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DC Blogs Undressing

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Peeps and Consequences Sour N Sweet and An Omnipotent Blog Whoever said that DC is a button-up type of town doesn’t know about these writers.

How changing a tank top in a moving vehicle can halt traffic. What happens when her passenger changes her shirt in a moving vehicle, reports Sour N Sweet. Explains how he can remove his shirt – while wearing a backpack — in public, from An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting

Also Noted: Bicycle diaries. Lock is sawed-off at Dupont Circle Metro, among other things, reports Gwen. Also read this interesting report, Bait Accompli, at City Paper City Desk about how one California city tried a LoJack-style device on a bike. In DC, of course, there’s no interest in it. DC Bachelor has launched a new blog, Furball Approved, in conjunction with a cat to highlight video clips of interest. The best type of video websites have someone reviewing and recommending the clips, writes DCB. I’m confident that my taste in video quality is better than the average person. He thinks my olhos are bonitos. A night out in Dupont with photos. Mary Just Mary. Gives Arlington public library 40 grocery bags of books, five bags of DVDs and VHS tapes. Says library volunteer: “Ah, book hoarders. Exactly the kind of people we like.” From light refresh-mints. Preparing for West Coast move. A return to the Brickskeller and a question: Has the quality of the food served at the Brickskeller taken a dive in recent years? Or have our culinary standards changed in the transition from 20s to 30s, so that now stuff that seemed wonderful no longer measures up? Asks Polytropos. Thank you DC writes Katie who is leaving for California. A long list of things: thank you for introducing me to early Saturday mornings at eastern market; to kisses in the rain. Garfield is moving to NY and writes: DC is, in many ways, the perfect city in which to start out. New blog, DC Adventures, who writes: I just graduated from Michigan State University with a BS in Physics. I got a job working for the government so I’m now officially an employee of the USA. The feed artwork is improving dramatically thanks to the Web design expertise and skills of Meghan. Her work is just wonderful, and this effort by her has gone a long way in making the feed attractive and entertaining. Please contact her at this address for art changes and or feedback.

DC Blogs Noted:

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It’s Not Just Networking Diary of an Ad Man It’s how you network that matters. Good career advice.

My personal philosophy with networking is that you go to help other people out, and with that attitude you make some good contacts. When I fail to have that attitude, and pursue new biz contacts solely, it’s usually not a productive use of my time.

Bloggers on the road Close calls, traffic tickets, fender benders Assorted blogs

Thank you for burying me, is Are Seven. Excerpt: And considering that I proved to myself last night that I’m one of those idiots who walks out in front of cars, I’ll probably die pretty soon. While on her bicycle, Jamy of Grateful Dating is hit by a vehicle. An excerpt: The guy, in his enormous burgundy truck said, “What? I didn’t see you.” 94 in a 65, writes City Sparkle.

Also Noted: Water dripping from a bathtub alerts neighbors to a man passed out in a bathtub. He is revived but a mystery remains, reports Pie Pants. Grubby clothes are no protection against pick-up attempts, writes Holly. All In Caps says he’s all done playing kickball in the DC Independence Division. Residential parking in DC is illegal, argues Will of Cresent Sententia. If D.C. were a state rather than a federal enclave, I would be prepared to argue that residential parking regimes are in fact unconstitutional, violating the antidiscrimination rule of Article IV’s privileges/immunities clause. DC is a city of influence, writes a Texan in for a visit. Case in point, everyone will own an iPod by this time next year … and will wear it with pride, complete with matching white earphones. Maybe that’s a stretch, but there really are a hell of a lot of people with them up there. Locals call it part of the “DC uniform”. By Phil. Why can’t DC do this? Follow link at Daily Thoughts. See for the latest

