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Rain is the New Singles Bar. Headline says it. Short, sweet and perfectly observed and reported. Two-Timing the Cosmos. Such sweet partings are a bit too much. The Cords of Billroth. Shady Grove Metro PDAs.

In Iraq is Chairborne Stranger, who writes about the war and how it would feel to leave. Excerpt: I am not jumping up and down with joy to leave. I am not leaving satisfied, or feeling like the mission is done. I am not even always relieved. When I do feel relieved, I always feel intense guilt about my friends that are still here, or those that didn’t make it.

A man on the Metro sets off a radiation detection device for reasons that aren’t apparent, an eye witness report at Homeland Security Watch. Fire alarm sends Pirates of the Caribbean to Davy Jones’ Locker. Sour N Sweet Also featured on The Express. High praise for Cowgirl Creamery at Suburban Tasteland. Where To Eat When You are Nearly Broke: Arlington Edition III dcfud Cheap Eats Challenge – Al Crostino. A Capitol Life. If you were on 8th & E St., Thursday there was The Biggest Paella on Earth, reports Lonnie Bruner. Photo.

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Not Optimistic EJ Takes Life I haven’t felt safe in my home and my city for several weeks now, writes EJ, in a powerful post about the state of crime in this city, the apathy of police and finger-pointing of its residents. An excerpt:

One thing I’m particularly losing patience with is the gentrification blame game. People like me are damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Yuppies who live in Northwest and the suburbs get all kinds of crap for fleeing and taking their resources and influence with them, yet are told that because they don’t live in the rougher parts of town they don’t get to comment on what goes on there.

Also Noted: Speaking of Crime. Rock Creek Rambler’s car is broken into. Again. And crime emergency? Ummm didn’t the police chief realize this when his own car was stolen less than a year ago? From DC Gays of Our Lives. (WaPo report from June, 2005) Flying with Fido. Western Civilization is ending. Fast. Already overcrowded, uncomfortable and packed with irritated people, airlines for some crazed reason are allowing people to bring pets on board. We pick up the report by Advancing the Plot. I got to my aisle seat to find the woman in the middle seat fanning her crotch. Granted it was hot on the plane … The water is still flood muddy but Virginia America Water says it’s ok to drink. But, it warns customers, don’t wash dishes or laundry with it. Seriously? Asks Cocoricamo, if I wouldn’t want to wash my clothes or my servingware in this water, why on earth would I want to wash my BODY with it?!

Jessica Cutler helped to put blogging on the map with sharp, taut and authentic, ultimately explosive work. And she has taken more hits then Jack Abramoff for it. Circle V explains why Jessica is important.

Hello Mr. Bear. Just because you aren’t rare doesn’t mean you’re not special. Photos of the real thing. Check it out — there are a series of posts, so just scroll down at Pocahontas County Fare, (Nod to Reya for this tip) You can also see the bear pictures here and here and here.

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Agonizing pain brings Chris to an emergency room early Tuesday morning. He doesn’t know what to expect but is perplexed by the medical staff. He writes: There was nothing at all “emergency” in their demeanor. I’m crippled over in some of the worst pain I’ve ever had, and they’re acting like I’m there to pick up my dry cleaning. What gives? From the Chris Doucette Comedy Blog. The joys of regular status in one of the best places possible, writes Candy Sandwich. I believe in life vests, so writes 7610 who capsized his kayak, triggering a rescue operation involving 4 police cars, 2 fire trucks, the police boat, the DC Fire and Rescue boat, an Air Force helicopter, and a few units from the Special Operations Search and Rescue squad from Anacostia … John in DC writing on Americablog says DC is becoming A Clockwork Orange. He was mugged once in front of his apartment, and writes: That is what Washington, DC is now Police officer and horse on the Mall this weekend becoming, a city of gratuitous and graphic violence. I’m serious, the city is dangerous folks. Visit or live here at your own peril. The Anacostia Diaries Blog responds: This is not some gated paradise somewhere. You can feel safe in that condo with 24/7 security. You can order carryout, receive your mail, use your high-speed Internet, workout in the gym/spa, call your hookers, watch Netflix and have groceries delivered to you by Peapod, but sooner or later when you step out into the real world, you must risk getting stabbed, raped and robbed. Why.i.hate.dc raises questions about the reaction to the recent Georgetown murder and implores his readers to check out the comments on a lengthy DCist comment thread. He writes: Who are these people? Georgetown Law faculty has started a group blog and write: This blog is an attempt to corral some of GULC’s scholars to talk about their work and about recent legal developments of note. Mark you calendar. Blog Happy Hour Aug. 4.

