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The credit card bill arrives and all looks good except for this one small charge. The writer’s wife investigates. Excerpt: …so Beth called. Apparently, I purchased a membership to an exclusive website. An exclusive gay porn website. From Rude Cactus. (Nod to E;)

Capt. Jack Sparrow sees a car serving wildly on the road and follows it for more than 10 miles until police intercept. Excerpt: He swerved and almost knocked me into the cement divider between the northbound and southbound lanes, scaring me half to death. I took a deep breath — that was a close one. I started shaking, and not just my hands, but my chest and abs. I glanced over and saw that the driver was spaced-out … From Conversations with Mud.

About the default APR on a credit card. Does 30.40% sound about right? From it really is just a blog in my pocket.

Break-up lines. A collection from readers at at Not Yet A Wino

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If the bubble market is letting out some air is it a good time to buy or are you better off renting? An analysis at Bubble Meter and the inspiration for the pink balloon photo above.

Ariel: Hot or Not? Or Initial Thoughts on the Masculine Mystique. If this very clever title by Circle V doesn’t interest you in the rest of the post then, well, you know absolutely nothing about the Disney Princess Collection.

Man up buddy. A cabbie gets the parking space first and the loser is steamed. So, the unhappy driver calls the cab dispatcher at the Blank Top Chronicles and demands action.

Question of the day: When people get on an elevator, why do they feel the need to press the button that I’ve clearly pressed already? From An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting

Throwing Hammers Photoshop Challenge. See the photos. Excerpt: It gives me great pleasure to announce the inaugural Throwing Hammers Photoshop Challenge. Ever since I saw the mad geniuses at work over at Something Awful and what they do with their weekly Photoshop Phriday contest, I’ve been incredibly curious to see what would happen if we tried something like this in our extended blog community …

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Black squirrels are creepy, writes girl from the south. Excerpt: I swear this looked like the vampire version of a squirrel. It had a small, pointy head, beady eyes and possibly fangs. There was just a sinister look about it. 

Kitchen rehab project.  Photo. Excerpt: I believe that our kitchen qualifies as one of the gnarliest in captivity. From Nutgraf.

This thing bit my toe, reports I am a Lefty. Photo.

By the time police arrived to issue a parking ticket the offending truck that was parked too close to a driveway was gone. No problem. The police officer issued a ticket to a vehicle owned by the complaining party.  This incident found its way to the Cleveland Park Internet discussion group which led to action.   From the City Paper City Desk blog.

The National Arboretum is a secret DC treasure, writes Reya at Grace’s Poppies, excerpt:   With the exception of the herb garden and the collection of bonsais, it’s an unspoiled place, a wild square of woods and messy lawns. It’s hilly, too – really unlike most of this city. With Photos.

A  widely syndicated column by Robert J. Samuelson, A Web of Exhibitionists, and carried by the Post, MSNBC and others, was very critical and unflattering of bloggers. It bothered me so I wrote a letter and sent it off the Post and hope it will appear but, thanks to blogs, here’s a rebuttal:

The thing that made Robert Samuelson’s column a delicious read also makes for a good comment generating blog post. First, accuse bloggers of being exhibitionists, and then sprinkle in some inflammatory language by pointing out that some blog writers are  “proudly raunchy,” and others are engaging in “crass self promotion.”  Secondly, be one sided in building your case. Nothing kills a blog’s comment potential like a balanced argument.   
Samuelson must be utterly unaware of what bloggers in DC are writing about. And it’s a good thing too, because many of these upaid writers have talents on par or better than a newspaper columnist.  They aren’t exhibitionist — they’re writers and often compelling, interesting and thoughtful. And they tell stories, sometimes incredible stories. It may be about an experience as a crime victim, their wonder at the birth of a child and fears as a parent; a report of some interesting and quirky behavior on the metro, an observation about development in their neighborhood, or something overheard in a coffeeshop. They may just need to share a moment of their lives and escape some of the anonymity that comes with living in DC. Another word Samuelson could have used to describe blogs: Humanizing. — kob.

