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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 31st, 2006 by dcblogs

In remembrance of the place I call home Here’s a writer who grew up in a military family, moved frequently, and finally found in New Orleans what she has always been looking for. From Van Nasty, and it starts: New Orleans has always been home to me. always. when i moved there for college at 18, sight unseen, it was like breathing for the first time. there are no words to explain how i felt about the city, except to say, i finally found where i knew i belonged.

Earlier this week we linked to this popular post by DC Pinays: Why people are single in DC. Here’s another aspect of this story by EJ Takes Life, whose opening sentence sets the stage for what follows: Hard as it is to get a boyfriend in Washington, it may be harder to get a girlfriend.

The name of the blog is called Kittens with Mittens, but a more appropriate name might be
Kittens with Boxing Gloves. This blogger pummels a writer who suggests that it isn’t a good idea to marry a career woman. It starts: Everytime I begin to think that things are changing, that people are growing, that our society is more open, that sexism is slowly crawling towards death, I am slapped in the face with the harsh reality that our country, people, and many men suck.

Discount coupons at Staples accrue even if you return the item, reports Finding Blanche, who writes how the store ended up paying her to take the backpack.

I am so tired of paying for bad haircuts, says this writer who was hoping for a good haircut in Dupont Circle. Photo. From Alaskan Abroad, The misadventures of a journalist and reformed dog musher, his Bohemian wife and an obstinate Siberian husky named Kuba. Related: This writer is happy with her haircut, a fabulous new ‘do she writes, but less than happy with the bus. From Think Lynsen.

A ride along with DC PD report. Excerpt: Officer Parson also demonstrated that he could legally stop almost any vehicle on the road by articulating the numerous traffic violations committed by passing motorists. He acknowledged that police commonly use these minor infractions as a pretext to investigate more serious crimes, but claims that police profiling usually relies on more subtle factors than race. He claims that his suspicions are usually correct, which I assume is how most officers justify making pretext stops. From Flex Your Rights.

About the photo: New Orleans, taken last week.

Site Note: Off Friday. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 30th, 2006 by dcblogs

Wigging it out with a polygamist. Warren Jeffs, the polygamist sect leader on the FBI’s Most Wanted, was arrested by the G-Men/Women with thousands in cash and most importantly, a collection of wigs. Dealing in Subterfuges probes the cultural weight of this discovery and its fashion implications as well. She offers up wig artistry with her delicious wit. Excerpt: Talk about your well prepared fugitive. I doubt even RuPaul travels with three wigs when she’s driving somewhere. Who knew Warren Jeffs was a true diva? (Nod to Washington Cube for the recommendation.)

10 Reasons I am soooo over summer. Chapter 2006. No argument.

Chairborne Stranger, the Metro area blogger who posted from Iraq, is home. He writes: There’s a whole world back in Iraq that most people know nothing about, maybe a news clip or article if that, and they will never know.

Quip: Heard yesterday at Cosi’s Dupont Circle. At My Blog.

One Year Later: How Can DC Still Help Katrina Victims? Stacey at Metroblogging offers some tips.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 29th, 2006 by dcblogs

New law for tourists: It’s illegal to use your cell phone on the Metro. Sandblower files this hilarious report. (Nod to Washington Cube for the recommendation.) Health care in America. Merujo at Church of the Big Sky has started selling favorite possessions on eBay to help pay for medical treatments that will keep her from losing her vision. Now offered, a vintage Thomas Dolby poster from 1983. (Nod to Erika for the recommendation.)Role reversal. This writer’s mother quits her job and now begins a new job hunt. Whom does she call for help? Diet Coke of Evil.The


benefits of gym membership in Glover Park: George Stephanopoulos, reports DC Chai. Some Katrina memories. The Calm Before the Storm at Consultant Confessions. Writing about Katrina last year was such a powerful part of my life. I found my inner voice that I didn’t know existed. I worry if that was a fleeting moment that I will never be able to grasp again.

Police need to step up activity on Todd Place, NE. Two shootings this week, reports Eckington Block. Excerpt: This is a continuation of the violence earlier this year in the same area. Let me make it easy for the police. There are bad people with guns and drugs that live on the unit block of Todd Pl. Please continue patrols and your policing efforts. One night of a spotlight won’t do the trick.Oddities round-up: Belching contest leads to a request for a phone number, writes Life of Red. Crickets interrupt work flow at Kat’s World.

