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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 15th, 2006 by dcblogs

A woman, bruised and beaten by her boyfriend, seeks the help of Beauty and the Beltway, who takes her to the hospital and then helps her move out. While they quickly pack, he shows up. Titled: A Nasty Surprise.

A photograph of a baby in a pumpkin costume prompts Circumlocutor to write of a life that involves learning to live without. Excerpt: … if there’s one thing you can say about most gay men, it’s that they’re/we’re not whiners–about the big issues in life at least. We are taught from nearly the moment of birth that homosexuals are irregular….that we will never have what our parents or grandparents (or whoever was the last generation to be happily married) had.

Detroit is for Fluffanutters. We pick up the report from Brunch Bird: They have a stand that sells just peanut butter sandwiches. Like 15 types. I’m now eating peanut butter and Fluff. (This being health-conscious Detroit, I had the option of having bacon on it. I’m not even kidding.)

Liberal Banana knows she will miss blogging, but decides it’s time to move on. This posts details the issues bloggers face. Excerpt: Even though it’s fun to write and fun to get feedback on what’s going on in my life, why should I bother putting it out there? Why should people read it? Why should I force myself to keep up with what’s going on in strangers’ lives?

How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger, is the title of City Sparkle’s  post. Among the reasons she raises is a warning about page caching — snapshots of your pages that are available on search engines even if you have deleted the post or blog.  There is a way to prevent caching.  This information is from Google’s help section. See Remove cache pages.

If you ever need to remove a post quickly and don’t want people reading a Googled cache version of it, then this ‘no archive’  command may give you peace of mind. If you are uncertain about what to do, send me a note. I don’t know if this command  will block all caching from every search engine, but it works with Google and I believe it will prevent the Wayback Machine from caching as well. — kob

Alert! Blogger Happy Hour — Tonight.  Sweet, I-66 and Kathryn are the host. Circle V has some motivating words as well.




DC Blogs Noted

Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 14th, 2006 by dcblogs

This is an outstanding, painfully honest look at what a women faces when a pap smear comes back abnormal. Dealing with the physical aspects of the test is only part of it.  Please read the comments as well. By Kathryn.

The Rock Creek Rambler on the recent shooting of a dog in Dupont Circle: What disturbs me more than the dog murdering carried out by DC’s finest is the fact that he fired a weapon in a crowded park.

The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, a review by DC Foodies. Excerpt: The Royal Mile is the only restaurant that I know of in the area with a Scotch list, and quite an extensive one at that.

Very good Metro interior photograph at Dilettante.

Chapter 2006 takes dance lessons at Jospehine Butler Park Center for the Jam Cellar’s weekly Swing Dance.

Will Adrian Fenty be a mayor who blogs? Probably not.  His blog was mostly used for testimonials from third parties, and the last post was Aug. 17.

Please note the advertisement to the right for Political Trading Cards. The cards are a product of the imaginative artistry and wicked wit of the multitalented Meghan, who is responsible for the Web design of DCBlogs and its live feed icons.  These Bush Administration Trading Cards are richly satirical, pointed and humorous.  You can buy them at the White House gift shop (They’re located to the left of the Karl Rove teddy bear display.) or by clicking on her ad. — kob.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 13th, 2006 by dcblogs

Reya’s roommates work long and hard to renovate a Victorian into a brightly colored store on Eighth Street SE, and then give it a a very retro name, Groovy. The city wasn’t all that helpful in their effort, she writes. Excerpt: DC doesn’t really want new businesses to open. You would not believe all the crap they had to go through with the city. Please explain why any shop has needed a mop sink since 1950?? I mean if you repair cars or something, I could see it, but for a little shop like this? A sponge mop and bucket will definitely do the trick. DC disagrees. From Grace’s Poppies

A family story: 94 and an alcoholic after decades without, writes Rude Cactus. One commenter writes: It’s a good reminder that … an alcoholic is never totally in the clear.