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You’re No Artist, eh? Harmany Music Wendy says she is “going against type” by taking up painting, but demonstrates a strong feeling for colors, balance and design in a series of artworks displayed in her online art gallery. Another Night at the Ballpark D.C. Chai While waiting for a bus Rebecca captures the interactions between a homeless man and some Southwest residents. This a new blog by this talented writer, who ended DC Shenanigans some months ago. An excerpt from this recent post:

“I didn’t go to college to get a master’s degree,” says the saxophonist at the top of the escalators. He’s taking a break from his tunes to debate music in D.C. schools. His opponents: the pack of men who hustle tickets outside the stadium. “You listen you might learn something.”

Also Noted

Living without roommates. An excerpt: But I always thought it would be so great to have my own place all to myself — to never hear someone else’s alarm clock in the morning, to never have to wait for the bathroom … Well, I need to be careful what I wish for. Now that I am indeed living alone … Welcome to Ms. Chang’s Class A Just War, the death of a terrorist and how to respond to violence — a thoughtful and detailed analysis by America’s Young Theologian. Amalah hires a nanny Fighting street harassment “in all forms” is HollabackDC, based on its famous NYC counterpart. It has a few posts up to give you an idea of its direction. Cleveland Park is too expensive to envy. Desire meets housing prices at Freewheeling Spirit. Excerpt: Cleveland Park has everything I’d want right now in a neighborhood. You can walk to nearby stores, the zoo, and the Uptown Theater. On bike, you’re minutes away from Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and downtown D.C. Jumping the Snake River Canyon Not So Difficult, according the Playaz Ball, and the fellow who jumped over the Dupont Circle fountain at Throwing Hammers.

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Scene in Dupont Circle Sunday DC to Italy Grace’s Poppies and WonL In Dupont Circle Sunday night people were blowing car horns and waving Italian flags in celebration of Italy’s World Cup. Two local bloggers were in Italy last week and witnessed some of the earlier Reya pix in Italyround celebrations. Reya of Grace’s Poppies has a series of posts from her long holiday in Rome, beautiful writing, so just scroll through. Her report about the July 5 victory over Germany: Just like everyone else we were shouting “Italia!” We were dancing and singing, cheering as if we really cared who won the game (at least I was). It was like a scene from a movie. WonL’s report makes note of Italy’s victory celebration over Germany, but explains why she fell in love with Italia. Also Noted Party Etiquette Gone Wild. You invite someone to a party and the invitee forwards the invitation to 60-plus friends many of whom say ‘yes.’ What’s your next step? Johnny Shades at Café 227 would like to know. Lively comments. I’ll have a Fart, please. The drink at Sarcastic and Cynical.

The Washington Post asks: Can Castration Stop Crime? And DC Universe offers a considered opinion. Exploring Anacostia. A Virginia law student writes more than 1,000 words about his 36 minute tour. The Snyder News Network. Shocking discovery after measuring herself in the gym. Here I’ve been, walking around all confident and comfortable (finally) with my 5 foot 3-ness, and now I found out it’s all been a lie, writes the Diet Coke of Evil. (Everyone has funny posts here and there, but this girl really does it right, writes Laura at WonL, who sent in this recommendation more than week ago and we were asleep at the switch.) One ice cream a day. That’s the plan at A Daily Scoop, including homemade recipes. Most recent review is of “Decadence” at Larry’s Ice Cream in Dupont Circle, which was a little bit of a disappointment, he writes. Cutting your hair off makes you feel really good, really fast. So begins the story with photo at DC Katastrophe. A cat needs a new home. And all the reasons why at Sent From My Dell Desktop. Mouse rescuing frogs and others illustrated Stories That Restored My Faith at Good at Drinking, Bad at Life. DC condo pricing heading down. This isn’t a revelation but GP Living has a link to data by Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors that starkly illustrates the trend.

