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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 28th, 2006 by dcblogs

What Happens in NE Stays in NE Stop, blog, and roll Are all crimes equal? Is crime in the NE as newsworthy as crime in Fairfax? That’s what this writer is asking. Read the comments as well. An excerpt:

I’ve noticed many events, well, going unnoticed for the most part. Homicide? Maybe a little bit of play on the evening news. Flipped over cars (three that I know of in my ‘hood since August)? Zippity-do-da. Trees crashing into people’s houses, transformers blowing left and right like it was the War of the Worlds?

Also see: In DCist: Bobby Cox tells of the warning Gallaudet students get once they leave the campus. He writes: Among the deaf community at Gallaudet University, stories of being robbed are as prevalent as the latest gossip about Nick and Jessica. Cox also writes for the Deaf DC blog. The Weeknight Joint Metrocurean Hotspots on weeknights, cool spots on weekends — Amanda at Metrocurean has some good recommendations, as do her commenters. An excerpt:

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy a shoulder-bumping, martini-sloshing night out every now and then. But more often, when it comes to heading out for a drink on the weekends, I’m at a loss for someplace laid back.

Also Noted An iPod/cellphone using taxi driver gets the directions wrong and then demands that our blogger leave his cab, writes Beauty and the Beltway. We pick up the report: He looked me right in the eye and said, “I don’t know how to get there from here. I’m new.” I started to give him directions, but he stopped me. “No. I decline the fare. Get out.” Red Line metro problems Monday: I have seen it packed before, but this was ridiculous, writes Punkwalrus. Another rider: I felt like a ping-pong ball and a bobble-head all at once, writes Michael Snyder, who is in the position to find out what happened as a member of the Metro Riders’ Advisory Council. Seller advantage in the housing market returns? Some data at DC Metro Home. To get listed on the automated feed please send a note to

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 27th, 2006 by dcblogs

Window Shopping Field of Flowerz Cleveland Park market’s puzzling display: why is there a teddy bear lying on his back with a hat over his head? From a post, Drunken Irish Teddy Bears.
Also Noted:

Tom Quixote takes a big picture look housing prices and sees the end of the bubble when Asian investors stop buying treasury bills. Home Improvement Ninja.
Busboys and Poets receives a double volley from two DC bloggers, Chai and Two Timing the Cosmos. Both outline the details regarding the wait, the bill and the food. Chai’s take: There was no love given to the food, like no attentiveness. I just felt like the cook threw the pieces of bread together, scooped up the avocado, and took a tooth pick to place it together, much like a Subway sandwich artist.
Thursday, March 9 make a difference by dining out. Restaurants that are contributing a portion or all the meal proceeds to people facing life threatening illnesses, reports D.C. Drama Girls. Here’s the Web site: Dining out for Life. Alpha personalities at Weight Watchers.there is always one woman who thinks everyone has gathered to hear her share her personal stories, writes I’m Not a Girl Not Yet a Wino. A New Yorker stays at the Helix and calls it funkalicious! Also loves Paper Source, from Karmabutton. Former Giant Food site, 14th St. NW, to become condos, reports Columbia Heights News. A photographer comments on the “beautiful maleness of the Dupont Circle fountain. By Susan at Visual Voice. Cezanne and DC anxiety. I just hate how rude and scary everyone is in DC, writes ilikeblue. It’s spring kiddies. Bulbs announcing themselves, photo at Gadi and Jenna. — is up and running. Check it out: — it’s back

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It’s Alive is live and the goal is to keep it running from here on out. It will now post updates every 30 minutes. After the initial beta test last month it was moved to a professionally hosted server. The original list of test blogs was pulled, and blogs are now added on request. A long list of bloggers responded to the initial request to be included in the live listing. If you would like your blog to appear on the live listing, please send a note to If you sent a request to be listed (prior to this week) and do not see your blog in the live index, it’s an oversight on my part. Please resend. Regarding Art: The blurry screen shots that appear are placeholders. I’ve begun replacing them, but it’s a manual process. I’ve been taking some liberties with the art with the goal of making the page visually interesting. But if you want something else for art, please let me know. It’s important that you are happy with the result. Feel free to submit your own art design or photo for the live listing, but please own the copyright of the art. Credits: Thomas Fausel developed the live feed engine. Tom is a talented technologist and good friend who first used it for He put an enormous number of hours building it and deserves more thanks than I can possibly offer. His work represents his belief in the importance of blogs. The live Web page is designed and maintained by Laurie Conrod. The live feed isn’t a substitute for the edited content on the main dcblogs page but is complementary . The edited content will return Monday. — KOB

Note: There’s an faq link off the live page, but the faq isn’t complete.

DC Blogs Noted

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Sober Sister DC Cookie Some simple and true observations, combined with a perfectly captured portrait, produces an excellent post.

.. what is not obvious when you first meet me is that my happiest moments are never floating at the bottom of a bottle of Pinot. Intoxication is entertaining, but fleeting, just like the memories attached to it.

