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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 16th, 2006 by dcblogs

The Florida Grill Weekend Home And I Am Not Lying, For Real High praise for the The Florida Grill – Dennis. And tasty writing. An excerpt:

If a career spent behind a screen is the pin that pops my dream of fitness, the hand that jabs the balloon is my deep, abiding love of soul food. It flicks the drug switches deep in the brain, giving one this glazed, mellow smile after a meal.

‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ Sandblower This writer witnessed an interesting altercation between his Metrobus driver and a would-be VIP. If only we knew who the VIP was … Dennis

The man at the bus window, a white man with grey hair and glasses, wearing a dark suit, continued to berate the driver and threatened to call his supervisor. The bus driver lost his apologetic tone, and asked the man to move his car sothat he could continue his route. The angry driver repeated his threat.

Also Noted: The kid with a song. Martin at Boztopia draws attention to a beautiful tale of someone in need. Follow his link. Best blog name award: Go Flying Turtle. Dcblogs team member Reya found this one in her travels. It’s an art blog, and the lead post concerns the Hokusai Exhibit at the Sackler. It’s written by Steve, who came to this area for a teaching job, and who writes: I’ve got a love/hate relationship with this area and occasionally feel like I’m still adjusting. I love all that this area has to offer with its abundance of culture and nature. I get tired of the constant state of development and ridiculously high cost of living. The Art Blog Challenge is a national blog, but Reya notes that it looks like fun. It’s a large group blog filled with some clever illustrations. Check it out.

Blog Mojo

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One Homeless Man is Riding in Style Yeah … I Said It Pimpin’ out the box in which he lives…. Dennis recommendation. It starts:

Saturday night was not a great one for me. I was having an off-day when it came to the charm. That night, I went to Adams Morgan, and for the first time in a long time, I did not impress any ladies with my mojo.

Wings and o-ren ishii Thoughts when i really should be working … Delicious writing as well. yum’s draws a ROUGH crowd, and this girl — petite and beautiful — is fully accessible to it through the two foot-wide opening in the inch-thick glass. yet no matter how brazen and intimidating the clientele, no matter how inclined they are to start trouble, they don’t dare mess with her — ever. everything about her, the way she moves, her icy indifference, her steely glare … The Insomnia Diaries Dealing in Subterfuges This one is fabulous. One of her best. – Reya. An excerpt: “Um, could you not smoke in here? And who are you?” I asked, reaching for my cell phone and dialing 9-1. She looked pretty old and non-threatening, but you can’t be too careful in my neighborhood. Simple and Self Explanatory Circle V This is a holiday I could really get behind! – Dennis.

A man worth keeping is easy in every sense of the word. He is low maintenance, rarely over thinks anything and generally cares mostly about 1. getting off, 2. having good time 3. feeling successful/worthwhile in some capacity and 4. having a lady he can hang with in public. Yep, that’s about it.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 14th, 2006 by dcblogs

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Moving Broken-down Trains Live from the third rail This is a first person account of what happens when the Metro you are on breaks down. A detailed report of the procedure and mechanics involved. An excerpt:

At any rate, one of the employees had several people give up their seats. Underneath some of those beautiful orange cushions is a lever that cuts out the train’s brakes. Sort of like putting the car into neutral, I guess. To access the levers one pulls up on an entire set of four seats, tipping the seats into the air.

Idiotarod Barzelay Unlike its Alaskan namesake, this one begins in Dupont Circle. Rob of the Goodspeed Update has photos and a link to the Flickr collection. An excerpt from Barzelay: I love this idea, and I’m not surprised to hear that it originated in San Francisco, the land of flash mobs, giant pillow fights, the EFF, and more.

Also Noted

Buffalo Chili: No water necessary at dcfud. (Background on Arlington and District water outage at Washington Post) Angela of Real Estate Talk, a Bloomingdale resident and Realtor, offers this view of the real estate market. Granted the market has been a little overheated of late but it’s a long way from cooling. I think when the weather warms you will see such an uptick in the market that all the Chicken Little pundits will be surprised. First rehearsals. I hate standing up in a room and telling people my name. I don’t know why. If I had to make a list of awkward, self-conscious moments, Meet and Greets would probably be at the top. From Playmaker. A proposal in the U.S. Senate to make DC a test case for a flat tax draws a counter proposal from the writer of a blog about the Eckington neighborhood. (Wikipedia’s Eckington reference) It is unlikely that DC will get voting rights especially when republicans currently run all three branches of government. this will be a political football for some time. A better solution is to reduce the tax burden on district residents by recinding federal taxes. From New Kid on the Eckington Block Flowers Bloom, Amplifiers Boom at Quest for Quiet. The amplifier was so loud, in fact, that after photographing in front of the stage for nearly an hour, my ears were ringing.

