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All People Become Patients Veritography This is an interesting, very readable perspective by a student at the Georgetown School of Medicine about how intense medical training reshapes perception of everyday life. An excerpt:

The man you pass by on the street has a mole on his arm, and you mentally imagine the histology of the tissue. You see a mother walking her daughter through the metro and when the small child trips, the mother catches her by her hand, yanking up on her arm and the only thing you can think of is the possibility of a dislocated elbow.

Also Noted Metro roundup: I saw an advertisement in an unlikely place: the Metro tunnel wall, writes, davidblog. The ad was for the Lincoln Zephyr and it looked surprisingly sharp. Also read: Stanaping on the Metro. An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting. Nice rack at the TheWashCycle. New arts blogs, DC Arts Girl, a mix of art and life by a flutist who wants to run her own arts organization someday. And Wash Art News, which will follow local arts activities. The anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear accident is this week, but its awful legacy of human misery continues to this day. The full extent of the effects of the Chernobyl accident cannot be grasped, writes Cocoricamo in a post that details what is known so far about this disaster’s grim accounting. A thanks to Kathryn for her observations about the dcblogs/live feed, and her list of recommendations about effective posting. DC for Dummies, or at least Newbies. Entertaining perspective about life in the city. Very nice work by Beauty and the Beltway. Just out of curiosity: Is there a blog or a blog writer in favor of church double parking? It’s a one-way issue in blog land (please correct if wrong and include link in comments.) Logan Circle Parking Problems is microscoping the rich political doublespeak this issue engenders. Found via DCist. Also see:
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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 26th, 2006 by dcblogs

Mayoral Blogs and Blog Endorsements Adrian Fenty’s blog and Jenny Miller This will be the first of a series of inconsequential reviews of DC mayoral candidate blogs. Today’s featured review: Adrian Fenty’s blog. It’s not a blog. It’s a collection of blathering testimonials and no comments are accepted. But, luckily, for Fenty, it matters not. Here’s one blog endorsement: After careful analysis, we’ve concluded Mr. Fenty is the best candidate, based largely on these two points: 1. He got our alley repaved, and 2. One of his cousins is a lesbian. From Jenny Miller. We wish the screen shot to the right was Fenty’s blog. Wouldn’t that be delicious? Instead, check out the incredible, electric work at Jenny Miller. Also Noted Elise at Where is my mind? Is conducting a fund raiser via Donors Choose, which helps teachers. She is seeking to raise $200 for this charity. DonorsChoose is trying to get bloggers to post challenges on their sites and encourage readers to participate. The Express is now blogging online, increasing the visibility of local blogs with multiple daily posts and mentions. If a newspaper can devote a couple of pages a day to comics, it can give a little attention to its local bloggers, but, interestingly, the vast majority of newspapers today view local blogs as critters in the forest existing just to occasionally run out and bite them. The Post Express is one of the first mainstream U.S. news organizations to cross over into this local blogging world, and by this I mean pay attention to some of the things dc bloggers write about. Many bloggers will likely welcome the attention that this can bring. — KOB (A post with comments about the Express blog at the Rock Creek Rambler.) Among those writing for the site is Kriston of Grammar.police and Amanda of Metrocurean. I met my love on Craigslist. Till human voices wake, and we drown. Photos: Faces of the Fallen display at the Women in Military service memorial at Arlington Cemetery by Board at BoardGameGeek. Click here for Silent Hill: There’s no end in sight to the string of crappy video game movies, folks. From a new blog, DCgirl(at)themovies.

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An architect from Manila tours the city and The Hill and records, in a long, readable and interesting post, his observations on everything from Metro’s design to politics. Asian Views. The psychology behind speed cameras explained by New Kid on the Eckington Block. And the devil bus at Louder than Words. Metro DC Sewer says he’s at a crossroads about blogging. One part of the “self-discovery” I’ve found by writing this blog is that my life is very boring. Duffy’s Irish Restaurant and Pub is opening, reports Metrocurean. Reasons she gave you her phone number. Female psychology explained by the numbers by Let Us Clear Our Throats. Skinny jeans are coming back, reports Miss Penny Lane. Please visit

