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Ardvaark at The Dumping Ground offers a report from a Borf-inspired gathering of indignant youth who managed to block traffic Saturday at 14th and P for “maybe five minutes.” He writes: One person on the sidewalk next to me stated that they were protesting social injustice for the youth of the city, perhaps referring to the upcoming curfew crackdown. She went on to say that they had asked her to join them, and she deferred because she had some drinking to do, drawing laughs from all of us who were also over 21.

In a post, Ebenezers: Coffee with an antigay cause?, the writer at The Coffeehouse Soapbox says he won’t be getting his java at Ebenezer’s Coffee House at 201 F St. NE, because of the views of its owner, the National Community Church, on gay issues. To make his case, he cites some of the church’s connections and an article by its pastor that suggest that LGBT people have turned from God, and that sexual orientation is a matter of choice. The writer says he has emailed the church’s pastor for information about the church’s views on this matter and is awaiting a response.

The flat tire and the girl with a trampoline. No, this isn’t the name of the latest chick lit trade paperback — it’s Dasha’s true-life adventure at DC Bachelor.

A woman walks into a DC police station after a male intruder entered her house. She previously tried calling 911 but got a recording. At this point, writes The Imelda, a normal person would expect to get a little sympathy from the female police officer, At least a “how are you doing, are you ok?” But, oh no, not from DC’s finest. Instead, the police officer replied with an “old lady, you’re crazy” look on her face, “9-1-1 wasn’t working, huh?

All about basement apartments: Why no one will rent a basement apartment and other observations about DC housing by Delilah Boyd. Also, Yes, we live in a basement unit in a city built on a swamp, writes Sprite Writes. Then there’s the basement apartment that the writer at A Day in an Often Overwhelming Life is considering moving into … flooded and they are putting in a sump pump and redoing the floors.

Tags: DC, Metro, Pole, Hogs: Metro Poledancing, at An Omnipotent Blog.

In DC, people move very slowly, writes Byron, who is here from the UK and observing the city. He continues: I am sure there must be fewer people, but also twice as much space. Still, the roads are large, clean and orderly and cars seem never to rush anywhere. Everything looks pretty civilised and relaxed, although a short visit outside Capitol Hill immediately yields views of a life more similar to London – tramps and beggars …

So, Lord Vader himself arrives at the L Street Borders in a motorcade, writes K Street Blues.

Chick-Fil-A confessions: My name is Kathryn, and I’m a carnivore once more.

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The City Stole My Car
Pop Pop Bang
It’s always been a “police emergency” for DC car owners. There’s aggressive enforcement of parking laws, automated camera enforcement traps, booting, and the city’s practice of “moving” vehicles from one street to another. Excerpt:

The first charming police officer she spoke to said they “moved” her car to the 2300 block of 16th street. Mandie understandably seemed puzzled by this, as 16th street is a main commuter route. If they had towed her car on a Tuesday, it couldn’t possibly still be there. But yes, it was there! The officer insisted!

Also see: Home Improvement Ninja: comparing a NYC cop to a DC cop is like comparing .357 Magnum to a water pistol. Rock Creek Rambler’s open letter to the car thieving community. And to wrap it up, the writer at Grammar Police was walking home Saturday when, he writes: someone fired a gun from a Volvo about a block from where I was standing.

Also Noted:

A woman on the Metro starts combing her hair and keeps combing, stop after stop after stop, oblivious to the increasing attention of her fellow passengers. A report by Philonoist: … About half the train has realized this, but Comb-Girl is too entranced with herself (she also hasn’t put down the little vanity mirror) to notice other passengers awed by this performance.

Hailing a cab by staring at it. DC Cab Rider watches some out-of-towners at work.

There are people who won’t take advantage of you, writes Salma of On The Beat about the kindness of strangers. This is a blog by a writer who is new the city and is discovering some of its joys. Also read the pastry shout-out, I Think I’m in Love

A rooftop view in Dupont. Photo by the Postmodern Conservative, who writes: The feel, from time to time, is all the benefits of London and none of the disadvantages.