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Urban Irrationalism, Cont. Thoreau’s Journal This is a well-written, pulse quickening account of a confrontation on the Metro with a lunatic. You may know the feeling: Your gut tells you not to get involved but you can’t let it slide, either. The post was also noted in The Express. An excerpt:

At this point I can’t take it anymore, and am kind of scared for the woman, and speak up. I say something like “sir, please sit down and stop yelling. … At which he responds by rushing back to me and grabbing at his backpack like he has a gun.

Fundraising Effort Gets Rude Treatment My life as an Alien in modern-day USA Eliza, who is from Australia and is here to complete her studies, has raised $715 to fight AIDS as part of her participation in the National AIDS Marathon Training Program. But she is about to get booted from this program because she hasn’t raised enough money. She needs an additional $1,000 and the easiest way to solve this problem is to help out with a small donation. It would also help if the organizers of this fund raising event read her blog post. An excerpt:

I’m having a “what the hell am I doing this all for” moment. Not only has my programme director failed to contact me until just now after my desperately trying to get any form of response from him for six weeks, he started off the meeting being all doing his best to spit fire in my face. Not literally, but he really did his best nasty at me.

Also Noted: Police try to control fireworks traffic on Key Bridge but drivers move little, reports Rants and Ramblings. Excerpt: Shortly afterward, the officer, still driving up and down the bridge, seemed to have given up completely. “I hope you send me some good pictures,” he announced through the loudspeaker.

Guide to DC alert services at the DeafDC blog.

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The Algorithms and Porn of Foo Eat Foo(d) This is a new blog about food – news, commentary, photos, restaurant reviews and anecdotes — that includes five DC writers. The blog, started by local blogger David Barzelay, explains itself here. But you can get an idea of its creative reach by scanning through posts that range from Crème Brulee to insects: Believe it or not, the guacamole scares me more than the bugs, notes one writer. There’s a discussion on complimentary appetizers, as well as the puzzling case of Checkers and its missing nutrition information. Most DC neighborhoods rely on mailing lists to network, but the Mount Vernon Square blog is showing how neighborhood groups can potentially make effective use of blogs. It’s been operating since April with posts that include minutes from a recent neighborhood association meeting, a query from someone seeking an “air conditioner guy,” and an inquiry about old firehouse at New York Avenue and M Street that’s undergoing renovation. Check this blog out – it may serve as a good model for other neighborhoods groups. Also Noted: DC Bachelor quickly flies out of the Fly Lounge. A review. Excerpt: … the music was typical of other venues and the people were your late 20-something yuppie posers who love their expensive vodkas diluted with sugar.

Not all Ralph Lauren towels are created equal, reports Babsied. Discovery and loss: The Bookstore at the Corner of the World. About Editorial El Mundo’s move to Manassas. From Updates, Links. NYC’er in DC hates tourist. Delusions of Grandeur. Wok ‘n Roll. City daily photo blog, Picturing Washington DC, which is part of the CityDailyPhoto webring

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Risk taking by DC Bangkok Expat Mama. This writer doesn’t follow conventional advice about living overseas and says she is better for it. Excerpt: But without taking some risks about what to eat, where to live, and to whom we open our hearts, our lives here might seem pallid and half-lived. (Remind me I wrote that the next time I spend an evening clutching the commode.)

There’s the Compliment Guy in Dupont and Georgetown’s Insult Lady, but it is my neighborhood crazies that I really call my own, writes DC Rebel. When I pass them in the early morning hours on my way to work, they are quick to stand up and give a proper “Good Morning Sunshine!” with a wave – if only they didn’t sleep naked and drop the newspaper when they stand. Good Morning Sunshine indeed. Jimbo is riding his bike home and spots a man throwing an old computer printer into the yard of a vacant house. A confrontation ensues. Excerpt: “That’s illegal dumping!” I yelled back at him. He cursed and scowled, and seemed to think that dumping it in someone else’s yard is OK. Attends cockfight in Manila; photos and story at Belly Button Window. Excerpt: Less than a minute and one bird lay dead. The other, wounded but alive, is carried with pride from the ring. The still motionless, still untouched looser, is cursed by many in the stands.

The Smithsonian blog, Eye Level has been busy blogging about the reopening of the Donald Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture. Washington Independent Writers Groups Camp Night. Details and link at Hackman-Adams. Interesting piece in the New York Times Sunday opinion section titled, The Lonely American Just Got a Bit Lonelier, about the declining number of confidants that people have in their lives. The piece doesn’t look at blogs specifically or DC, but its main point may be of interest to bloggers.

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