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Found on a doorstep Lumpyhead A mother, who was given up for adoption, wonders what her biological mother went through. The blog is named Lumpyhead, after a little boy born last May. The writer was born in Korea, raised in the U.S., and today works on the Hill for the U.S. House of Representatives. It begins:

Now that I have a child, I think about how hard it must have been for my biological mother to give me up for adoption. I was found on the doorstep of a house in Seoul.

Also Noted I rarely shop at Whole Foods because a trip there also means a trip somewhere else. Last time I checked, which was last summer, the store wasn’t carrying diet soda, just the sugar kind. So I sent Whole Foods corporate an email and asked why it didn’t stock diet soda. No response. Now Grateful Dating goes to Whole Foods after her vet advises her to feed her sick kitty chicken or turkey baby food. But Jamy, the writer, can’t find it at this store. At Whole Foods there is only VEGETARIAN baby food. … The smugness of it is astonishing. The Washington Post Express is seeking Metro riders who want share their commute stories. They’re looking for volunteers with a knack for words. Details are at the Washington Oculus, the personal blog of Michael Grass, local editor of The Washington Post’s Express. Liz, the writer of Quiet in the Stacks, gets a day off from work and encounters the noise of the city, in this nicely written and wide-ranging post about that day. An excerpt: … the driver of this black SUV was becoming increasingly agitated at the school bus driver. Why, I have no idea, but in true DC fashion he was honking his horn and yelling things through his window until a police officer drove up onto the sidewalk next to him and told him to shut it. I was immensely pleased … Hotness encounters, by a 23 year old Jamaican-American female trying to figure out where she is going in life …. Juliana Goes International. Two big blogger events this week, both on Wednesday. Weblogger Meetup group will meet Wed at 7 p.m. at the usual watering hole, Pharaoh’s in Adams Morgan. Blogger Happy Hour, organized by Kathryn and I-66, will meet at Yuca, 1800 M Street, NW, also at 7 p.m.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 10th, 2006 by dcblogs

Kiss and Toast The Toast Game The Toast Game is the creation of local blogger, Thoreau. Alerting us to this game is Travis, who wrote that the Toast Game began as a private joke that turned into a semi-private game that has since spiraled out of control, involved a wide spectrum of the innocent and not-so-innocent, produced much offline hilarity, and has now spawned its own dedicated website. The web site has rules and the raves are in: this toast site is more DADA than the exhibit at the National Gallery. Whew! – Reya. Calling All Hot Men at the Gym Crazy Girl City So, you sign up at a gym and they put you through the standard list of questions. Most people would give the standard responses. But not someone named CrazyGirl. An excerpt:

Question: What do you expect from a gym?

Expected Answer: I expect there to be qualified and trained staff to answer all my fitness related questions, as well as the equipment being modern, clean, and in working order.

CrazyGirl’s Answer: Hot men.

Also Noted check out: Enjoy life. Every day — An excerpt: … But things have gotten worse since I got into medicine. I think it’s because now I can see the shit ass things that happen to people just like me. From The Cords of Billroth. Rock Creek Rambler’s Bar Etiquette. Ten points. Here’s one: Don’t walk into a bar, order one drink, and put it on your credit card. If you can’t afford to carry enough cash to pay for one drink, you should be sitting at home with a bottle of Old English, not going out to bars. Go before the view is gone. The JW Steakhouse in Key Bridge Marriott is closing later this year. It’s where the dad of Michelle, (Diary of a Mad Asian Woman) has worked for 25 years. She shares her memories. I used to run around as a kid and play with the other servers and my dad’s friends. I had my pre-prom dinner there. My cousin got married there …. It’s European: DC drivers are really rude, it’s like they think they’re in Italy. Observation of a new resident, Poet Blue. Photo panorama: Capitol Hill block. Nice work. Ohad Online. Some 415 posts laterDealing in Subterfuges marks one year blogging anniversary

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A Rite of Passage Patterson Film When the house you grew up in is sold. It’s a well-written post that captures the emotion perfectly. It came recommended by Church of the Big Sky, who wrote, in part, No matter how old you are, it’s a difficult journey. It starts:

I’m going to Nebraska this weekend to help my mother clean out her house so she can move into a condo that will be much more comfortable for her. This house also happens to be the house where I grew up.