New dinning in Anacostia, with photo, at Beyond the Mall.

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Hill Hotties 2006 The DCeiver The annual Hill Hotties edition is the All Star Game for DC’s T-Rex of Snark, the DCeiver, who, one again, spares no one and nothing in tearing up this annual navel worshipping extravaganza. From his intro:

Yes, it’s that time of year again — The Hill prepares their crapulent website for the additional visits, collars are popped and hair extensions slaved over in anticipation, and our fair city suffers the indignity of the rest of the world thinking that this is the best the entire metropolitan area has to offer.

Feeling Less than Hotties Round-Up DC Blogs Recovery Room Special Report Washington Cube has taken note of illnesses and accidents, from head to toe, among DC bloggers. The upper respiratory distress list includes: DC Pussycat Doll, Fictional Rockstar, Church of the Big Sky, who has also audio blogged in a raspy voice similar to that whiskey/cigarette voice of the later years of Lucille Ball, says Cube. A “Feel Good’ Production is less than, and documenting a broken toe with photo is Jordan Baker. Not least, there’s intestinal issues at Secret Simmerings. Time to alert the CDC? Also Noted: Love Finds a Way: Leon’s Broke Guide to Dating in DC. You can still have a life with very little money, if you know where to take your girlfriend, reports Yeah … I Said It. Whole Foods and the push for retail in Columbia Heights is destroying the personality of the neighborhood, writes Urban Bohemian. Excerpt: A lot of the gentrification seems fueled by the “new face” of the neighborhood, whites are moving in, blacks are moving out, mostly because they can’t afford to live there anymore.

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Cobble Choo Not Included
Our writer is giving away, yes giving away, more than $300 in cosmetics. But there’s a catch: Help
our favorite Australian blogger reach her AIDS fund raising goal. She is very close and needs to complete the fundraising by Aug. 1, otherwise she will get booted from a marathon training team. Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive one entry to win some of the prizes babsied has assembled. It’s for a very good cause.

Wedding to Attend? Hit the Snooze
A snappy and fast-paced post about snooze buttons, procrastination and the kinds of sudden realizations you don’t want to have if you’re about to be late for a wedding. (Post came recommended by
I’m not short, I’m conveniently travel-sized.) Excerpt:

I speed down the road toward Bed Bath & Beyond, weaving and swerving through traffic. An old man is puttering ahead of me at the speed limit. I angrily honk my horn at him and then swerve around. He brakes in terror, which allows me to blast past him.

Also Noted:

A Guide to Going to Strip Clubs with your Wife or Girlfriend, as compiled by Lonnie Bruner. Washington Cube posted this comment: I thought this was excellent advice and shows you understand and appreciate the woman in your life.

five least favorite nightclubs.

Sitting in James Carville’s empty seats at the Nats game while worrying about arrested development, OxyMoron: Hipster Dork

Vegetables for Breakfast. A new blog by a writer who will write about vegetables she gets from a community agriculture project.

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Top Secret Blogger is Dooced Econo-Girl Econo-Girl was fired from her government contracting job at the CIA after she protested torture in a blog post published on Intelink, the intelligence community’s classified intranet. A top secret clearance is need to read Intelink. The Washington Post has a detailed report. Econo-girl is writing about her experience on her public blog. There were some 100 comments on the post by Sunday, many by anonymous writers. She explains why she wrote about torture at the CIA:

It was to be a public education campaign, of sorts. I was going to do the research on my own time and type in the results when I got to work. I never spent more than 15 minutes writing any of my posts.

What can I say? Waterboarding is torture, and torture is wrong.

Flown through the Air A Day in the Life of Me This was not a good day in the life of this writer. He’s hit by car while riding his motorcycle and ends up in a hospital, alone, visited by a police officer who issues him a summons. It starts:

I was preparing to make my exit onto the road, I check both ways and all seems clear. Next thing you know I feel and hear contact with another vehicle. At this point I’m not too sure what happened. I believe I was flown through the air.

