts: After packing my things back into my bag and readied to leave work, I thought of the […]

Blog Por Favor

CVS: Por favor! Please! El Guapo in DC Dennis writes about this post: One of the funniest entries I read in a while. El Guapo has a problem with the fact that his local CVS locks up certain popular yet private products … An excerpt: Unfriendly customer service? Yes, but not my top issue. Long […]

DC Blogs Noted:

DC’s Political Bloggers Sam’s Idea Blog It was disappointing to see Mayor Williams’ blog fizzle, but it lacked direction, consistent voice and probably readers. I hope the mayor tries again. An RSS feed, coupled with some genuine insight into what is really going on this city, could be potent. And because Williams isn’t seeking reelection, […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Two Minute Warning: Man on Metro Tracks Illusions, Delusions and Confusion A blogger produces this dramatic report about a man who fell on the tracks at the Dupont Circle Station. An excerpt: Finally it was two minutes until the train was to arrive. Suddenly, a full-grown man, possibly in his forties, fell backwards off the […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Photo: Interior of Shops at National Place at 13th and F NW. One Yard Penalty Love and Haterade This is about a doomed relationship and came recommended from Reya with one one word: Wow. An excerpt: He was still with his girlfriend, he still didn’t want to get married, and he most probably would be […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Whither Be Winter? Randomduck Observations about snow and its absence. An excerpt from this well written piece: My first few winters in DC had more than their share of wonderful snow. The District looks particularly lovely with a fresh coat of white: the Mall and its trees are like the best of Ansel Adams when […]

Blog Cars

I Go To Traffic Court … and Win By Default The Home Improvement Ninja Tom Quixote, a derivatives lawyer by day, fights the city over a ticket. A great, funny post with photos as well. (Recommended by Cube) It starts like this: [dcblogs note: The link changed; just scroll down for this post. The link […]

Blog Trains

Doors Closing! Or Your Chance to Be Famous K Street Blues News alert: Metro is holding auditions for the next “please stand clear of the closing doors” voice on all its subway trains. I’m so going to try out, writes ED. Who then wonders what some famous politicians might say if they gave the door […]