Also Noted I hate Safeway, a criticism by Misadventures in D.C.. I’m too nice. Lizzie at The Blinding Glare of the Obvious writes about her internal contradictions. Mardi Gras in Adams Morgan, with photos of the Reef and Madams Organ at Nosalik. I miss Washington DC more than I miss any lover, writes le comte, in a short post. Spring has arrived. Capital Weather DC bloggers are famous. NBC 4 has aired its report filmed at blogger happy hour. Here’s a film clip. Some notes about it at: Yeah, So I’m, First Date DC, Stuck in a . . . DCist editor Martin Austermuhle was interviewed at length. Check out

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Crime and Fondu I Caught You a Delicious Blog Police investigate dinner. An excerpt:

We heard a knock at the door. I opened the door holding a hand of cards, and there were four cops standing there. They said they had received a call of a ‘Suspicious Odor.’ I gave them a “??” look …

Also Noted The title says it all: How I obtained a free, fully-functioning 23-foot sailboat that was once owned by a famous jazz musician, writes Lonnie Bruner at Talkin’ Shit About A Pretty Sunset. A law school student’s link recommendation. At Barzelay, who writes: This is one of the best random sites I’ve run across in a very long time. Regarding research efforts to prove that sugar-sweeten soda doesn’t make you fat, Antigravitas has this to say: Like seriously. “Why is my ass getting so big?…I mean, I do eat a couple of sticks of butter before bed each night, but the jury’s still out on whether that’s really connected to my problem. Maybe I should commission a study on this.” Oscar views: I keep reading all these articles and columns with everyone dissecting why it is that Brokeback Mountain didn’t win the Best Picture Oscar. Fewer people seem to be very concerned with why it is that Crash won, writes Countersignature. An analysis of the Crash Oscar at Playfulindc. Oh, you knew. You say you didn’t, sitting with your oh-so-dem-friends, sipping your appletini’s and munching on crostini. Worth reading: regarding last week’s fatal beltway crash at Conversations with Mud. Check out

DC Lives

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Sermon on the Bus Lipstick Gargoyle A bus driver gets a lecture on compassion. Here’s one of those perfect anecdotes, writes Reya. An excerpt:

A man with crutches got on the bus and before he was able to sit down, the driver peeled away from the curb. Needless to say, the gent on sticks was not pleased. He sat down and gave the driver an earful. Asked whether he wanted a sermon on compassion, the driver said yes. I was surprised.

Overheard Conversations Eavesdrop DC Is a relatively new blog that promises to deliver a collection of overheard conversations in DC. It seems to be off to a good start. One of the most famous blogs of this type is Overheard in New York. DCist has been running its own Overheard in DC. From one post on Eavesdrop:

Girl to coworker: “Well, have you ever considered that we’re the most interesting people in DC?” (coworker giggles and nods in agreement) – 20th and L

World, Slow Down! Rude Cactus A talented photographer records a day in a life.

Also Noted The Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit is comforting to Retro Dragon for the way the works “aren’t capturing simply a moment of time, but a whole mood that other paintings of other artists from the same time period support.” Our memories are but snapshots. Some thoughts about photography at Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space. DC condo investor tries to cash out. A take on a Craig’s List ad by The Housing Bubble. To summarise: within the space of ten minutes, I got approached by a “talent scout” and A got offered weed by one person, and was clearly eyed off by a second drug dealer while standing right in front of several police officers and about five thousand people in Times Square. A trip to NYC as reported by My life as an Alien in modern-day USA The verdict (and other things) on Belle and Sebastian at the 9:30 Club by the Glorious Hum. Though none of Belle and Sebastian’s members are particularly attractive, I found myself watching Bob, who also has a very cute Scottish accent. Check out this photo of Glen Echo Park by Ended with a Flash. The photo looks like it’s from another time, yet it was only taken a few weeks ago. The park is a definite visit. Then the fight began in earnest. “Please place your item in a bag,” HAL told me … About the automatic checkout scanners at Harris Teeter, writes More Than My Luggage, in a post titled Rise of the Machines. On being a better person: I have found happiness in the little things in life. A message, a phone call, a touch on the cheek. It’s not the gesture, but the meaning behind it that is important. By Ocean of Reality.
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Shock and Awe Pie Pants A great gift of blogging are the stories of bringing new life into the world. This blogger shares her marvel and wonder. An excerpt:

