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DC Blogs Undressing

Peeps and Consequences Sour N Sweet and An Omnipotent Blog Whoever said that DC is a button-up type of town doesn’t know about these writers. How changing a tank top in a moving vehicle can halt traffic. What happens when her passenger changes her shirt in a moving vehicle, reports Sour N Sweet. Explains how […]

DC Blogs Noted:

It’s Not Just Networking Diary of an Ad Man It’s how you network that matters. Good career advice. My personal philosophy with networking is that you go to help other people out, and with that attitude you make some good contacts. When I fail to have that attitude, and pursue new biz contacts solely, it’s […]

Blog Thunder

These are the top 20 problems in DC? Really? Writes The DC Universe, about the generally lame ideas generated by the DC Appleseed contest. Some of the best ideas were left on the cutting room floor, such as this one from Inside the DC Bubble: Martini cars on the Metro. But DC Wanna Be says […]

DC Blogs Crimes and Rants

New Jack City Café 227 There’s what sounds like a scream. Our writer goes to the window and sees a man getting mugged. What follows next … An excerpt: … My mind raced. “Why isn’t anyone doing anything?” I thought. “Wait a minute, why aren’t I doing anything?” I grabbed the phone to call 911. […]

DC Blog Swag

All About Swag A roundup of reports from the Book Expo America at the downtown Convention Center. For those of unfamiliar with the term Swag, it means, simply, “free stuff for writers.” Nice, but not nice enough to stuff in a freezer. Madam Mayo: … magnets emblazoned with the names of presses, cheap plastic picnic […]

DC Blogs Noted

What’s in a Name Love and Haterade The boy is named Vishnu because his father loves Indian culture, something our writer discovers while in the aisle of a CVS. This chance meeting sets the stage for the cross-cultural observations that follow. It’s an engaging piece. An excerpt: Only, he wasn’t Indian and I wasn’t exchanging […]

DC Blogs Noted:

Apple’s new MacBook gets an entertaining assessment by The Imbroglio, who writes that the name “is awful awful awful,” but the black version of it “is out of the ballpark cool.” This blog was formerly known as Ambivalent Imbroglio. It’s a new link. The reason for the name change: It became a lot more about […]

DC Blogs Noted

Cindy Sheehan on her cell phone outside of Busboys and Poets trying to reach her boyfriend, reports And I Am Not Lying, For Real, who shares his revelations. Men: Pregnancy, Women: Sharks. An original take on the differences between men and women, by Lonnie Bruner. Vending Machine: 1, Leon: 0. Very good writing by Yeah […]

DC Blogs Noted

Something isn’t right about car ads in the Metro, according to the The Blond Menance in her new blog, The Ramifications of Being Blonde. She writes: … it’s not enough to plaster the sides of a Metro car with McDonalds adds, now Lexus and Lincoln have begun advertising from within the dank and dark depths […]

DC Blogs Noted

Eh, Forget Anonymity Pie Pants The only thing needed here is a photo, the essential facts and a clever title to wrap it up, which is what this post delivered: A boy, 8 1lbs 4.5 oz. Congratulations! Also Noted: Missing the Bethesda Giant after a move to DC. For whatever reason, grocery shopping in the […]