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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 31st, 2006 by dcblogs

Running in the Marine Corps Marathon requires stamina, endurance and planning. And so does surviving as a spectator. KC at Where’s My Cape is a seasoned spectator who knows enough to take the Metro to the finish line. She’s also an internist who can offer medical advice based on what she has learned. It starts: One of JP’s most memorable marathon finishes was during his (1st? 2nd?) Chicago marathon when he projectile vomited as he was crossing the finish line. The professional race photographers captured that moment and sent us the proofs–of course we had to get one … 

A Seinfeldian Sale at Harmany Music. Real estate photo news.

DC Bachelor shares his tips for surviving and thriving in a corporate environment.  Among them: Always have one good idea in the bag if your slacking is being noticed by many people.

Halloween: Ar-Jew-Tino is the The Man of Steel on Vacation in DC. Fun little Halloween party at Redhead in the City. Photos. 

Short video of someone foolishly stepping off Metro platform to retrieve cane on the tracks. On Fauxmarc

Commentary about the latest installment of WaPo’s Date Lab at The DC Universe. Dating for DC Dummies.

It’s grim for people in the news business. In the last six months all but a few of the top 25 daily newspapers have lost circulation. Three newspaper posted gains, the New York Post, Daily News, New York and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, according to the Land of JD.  The Post and Daily News are big on splashing crime stories on their covers. The Post-Dispatch has plenty of crime material to work from. It was the ranked the most dangerous city in the U.S., according to publishers Morgan Quitno. DC ranked 19th. Bad news sells.

and no, we’re not Catholic. Family photo at Van Nasty. 

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 30th, 2006 by dcblogs

Mr. and Mrs. Conservative Futurist won top prize for this Halloween work. Also, at another party, Kristina at My DCed Life describes the costumes at a political Halloween party, including a guy “wrapped up in a the tape of an audio cassette.”

Things I Hate hates attitude and says there is plenty of it in DC’s restaurants.

Restaurant review: Sushi Taro, 17 and P. Excerpt: As we made our way back to the table the restaurants personality began to emerge, making it obvious why it has become a neighborhood hotspot. You first noticed the army of chefs behind what appears to be the never ending sushi bar, which runs almost the entire length of the restaurant. From My Head Half Empty

Ward3DC, which offers ongoing news and commentary about the happenings in the NW, has been reporting on this area since July.

The Dumping Ground writes about the fate of a person who demonstrated how easy it is to make fake boarding passes.

Please see DCBLogs Live for the latest.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 27th, 2006 by dcblogs

Gallaudet right now is a de facto war zone, writes Allison Kaftan of the emotional and physical toll of the ongoing protests at this university, in a heartfelt post titled: I Want My Life Back at DeafDC.

I see fatigue in my husband’s eyes when we first wake in the morning, instead of saying “Good morning,” asking each other, “Any news? Updates?” And when we fall asleep, in lieu of “Sweet dreams,” saying “Let’s hope nothing too crazy happens overnight.”

Others writing about Gallaudet: The Indefensible Position by Son of Clown Ops. Frozen Tropics has posted a list of news links about the protest. Protest as Art, Activity No. 8 by Belle femme. A Personal Appeal to Step Back by Bibliomarket.

Applies for writer-editor job at the Library of Congress and finally learns the fate of her application.  EJ Takes Life.

As JD at Near Southeast points out, the Crime Map by the DC government is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. DC’s government is surprisingly progressive in its use of RSS feeds and mapping technology. As this capability grows it may enable residents to look with a fresh eye at patterns and trends and develop new ideas and perspectives for tackling city problems. Proof of what’s possible can be found at Near Southeast, which has started making use of the District’s RSS feeds to create a neighborhood specific information source.

The Nevin Kelly Gallery has started a blog that will be written by Julia Morelli, deputy director of the gallery and Nevin Kelly, owner and gallery director. Excerpt: The blog is a great strategy for letting our friends and clients know about news and goings-on at the gallery in a more timely manner than monthly website updates and emails.

It’s definitely a buyer’s market, writes Urban Treker.

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The DC Sidewalk Blog believes pedestrians and motorists are engaged in a war of attrition, while KAC says pedestrian life has been reduced to a game of Frogger.  KAC is specific, citing the “bulldozed mess” on Connecticut and the threat it poses to her coffee requirements. Meanwhile, the writer at DC Sidewalk is looking at this world realpolitik-like and writes: Pedestrians know that drivers will either not see them or not even consider them part of the traffic flow or they will see them and attempt to intimidate them with their vehicle.

Gay Canuck in the Capital says Tuesday’s High Heel Race attracted too many straights: I was annoyed because a large proportion of the crowd was straight. Countless screechy college girls and drunk dudes were carousing and enjoying the sights. Half of me was thrilled to have their support, the other half of me was angry. 