How is it that I can put all of my concentration and effort into something, with my whole mind, and still mess up, and yet, here I am, making this complicated mass of cells and flesh without even thinking about it.

For the latest: Also Noted: Why aren’t there police on foot in the U Street area? That’s what Dog Eat Dog DC wants to know. I can honestly say I have never seen an MPD officer walking U Street. Never. When I do see an MPD car its whizzing on by and into patrol car oblivion. What good does that do?! Important medical advice: Wouldn’t you rather have a brain surgeon with a British accent than one with a Southern one? From a post about British accents by Sarcastic and Cyncial Artist’s studios from 190 sq. feet at $206 a month at DC Art News. Metro DC Sewer worries that the driving cell phone ban will be expanded to include hands free devices. So I guess that means cops will be able to pull me over on Connecticut Avenue if they see me giving myself a pep talk because, gasp, I could have been talking on a hands free phone. Foggy Bottom ale is evidently shutting operations. There’s a good column in WaPo by Marc Fisher. While on the subject of Foggy Bottom … Lindy’s Red Lion drew a reviewer from dcfud who wrote this: When my defeated-looking basket arrived, the tiny meat patty reminded me of the Midwestern highschoolers, cold, thin, and greasy. It’s still a great neighborhood/GWU hangout. GWU’s spectacular last second victory over Charlotte recounted on Colonial Hoops. The ball bounced off the far end of the rim, which was then grabbed by Carl Elliott, who in mid air, put the ball in as time expired, giving GW the one point victory. DCist also has report and photos. Stop toying with me already. Funny little quip by someone waiting to find if they made it into GWU. By Retius. Movie reviews: A review of the movie Ultraviolet expressed as a mathematical formula. (In short, the movie doesn’t add up) By Baggage Carousel 4 Nice theater, however: Tonight we finally went to AFI’s Silver Theater and saw Night Watch, part one of the Russian vampire trilogy. The theatre was beautiful and really huge, but there was hardly anyone there. From Black Eyes and Checkerspots

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The Blogger and Artist Painterly Visions A mural by the blogger behind Painterly Visions, and created with the help of some fellow muralists, will be installed at the Takoma Community Center. Some nice photos of the work and artists are posted. A DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities press release had this to say about the accomplishment:

The artist uses her signature celebratory palette of bright reds mixed with yellows, blues and magenta. Residents of all ages are depicted in active poses, enjoying sports activities in a whimsical, cloud filled blue-sky neighborhood.

Also Noted: Men miss the speed dating turnoff. I arrived early and sat at the bar waiting for the fun to begin. Only, it never did, reports Wanderings in DC. Vent blogs a.k.a. venting blogs rarely last long. Once the writer makes his or her points, he or she runs out of things to say. Whether that will be true of not for DC Metro a.k.a. The Tunnels of Hell, will be seen. This is a blog dedicated to those who still have not yet mastered those rules of metro etiquette. Another Metro rant by Sara of Buffalo. When going up the escalator why do some people have such odd habits? First Lazy people to the right and fast people to the left. From The amazing life of Sara H. The patties are about an inch thick, tasting richly of onions. The lettuce is Bibb and the bun is sweet and oversized. I ordered mine with grilled onions, Eff got cheese and bacon. Colorado Kitchen Burger Night at A Capitol Life Arlington Eats, Delhi Club, Ravi Kahob, Café Asia at dcfud To get listed on the automated feed please send a note to Photo Credit: Reya Site Note: Due to some heavy work demands, I’ll resume posting Monday. Please see for the latest.