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The Church Parking Controversy A Blog Roundup The long standing practice of allowing church goers to double park appears coming to a slow and inevitable end. Sunday’s church sponsored rally in Logan Circle prompted a number of responses. The blogger at Clever Title opposes the double parking practice but also points to deeper issues. I guess the churches are too busy trying to shut down nice, new vegetarian restaurants (presumably because they might raise property values) and attacking bars because they might attract gay people. In Shaw also stopped at the rally. When I first arrived, there was something about a threat to drive churches out of DC. I went to my DC church today, didn’t hear a thing about that. Read the comments at the Logan Circle neighborhood blog as well, writes Mitch: The rally upsets me. The Logan Circle residents and churches have come together and now all the compromises are for not. An earlier DCist report. What Kind of Sex is Your Food? Failed Southern Lady Sharp, smart, funny, edgy – what are we leaving out? Also Noted: Matzah Lasagna at dl004d. Cooking creation photo. The Stand-By at DC Dating Games. Myspace Trainwrecks by Neurotic in Asburn. A post that was noted by Wonkette Please send in your link recommendations, and request to be added to update: We are working on adding in another batch just over 50 blogs.

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Best traffic hazard in DC. I have personally witnessed 4 cars get screwed by this hazard, reports DC Mr. Anthrope. Is That Who I Think It Is? Our man on the scene has a good eye and camera and believes he got a photograph of someone famous. By Life Outtacontext. No fawning or whispering is allowed. Jordan speaks of photographs as capturing a memory in time. But they become more than that, and arrive as the mosaics of our lost innocence and youth. – Cube. Dealing in Subterfuges Also Noted It is official I’ve become an addict, writes the new guest blogger on Fictional Rockstar. Best license plate in DC, about a really strange pet. I Crap In a Box. Where Did Balducci’s Go? Gone. Our news team on the scene: Gallery Place Living. No better description of love. Sex and Our City.

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Breaking News: U.S. May Ask IKEA to Pressure Iran, reports Throwing Hammers. Photographic evidence. Diary of a Mad Asian Woman writes about jury duty: One attorney asked if seeing a certain piece of evidence, in this case, the defendant’s blood alcohol content would be enough to find him guilty, without considering any of the other evidence. Sharkbait’s mock trial experience: The hard part was that in real life, I am not a coroner … True story. Read the comments. Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash. Random observations in Dupont Circle by fallout girl. Nicely done. What is chicken product? Don’t read during lunch. dcfud Thanks to everyone who attended the weblogger meeting! For the latest, see

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Heating Up Chairborne Stranger Blogs are allowing soldiers to describe, in ways that often grip and stir, what it is they face and how it impacts them. This writer, a DC metro area soldier serving in Iraq, has been generously sharing his experiences and this post is one of his best. An excerpt: Life seems to disappear so casually here in Iraq. The faceless, nameless insurgent that guns down two or three service members in the space of seconds. The violent explosions from IEDs and mortar attacks that send shrapnel everywhere and devastate. The people left that have to carry on, move past the loss, pain, and grief. Also Noted: Appraiser’s market view. Summary at Urban Trekker Blog. There is a dramatic decline in sales. Church and State showdown over double parking on April 23, reports DCist.’s ‘fate’ is failure, reports Field of Flowerz. DC Drama Grrls blog, which turned out some excellent work over many months, is no more. Two of its writers have moved on, reports the Dutchess, who has changed her pen name to Moxie and has launched a solo blog: Another Day in DC. Check out her latest post, Talk Sex With Sue on the Oxygen channel and writes: It’s just something about getting the advice from a 90 year old that bothers me. Flesbianism explained by Irina is always right. Less crime, more fines, reports Metro DC Sewer, about the benefits of living in Chevy Chase. Alex the Afraid yet Adorable at Quiet in the Stacks. And those new shoes. I think the real purpose of a ten-year reunion is to brag, writes Redhead in the City. The invite has arrived. Sentence of the week: There isn’t anything sweeter than pointing out people’s weak points and then picking at them like a swollen scab, writes Sarcastic and Cynical. D.C. Blogger Meetup Wednesday – tonight — beginning at 7 p.m. at Pharaoh’s, 1817 Columbia Rd., in Adams Morgan. Site note: We may skip publishing Thursday if Webloggers meeting runs late. Regarding live feed: There’s a list of about 40 blogs to be added, and that will happen soon. If you want to be listed, please

