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Cremains of the Day Church of the Big Sky The business of funerals — cardboard, wood or Tupperware — and the decisions that must be made. A well-written, touching tribute and remembrance that draws you in from the first sentence. It starts:

I really hadn’t planned on UPS’ing my mom’s remains to my brother.
But sometimes, life throws you a curveball, and you just have to take that swing.

Bloggentines Yeah, So I’m … Extremely clever and funny. Check it out. Also Noted Horrifying date quotes, all collected over the months by RoarSavage. Hilarious. Here’s one: I’ve never been in a relationship before. My boys are my life. Doubts about this date. He sent me a picture of him cuddling up next to a teddy bear. Wanderings in DC Go see this movie, The Boys of Baraka, from Elise at Where is My Mind. RFD report, 810 7th St. Let me just list the alchohol contents of the ten beers, lowest to highest. 6.7%, 7.4%, 8.0%, 8.2%, two at 9.0%, 11%, 11.5%, and last but not least, 18%. At The New Gommora. If you don’t like Valentine’s Day, that’s okay. But admit the real reasons why, writes Ankle Biter. Snow panic shopping at Giant. Lines snaked through the aisles… we waited 25 minutes before the manager of the store made the panicked announcement … a report from the front lines by Black Eyes and Checkerspots.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 9th, 2006 by dcblogs

Politics and Jury Duty Direct Current This writer has been on a roll this week with two very good posts. The first is about an encounter with Adrian Fenty, the DC councilman and mayoral candidate. This particular post was quoted in the Washington Post Express. The second post includes some dry and sharp observations about jury duty. An excerpt from the latter:

After being released from the courtroom back into the jury pool, it amazed me how so many people ranging from 25 to 65 years old could act like high school students. Throughout the afternoon, the growing chorus of whining about having to take a day out of their busy, busy schedules began to become unbearable.

Also Noted: The flinch. Relationships are a lot like fight choreography, writes Playfulindc (formerly named DC Sleeps Alone Tonight) Move to the middle of the car. I had to shout to people to tell them to move into the middle. While those behind me on the platform shouted the subway equivalent of “amen,” some of them on the train looked at me like I was from Mars. Reports K Street Blues. The Horror: There are no alcoholic drinks in your Mini Bar. Mister Jinxy of Son of Clown Ops is in Tangier with tales and great photos. T-shirts for sale. See photo. Church of the Big Sky. Adventures on the verge of vacation at DC Gays of Our Lives. In defense of Valentine’s Day. I’ve never understood the prejudice against the holiday, writes Rock Creek Rambler. New blogs: The Cleveland Park Steamer, which has been feuding with Logan Circle since 2006. The Logan Circle blogs is called The Real LC and writes: This blog is about the lives of young people living in one of the best young hip areas of the Nation’s Capital. Remember, Logan is to Young as Cleveland Park is too old. This blog is about my food obsession and how I deal with it, writtes Krissey in her new blog, Washingtoniette about food and DC. This new blog is called 30 things to do by 35 and you’ll find the list on the left. Good feedback for WaPo on how to improve local coverage. The editors of the Post should offer a prayer to the great ink-stained god that their competition is so weak, writes Mattwdc. Blogs at the start point. An assessment by Chris Abraham. The wave hasn’t even formed yet. Site message: We won’t be publishing Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Back Monday. NOTE: To be included on please send an email to This is a permission-based service that post the headline and approximately first 20 words of a post with link back. It updates every 30 minutes. Think of it as a blog wire service. It will be starting up again soon. Photo: Last photo of NYC.

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Baby Boomers: The Selfish Generation Circle V This is a powerful and angry indictment of the Baby Boom generation for the ruin it’s leaving behind. It was written by a guest at the request of V and it’s a must read. An excerpt:

Then you decided to get while the gettin’ was good. You helped to drive up education costs, housing costs, and drive down real wages. You decided it would be a good idea to use all the benefits that made this country great and then, after exhausting the resources, you’d cut them all so your kids couldn’t have them. You wanted YOUR tax cuts, YOUR medical care, YOUR cheap oil.

(Also read, this one by Circle V, It starts: Last night, I watched 6 ½ hours of poker on the Travel and ESPN 2 channels… Reya recommended.)

Five Years of Blogging Life Outtacontext People who have blogged for five years are part of a very select club. This writer tells his blogging story. An excerpt:

I started blogging before software like Moveable Type, Typepad, and Blogger made blogging ubiquitous. Early on each piece was done “by hand.” Back then included a horoscope with each entry. These were painstakingly produced in Photoshop from daily readings in the paper. I would cut and paste each word to make a sentence that was both appropriate to the post and a little off-the-wall, in an ethereal sort of way. This was fun for a while.