Also Noted: So a guy parks his car on a Georgetown street. It’s a late model Acura, leather interior and he swipes the parking meter with a credit card. But he’s wearing ragged clothes and carrying a sign that says “homeless.” He didn’t care at all that I had seen it all and was still standing by his car, staring after him. I think he started whistling, writes Amalah. El Guapo is grateful for women but would like some help from God in understanding them.

The Woodley Park Metro elevator finally reopens, writes The Blogatron 2000. Excerpt: Thank you, WMATA, for a truly fine job of elevator rehab. You were right to ignore me when I tried to hurry you along over the past, umm, six months that you took with this project. Cloud Dining Lounge on Dupont Circle, photos and words by Small Picture.

Some of the people involved in corporate blogging will gather Tuesday July 25 for an afterwork event to mark Debbie Weil’s new book on blogging. It’s an open invite.

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The fire starts as a minor annoyance but quickly turns into a pulse pounding mini production of Backdraft, reports i hate kit kats. Excerpt: The stove was not just on fire, but near explosion, the smoke alarm was beeping incessantly, and the smoke was so thick that I could barely see whether the thing I was stepping on was Winston or another discarded towel.

Our emerging theocracy is described in Same-Sex and Guiding Principles by Countersignature. This post came recommended by Washington Cube and Reya, who wrote this about it: It’s deep, such a pleasure to read something this penetrating that isn’t about dating. His first day on the job as a chef and there is a little slip of the knife. From Deglazed. Planning on law school? Here’s some advice from someone waiting for his bar exam results. Excerpt: Just don’t talk in class: everyone will hate you. From Lawsomnia. Circle V has assembled an extensive and exhaustive list of hipster characteristics.

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Location, Location, Location Delilah Boyd A story of a house that’s in one of the “best locations in DC” and whose neighbors include a Supreme Court justice and a former House speaker. But there are issues. An excerpt:

… the house next door has caused me to keep my front door locked at all times: realtors and prospective buyers have actually walked into my living room and insisted that my house is the one for sale. They’re really disappointed to learn that it’s actually the house next door.

Also Noted The secret of police protection in DC: currently we are not seeing enough police in this neighborhood. i know what the problem is, motivation…there are not enough young short skirted women living around here to provide incentive eye candy for police patrolling. From Hear and Now.

The just released portrait of bloggers assembled by the Pew Internet & American Life Project claims women make up 46% of the bloggers, and men 54%. But among DC bloggers, the reverse is probably true. The Pew study also claims that 64% of bloggers “say the reason they blog is to share practical knowledge or skills with others.” Wine bloggers aren’t covered at all, points out Winesmith. He summarizes some of study’s key points and offers a link. Segway rant and fashion tips at tiaras optional, in a post title: I’m Back and I’m Hotter Than Ever. An original analysis on why we tip bartenders and not the talented barista who serves the morning brew. Good at Drinking, Bad at Life, explains: The reason? Supply and Demand. Petworth News has the latest neighborhood sale prices, and points out that that this time last year there were 25-30 listings, now there’s more than 80 houses on the market. Flickr coloring contest, details at The Dumping Ground Technology rant: Hissing toilet at Wanderings in DC.

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Bookseller on the Edge A part-time bookstore employee has assembled a long list of customer rules that offer insight into how rude store patrons can be. Writes Radical Flower: This is Custer’s final stand, my last ditch effort to give all of you fellow ‘booklovers’ some advice on the dos and don’ts upon entering a bookstore. Since reports about DC dating account for approximately two-thirds of all blog posts, you have to love the kicker on Playwright Callie Kimball’s new play, May 39th, coming out this week (see the poster, left). Callie is otherwise known to the DC blogging community as the Lucky Spinster. Her play is part of the Capital Fringe Festival, a performing arts event that begins on Thursday and continues through next week. Trey Graham, writing at the City Paper’s Fringe & Purge, shares some of his insights about Callie. DC Theater Reviews also has special coverage, including podcasts. (Special thanks to City Mouse for the links) That’s Amore, is the title of a post about a woman who was just officially engaged. Ring and all. It invokes a memory for the writer, Mandy at Speakeasy, about a declaration of love she once received. A little bit of big news, cleverly announced, at Sandblower. Buying a bike in DC is not child’s play, writes the Shiftless Badger, who has been to three bike shops and several pawn shops and Craigs List and he’s run out of patience.