Photo: Storefront in New Orlean’s French Quarter. Taken last week.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 28th, 2006 by dcblogs

The DC school department is dumping brand new school supplies, which Lonnie Bruner’s father finds very disturbing. He shares an email from his dad reporting about discarded bags of “old school supplies” tossed in dumpster that found their way to some “old-timers” at a Maryland diner. Excerpt:

For a depression-era guy whose family and friends struggled to overcome many obstacles so that we could share in the American dream, it is incomprehensible that someone would approve of dumping the very implements that got me where I am today.

No Dogs in the Market. Dogs are now banned from the Dupont Circle market, writes My Little Kitchen. Excerpt: I had a hint this was coming two weeks ago when I overheard one vendor telling another about some incident involving a dog and saying that dogs were to be banned from the market. I had assumed at the time that they were discussing a market other than Dupont Circle. Wishful thinking.

A very good post about finding right balance in life and work: Maybe the goal shouldn’t be having it all. Maybe it should be to have as much as you want — professionally and personally. By Mommy at Work, in a post titled A tale of two colleagues.

Why people are single in DC. A thoughtful post by DC Pinays that sees the possibility of hope at a flower vendor. It starts: It has been said that if you’re single in DC, chances are that you’ll probably remain single for quite a while. True, I’ve only been single for a few months now and true, I’ve only been spending 90% of my time in DC for the past 2 weeks. But I think I’m starting to understand why this phenomenon occurs.

Vacation concluded. This is a critique of the city and its people by a tourist from New York. DC’ers were evidently on their best behavior during this traveler’s visit. He writes: People outside of New York are almost always nicer. This was true for DC, where people talked to you randomly without worry about pretense. On the subway, you’re not supposed to make eye contact with anyone. On the metro, if someone bumps your elbow they say excuse me or sorry. There’s a definite difference in culture. From Chronicles of Waqar.

About the photo: Scene from the French Quarter in New Orleans, where I spent last week, a city that remains one of the most beautiful in America. This is the anniversary week of Katrina and the media will be saturated with photos of damage. But I wanted to share a little scene from an area in the French Quarter that struck me, with its quaint A&P and lively arts community, as the perfect place to live. I didn’t want to leave. There are many areas of the city where flood damage extends for mile after mile, and the challenges facing its residents are monumental. But the French Quarter and central business district are in good condition, and many shops and restaurants along St. Charles Avenue as it winds up to Loyola, which is as far as I traveled in that direction, are back. You can help New Orleans by including a visit in your travel plans. You’ll be rewarded by the city’s charms as well as the thanks of its residents. – kob.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 24th, 2006 by dcblogs

On a date by herself, the Black Sage buys a newspaper to read at dinner. It has an article about two city council candidates, including Scott Bolden. Leaving the restaurant, with the article in view, she runs into Bolden and writes: I ignore him. He doesn’t ignore me.

Ibérico pig,
Spain’s fabled delicacy,
lives up to the hype.
No, it’s not a travel promotion. It’s a restaurant review – in haiku – of the Jaleo. There are several more (the one for Brickskeller is particularly apt) by A Thousand Burning Suns who visited several restaurants and pubs during a recent trip to DC.

Text mess-ages: The breakup arrives via text message. Text message becomes basis for blog post. Blog post gets excerpted in The Express and into the hands of Metro riders everywhere … now half the commuters relying on the Metro in DC now realize that I was dumped and in such a pathetic way, writes Carrie Broadshoulders.

Once he gets enough salt water in his veins, Lonnie Bruner intends to
set sail for France. No date set.

Suicide Blond says she lives next to a brothel, and writes: … they are good neighbors – they send me really fancy gift baskets on holidays, clean up in front of their place, and they are generally pleasant. From Glamour is a Rocky Road. New blog.

My New Job at NPR. Andy Carvin writes: In this role, I’ll essentially act as NPR’s Web 2.0 strategist, helping them develop new initiatives that encourage greater public involvement in NPR’s online activities. These activities could take a variety of forms: online social networks, wikis, blogs, mobcasting, citizen journalism, original content sharing.

Dupont Circle is the Bermuda Triangle for Fashion. Fashion observations by Carrie at A Total Waste of Makeup. New blog.

