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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 31st, 2006 by dcblogs

An Introduction to Violence From Here to Finvara On the eve of leaving for war torn Sudan, our writer is robbed at gunpoint on a DC street. (This post dates from March 13, but just turned up on the radar) It starts:

Life is full of ironies if you’re stupid enough to go looking for them. Take last night for example. I leave for Sudan in three days. It isn’t understatement to say that Sudan is awash in guns. And yet last night, after having lived (on and off) rather peaceably in Washington, DC for the past eight years, some friends and I got held up at gunpoint.

Also Noted: I enjoy line dancing, writes country girl at heart, Till human voices wake us, and we drown. And while on the subject of line dancing, Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog has a photo of a top Bush administration official learning it as well. The Long Walk. Outstanding photo work at Frozen Tropics. THAP encounter. She was clearly one of those people who’s simultaneously in a position of abject servility and powerful gatekeepership – a classic secretarial role. Strange Violin Music. Blogger query of the day: Shorts and high heels – can someone please explain this fashion phenomena to me? Not Quite Martha. ETA and Etta in Spain. Sound alike. … all those times I was thinking I was hearing my name, I was actually hearing spirited discussions about the ceasefire. Tiaras Optional. A lot of fun, Max Blob’s Bavarian Biergarten, reports Field of Flowerz, who writes: As soon as you walk in you feel like you’ve crossed a threshold into another place or time. One-year blogging anniversary for Baby Bananas: I’ve experienced a renewed sense of self. It’s helped to restore old friendships while solidifying countless new ones. Visit (it will be updated this weekend. This is a permission-based, opt-in service. Send email to get linked. Submit link suggestions: Don’t be shy about suggesting your own work as well as the work of others.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 30th, 2006 by dcblogs

Puzzling bar examination application process Ambivalent Imbroglio Evidently, you have to disclose every little detail of your life, former loves and money, for the bar exam. People typically disclose volumes about themselves for all kinds of sensitive jobs in DC. This paper inquisition, usually suffered unquestioningly, doesn’t seem to do all that much good. But regarding the bar exam form, our writer makes a number of observations and asks some pointed questions, including: What business is it of yours whether I have ever had a divorce or had a marriage annulled or set aside? Also Noted Park on the street for $15 in Adams Morgan, reports Beauty and the Beltway, who is … more than a little angry that someone could hijack a public parking space simply by standing in it and daring us to run him over. Scared. Radical Flower. Four short graphs about mortality and the fear of loss. Love the blog art, and nice photos as well: Not How We Normally Put Pacifiers in Our Mouths. Sarah and the Good Squad. Thanks to Reya for the link. Please don’t look at my boobs today, writes irina is always right. Stinging criticism of WaPo Nats column at Capitol Punishment. When did the Three Day Rule become ok? Hey Pretty wants to know. Aussie observations from our traveler, K Street Blues. Horse patrols for Adams Morgan, writes Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. Tour of DC pizza love at Sandblower. Jaywalking is illegal? In DC? View of ticket at dcist. I suffer online dating woes so you don’t have to by Alex Payne. Comprehensive. Interesting. Photo collage of sorts. A Time and Place of Our Choosing.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 29th, 2006 by dcblogs

Random Collection of Breakup Lines Velvet in Dupont This very entertaining list includes contributions from some local bloggers. Read the comments as well. Many of these breakup lines come from hard experience. Here’s one of many: When we were trying to work things out, and you said, “My pizza is here, I’ll call you right back,” I knew at that moment you loved me less than that pizza and that was all I needed. Also Noted: Eye witness reporting: Women, on the other hand, are definitely bigger in Texas, writes Good at Drinking, Bad at Life. Entertaining work. My bracket is a mess. What’s worse, I owe money to about 13 different species, reports our favorite panda at the Inner Monologue of Bandit the Panda. The writer of a blog that’s still missed for its energy and wit, Washington Socialites, is back with a new project, with Ask KAC aka Kelly Ann Collins. It’s just starting, but check it out. Learned of this via Big Head Rob, who writes, … At the height of her blogging popularity, she mysteriously disappeared from the blogging scene …. Mari at In Shaw shares a post from the Logan Circle Listserv about the self-centeredness of church double parkers. Thoughts about Club Libby Lu by Angry Pregnant Lawyer. update: I was hoping to have added 30 new blogs by now, but had some tech issues. Nothing major. It will be updated and the requested changes, new urls, included as well. Apologize for delay. Photo: Waiting for takeout at Blackies entrance.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 28th, 2006 by dcblogs

A History of Dares A Sleepy Girl’s Thoughts on Life When she’s not sleeping, this writer is doing things that may make strong guys quake — at least those whose watch what they eat. When dared, our writer responds. An excerpt from her history of her dares.

I once drank Tabasco sauce straight. I’ve chugged the remnants of a co-worker’s melted banana ice cream mess.