Also Noted An Opportunity to Help Someone in Need. Fellow blogger Sharkbait recently lost her aunt, who left behind a husband and seven children. No insurance, medical bills – read Kathryn’s post (scroll down). A collection was taken up at the Wednesday happy hour, but there’s directions here about how to donate. Secret Confessions. City Sparkle shares some incidents from her past involving liquor, milk shakes, hotel rooms, police, and swimming in the ocean during a thunderstorm. Entertaining read. This is a baseball house. A wonderful, touching story about tee-ball coaching by Throwing Hammers. Don Lobo’s Mexican Grill, 2811 M St. NW A meal at Don Lobo’s starts out with one of the tastiest salsas in town, writes Suburban Tasteland. Kirkin’ Out, a new art blog, reporting about a trip to the Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Boztopia marks five years on Live Journal, which makes him a pioneer. He writes: It has enriched and challenged my life in no small way, and I’m still just beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do and what it can teach me.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 22nd, 2006 by dcblogs

Apartment Olympics Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash A day in DC ends with a different kind of Olympics. Smash gets the gold Blog medal for this post – Cube. Gun Nut El Guapo in DC This writer gets a copy of Field and Stream in the mail. An unexpected delivery that prompts this amusing post. He is way too funnyReya.

Turns out that the Remington 700 (luckily you can buy it at Wal-Mart) was voted the best all-around rifle by the good readers of this magazine. I may just be a simple Guatemalan, but the look of this rifle is very similar to the tricked out Escalades I see rolling around DC.

Also Noted: Direct Current, a blog of biting humor, clever writing, and astute observations of life, has closed his blog. There’s not much of an explanation for this decision, but none is needed. What’s needed is our thanks for some great writing and humor. –Cube, KOB and Reya. The work of some local interior designers is featured in the magazine Decorating Spaces. See Ended with a Flash and Conversations with Mud. Flash writes: Last year we met two gentlemen from D.C. who wanted their condo re-done …. [the end result…] it turns out this is no little article at all, it’s a 5 page spread!!! My jaw dropped and I was amazed. Thank God We Can’t Make a Baby Together, writes the Big Green Chair after this couple enters their photos in the Gene Machine. Otello, 1329 Connecticut Ave. Well written review by Moyey’s Wine and Travel Blog It starts: I must confess to something of a prejudice against typical American Italian restaurants. People think they can do anything as long as they have their hazard lights blinking! DC Mr. Anthrope, a law student from the South. The most boring post ever at Baby Bananas for Everyone. A photo documentary. Meet Tonka Mighty Backhoe. Now she will no longer have to spread my paperwork all over the floor for a soft spot to sit on, writes Darn Knit.

DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 21st, 2006 by dcblogs

Anchor Multitudes A jaw clenching work week is unsettling. Our writer wants to restore her balance and finds it with the help of a children’s book about two tsunami survivors, a baby hippo and turtle. A well-written piece that captures a place, time and mood.

I drifted in – it felt like coming home, to be honest, after all the time I used to spend there, browsing, sitting in the bar with my husband, waiting in line for Sunday brunch – and found my way back to the children’s book section, and that’s where I discovered it: Owen and Mzee.

Also Noted: A part of me has a secret wish to be homeless, writes A circle has too much symmetry, who wonders about life in an alternative universe. NSA children’s toy at The Chutry Experiment. DC Bachelor thwarts a bandwidth thief with Homer’s help. Also, security advice at Prod & Ponder. Restaurant review: OYA, 777 9th Street, NW. The interior of OYA is fantastic – it instantly transports you from DC into the hippest joint in LA, writes DC Princess. How to: Chimichangas at the DC Food Blog. The Potbelly’s line: Are you all completely insane? The line is out the door, observes A Single Syllable. Thump. Six months with the Washington Post. Pointed and alert comments by Owl Spotting. A paper like the Washington Post certainly has more resources to devote to getting the truth, even if that doesn’t happen on the first story.

DC Blogs Noted:

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 17th, 2006 by dcblogs

Please Hold Candy Sandwich A well written, hopscotch account of a day that includes jury duty and sirens. For some background on the siren part see, Crews Worked to Restore Power in Parts of Downtown

I realized, somewhat slowly, that the sirens I’d heard ebbing and flowing were not general city sounds but noises associated with the courthouse. At least some of the fire trucks, police, ambulances seemed to be stopping in front of us. Eventually, someone made an announcement, someone at the front, by the doors. I couldn’t quite hear it. People started walking away.

Unmerciful Media and other Complaints DC Mayor Anthony Williams Blog Mayor Williams has turned out one of his better posts, combining politics, faith, and angst. (DCist take on it.) An excerpt:

Oh, and I know, one can savor the criticisms for lessons learned or sift the sands of experience for deeper meaning, and this sounds good. The problem comes when you realize a lot of the criticism is, while well-intentioned, uninformed, self-interested, and or inconsistent. What happens when the judge in the flip-flop competition is flip-flopping himself?