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A Little New York in DC Chase-ing Complacency The refuse on a short stretch of sidewalk near the New York Avenue Metro stop draws this writer’s attention. It’s edgy writing and for context on what quickens the pulse read this earlier post by Chase: “I’m Still A Good Person .. Right,” about a recent encounter with a homeless person. An excerpt from this most recent post: I thought to myself, there must be some type of force, person (or possibly even creature) snatching out the hair weave of unsuspecting women. I walked faster. Also Noted: Who knew Sarah Lincoln was so hot? Writes Phil in a note about Washington Cube’s outstanding research and writing on Lincoln and forgotten memory locked inside the smell of Lilacs. I Hate Kit Kats pastry art. Also check out the origami of Easter Bunny versus Easter Tyrannosaurus Rex Lizzie of Blinding Glare of the Obvious gives a dramatic reading, via AudioMail. It’s recommended by Reya, who said it was the first time she has listened to an audio blog “even cooler is that this is Lizzie’s speaking voice.” Metro escalator with appetite for loafer, says why.i.hate.dc Parking solution for DC? Best of Washington DC reports about a business, SpotScout, that connects drivers with parking spaces, including those at private homes. It’s not in DC yet. I hate Cilantro, writes K Street Blues. Equal in Cocktails? DC Drinks D.C. Blogger Meetup Wednesday beginning at 7 p.m. at Pharaoh’s, 1817 Columbia Rd., in Adams Morgan. These are very informal get togethers of people just chatting. We’re usually the only people in the bar, and everyone is invited. Check out for the latest

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Scenes From a Hospital The Cords of Billroth Stop watching medical shows on TV. They’ll dull your brain. Instead, read this post and be quickly drawn into scenes and observations from the front line of modern medicine. This well written post came recommended by Lonnie Bruner. It starts: My co-intern walked into a room the other day and the patient looked up at him and said, “I don’t know how I’m going to get milk out of this,” and then started sucking on his blanket. Also Noted: White House Easter Egg hunt reporting at the The Republic of T, a gay father, with tickets to participate. (Link takes to main page, scroll for posts). The egg roll is scheduled today (Monday). White House link. My First MySpace Stalker. Downright creepy and alarming, writes Conversations with Mud. Juice Me Up, writes Black Eyes and Checkerspots about energy drinks. Brings own chair on bus, reports Wanderings in DC. DC Pillow Fight Club says it is meeting Monday night outside the IRS Building at 11th and Constitution. Vist To get listed write dcblogs Post recommendations welcomed.

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The Art of War Kathryn On … The essential truth of blog wars, Kathryn writes, is “almost no one comes out looking good.” Full scale battles with repetitive nasty, anonymous comments are fortunately relatively rare things, but low-level comment skirmishes aren’t. This writer details some of the comment types and patterns she has seen in the blogosphere and invites readers to add their own observations. This post came recommended by Heather of No Pasa Nada, who described it as “so freaking true.” An excerpt from one of the practices Kathryn makes note of:

Parody Blog! Wherein the author(s) spend more time and effort than is appropriate attempting to lampoon another blogger they despise. Sadly for them,they rarely outlast the objects of their hate, and tend to come off as unhealthily obsessed and/or secretly in love/lust with their subject.

Also Noted: Blog Stealing is Just Wrong, writes Crazy Girl City, who discovers that a post has been lifted by a California-based blogger. She took my stuff and posted it word for word with the exception of altering the title, writes Crazy Girl. She isn’t alone among DC area bloggers in experiencing this problem. It’s impossible to know how widespread it is, but if the site has advertising, one tactic is to alert the advertisers. This is a very interesting post about the possible discovery of soft tissue in a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone. Our writer, a formerly DC-area based blogger now working in the paleontology department of a museum in Philadelphia, explains why the discovery is important to creationist. By Jessasims. Purposely giving out wrong number results in cyberstalker, reports Love and Haterade. Idle Interns are the Devils Playthings is a story of a bad idea that made sense in some weird way, by Beauty and the Beltway. Cheney is booed for first pitch, reports DC Drama Grrls. Another opening day reaction: I was very bored, writes Nasty Nats, who also points out: First of all, Opening Day was not a sellout. That’s just embarrassing. Wikipedia wins again, writes I-495 blues, who is impressed with its entry devoted to I Am The Walrus by the Beatles. Site Note: Will return Monday. See for the latest. To get listed on the live feed, please write.