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This is a remarkable story. It starts with parking tickets on a windshield, which escalates to an orange boot and then a tow to the district’s end-of-the-world impoundment lot. But Brunch Bird fights back and accomplishes what quite possibly no one has ever accomplished before. The post is titled: The One Where I Beat the D.C. Police Department. (Nod to Sweet)

A series of biblical citations on a construction site prompt an investigation by alpacaOrange, a writer at the group blog A well written piece that begins: There is rarely anything remarkable about a construction site in DC. I’ve grown so accustomed to the morning hum of jackhammers and the comet tail of welding sparks spilling out of unfinished windows at night that I think that, once downtown’s all built up, the silence will be unnerving. But the other day, something caught my attention …

The person she once thought of marrying is getting married, writes Ryane at Me, My thoughts and I. Excerpt: I found out where he is living now, and that he is getting married and weirdly enough, I cared. And this scared me.

Great photos and wrap-up of this past weekend’s Virgin Festival at And I Am Not Lying, For Real

Switzerland is a toll charge. EavesdropDC

Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie Real Estate Agent. Street wise expertise turned into a consulting business.

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On their way to shop at Whole Foods, this writer witnesses a mugging at 13th and P Street NW. Titled, Assault at Logan Circle NW: … i’ve never experienced or seen a personal, physical assault much less in broad daylight and during rush hour. those fools had some gall! From Kori :: A Journey.

We don’t need no men! Writes JoJo at Life and Musings about a home improvement project. She writes: My gay boyfriends next door told me that I could unscrew the cabinetry fairly easily. My attitude was screw that. I got out the hammer and crowbar and pretty much laid waste to the cabinetry. Also read JoJo’s Tips for Florence and Rome.

DC Baby, a Scandinavian girl takes on the capital

Cabbies love talking about international policy, writes Adventures in Wedding Photography. Excerpt: There are also a lot of cabbies from Ghana in DC. These are the jolly and very fun drivers. When they ask me where I have traveled to (as they always do at some point) and I tell them I have been to Africa, they get very excited. They have hearty laughs and always have a hard time believing that I chose to spend time there. And when you can actually talk African policy, they melt. [and then you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged, either]

Here’s a neighborhood blog, Fifth and Oh that offers a perspective from Shaw. A report from a neighborhood meeting: One recurring theme was the complaint that the police aren’t following up on information provided by residents, and therefore people aren’t calling the police because they think there will be no response.

Kristina attends Texas Swing band performance at Kennedy Center and so does Laura Bush. From My DCed Life.

No more soap lady at Dupont Circle Farmers Market, writes Danvera.

Increasing real estate trend on Capitol Hill: Single family homes are being divided up and sold as condos, writes DC Housing Bubble Blues.

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Pharmacies and grocery stores know your most intimate details.  Every time you swipe a discount card, databases connect you to your purchases. The chains know everything about you: What you eat. What you drink. What drugs you buy and can sum from these purchases your lifestyle, secret pleasures and probably life expectancy. There are no secrets in America and its vast collection of databases, so blog and tell the rest.  Because when you blog you’re in control; you are no longer a data point but a voice, a rebellion against this privacy invasion. It’s a means of fighting back. And so this is how to introduce Green Canary’s story.  It starts: I think I understand why it is impossible for me to find a boyfriend. Apparently, it’s because I’m already married with young children, a dog and a gastrointestinal problem. At least that’s what Safeway seems to think.

You apply for a job and shortly after an email not meant for you arrives. What do you do? That’s what Reality Bites must decide.

The mikvah and the power of water at Looking2Live.  Excerpt: I had experienced a feeling of being in utero, with my back straight and my hips moving easily and fully as my body was supported by the warm water. It was my beginning at understanding my traumatic birthing process that could well have resulted in my current physical problems. Coming to terms with water and with my body are life-long goals of mine.

Pentagon to Tear Down World’s Most Dangerous Hot Dog Stand, from DCist.

Teens attack metro bus: Yet more proof that the curfew is nothing more than a band aid on a festering woundStop Blog and Roll.

The biggest current work-at-home challenge I have is my cat, writes WashingtonGardener.

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      A second year medical student at Georgetown shares his experience with two cancer patients. Time may be running out for both and this writer details, vividly, what he is witnessing. From Veritography (Thanks to Cube for the recommendation.)