City Sparkle wins the blind date/bachelor contest on Hot 99.5 and gets Justin Timberlake tickets. I am so excited, I can’t function, she writes.

The otherwise low-maintenance woman at Sugar, Spice and Sometimes Nice writes: What is it about Starbuck’s that turns a perfectly normal girl into high-maintenance?

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 23rd, 2006 by dcblogs

If you have been worried about crime in the District – and by extension, the police’s response or lackthereof to it – these two posts won’t do anything to ease your mind. David Gaines cites some examples. Fair warning: Kris Hammond’s account of what happened to a neighbor’s son is particularly disturbing. Kris, a resident of North Capitol Street in the Eckington-Bloomingdale neighborhood, is running for a spot on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

From the Date from Hell Diaries. Paul’s Blog: “She asked me where we were going, and my reply was “I don’t know, we’ll decide when I pick you up”. To my surprise, she said “that’s not good enough, call me when you have decided where we’re going.” Meanwhile, Lula Dates DC reminisces about her last — literally, she swears — blind date. She writes: So as we’re waiting for the check, he asks if I want to go out again. I said, “umm… I’d really need to think about that.” And he kind of looked at me and said, “So you’re saying it’s not true love then?”

If you want to know, exactly, what it’s like to get a tattoo, then read this post. Well, it hurts, writes the Iron Fist of Love.

A new to DC medical student talks about his orientation to the city and classes. On Saturday, he writes: This was the white coat ceremony. This is the day that we received our white coats signifying our entry into medical school. From Waiting Around.

A, umm, alternative look by Just up the Pike at some of the qualifications and endorsements of Montgomery County’s local officials.

DC Daily Photo
at work.

Learn what differentiates a feral cat from other domesticated cats at a meeting Wednesday night (tonight) hosted by Alley Cat Allies. Details at Stop, Blog and Roll: Hear about non-lethal, humane, and effective means of controlling stray and feral cat populations. See what a humane trap looks like. Learn about available spay/neuter resources in the DC area. Come voice your concerns and learn more about what you can do to help your neighborhood cats.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 22nd, 2006 by dcblogs

Where’s My Cape has some serious grievances with WaPo’s Style Invitational. Its selection process lacks transparency; the same names crop up week after week and the quality of winning entries have dramatically dropped. Just in case you don’t yet grasp what WMC really really thinks, this is what she has to say about the, umm, judges for the entries: Are there pock-faced summer interns who find faxed entries behind the fax machine months too late? Dim-witted college students who lack mental capacity to define wit, nevermind recognize it when they see it?

It’s five minutes until curtain and the line to women’s room is very long. A decision is made by two sisters to use the men’s room. They follow the unspoken rules, eyes averted, and move quickly and make it to their seats. There’s just one complication. From Time I’ll Never Get Back

The Joys Of Parenthood Roundup. “It is possible to drive eight hours alone in a car with a toddler,” writes When I Look Deep in Your Eyes. Meanwhile, somebody got a little cranky at Brookside Gardens this weekend. “I want to leave RIGHT NOW. I HATE it here,” as Cheezwerks own mom smirks in the background.

Inner Limits does her first paid comedy gig. She did okay, after a rocky start. She writes: When I was supposed to be onstage, I was in the bathroom.

Tourists of DC: Please Stop Staring By alpacaOrange at this is by us.

Tower Records, the last of the retailers to carry a “deep-catalogue” section of classical music, files for bankruptcy, according to ionarts, which writes: With Borders and Olssons’s having shrunk their classical sections to a pathetic two rows (why even bother), the only alternative at all in D.C. remains Melody Records, though they have perhaps a tenth of Tower’s stock.

Times have changed at the Montgomery County fair since 1978, the last time alternative hippopotamus attended. “Another sign at the entrance warned against organized protests. My first thought was: I guess the poultry rebellion is off for today.”

Credits: special thanks to Erika, who discovered and wrote up some of tonight’s entries, and Cube, whose sharp eye for good blog posts never fails.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 21st, 2006 by dcblogs

This was the warning from the random lady on the subway platform about Snakes on the Plane: Just stay away from it, writes Ms. Go at DCgirl at the Movies. And that’s all the encouragement the writer needs to see the film. A report on the movie and culture around it: I’d say it had maybe 3-4 funny lines, not nearly enough Sam-on-snake action, several kung-fu Asian stereotypes, one reject from a Mountain Dew commercial to protect, and a very weak ending …

Redskins tailgating season begins. A report by the Life of Red, who writes: The Cheerleaders arrived and I felt like I was invading in Man-World.