Saturday there’s the annual 90 Bus Pub Crawl, with your host Michael Grass, the editor of the Express’ Free Ride. All are invited to tag along on a bus run through various establishments on this line. Details at his personal blog, The Washington Oculus. Get out and enjoy the heat. Tonight is the night for the DC Blogger Meetup.

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When I really became a Mom. A hidden power reveals itself, writes Lisa at Womenhavingitall. This is a blog by two friends who worked as reporters at a major newspaper before their lives went in opposite directions. Men Behaving Badly: DC Cookie in South Beach experiences horrendous pick-up lines and other antics. I was [almost] mortified to watch grown men behaving like orangutan at the site of a few generous curves. And in DC, Single in the City deals with Male stare control and other party problems. He complimented me on my shirt. So far, so good.

A pair of kitchen squeakers, aka mice, are shown the window, writes Pie Pants. Also, Fievel Must Die, writes DC Pussycat Doll. Good point: If we’re in a crime emergency, why isn’t the Georgetown waterfront footpath lighting on? Photo, with the help of a flash, illustrates. By Sweet of Sour N Sweet. Faking Some Columbia Pride, is the title of a post at Blog DC about Money magazine’s recent fourth place ranking of this Maryland town. Pictures of the Metro at a cleverly named blog, Metro.Texture. It’s explained this way: On January 3, 2006 I accidentally took a picture of the platform floor tile at Grosvenor Metro Station. It’s was an accident but looked interesting and it’s inspired me to look for other interesting textures throughout the D.C. metro system using only my cell phone camera. The writers, Jen and Dima, are also documenting a home improvement project. The DC Blogger Meetup Group meeting is Wed. at 7 p.m. at the usual comfortable dive, Pharaoh’s in Adams Morgan. Very informal and friendly.

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The escalating Mideast violence is affecting local bloggers in some very personal ways. Kassy at Redhead in the City says half her family lives on a kibbutz on the Dead Sea, not very far from a lot of the extremely dangerous target areas. Asian Mistress at City Sparkle writes: This is the tip of the iceberg. World War III could very well come crashing down on us … Darn Knit’s Shoofly’s brother’s flight landed at the Beirut airport just two hours before the bombing began. Sulfuric episode: A woman in pearls and a Hermes scarf expresses Nazi-esque bigotry, and the Beauty and the Beltway responds. A personal encounter with the dc metropolitan police, is the title of this post by Kori, who is pulled over a DC police officer who says there’s an “illegal tag cover” on the vehicle that’s designed to thwart red light cameras. As the police officer approaches the car, she says a prayer and rolls down her window. Excerpt:

so, he comes up and ask for my license and registration
all ugly-like from the get-go.
“can i ask why you stopped me?” i say.
“you’ve got an illegal
tag cover on your car,” he says, “that’s a $500 fine …

What does it mean when a crime is committed in an “unusual” area? Native Son writes:

Some may prejudge and assume that since the majority of violent crimes in the District are being committed by black people, that somehow we are all violent people. Some white people have made that quite clear by messages I have read this month. I wonder how white people would feel if black people assumed that all young white male teenagers were psychotic unstable kids since the majority of shooting sprees in suburban high schools in this country (columbine and countless more) were committed by white male teenagers. Can you imagine making that kind of prejudgment?

Also Noted: Georgetown University shuttle drivers are bullying their way into Key Bridge traffic lanes, and this writer says they’re behaving irresponsibly. An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting Hey, wasn’t that the mayor who just ducked into the Watergate bottle shop? DC mayor sighting report at ptsd. Just in case you are reading this from your vacation retreat in far northern Canada, there is an extreme heat wave, reports Capital Weather. The DC Blogger Meetup Group meeting is Wed. at 7 p.m. at the usual comfortable dive, Pharaoh’s in Adams Morgan. Very informal and friendly.