Some other observations about the high heel race:  Watching a slew of men more beautiful than I could ever be as a woman race down the street in high heels higher than I would ever dare to wear is the absolute best entertainment on the planet,  writes Dancing Barefoot.  Photographer Joe Tresh has some of the best photo work from the race, including Almost-Mayor Adrian Fenty with the grand prize winner.  And then there’s Fiery Nuggets who hears the noise from her apartment but is clueless on 17th St.

A re-re-report about the other Halloween: For the second year in a row, a group of NW DC parents are planning a children’s costume parade on Halloween evening in Dupont Circle. Babies, toddler, preschoolers, and young school-age kiddos are welcome, writes DC Baby.

Study it again. DC Education Blog takes issue with a Fannie Mae study that says DC’s awful public school system is one of the reasons why the District’s recent development boom hasn’t lured many families. The writer isn’t disagreeing with the awful part but with the claim that the ‘burbs are spending more on education.

Kids with rocks on the Capital Beltway, gets the attention of Jason Linkins at DCist … while it might be easy to let rock throwing juveniles take their place alongside the Cherry Blossom Festival as a landed DC tradition, the unavoidable fact is that this activity will likely end in a fatality …

Peaceful photo of the Anacostia River at Bloomingdale.

Site note: We have been catching up on the live feed. More than 50 new blogs have been added to it and the requests that arrived over the last few days will be in soon. Some url updates have been made.  The blogs in the feed without art are recently added.  Regarding Blogger Beta time problem: the main issue is compensating for how the Blogger Beta is reporting beta user publishing times. The Blogger Beta is using GMT and, consequently, some in the beta, after posting, appear lower in the feed, showing a four to five hour time difference. A short-term fix that seems to work is to change the Beta Blogger settings from Eastern to GMT under the formatting tab in the template. But this is an issue that we’re working on. 

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 25th, 2006 by dcblogs

Check these photos out: Graveyard of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” spotted on 21st Street, NW. From Brent Roberts’ Blogspot

We are just awful, awful people. I personally think this is one of the worst cities in the country, writes Jenny, who is in from South Florida. Through the Eyes of J.  

Barzelay on split infinitives, sentence-ending prepositions, subject-verb disagreement, purple prose, histrionic diction, internal inconsistency, random capitalization, missing and superfluous commas, improper use of ellipses, em dashes, en dashes …  

Theater recommendation, Red Light Winter,  from Moxie at Another Day in DC, who writes: these guys were just like friends of mine on college.. tasteless, off-color, jokes, etc. … of course, I loved it!

Rebooting Journal: Goodbye wretched Windows and off to Linux land. Too Many Words.

Nothing like female friendship to make you doubt your ability to be intimate, writes People Like Us in DC. Thoughts about an ex.

ok, so who turned on my biological clock? Two years from the big 3-0. an OC girl living in an extraordinary world

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 24th, 2006 by dcblogs

Stuart Davenport, who with his wife Lana, are planning to open Big Bear Cafe, at 1st and R St., NW, is running for an ANC position. Along with a café, he writes,  we’re also developing a free neighborhood wireless program so that everyone in south Bloomingdale can access the internet for free. (That’s one way to get votes from bloggers) They also run a blog.

What’s so hard about responding to an RSVP, especially in the age of Evite? A rant by Hey Pretty, who writes: 

It is so fraking rude, I cannot get over it. If somebody is nice enough to invite you to something, you should be polite enough to acknowledge this gesture. I understand that people don’t want to commit, especially in this age of total social flakiness and last-minute plans making.

Adventure story: How I fell into detention in a notorious Middle Eastern Prison and how I got out. A DC resident writes of his experience this past summer in Beirut, at Excerpt:

“Why do you want to use a phone? Does the concept of arrest elude you?” I wondered if he expected some sort of confession from this trio that would deliver us out of his hands and into more skilled ones. I wasn’t going to rot in any prison, I thought.

Throwing Hammers uses random clicks to probe the blog world and from it assembles sentences and photos. Drifting over the Blogosphere. Recommended by Sweet, who in a comment on TH’s blog, wrote: One of your best posts.

A Southern Belle and dedicated shopper, former intern at Kate Spade, is marking her birthday this month by shopping. Being Johnica: A Lifestyle.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 23rd, 2006 by dcblogs

Yearning, in a desperate sort of way for the Food Channel, DC Katastrophe begins to angst almost immediately when her 1 p.m. “Comcast-given ‘window’ begins.” What follows is very entertaining timeline. Excerpt: Any time now between 1 and 4pm a cable fairy will magically descend and let the food network come to my TV. I drool with anticipation (or was that the Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwich?).

Free to Watch Football. The writer at My first year of law school, is in a bar watching the Patriots game and strikes up a conversation with a U.S. Marine who is heading overseas.  She writes: 

This was going to be the last Patriots game he would see in a bar in the USA this season, and possibly next season as well. And it just struck me as incredibly sad. He was stateside for such a short period of time and what he missed most was the freedom of screaming at the top of his lungs in a bar, drinking a beer and doing victory shots after touch downs.