Also Noted DC’s little piece of New Orleans: Lulu’s Club Mardi Gras is closed, reports Tales from the Club, and writes: I’m not sure whether to rejoice or mourn. A very good story about Lulu’s in the independent GWU newspaper, The Daily Colonial. The adjacent, French Quarter-themed restaurant, Blackies, closed earlier. Frotteurism explained by the Rock Creek Rambler. We’re informed: And the District is a city of frotteurs. Practice safe grammar or the personal ad adventurers at Playing with Matches won’t respond to your email. The writers of this recently launched blog will chronicle their online dating adventures. They write: We’re here to chronicle the best of the best, the worst of the worst. We’re going to start some fires. Whether we put them out or not is yet to be determined. Silver Spring is all about sophisticated urban living, and its downtown is the “last word in city energy,” writes the blogger Gunnar at Silver Spring, Singular, who is scathing about a luxury condo advertising pitch for a new development, The Ellsworth. Royalty blogging in DC. It wasn’t my fault the entire Czech royal family was killed in a freak family portrait accident and that they found out I had like, 8% royal blood. I thought it would be fun to be a Czech princess. From SVR. Scarlet wears a very nice crown in her picture. Mile-by-mile report by National Marathon runner. Excerpt from Mile 6: Still running too fast. Just make a mental note to sign up for eHarmony or something later and slow the hell down! From Me Fail English?! Photo: A view from the train to NYC. A Hecht’s warehouse building on New York Avenue. It’s a beautiful structure that’s due to be closed, the Washington Post reports.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 27th, 2006 by dcblogs

Just some shorts today … Loved the movie V is for Vendetta, and the film’s subplot about the Scarlet Carson rose, writes the Washington Gardener. This blog also includes a link to a blog about a flower garden at the corner of Biltmore Street and 20th Street in Adams Morgan, the Biltmore Triangle Garden. … Then he says he’s got a “funny story” about my miter saw. Uh oh … , writes the Home Improvement Ninja. Baby dove hatched on windowsill. Photo by Reya. A clever title, Not in your Zagat Guide, delivers equally clever observations about DC life. From Time Out of Mind. Economy envy: Business Class amenity kit, United Airlines. Photo at Moyey’s Wine and Travel Blog. Monday night: Lolita & Gilda’s Burlesque Poetry Hour: Gina Myers, Dustin Williamson, Shafer Hall and Henry Israeli will be taking it off on March 27th. Reading will begin at 8 p.m. in The Dark Room at Bar Rouge. The writer of A Blog Mainly About Food (closed in January) has been writing The Diplodocus from his new location and offers this advice: Driving in Islamabad: A Primer for Beginners Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe at Tasting Journal’s Recipes. Restaurant recommendation: Half Moon BBQ in Silver Spring. We all got pulled pork, which was fantastic, and a couple baskets of thick, fresh-cut fries, writes BrockLi Photo: West End Library, 24th St. NW Also check out:

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 24th, 2006 by dcblogs

Foggy Bottom Battle Inside the DC Bubble There are 2.5 acres of land available for development in Foggy Bottom, an enormous amount of open land for a downtown area. The area is the site of the former George Washington University Hospital building, which was razed after its replacement was built on an adjacent parking lot. Inside the DC Bubble writes about the controversy and includes a map, summary of the issues and neighborhood links. The post also points to a Save the Foggy Bottom web site that’s new and light on content. There’s not much to save; the neighborhood has largely evaporated as a result of campus development. But the neighborhood may recreate itself north of Pennsylvania Avenue in the area of 24th Street as more housing is built and a Trader Joe’s opens. The new development will likely make Foggy Bottom Adams Morgan-like in off-street parking availability. I like this blogger’s writing style; it’s energetic, tabloid-like. Also Noted “We need a cucumber check in Aisle 2,” writes Mortified at DC’s Legal Beagle. Do you want to work here? Things you never thought of looking for when considering a new job. By Econo-Girl. Clever. The things she does. When a women likes a guy, by DC Cookie. DC Blogs Body Function Round-up: (Don’t read these posts if squeamish) Kidney stone anesthesia. By Happy Pants. Amtrak bathroom adventure at Radical Flower. Sick in Public at I Caught You a Delicious Blog. When the oil runs out: The End of Suburbia at the Environmental Film Festival, a movie review by Chuck Tryon, a visiting assistant professor of media studies at Catholic University, who gives a detailed review in his blog, The Chutry Experiment. Metro signs at DC-Streets.

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A Farewell to Blogs Jadxia A thoughtful view on blogging. Excerpt:

It’s really silly for me to keep trying to be heard. I shouted, and the only people who heard me were the ones who felt like shouting themselves. I whispered, and the only people who heard me were the ones who also whispered. And they never really heard me, they heard the echo of themselves.

Also Noted Daughter of Clown Ops: 9 lbs 3 ounces with photos. DC University Hierarchy described in a way that will make you feel bad about attending any school here. At DC Urban Family. The best $80 I’ve even spent, reports DC Drama Grrls. An upfront and informative post. Temporary Life Partners formerly known as marriage at Sex and Our City. A very good post by Kay. I’m totally fine with having 2 or 3 or 4 different Life Partners as I journey my way through the years. That’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean I’ve done something wrong or that I’m choosing the wrong men or that I’m a glutton for punishment.