There’s your regular relationship and then there’s your backup. What if I’m 40 and want a child? A back up could come in handy, right? From No Sex and the City.

Many were hoping for Balducci’s downtown, but Metrocurean reports that she has learned that Market Salamander is coming to downtown.

Shine Silently, whose blog chronicles his life as a rookie dad, wrote this about the Redskins loss: Now at 0-1, the Redskins travel to Dallas to meet the hated Cowboys. This will be an angry Cowboys team. They lost their opener to Jacksonville and were swept by the Redskins last season …

Heading into last night’s DC mayoral contest, the writer at On the come up…and other musings said her parents couldn’t agree who to vote for. So they have a sign for Adrian Fenty and a sign for Linda Cropp in the front yard, writes the blogger C-dot.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 12th, 2006 by dcblogs

So vivid still are its memories and emotions that it does not seem as if five years have passed. The 9/11 anniverary prompted many bloggers to write of the past and the present. What follows is a small collection among many powerful posts.

Free Leaf:
What 9/11 really represents to me is of course a tragedy but it is also a missed opportunity. We as people missed the opportunity to truly be affected by something huge, something that could have made us a better society, a better people and truly be something worth representing to the world.

Café 227
I just got off the phone with my father, who owns a Middle Eastern deli in Pittsburgh. His store was broken into and vandalized late last night/early this morning. It’s unclear whether it was “just” a robbery or a 9/11-related hate crime. But I suspect it’s the latter …

I saw other people on the bus turn to watch the plane, and I imagined that we were all thinking the same thing.

DC Cookie
On this September 11th I’m flying a Chicago-bound United flight. Sadly, it didn’t even dawn on me to be concerned.

Not Yet A Wino
… the strongest ache for me on this anniversary is for those widows who cannot seem to move on. For the woman who still has his toothbrush in the bathroom, his coat in the closet with her own …

no use for a headline
The point is to remember. I will remember the guys who I sat with all that day, my friends whose family was at the World Trade Center that day, and the everyday people who showed amazing resolve and courage.

Looking to Live
Since September 11, we have learned to be afraid of rental trucks, shoes, bottles of baby formula, Swiss Army knives, knitting needles, white powder, and any number of other things. New objects to fear are invented daily.

Kathryn On
Only I made it past that day, and he did not.

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 A Cautionary Tale for Drunken Dudes. Drinks, guns and confrontation at DC Drinks. Excerpt: Lonnie moons the two and one of the guys confronts me: “What do you have in your pocket?”


Robert, the writer at Team Wet Dog, is looking forward to voting in Tuesday’s primary and then realizes he’s registered as an independent. He writes: In D.C., my “independent” status means I don’t vote for Mayor, pragmatically speaking.

She doesn’t like to be taken for granted. The Girl with Cat home alone watching TV. He’s out late with friends after work.

Stuck in traffic thanks to the premier of the Movie Guardian, the writer at A Total Waste of Makeup, spots the source of her stuck-in-traffic aggravation. Excerpt: I must admit, I dig celebrity sightings. So even though it was just Kevin Coster, it was still Kevin Costner and I can report that the man looks OLD. His wife is gorgeous though. Of course, I think she’s younger than me.

A major tree disease hits the area, writes DC Master Gardener News.

Photos: Top, street scene Capitol Hill, Pennsylvania Ave.; Sign: Martinis and Beer are  banned at nearby park. Outdoor wine consumption is allowed, however. 