Blog Thunder

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These are the top 20 problems in DC? Really? Writes The DC Universe, about the generally lame ideas generated by the DC Appleseed contest. Some of the best ideas were left on the cutting room floor, such as this one from Inside the DC Bubble: Martini cars on the Metro. But DC Wanna Be says one of his ideas made it to the final Appleseed round, a bicycle lending program. We couldn’t afford the neighborhood we created. Before real estate prices shot up and the people who made the neighborhood. At In Shaw. Most people would scoff at the idea that special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald blogs under his own name. But he does. It’s called hiding in plain sight. This particular post details approved answers in response to reporter questions. Metro’s plan to allow retail sales at some stations won’t help neighborhood commercial districts, argues Richard Layman. Travel necessities and reading recommendations at Tiaras Optional. The photo is from last year’s Rolling Thunder. The bikes will be back in the city this weekend. Among those riding is the blogger, Thoughts from behind the wheel. Have a good long weekend; we will resume publishing after the holiday. Visit for the latest. To get listed on the live feed send a note to dcblogs.

DC Blogs Crimes and Rants

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New Jack City Café 227 There’s what sounds like a scream. Our writer goes to the window and sees a man getting mugged. What follows next … An excerpt:

… My mind raced. “Why isn’t anyone doing anything?” I thought. “Wait a minute, why aren’t I doing anything?” I grabbed the phone to call 911. No wait, they wouldn’t get to my house in time …

Also Noted I Hate Your Generation, Mister Jinxy levels some harsh criticisms at today’s college students. They’re ungrateful, hypocritical, vacuous, malicious, and deserve to be horsewhipped. Son of Clown Ops. Virginia drivers – they are all stupid, writes Diary of a Starving Artist. An excerpt: Those funny looking white lines on the road: if you’re not between them and you’re not merging, you’re doing something wrong. DC mayoral race disappointment: The five Democrats running for Mayor in DC are unified in their quest to spend more and more of District taxpayer dollars on a slew of new initiatives. There is just one catch, none of them have a clue how the will pay for it. From a new blog, Cut DC Taxes. In for the book convention, almost booked. Semi-police adventure at SlushPile. DC isn’t their lifestyle. Big Green Chair is off to Colorado. Excerpt: Many people have asked us why we’re moving and assume it’s because of job opportunities. The funny thing is, until a week ago (months after deciding to move), neither of us had a job. You see, part of the reason we’re leaving DC is because we don’t want to be those people, the ones who decide everything based on their careers.

DC Blog Swag

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All About Swag A roundup of reports from the Book Expo America at the downtown Convention Center. For those of unfamiliar with the term Swag, it means, simply, “free stuff for writers.” Nice, but not nice enough to stuff in a freezer.

Madam Mayo: … magnets emblazoned with the names of presses, cheap plastic picnic cups printed with book titles, t-shirts and baseball caps, pens of all descriptions, bookmarks, rubber squishy toys (shaped like balls, dollar bills, houses, turkeys), fly-swatters … seed packets, matches, and candies. Did I mention the candies? Miss Snark: Weirdest swag was a handheld fan on a tongue depressor.

Happy Booker: … we feel fairly certain we got the swag bag score of the century with The Adventures of Captain Underpants, the first epic novel by Dav Pilkey. (Go to her site for the link to Captain Undies. It’s hilarious.) Blowfish: Hardly any one came into our booth–we’re something of a niche publisher AND we are cheap bastards who weren’t giving away jack except our catalog.

Also Noted: Orange juice and laptops. Why newspaper circulation is declining. At Rude Cactus.

The 24-hour take-home test and its many distractions by jeanette-cetera … check out the link to web-boggle. Huge distraction. New blog, Master Gardener News, by a woman who just spent 9 weeks in the Master Gardener School at the University of DC. She writes: This class included people who work or volunteer regularly at the National Arboretum, work at local nurseries, have landscaping businesses or want to, already volunteer in gardens at schools and senior centers — and the list just keeps on going. Go Urban Gardeners! Also includes news about June 11 Gardens of Brookland tour. Update: The author has removed this post. A strong rant about DC’s Chinatown. When some tourist asked if there were any Chinese shops to check out, I mentioned the Ruby Tuesday and Quizno’s. From Ms. Helphyr.

Please visit or click on the red dot above.