Go on, take a little piece of my heart. Hecht’s was a part of her life and city, and so it pained this native Washingtonian see a crane removing the “H” from a Hecht’s in Arlington last week. She writes: I know it’s just a store, but it’s the end of my small town too. From What Does a Girl Do?

The writer of The Anacostia Diaries Blog says he’s in contact with a young congressional intern with a story to tell. A scandalous story. This post isn’t so much a teaser about what will come next as it as an explanation about why he thinks his source may be credible. His post begins: I have a confession to make. I have been in contact with a young woman named “Katie” who is a congressional intern in an “influential Republican” congressman’s office.

The Restaurant Nora on Florida Avenue gets reviewed by Jason at Gluttony. The restaurant is dedicated to fresh, local and organic ingredients, he writes. An excerpt: It is so important, in food as in any and all other endeavours, to begin well. And we do, unequivocally.

Best blogger description award goes to Hecate: I’m a woman, a witch, a mother, a grandmother, an eco-feminist, a lawyer, a gardener, a reader, a writer, and a priestess of the Great Mother Earth.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 18th, 2006 by dcblogs

Lawsomnia’s original plan to shop at the Soviet Safeway was thwarted by a lack of parking so he goes to the P Street Whole Foods. But after dealing with SUVs in its garage, thoughtless store customers and the difference between Motts Apple Sauce and “365 Organic” Apple Sauce, he came to believe that he is a stranger in a strange land.

Marianita in from Miami, has her first adventure with public transportation in DC, and soon learns the name of her bus driver, whom she dubs Smitty in the City.

Women are perfect in more ways than any man can imagine. (Note: This post is rated SW for Stomach Warning by the Blog Rating Board) It’s great writing by Dennis at More than My Luggage.

Reya calls the panda photo at Team Wet Dog the most awesome panda photo ever.

It’s possible that some DC mayoral candidates read DC blogs. Wayan at Metroblogging says he got a letter from the Marie Johns campaign inviting him to a meeting of “key bloggers.” His post title sums up his view: Is this desperation or respect?

Regarding politics, here is a roundup of some recent blog comments. We hope its helps you make an informed voting decision. Dealing in Subterfuges
doesn’t like any of the candidates but especially Linda Cropp. She has her reasons. zHate likes the “oh-so-cool Lance Armstrong wristbands” he got from the Vincent Orange campaign but the Green Party candidate for mayor has his support. Swede and Czech agrees that Adrian Fenty is a press hound and likes Cropp. Regarding Vincent Orange: I can’t possibly vote for him, writes Lady Tiara.

Meanwhile, back to more important topics. Let’s talk about proper manners in dating, writes Chapter 2006. A list of rules, including this politically topical one: – Men, do walk the lady home even if you don’t want to see her again. Do you want her getting mugged on your clock?

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on August 17th, 2006 by dcblogs

The phone rings at dinner, telemarketers probably, and the decision is made to let it go into voice mail. But the voice of an elderly woman is heard over the speaker and the call is answered. This caller is looking for someone and is trying to match names out of a phone book. What follows is a story that is as poignant and as touching as you are likely to ever read. By Quiet in the Stacks. Washington Cube recommended this one.

So, a woman, the writer in this case, tries online dating again. And a fellow writes. The same guy she dated some months back, on March 6 to be exact, she recalls. But he doesn’t remember dating her. The full story at Consultant Confessions in a post titled: Apparently I am an Unmemorable Date.

My Rules of Life, by DC Bachelor. A thoughtful and introspective piece. Nod to Erika for the recommendation.

Green Canary was traveling the day the massive terror plot was discovered and observed people unloading their now banned goods. GC writes: I saw bins full of random and fantastical things: a tube of KY Jelly, a full bottle of Wild Turkey, Krazy Glue, a snow globe. Looking at these treasures, these potentially lethal treasures, I realized that we are all just packrats in disguise.

The return of the Uber-preppy. You can find them at National games, reports Fictional Rockstar.