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 7th, 2006 by dcblogs

This writer says she just lost her job for blogging. She writes about her life. The blog was printed out, assembled into “2 huge folders” and placed on the desk in front of a company VP. That’s how the stage was set for her exit. This writer admits to occasionally writing about work, but never disclosed the employer. The VP even acknowledged that I never wrote anything defamatory about the company, she wrote. There’s only one post so far. Excerpt: I’m sure at this point you are wondering what it is that I wrote that caused such a ruckus. I assure you it was nothing out of the ordinary. From I Got Fired Because Of My Blog

An Ode to All the “Frogs” I’ve Kissed. This writer gives a rundown of the men she’s dated and what’s she’s learned. Excerpt: One of the best parts is that I’ve had a lot of first kisses, some of them downright magical. By DC Brownie

Bad news round-up at why.i.hate.dc

KAC: The FishbowlDC Interview

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 6th, 2006 by dcblogs

There are no blogs in the live feed by DC candidates with the exception of Kris Hammond, who is running for a seat on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission in the Eckington-Bloomingdale area. He is the first candidate to ask to be included in the live feed. Few candidates have blogs or blogs worth attention. But Hammond is producing an excellent blog: He writes about what he likes about his neighborhood, what he hears from its residents and explains how he’ll approach the job if elected. Win or lose, this neighborhood will gain if Hammond keeps his blog.

Black people need to want more for themselves is the title of a thoughtful post by Golden Silence, an “aspiring actor/writer,” she writes in her profile. Her post starts: As a black person, I try to carry myself in a manner so people (i.e., Whites) don’t have a reason to pigeonhole me and stereotype me. I speak eloquently, dress nicely, and keep myself clean. I am tired of seeing black people think that it’s okay to act loud, rude, and crass. And to criticize polished behavior as “acting white” is becoming too damn tiresome.

First reports: Mr. T in DC visits the new Trader Joe’s at Pennsylvania and 25th St. NW and says the store is well stocked and check-out lines efficient. He writes: It used to be that we DC residents were stuck with the smallest, crappiest, most overpriced grocery stores in the region, but that pattern is surely changing.

The boy with the independent streak can’t wait to get on the school bus to start his first day of kindergarten. And all his parents can do is wave and wonder. From Freewheeling Spirit.

And you thought kids were bad? Obnoxious seniors talk during a Millennium Stage concert at the Kennedy Center. Excerpt: It was a sight to behold. One little old lady in front of us tapped the shoulder of a woman in front of her and started chatting, “Mildred, is that you?” From Pop Pop Bang

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on September 5th, 2006 by dcblogs

The stress, excitement and expectation of a first date can deliver some vivid writing, and that’s what Alejandra at sent from my dell desktop produces when she recaps her WaPo Date Lab date. Excerpt: I looked him over. My first reaction was an unexpected one. He looked like a shorter version of my little brother. 

The students arrived this weekend at local universities for the fall semester. In the Watergate Safeway parents of GW students took their children shopping, passing on last bits of worldly information before leaving them with some detergent and freedom. It wasn’t sad, it wasn’t poignant but you just knew that nobody was rushing anything and the Safeway checkout lines do a very good job at providing time for lingering moments. So here they are again, the new, the young, the dreamers and the bloggers. What a tasty city! Writes I’m just sipping on chamomile about her second night in DC. Except the rice options at Safeway made me want to cry.   

The False Promise of Metro is the title of analysis by City Desk arguing against expanding the Metro rail. Excerpt: Besides encouraging speculation, damaging the bus system, and not competing with the automobile, Metro has other problems. It favors the upper and middle class over poorer residents both by the neighborhoods served and the routes themselves, which are designed to bring wealthier suburbanites into the city rather than helping less wealthy city dwellers get to jobs in the suburbs.

Why do men buy flowers? Brunch Bird and conversations on the Metro.

DC’s automated traffic cameras accuse the writer at Where’s My Cape of running a red light. She shares the photographic evidence and her analysis about its hair trigger enforcement. Excerpt: The “automated” read-out also said that the light was red in Photo #1 for 0.4 seconds. Not even half a second! This is certainly not enough time to react and I had no choice but to responsibly clear the intersection.

Mysterygirl discovers a wasp nest in her bedroom. From Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page

Metro observation: One rider who keeps his money in a sock. A report by Do Not Cross.