Also Noted: Realizations. Sharkbait shares her thoughts after a relative passes. A heartfelt reminder about what’s important. The Perfect Red Bag. Our writer is sitting next to a man on the Metro who “makes some weird hand signal,” and Failed Southern Lady holds fast to her rule “about not talking to weirdos on the metro.” Nontheless, I “did begin to devise my argument for why he should not blow us all up tonight.” Massive pillow fight planned, Dupont Circle, Valentine’s Day, reports Cocoricamo. Last week I experienced two of life’s great pleasures: Yannick Cam’s Le Paradou and a flight of the Cuvée des Moines Champagnes from Besserat de Bellefon. From Chief Wino. Tennis-focused blog with an edge: It’s all about intimidation. It’s all about mind games. From No Man’s Land. New blog about Gallery Place area: Gallery Place Living. Rome Dining by DC blogger Ceno Ergo Sum. Blog Change: Tales from the Club has moved. Update links.

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A Moment in My Black History Chase-ing Complacency A woman who grew up in a predominately white neighborhood writes about her experience. An excerpt:

My Dad arrived (in uniform) 10 minutes later, much to my relief. He didn’t say anything to me except to ask if I was okay. I started crying. When we got into his cruiser, he turned to me and asked, “who won?”, then he smiled. I was relieved. I told him everything that happened as he drove me to his house.

Also Noted: What it’s like to live near John Kerry: cars are towed among other thing. At least losing the presidential election still comes with its perks. Details in two posts, here and here and here on Collegienne. DC taxi complaints by upset rider at pere·gri·nation Buggie revisits past blog year. Excerpt: I do love baseball. The fact that some of the boys are cute is nice, but that does not mean that I want to touch them. It does make it easier to watch a game of which you don’t like either team, though. Poor product names leaves You Look Like I Need a Drink at a loss for words. About real estate: If you are feeling pain because you paid too much or should have gotten out sooner, remember the first rule of real estate: time heals all wounds. From Inside the DC Bubble NOTE: To be included on please send an email to This is a permission-based service that post the headline and approximately first 20 words of a post with link back. It updates every 30 minutes. Think of it as a blog wire service. It will be starting up again soon. To all who have sent requests — sorry I haven’t responded, but I’m adding them. Photo: NYC Times Square area Monday night.

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JFriday: It’s not just jeans, my friends DC Shenanigans Our writer attends her first service in this city and sits with two other women at the Temple Micah. But the conversation and memories take different paths. This is a well written and ultimately moving post about spiritual reconnection. An excerpt:

I’m squished between these two women, one in jeans, the other in black trousers. It’s Shabbat and I’m at Temple Micha on Wisconsin Avenue for the Kabbalat service. It’s my first service in the city, and I’m not sure what prompted me to go.”Have you tried JDate?” the women turned to me, in my black skirt and gray v-neck sweater. I flashbacked to the year ….

Also Noted: Tasteful photo-op: Jumbo slice. A tourist report at Mac and Cheese. Protestor recalls 1971 demonstration in DC.. My post was at Dupont Circle, and I got there with 1500 or so others, lining the sidewalk, waiting to step out on the street to stop the city and stop the war. I was wearing a green WWII jacket, dungarees, kicker boots, my black motorcycle helmet (painted black over the white helmet, but chipped, through many demonstrations giving it a strange black/white pastiche). a canteen tied to my leg with bandage tape, for drinking and also to wash the teargas off. From Amber. First Friday gallery report. After two galleries, I found myself urging The Husband and our friend on to Rosemary’s Thyme, a bistro with good food that offers half-priced bottles of wine before 7:30. At Sandblower. Cezanne and flamenco dancing by Miguelito’s Photo Diary. The writer is a full-time Flamenco guitarist based in DC. Transitions. A compelling read, titled (Not so) Random Thoughts of the Weekend at The Better Days Project. Things One Should Not Eat in Their Cubicle at Work. Belongs on bulletins board everywhere. by Kate Space. Helpful list. NOTE: To be included on please send an email to This is a permission-based service that post the headline and approximately first 20 words of a post with link back. It updates every 30 minutes. Think of it as a blog wire service. It will be starting up again soon.

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Erased Siryn’s Song The film, Something New, hit home with our writer and prompted her to write this compelling piece about dating. An excerpt:

… Anything but black, my dear. That’s a common phenomenon on dating sites like You’ll get a match in your box that is cute and sounds almost perfect … and then scroll down and find that he’s selected every ethnicity but yours. Or one of yours. Or you’ll figure out that the only way he came up as a reverse match was because you happened to also list your acceptable white-alternative ethnicity too. In my case, it’s Asian, the new accessory …

Also Noted Strip Club Emergency, reports Frozen Tropics. Meeting tonight (Friday) called by Vincent Orange, council member and mayoral candidate because of a threat of strip clubs in the Mt. Olivet Road area. FT writes: By the way, when was the last time Orange called an emergency meeting on anything? The 2006 Oscar Contest: Ta-dah! Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, I will be running an Oscar contest via this here little blog of mine, writes Stef of The View from 16th Street. Special Proprietary Cocktails: Restaurant Eve reigns supreme among the handful of restaurants where you can throw down ten bucks for a cocktail and not feel like a tool. From Suburban Tasteland Books About DC I Want to Read. Helpful list. The Goodspeed Update. Valentine’s Day restaurant deals on Metrocurean. Why.I.Hate.DC gets new writer. The blog creator James F. has taken his scalding wit and humor to Seattle. He’ll be missed. Before he left James picked Rusty to carry on the tradition, who is just beginning. Welcome to DC blogland. NOTE: To be included on please send an email to This is a permission-based service that post the headline and approximately first 20 words of a post with link back. It updates every 30 minutes. Think of it as a blog wire service. It will be starting up again soon.

