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A Story of Falling, Then Rising Grace’s Poppies In a note recommending this post, Jamy called it “beautiful and moving.” One commenter called it “breathless.” It’s all of that and more, this story of homelessness and redemption, by this soulful and brilliant writer. It begins, simply and powerfully: This is a true story.

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Protest Round-up Assorted Blogs Usually, metro area bloggers pay little attention to Washington’s ongoing protests. But the immigration rallies this week appeared to resonate with many. Here’s a sampling from some of the posts: The writer of The Life Misanthropic attended the Mall rally as a “neutral observer” and delivered a series of blogs posts and photographs. The crowd was fairly friendly and willing to talk to a poor white boy from Texas, and I got the overpowering sense that these people just want to be able to make a living in peace and to provide for their families. (Thanks again to Jamy for pointing out this blogger) Jeff Simmermon of And I Am Not Lying, For Real, is doing his own reporting with interviews of two members of DC’s Youth Action Resource Group. Poignant accounts from an immigrant’s perspective. Random Duck: I noticed something that struck me wrong: the rally seems to paint the illegal/undocumented problem as an exclusively Latino issue. Also Noted Death to the Poor (As Usual), writes Articulatory Loop about the practices of some stores operating in low-income areas to lock up condoms. DCist weighs in as well with facts and figures about DC HIV infection rates in a post that also draws many comments. Both are reacting to a Washington Post story on this. As an aside, it was puzzling that the Post story included comments from a group called “Citizens for Community Values,” which appears to support the lock-up. The Post doesn’t explain what this group is about or connection to the people who live in this city. But we’re all for community values and an important one is giving credit. El Guapo in DC may have been the first blogger to draw public attention to the condom lock-up practice when in January he wrote: CVS: Por favor! Please. Perhaps the Post can call other conservative organizations for comment when it ultimately does its long-awaited profile of DC Bachelor. DCB’s My Girlfriend Judy is LOL outrageous and one giant step beyond what somebody like Jay Leno would attempt. What moves this into satire is one photograph in particular that shows DCB with “Judy” sitting together, prominently, on the Dupont Circle fountain surrounded by dozens of people all giving it their urban best nothing-out-of-the-ordinary here.

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The Apartment Sale
Team Wet Dog
Our writer is moving to a new apartment and selling some things. Or so he thought. A Reya recommendation. An excerpt:

“How much for the hat,” he asked, picking it up. “Five dollars,” I told him. He picked it up and tried it on. It fit perfectly, and looked natural and good and right. Instantly, I hated the guy.

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Final edition of online journal Hookers and Blow is out with a feast of reading material. Writes Momentary Academic: We will leave the blogosphere with the same moxy and perspicaciousness that we entered into it. This collaborative enterprise of 11 writers has produced some outstanding work.

Seeking info on a sexual assault on 8th Street. Frozen Tropics.

DC Snacks delivered more than ice creamThe Dumping Ground

Protest photos at The Tension

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Guilt Finding Blanche This very touching post will likely strike a cord with anyone who has lived. An excerpt:

When I went to funeral, I was shocked and horrified to see people staring and pointing. At me. …

Also Noted: Quick and Natural starts: The label on my SpiceHuner Chicken and Vegetables soup says that it is “Quick and Natural.” Well, that description could apply to a lot of things, writes Melissa the Misanthrope, who goes on to explain just what. Does anyone else think the Hill reeks of sexual tension? From a post that moves from The Hill to the Black Cat by What is that you are saying. 18th Street Lounge by DC Bachelor. Takes on the dc bar scene. Unrelated related: Washington Post’s Perfect Dives listing. DC arts collective, reports DC Arts Scene and Heard, is flourishing at Homegrown Creations on U Street. The owner Melissa Taylor has been active in the arts community of Washington for over 20 years and takes great pride in the fact that Homegrown Creations, LLC shows artists exclusively from D.C. This is a new blog authored by “co-authored by two savvy D.C. arts professionals.” They say I look tired. Self-portrait at With or Without You. Backstage photos are scenes from a life by theater writer Stephen Gregory Smith. Want to know why Orkin, the popular pest control company, sponsors the Smithsonian Institution’s Insect Zoo? Big Head Rob. About kids attacking bikers, writes Fun things to do in DC.

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Smithsonian on Demand? DC Arts Jobs Don’t be misled by the title of this blog. It is a rich and impressive resource for the arts community, but this recent post deserves a broad audience. It concerns a deal reached by the Smithsonian with Showtime Networks giving it “right of first refusal for any project that relies “heavily” on Smithsonian artifacts or experts.” Also Noted Ding, ding. “Say ‘On the left,'” a voice called from behind. Good writing by Candy Sandwich. Eating in Spain: It’s something of a mystery to me why people in Spain aren’t all morbidly obese, but they’re not. Tiaras Optional. What you need to know about insured mail by Errant Apostrophes On Craig’s List you can Count the Red Flags with Whisky Pants help. So last night , I had a chance to eat at Ceiba, one of the sacred cows of DC-area restaurants … from What Does a Girl Do? The Arena Stage has its own blog. Visit

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Riot Girls Knee Deep In It The name of the blog has it right as far as this story is concerned. This writer, Killy, delivers a first person account of what happened following the University of Maryland’s women’s basketball team victory, leading up to a clash between students and police. (News reports at the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post.) An excerpt from her report:

We came across some poor drunk girl, who couldn’t have been more than 5 feet tall, who got sprayed directly in the eyes (her taller friend had gotten it in the mouth, but she seemed to be okay). The girl was obviously in pain and needed to rinse the spray out of her eyes, so she tried to get back into the bar, but they wouldn’t let her in.