Here’s the scoop (literally) on Barbie … from Womenhavingitall: But now, finally, Mattel releases a Barbie I can support. I think this doll teaches our young girls an important life lesson. You may have highlights that get retouched every week for $200, huge breast implants, and a Stepford boy toy …

The best pizza is in the Northeast (see Epicurious) but if someone from the Northeast touts its pizza as superior to anything in DC, that person will be called at least ill-informed or, worse, a pizza snob. The reviewer at Wine with Dinner, a New Englander, has high praise for pizza from a place in Arlington called The Italian Store.  

More on pizza and quite a few other things about DC by Vers l’absurde.  Excerpt: And while I love almost all pizza, I have to say that I had some Very Good Pizza in DC. Pizza that has been recognised by the Italian government as being verace pizza napoletana. Pizza that is definitely going to be on my “must return” list for my next trip to DC. 

Crime emergencies from around the country: A parent calls with details, writes Best Fall Ever. Excerpt: That’s right, one of the most annoying forms of breath mints on the face of this planet (the stupid box makes too much noise and they never leave you with a minty fresh feeling) had been STOLEN. Not only STOLEN, but reported as STOLEN.

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Where’s the Fire? Harmany Music. Unlike the DCPD, the DCFD can have some fun.

The Undateable Woman explained by the Hipster Dork. Excerpt: I have a nose for undateable women. Like a moth to a flame, so I am drawn and the end result is always the same.

DC Convention Center wireless access charges are profoundly out of touch with reality. See screen shot at White Knuckled Wanderer 

10 Signs You and Your Friends Might Be Huge Football Fans. Here’s one: The opening music to Monday Night Football (not the Hank Williams Jr. song, mind you) is your ringer. From I-66.

DC Sports writes: Dear Redskins Fan, Come away from the ledge. Put away your noose. Take the gun barrel out of your mouth. This is not the end of the world …

Takes private, self-guided White House tour. Excerpt: Downstairs, where only the tourist ever enter, Grover Cleveland and Herbert Hoover’s portraits seemed banished the furthest recesses of the White House. Hilary Clinton was also not surprisingly placed down here. From The Vagabond’s Journey.

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This is a touching post about changing lives, regret and reflection seven years after the fatal accident of a friend.  After visiting the grave site, Adjusting to being an adult … or not writes:  I went to visit him because well, as much as it was to pay respect to him, it was also for me and my memories of him and myself growing up. 

There’s a vehicle that’s been in an accident that’s damaged and stopped at an intersection. From the passenger window a man is asking for cigarette.  Kristen of Candy Sandwich, who wrote this piece, goes home and finds a pack and returns. Then the cops arrive asking about a gun and start searching the scene. But one cop is looking to pick-up more than evidence.  The scene and mood Kristen sets is so film noir you can almost touch it. 

There was once a man named Walter J. Puddingbottom who ate food while he performed at The Eckington Theater. But Puddingbottom believed he deserved a national audience. And in 1936, NBC tricked him into beliving his show would be broadcast by the network, writes the Lobotomy Radio Sandwich. It’s a fascinating piece of local history. (We found this link via the Bloomingdale blog

Scooter use appears on the rise but this writer has problems with this not-quite-a-motorcycle form of transport, in a post titled The Scooter Scourge at Metroblogging.

H Street’s newest coffee and tea shop. Sidamo. Photos and report at Frozen Tropics.

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Disconnected fates: a decision to put down an ill cat ,and what happens to a father who ignores his son. A perfectly observed piece entitled Death and Pizza at Oh So Something.

Watching video on an iPod: “it’s not as lame as I once thought,” writes The Shape of Days. But there are better distractions, he writes. Excerpt: I will say this, though: I understand now why I don’t get off on watching TV in public places. I’m more interested in the actual people around me than I am in what’s going on on the screen. I’m a shameless and unrepentant people-watcher. I stare.

How to get a man to buy you food.
Secret revealed at Wanderings in DC, in a two-for-one post titled: the awful fire alarm.

Keith at Drinking Liberally looks at the track record of media and special interest election endorsements. The Washington Post led this list with seven of its endorsed candidates winning. At the bottom is the Examiner with two winners. It’s exhaustive election post-mortem.

Pass on the chicken sandwich. Local Burger King photo at Church of the Big Sky.

An unhealthy obsession with CL’s “missed connections” strikes gold at Love and Haterade.

DC is bland compared to a place like Chicago, writes Wide Open Wonder. Excerpt: All the style influences here are imported from either New York or Miami, there is no character or personality to Washington D.C.! Chicago is a real city, a real place …