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The Mugging El Guapo in DC Our writer is mugged, gives chase and confronts his attacker. What happens next is extraordinary. An excerpt:

Today was not like most nights. There was commotion on my walk home. About one block after I got off my stop I heard quick steps coming in my direction. Before I had an opportunity to turn around hands were on my back pushing me down and pulling at my neck. My gold chain …

Also Noted: A rescue organization that saves dogs about to get put to sleep. I am filling out the application to be a foster momma now, writes The Dutchess at DC Drama Girls. (Nod to Velvet for the link) Terrorist Bad. America Good. A very short recap of the State of Union and other things, by EJ Takes Life. I was shocked and then furious that New Orleans was barely a footnote in last night’s speech, writes D.K. of A Silent Cacophony and a Tulane alumni. Neighbors and yipee dogs. For those who don’t go for walks at 5:45 a.m. by Son of Clown Ops. Restaurant Waiter Instructions after Lauriol Plaza. A report by Adam at DeafDC Blog. Early 20’s Appreciation Day. The story of a day by Welcome. Relationship woes. If these kinds of relationships don’t work out, then why ever invest in anyone? Asks I’m Not a Girl Not Yet a Wino. Unrelated post by Hey Pretty: This girl I know once advised me when I was dating somebody I was really into that I needed a “back burner guy” to keep around in case things didn’t pan out with the first one. What jury duty is really like. Reports Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page. New photo/editorial blog. Dealing with traffic anxieties, writes Photographic Happenstance. I realized that Valentine’s Day (i.e., the worst holiday ever to grace the Earth) is exactly two weeks from today, writes a Sleepy Girl’s Thoughts on Life. While in line at CVS: To my surprise, his smile widens and he tells me that the woman before me spoke to him in his native tongue. Reports Simple Stories. DC Blogs Live Update: The server rehosting is complete and hope to restart the live feed soon. It will update every 30 minutes instead of a hour. But important change: This will be a permission-based service because I can’t assume that everyone wants to be on it. So, I won’t move blogs automatically from the dcblogs link list. If you would like to be included in the feed, please send an email If you have an art preference; photo, screen shot, title only, let me know. If you want to make your own art please indicate. But hold off on making your own art just yet, because I’m still trying to figure out the pixel limit.

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Breaking up with Amy Dealing in Subterfuges This writer isn’t the only person who enjoys reading newspaper advice columnists, some of whom she agrees with, some of whom make her cranky. But when an advice columnist takes aim at those of us who blog, accusing us of having no respect for privacy and no life outside the internet, our writer decides enough is enough. – By Reya also recommended by Cube.

Ok, clearly if Amy has ever read any blogs, they’ve been truly shitty ones (you know–the ones that have the meme of the week and quizzes like “Which Taco Bell Super Value Menu Item Are You?” as their sole content). Making a sweeping generalization like that about a genre that includes (as she herself points out) “more than 70 million blogs worldwide” is simply irresponsible: there’s no way that none of the people maintaining 70 million blogs are having “actual experiences …

Also Noted Aggressive driving fun in DC: At first, getting honked at for not driving like a total spaz makes me nervous and defensive, now it just fuels the fire that is … me. Now that I have my DC plates, I feel more justified in honking at people with out of state plates … says Ginapalooza. It’s a bull market for blogs tracking DC’s real estate market. A new add to the dcblogs’ list: The Housing Bubble in Washington DC, which is recommending (hyperbole assumed) panic. Also new: for a softer landing perspective, see Virginia Real. Prison Haiku. In jail on charges of piracy is Throwing Hammers. The poet prepares for Reya’s blogger poetry experiment. Comforted by Washington Cube who offers treats. Tourist Report: aventures à cheeseburgerland or DC by night. From Tristan & America. In French. Compare and contrast: DC metro will never compare to the Tube, writes Annie of Like the Northern Line, Only Faster The trains are pretty infrequent a lot of the time, and there are too few carriages to fill a platform. Escalator exercise program:So I watched as she reached the bottom, only to turn around, hop on the upward escalator and do lunges up the steps. A report from the Woodley Metro by My Parents Kicked Me Out. Sunday nights may be the biggest open secret in the District, writes the District Brat. One place that I have found to have consistent large crowds of DC fashionistas on Sunday nights: Modern in Georgetown. Pittsburgh says DC Sports. Yes, I’m Taking Pictures on the Metro Again, writes Princess Sparkle Pony.