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Best places to meet new people? Ask KAC. The people we meet: For starters, he’s a high priest in Santeria. From And I am not lying, for real. Swing dance weekend, reports In Shaw. Restaurant Eve chef gets Food and Wine’s Best New Chefs recognition, reports Metrocurean.

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Boom, Boom, Boom EJ Takes Life This is lyrical, descriptive writing. Very creative; A post that came recommended by I-66. It starts:

I’m literally bouncing in my flip flops down the bumpy brick sidewalk. The world is full of news good and bad. Dear friends are in love and getting married. Someone has died. I flounce my way to the drycleaner. The sudden sunshine makes mundane errands positively joyful.

Also Noted: Visit – our automated feed of dcblogs. Random Bird’s writing is stark, powerful and volcanic. The most recent post starts: I’ve taken to chewing up, and sometimes eating, my paper coffee cups lately. Linda, in particular, finds this appalling, not exactly because I’m eating the cup, but because I’m not using a ceramic mug … A Capitol Hill tour guide and tour is annoying, in a post titled, Mormons in the Capitol. From A circle has too much symmetry. Inkiness of Mother Nature. Storm photo at Painterly Visions. Nice lighting. Painterly Visions also has a pointer to Chris Doucette Comedy Blog, who caught this non-humorous scene – a fight — on his camera phone outside the Dupont Circle CVS. While not deep into the political season, it’s certain that the city’s newsy blogs, DCist and now the new entrant, The Washington City Paper’s City Desk blog, will have their hands full moderating comments. DCist, which has generated many interesting, colorful and problematic comment comment threads, shared some sympathy with the City Desk and its recent run of anon comments. It wrote: On a post yesterday on the crowded Ward 3 race, 57 comments were generated, of which 36 were removed. So far, DC’s politicians and supporters are mostly peeps and trolls when it comes to blogging. Second Story Books recommendation by Ouij’s Board. Dunno. Coca-Cola Blak is out and it’s not bad, so claims Conversations with Mud. Louis the pug blog. Photo: Current conference location, Central Florida.

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Game to Forget: Nationals Opener Assorted blogs There’s a raft of good blogs about the Nationals. Here are excerpts from some of them about yesterday’s 3-2 loss to the Mets. Writes Just a Nats Fan: A loss by one point isn’t so bad, really, but there were mistakes that could have easily turned it into a win. No sympathy at Nasty Nats: How do you have runners in scoring position with less than two outs more than once in a game and only score two runs? Ball Wonk: When you strand like 18 runners through the first seven innings, it’s not bad luck when a blown call costs you a run. Electric Design Slughunter This blogger has a unique, captivating and original design approach. Her work is very good. Also Noted: A fellow wearing a bowling shirt tries to make small talk with the Asian Mistress at Whitlow’s. In praise of Wegman’s grocery store. Their pizza tastes better than most pizzerias, writes Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal. Save this date. Washington Cube for details. Another perspective on the cherry blossoms. Nice photo at Prod & Ponder. Over 200 types of cheese. About the newly renovated Giant at Van Ness, writes Connecticut Avenue. Dramatic photo of storm front moving through at Boy in the Bands. DC Kickball info. Just a reminder: The art of recently entered blogs to hasn’t been fixed up yet.

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Just some shorts … Always Write’s experience with jury duty produces a post, writes Reya, that “is over the top, it’s so good.” An excerpt from the scene in the waiting room: I imagine jury duty is a lot like being an animal in a shelter: We’re penned in, supervised more to ensure our presence than our well-being, never mistreated but far from free. Metro’s prohibition against eating on public transportation is a good one, but over zealous enforcement of it is another matter. Our writer, El Guapo in DC, uses his camera phone to catch a Metro employee eating on a bus, and views his publication of the photos as an act of protest. DADA exhibit keeps getting better for Capture the Castle who writes: I’ve been back four times, and I can honestly say that I’ve seen new things each time. I’ll be purchasing the catalogue, as well.
The writer of I may be mildly retarded … is angry over the government’s focus on immigration: More than anything I think I am just disappointed that our government will spend millions of dollars and countless hours trying to figure out a way to make the lives and rights of illegal immigrants better but yet so many of those same people still think that I do not deserve the right to have protection in the workplace against discrimination, that it is still socially acceptable to call someone a faggot or make gay jokes … Post came recommended by the writer of I caught you a delicious blog. is updated with 40 additions. Until I finish replacing the art, the initial take will be a temporary, blurry, auto generated screen shot.