Also Noted A guide to parking in my neighborhood: Park illegally. Lonnie Bruner. Regarding the media shooting coverage: Where is this rage and enthusiasm for rescuing Social Security, helping the environment, strengthening the economy or fighting the War on Terror? We have seriously misplaced our priorities and we need to get back on track – Beauty and the Beltway. Getting tested for syphilis is turning into quite a project, writes Tiaras Optional about the pre-wedding drill. My cream of wheat has exploded all over the corporate microwave, writes My Grass is Blue. No breakfast. And I’m an auditor. I think I’ll take it out on the client. What’s not being said by Chertoff, according to RandomDuck. Weblogger Meetup attendance report at the Goodspeed Update. Rob chairs the group. Chillcoaster. Capital Weather. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce recipe at Just a Bump in the Beltway. New restaurants, including BLT, reports Metrocurean. The blogger happy hour is back, Wed. Feb. 22, 7 p.m., Lucky Bar. Kathryn and I-66 are the organizers. These have been great fun and wonderful way to meet your fellow bloggers and readers. Site note: Will return Tuesday because of holiday

DC Blogs Noted:

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Passive-aggressive Jamies Always Write A talented writer dissects family motivations with wit, humor and photos. There’s a reason for the photos:

I photograph not for the memories, but for the evidence.

Also Noted Romeo, Where for Art Thou Pants? This question comes up during an American Ballet Theatre’s production attended by Avert Your Eyes. Real man checklist at Jenny’s Life Sad tale of the $45 salad at Lucky Spinster. Memory of a Pet Today I lost one of my oldest friends, from a post titled, Mulligan Taylor: 1989-2006 by Journeys with Jrod. Shooting stars (serious astrology and Cheney) at Stars over Washington.

Blog Love

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What’s Noticed Are Seven A chance meeting, a smile, and a Valentine’s Day unlike any other. Beautifully written. It starts:

I almost never notice shoes on a woman, but the half-librarian, half-lawyer shoes of a fellow foot commuter this morning in Dupont Circle caught my eye. The rest of her style matched her shoes, too: a long, graceful coat, dark red hair (dyed, but in a very tasteful way) cut short in way that was both severe and sexy, and the sharp style of glasses that I have a soft spot for.

To My Valentine Rhinestone Cowgirl Velvet sent this note: This post is cake and icing. You read RC’s words, and you can’t help but be so moved by them, then you click the comments. This is a love note that tells us a little about what our blog world is about. An excerpt:

I love that every time we cross the street, you gently pull me around to the side furthest away from traffic, and put yourself in harm’s way instead. I love that you are absolutely smoking hot, and simultaneously unabashedly, unreservedly dorky.

More hearts at Kmusings Valentine’s Day Fantasy Playaz Ball This crew is a gift to blogdom. Also Noted: Metro and the phone surprise by Slothel. What Verizon does to your snowman. Photo at Herman’s Head. True Sofa Story at the Happy Booker. Cheney Haiku at Fictional Rockstar, with heart attack update. I had my first experience with zipcar today! Writes Becca. I reserved a Scion xA, mostly because it’s totally cute. However, as someone told me months ago, it drives like a cardboard box. Body Languages, through March 12 at The Katzen Arts Center at American University, reports Painterly Visions, who writes: …large-scale, sepia-toned photo-collages of male and female nudes are glimpsed through overlays of 18th and 19th century anatomy charts, and Mary Coble’s painfully direct indictment of hate crimes, in which the names of 430 victims appear on an expansive grid of small paper sheets. Can’t hide the color – nice photo at Frozen Tropics. It’s the Washington Blogger Febuary Meetup Wednesday at Pharaoh’s, 1817 Columbia Rd., Adams Morgan. Starts at 7 p.m. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers.

DC Blogs Noted:

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On Theft and Racial Stereotyping More Than My Luggage Our writer’s man-bag is stolen at a restaurant, but what’s lost goes beyond the camera and money. An excerpt:

I honestly thought nothing of him. At one point he made his way over to that dorky stuffed-animal game and I remember thinking how funny it was that that machine was so attractive. (We had watched a guy with his kids playing with it before dinner started too.) I did not think “This guy looks sketchy” or “This guy looks like a thug” or even “What the hell is a latino guy doing in a Vietnamese restaurant (where the menus aren’t even in English)?”

Also Noted: Strange Things Are Afoot in Rosslyn, a mecca of super top secret governmental activity at night, reports The Beagle. Bay Area-based Cowgirl Creamery on the way, reports Gallery Place Living. Acadiana for lunch. For $13 I got 7 very average shrimp, some bread, a small bowl of dipping sauce (which was good) and a bag of potato chips. A review by A Capitol Life. Bicycle crashes in DC, with 17th and Connecticut & K Street NW on top, reports The WashCycle. Wednesday Night Art Attack at the Bar Rouge. Cozy cocktails, art and a toast to February Artist – Chinedu Felix Osuchukwu, writes Authentic Art DC. Snow recap: Rudi managed to hit three street signs. I hit none, writes Sprite Writes. Interesting chart at The Housing Bubble in Washington DC. Neighborhood values. Values are expressed not only by the individual acts one sees on display in a neighborhood, but by the way a community responds to those acts … from Gadi and Jenna. (Learned of this blog via Petworth News.) Snow creatures at Dan Zimmerman Reya’s birthday yesterday.