DC Blogs Noted

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What’s in a Name Love and Haterade The boy is named Vishnu because his father loves Indian culture, something our writer discovers while in the aisle of a CVS. This chance meeting sets the stage for the cross-cultural observations that follow. It’s an engaging piece. An excerpt:

Only, he wasn’t Indian and I wasn’t exchanging anything. I was looking for Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese and he was looking for enlightenment.

My First Biopsy This is by us A lump in the breast leads to biopsy, and our writer gives a clear eyed and very readable accounting of the experience. (This is by us is a new group blog). An excerpt:

Like so many people I’ve spoken to since this all began, I wasn’t sure exactly what I should be looking for while cupped, sloshed, and massaged my mammaries. But, when I absently put my hand across my left breast, I suddenly knew what medical professionals meant by “abnormal” and “suspicious.”

I have bangs and I wear dresses Jessaisms Jessa, a popular DC blogger, lost her job because of her blog. She wrote about her work and her life with enthusiasm, humor, love and obvious passion. How many people do you work with have those qualities? Jessa explains what happened in a Metafilter post. Among those writing about Jessa and her blog are DC Bachelor and The Gentlemen of the CPMC. This is what Jessa says about herself in the About Me section of Blogger:

I have bangs and i wear dresses. i’m a marine zoologist who gets to do all sorts of amazing things at an aquarium that would make you very jealous. marine conservation is my undying passion. i got fired from a museum in Philly because of this blog. it’s being deconstructed. its impossible to sum up my personality with trite lyrics and broad generalizations like…”i love music!!” because…no one hates music, that is junk politics, sell yourself with pretty pictures, because everybody could be make believe.

Also Noted: Kultura Books closes and moves to LA, to the dismay of Countersignature, who provides a guide to other used book stores in the city. He writes: Used book stores are so important to a city’s character; intellectual tourists will come to a city and make it a point of stopping by the bookstores, new and used. John at the DC Birding Blog is skeptical about EPA claims that a release of 17 million gallons of untreated sewage in the Potomac this weekend will cause minimal damage. A new blog called Creative DC has three goals, including: Help inspire DC residents who haven’t yet tapped into a creative community here. A self-described “dork” or programmer/analyst for the government, has gone from being a lurker to blogger and introduces himself in this post. One topic of interest is diabetes, which he has had since the age of 5. The blog, Parenthetic. Please see for the latest

DC Blogs Noted:

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Apple’s new MacBook gets an entertaining assessment by The Imbroglio, who writes that the name “is awful awful awful,” but the black version of it “is out of the ballpark cool.” This blog was formerly known as Ambivalent Imbroglio. It’s a new link. The reason for the name change: It became a lot more about law school than I anticipated, and now that law school is over… DC’s Best Chef: Orlando of Mark and Orlando’s, a one year old restaurant at 20th and P. Writes DC’s Legal Beagle: They visited us a number of times to ensure that we all were having a great dinning experience, cracking jokes with us and making us feel right at home. When was the last time that’s happened in DC? The Blah Blah Blog is invited to signing ceremony for the new tax bill. The official invite is reproduced. She didn’t go. Jessa, a popular DC blogger despite moving to Philadelphia, is shutting down her blog. It was due to be close today by noon so the link may not work. The reasons aren’t clear but seem complicated. But to give some idea about how popular her blog is, a major blog, Blogebrity, wrote a tribute. Our best to Jessa. Hopefully she will soon be blogging again. DC Pussycat Doll writes: How many times have you received an email where you judged the person’s tone to be curt? A link to a Christian Science Monitor article about why emails are easily misunderstood. — Cube recommendation. Will return Monday. Travel and other distractions are keeping this post short. Thank you for visiting. Photo is in iPod land. Visit for the latest

DC Blogs Noted

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Cindy Sheehan on her cell phone outside of Busboys and Poets trying to reach her boyfriend, reports And I Am Not Lying, For Real, who shares his revelations. Men: Pregnancy, Women: Sharks. An original take on the differences between men and women, by Lonnie Bruner. Vending Machine: 1, Leon: 0. Very good writing by Yeah … I Said It. Love and hate in DC by Neurotic in Ashburn. Amusing list. The French do everything tastier or the story of Plumpy’nut by Lost In Somewhereistan. A recommendation by Stef at The View from 16th Street Drive With Care, about the sign in memory of Officer Joe Pozell. Writes Where is My Mind : How fitting, I thought and teared up, remembering the man who died while trying to help people like me make it through the intersection of Wisconsin and M safely. Burlesque audiences just keep getting sexier. Photos from Lolita & Gilda’s Burlesque Poetry Hour. Photo: dcblogs on tour in San Francisco.

