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DC Blogs Noted

The Florida Grill Weekend Home And I Am Not Lying, For Real High praise for the The Florida Grill – Dennis. And tasty writing. An excerpt: If a career spent behind a screen is the pin that pops my dream of fitness, the hand that jabs the balloon is my deep, abiding love of soul […]

Blog Mojo

One Homeless Man is Riding in Style Yeah … I Said It Pimpin’ out the box in which he lives…. Dennis recommendation. It starts: Saturday night was not a great one for me. I was having an off-day when it came to the charm. That night, I went to Adams Morgan, and for the first […]

DC Blogs Noted

Note to Readers: Another 30 blogs have been added to the feed. Check it out. Moving Broken-down Trains Live from the third rail This is a first person account of what happens when the Metro you are on breaks down. A detailed report of the procedure and mechanics involved. An excerpt: At any rate, […]

DC Blogs Noted

Found on a doorstep Lumpyhead A mother, who was given up for adoption, wonders what her biological mother went through. The blog is named Lumpyhead, after a little boy born last May. The writer was born in Korea, raised in the U.S., and today works on the Hill for the U.S. House of Representatives. It […]

DC Blogs Noted

Kiss and Toast The Toast Game The Toast Game is the creation of local blogger, Thoreau. Alerting us to this game is Travis, who wrote that the Toast Game began as a private joke that turned into a semi-private game that has since spiraled out of control, involved a wide spectrum of the innocent and […]

Blog Fame

A Rite of Passage Patterson Film When the house you grew up in is sold. It’s a well-written post that captures the emotion perfectly. It came recommended by Church of the Big Sky, who wrote, in part, No matter how old you are, it’s a difficult journey. It starts: I’m going to Nebraska this weekend […]

DC Blogs Noted

Crime and Fondu I Caught You a Delicious Blog Police investigate dinner. An excerpt: We heard a knock at the door. I opened the door holding a hand of cards, and there were four cops standing there. They said they had received a call of a ‘Suspicious Odor.’ I gave them a “??” look … […]

DC Lives

Sermon on the Bus Lipstick Gargoyle A bus driver gets a lecture on compassion. Here’s one of those perfect anecdotes, writes Reya. An excerpt: A man with crutches got on the bus and before he was able to sit down, the driver peeled away from the curb. Needless to say, the gent on sticks was […]

DC Blogs Noted

Shock and Awe Pie Pants A great gift of blogging are the stories of bringing new life into the world. This blogger shares her marvel and wonder. An excerpt: How is it that I can put all of my concentration and effort into something, with my whole mind, and still mess up, and yet, here […]

DC Blogs Noted:

The Blogger and Artist Painterly Visions A mural by the blogger behind Painterly Visions, and created with the help of some fellow muralists, will be installed at the Takoma Community Center. Some nice photos of the work and artists are posted. A DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities press release had this to say […]