Snowboarding in DC, a report by Gonzo Rangers. It starts: DC is generally not a snowboarder friendly city. In addition to lacking 400 inches of snow a year and several thousand feet of vertical, snowboarders seem about as common in the area as Goldwater republicans.

The writer at Entry-Level Eating, a new blog about life and food, has her first DC burrito but it comes with some guilt: I felt like I was cheating on the New Haven burrito guys. (Also read the post: Redwall Warriors.)

What happens when you are in love at Playing with MatchesShort and sweet.

Book review: Brenda Frese’s just-released Overtime Is Our Time: The Inside Story of the Maryland Terps’ 2006 National Championship, at DC BasketCases.

Pretty Rubble writes of the trials of her life. (What a great blog name) Excerpt: 

The most crucial, precarious time was from 2001-2005 when I decided to leave my husband. My “gorge” was my lack of my own finances, my lack of any college education, my inability or inexperience in day to day things like dealing with bills and banking or car problems.  I basically left with the shirt on my back.

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The writer at This is Me, Honest, is called for Jury Duty and rides the bus with a lot of “unsavory looking characters” to a court that requires an 8 a.m. showing and offers no breakfast snacks for the trouble. But what really gets this writer is this:

I knew the actual trial wasn’t going to be anything like it is on Law & Order or other TV shows but I was really disappointed by how slow the attorneys were. I felt like objecting a few times when the defense attorney kept repeating the same question, 10 different ways. More then 3 minutes of silence while you read your notes seems a bit much.

Is it the food or the woman? Dinner at Bistrot du Coin produces some tasty writing. Excerpt: It’s true, I try to be an objective observer but I’m a flawed human who succumbs to his weaknesses: food and women. I can no longer offer an objective opinion on whether or not the mussels were truly good. Perhaps they were cooked just right, with the perfect amount of wine, butter, veggies and whatever else goes into that pot, or perhaps they were just being shared by the sensation to my left. Personally, I think it was the latter. From Jay’s Strange Blog.

This Nawlin’s expat is on the phone to California where no one understands her.  The Girl from the South  understandably takes out her frustration on Hollywood. Excerpt, from the footnote: … most movies will have either a Mississippi drawl or a Texan slang. Hardly anyone actually speaks that way. I can’t stand most movies about the South because of that. Steel Magnolias is like fingernails down a chalkboard. Must be what the Brits felt when Bridget Jones came out. And seriously folks, get over the Deliverance crap. We have shoes and we’re educated.


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Shortly after joining a DC lawfirm, the writer at Gay, Esq., who is anonymously “recounting life as a gay lawyer at a major DC firm,” is asked to head the firm’s diversity committee. His unstated mission is to bring a gay presence to a recruitment dinner. He writes: My implicit objective that evening was to pick out the gays among the fresh blood, convince them that Yes, The Firm welcomes diversity, then, over the course of the evening, get sufficiently drunk to make all the offerees uncomfortable, like so many pages in Mark Foley’s brownstone.

Texpundit, who describes his work as the “semi-coherent ravings of a Texan, expatriate now living in Washington, DC,” discovers the sad truth about dating in his hew home. It starts: Being single in DC is basically a lose-lose situation. Dating in the workplace is a bad idea and trying to meet people through Craigslist or the happy hour scene is not a winning proposition. If you’re single, male, in your mid-30s and not a buffed-out adonis (I’m definitely not unattractive, just a little pudgy after years of being a musician, touring and hard living), your prospects are even worse …


Check out the YouTube kickball-karaoke film by Ar-Jew-Tino, who writes: THIS is what happens when you combine kickball and cheap beer: my team drunkenly singing along to Livin’ on a Prayer. (Thanks to Sweet for the recommendation)  

Lovers Happy Hour Tonight — Sponsored by DCB and Circle V. All invited.

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Apple Absolved. Customer service that works. Son of Clown Ops.

Buy of the week: This box (asking price- $414,900) has no kitchen, a half bath, writes DC Housing Bubble Blues.

A recent post by DC Mr Anthrope about an accident involving a bike and cab at Dupont Circle, noted previously here, drew a sharp response from Freewheeling Spirit. In his  post, Mr. Anthrope argued that both cabs and bikes have reputations for ignoring traffic laws. But Freewheeling takes exception to it, and writes:  Bicyclists also know that, no matter what the facts, they will be presumed to be at fault. In fact, even when it’s clear that the cyclist was not at fault (e.g., she was riding in the bike lane ) the car is likely to be portrayed as doing things on its own, as if there is no driver involved.

Fake Attack at Drink and Walk. Interesting blog find.

Crime drama at hashi ramblings. Action photos.

City buses become Jake’s ticket to adventure.  So he rides and rides and rides and then writes:  I’ve actually wanted to do it for a while now. As you all know, if you ride the bus, transfers are free so long as they are within two hours. So I decided to just hop one bus after another all day until I was hopelessly lost in the city.  At Ink Tank, the Washington Journalism Center blog