DC Blogs Noted

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Something isn’t right about car ads in the Metro, according to the The Blond Menance in her new blog, The Ramifications of Being Blonde. She writes: … it’s not enough to plaster the sides of a Metro car with McDonalds adds, now Lexus and Lincoln have begun advertising from within the dank and dark depths of the mysterious tunnels beneath DC. Attends screening of Dreamwork’s latest children’s film, Over the Hedge, due to open May 19, and notices 3 guys in suits. We pick up the report: … and at least two of them had on earpieces, and they kept roaming the theatre during the movie. We actually thought they were going to come and say something to us because we were eating outside food inside the theatre … from Kat’s World. She also has info about how to get tickets to free screenings. Alligators on a Party Barge is a new blog, which introduced itself in a note this way: Still figuring out what happens when we press this button, but we talk about CVS-brand plastic ponchos, menfolk vs. golf course wildlife, the L2 bus, and the West Wing finale. Three girls and one blogwhat could possibly go wrong? Spicy Stuff, a vegetarian and VA resident, demonstrates his new camera. A very good photo of what happens when you put Mentos in Diet Coke at The VA Lounge. Just found this one. Regarding immigration: something about this whole debate troubles me, writes I-495. Check out his link. The Boy finds a new line of work and gets a business card, too. DC Urban Family. The dice boot at Another Point of Singularity NBC4 has started a series profiling local bloggers. The project is led by Scott, a reporter for the station who has already met many of the local bloggers at the happy hours organized by Kathryn and I-66. Here’s the first profile of someone named kob. Another profile of someone else may be shown tonight.

DC Blogs Noted

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Eh, Forget Anonymity Pie Pants The only thing needed here is a photo, the essential facts and a clever title to wrap it up, which is what this post delivered: A boy, 8 1lbs 4.5 oz. Congratulations! Also Noted: Missing the Bethesda Giant after a move to DC. For whatever reason, grocery shopping in the District seems to have always left something to be desired. To those readers who live in the heart of the city — where do you do your food shopping? A review of Merkado Kitchen as well, at Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown. DC resident Madam Mayo, writer, poet, translator, writes about the Washington Independent Writers Conference next month, where she will be participating on a panel. DC Dark and Dirty is the title of a post by Hebdomeros, who writes about the misperceptions people have of this city. He also discusses the book, D.C. Noir. A Silver Spring community blog, The Silver Spring Scene is reporting about a wide range of issues in the community. It’s the second local blog that’s appeared, Silver Spring Singular is another, although that blog hasn’t updated in a month. Photos from the protest against Central Union Mission’s proposed move to Georgia Avenue at Petworth News. Playing Tourist Downtown. Nice photo work at Scraps of Ami. District Dirt believes the Metro would be cleaner if it didn’t have carpets. ColdKiwi, a very different and cool blog name, is the new name for the The Back of the Napkin. This Alexandria-based writer offers up a mix of comments on his community and national topics as well. Some observations about the Alexandria school board. Soccer blog by I-66, Quarter Volley. It’s Official: My Son Dan Is a Lawyer, writes Looking2Live This is by us is a group blog that invites people to post and promises to split advertising revenue generated by the site. This is a new effort and the content isn’t all that DC-specific yet, but its publisher, in note, said more relevant content is on its way. About Bambu Restaurant in the Palisades and others in the modern pan-Asian theme, at the Big Persimmon. Learning the hard way. New condo owner discovers she didn’t get the full story, from a WaPo online discussion excerpted by The Housing Bubble in Washington DC.