Busboys and Poets blocks IRC? So reports The Dumping Ground. My Best Restaurant in DC Award goes to Lalibela Ethiopian restuarant on 14th and P, writes the Washingtoniette.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 22nd, 2006 by dcblogs

Prejudice From D.C. to Jerusalem An encounter in a taxi in Jerusalem forces our writer, a DC woman who is studying in Israel for a year, to maintain composure while dealing with stark questions. An excerpt from this outstanding post:

The woman on the sherut also made the point that she wants to help her own people, not those who want to destroy them. “Why help them,” she asked, “when I could help my own?” This raises a good question, and one that I couldn’t answer right away. I had to acknowledge the validity of her point: giving assistance to an outside group over one’s own doesn’t make much logical sense. Why bolster someone who could do me harm, when I could be making myself stronger?

Also Noted The Seabee statue is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen, writes Pygmalion In A Blanket. Of course my other problem with the Seabees statue is the giant, bare-chested man. First, the punchline: Don’t smile, people think it’s an open invitation to talk to you. See Green Canary for the build-up. Crazy? Yea call me crazy but I just blew almost 200 bucks of my most recent paycheck on a new pair of jeans, writes Athens Fabulous. A cab driver entertains his passenger by speaking a foreign language. At DC Cab Rider. Eating Whole Shrimp: What is it about this new trend in D.C. to serve a single, enormous shrimp with the shell, tail, head, legs, and feelers still on? From the food blog, Le Cuvee Americain: The American Blend. About the forecast of snow It is possible that some or all viewers in our broadcasting area could conceivably see accumulations of zero to twenty-four inches. From Beyond the Mall. Items for the social calendar at Grammar.police. Some good recommendations. Art History Mini-Essay: Titian by Capture the Castle.

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The Toxic Office Church of the Big Sky Our writer is accused at work of being a potential ax murderer. This is an extraordinary and important story about workplace cruelty. Painful to read but Wow in terms of writingCube. An excerpt:

Yeah – that’s what this guy said when he was picked up by the police! I blinked. Wait a second. Where was this going? And then it was revealed. A complaint had been registered. I made someone “uncomfortable.”

I. Hate. Weddings. HATE Failed Southern Lady Was totally looking forward to a friend’s wedding in Georgia – Dennis. It starts:

Please do me a favor. If you are getting married, don’t invite me. I hate weddings. I hate everything about them – from the big tacky ring and the public display of affection that is usually the proposal all the way to the bombardment of bride and groom with bird seed or other pellet like projectiles …

Also noted: Citi SmartTrip Metrocard has problems, reports First to Third. I’m annoyed that Citi didn’t work out the kinks of this program before launching it. He reports a list of problems. The scene at the Adams Morgan McDonald’s: So this kid just starts yelling at them. He’s probably in 1st or 2nd grade. And he just goes off, screaming “Hurry Up!” right into their backs. From Countersignature. Unrelated related: Inventor of the Chicken Nugget Dies, from Hey Pretty. When she’s not working on her blog, Lucky Spinster aka Callie Kimball is a playwright and the premier of her latest play, “Jupiter Zoom,” is next week at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Georgetown. The space is a 45-seat black box theatre, and we already have over 60 reservations on the books, so reservations are STRONGLY recommended. “Jupiter Zoom” runs for one week, she writes. Update your links. Velvet in Dupont’s domain has changed, it’s now: Billiards for Gallery Place at Gallery Place Living. DC skater featured in Her Sports magazine at Skate Blog. FAQ Site note: We may miss publishing tomorrow because of work demands.

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Office Archetypes Zeldafitz This is a very clever rundown, and probably dead-on accurate, assessment of your co-workers. Some two-dozen archetypes are listed. Among them:

The Person Who is Nice When She Comes to Your Office to Talk, but who acts weird if you come to her office to chat

Love in the Ruins Son of Clown Ops Usually, we like to spread out the authors noted here but Mister Jinxy has been on a writing roll. This post continues his Tunis trip adventures. Excellent illustrations. Cube’s note: this piece wiped me out. An excerpt with the tour guide: “The Carthaginian had multiple wives. This is called …. polygamy.” He had to search for the precise word as English was not his native language. “In Tunisia today all men have only one wife. This is called …. monotony.” A DC Visitor Writes … Cherry Dilemma Our writer came to DC from Lansing, Michigan to see a concert at the Black Cat. Her visit left her inspired in a way that most area residents don’t feel anymore. – Dennis. An excerpt:

The Mall was quite an experience for me, or perhaps that was just the warm weather. Either way, the combination of just seeing people and movement and fun in the middle of the Mall just gave me the feeling that if people can fly kites, then maybe the world isn’t going quite as far downhill as I sometimes think after all. I think that’s my idea of peace: people idling around in warm weather flying kites and kicking balls and playing tag. Such a surge of joy like that is pretty rare for me, and honestly it was the best thing ever. FAQ