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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 17th, 2006 by dcblogs

This writer at Rants, Raves and General Musings agrees to allow the Dupont Circle Citizens Assn. to include his home in its recently held neighborhood house tour.  As the day approaches, he worries about the decision, and writes: I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of 1,000 strangers walking through my house when I wasn’t even allowed to be home.  But when the day arrives, he goes on the tour and offers a report:  Some had music playing and bite sized treats. Others looked like the owner jumped out of bed and scrambled away minutes before the doors were opened. But all allowed a glimpse into the way people live and what a body could do with their own century old space, if given the proper resources.

DC’s blogging correspondent in France, Barbara at Looking2Live, is filing a series of reports, with photos, about the experience. But the photo of the bird on the dinner plate in the post titled Cezanne’s Country may change your thinking about French cooking.  In a note about the work, Kate of KMusings writes: She is a lyrical writer, perhaps because she is a musician, and her recounting is always special

What is cheating? A business school view of the ancient practice by Elise at Where is my Mind. It starts: Business school is warping my brain. It’s making me rethink all of my prior notions of what men are and do and think.

The SAT writing test has revealed a ugly truth: The vast majority of students today are incapable of writing, with pen on paper, in the beautiful, elegant curvise style that generations before attempted to learn.  From Life Outtacontext.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 16th, 2006 by dcblogs

Circle V wants to find out what makes a blog interesting by seeing what blogs her readers are interested in. Take her survey. Explain why you love or hate a certain blog and what questions you would ask a particular blogger. 

Where Is the Convention Center’s Retail? Three years after the Washington Convention Center’s official opening in March 2003, writes Rob at The Goodspeed Update, there is no pharmacy, bank, coffee shop or police substation  in the building. These were businesses and services that neighborhood residents wanted as part of this massive convention center. The retail plans followed criticism in the mid-1990s that the center’s design divorced it from the neighorbood. Rob contacted a center spokesperson to learn why most of its retail spaces remain unoccupied, and received explanations ranging from construction difficulties to management changes. Rob’s report is straight, but after reading it you have to wonder whether the center has its act together. This very informative post should be a wake up call for neighborhood groups to investigate and assess, if they aren’t already doing so, the center’s direction.

Ten Things I Learned From … My Wedding to J … This is a very good, entertaining post by the DC Food Blog with some excellent tips for anyone thinking of marriage. Here’s one piece of advice: Find a safe person to toss your bouquet (and garter). … A man WHO SHE IS NOT ENGAGED TO catches the garter. He puts his hand dangerously close to her vajayjay putting the garter back on. Collective EEEEEEEWWWWW goes through the crowd.

DC Mr. Anthrope comes across a biker “intertwined with his mangled bike and a cab driver pacing back and forth cursing.” He takes picture and shares some thoughts.

Among those waiting at the door is a Walking Stick Insect. Photos. From Dumb Things I Have Done Lately

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Tower Records is closing, bankruptcy. Its 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. store will close two weeks before Christmas, according to a sales clerk. The store is marking down items 10%-15% and won’t be restocking, so its new DVD and CD collections will take on a time machine quality in a few weeks. I spent many nights there until its midnight closing, a personal refuge of sorts, browsing music, movies and magazines and eclectic collection of books.  There was live music during the lunch hour from time to time. It was one of the best things about living in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood and I will miss this store. The 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. building that’s been home to Tower for many years is a mini-mall. A Gap closed earlier this year and a Johnny Rockets will occupy that space, according to my local bartender.  — kob. Among those who will miss Tower is Diner Girl, who writes: I am so bummed that Tower Records is going out of business. Granted, I haven’t been to Tower lately, but I have soooo many fond memories of the Tower at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. It was on my college campus and it was the place where I spent most of my hard-earned money from all my part-time jobs. …..

Stripy knee socks and stripy cat tail, photo, at Life off Balance.

An intern at the United States Attorneys Office writes about his day in court. He learns two unrelated things. Don’t upset a judge, and don’t get stuck in the Metro doors.  From ic to dc.

Stoney’s is back, halfway between 14th and 15th on P Street NW, reports The Dumping Ground.

Confessions of a Short Girl from the blog Below the Knee. ShoeGirl writes: I admit it, I am terribly, ugly, green with envy of those girls whose pants fall at exactly the right length with all of their shoes! How do they do it? Are all these girls the same height? You know how when you go to the shoe store and most of the display shoes are a 6 or 7? Are all pant lengths based upon a certain height of girl? If so, how tall is that girl?

Blog Happy Hour tonight, Big Hunt

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Namaste is in Jerusalem where life is on edge and young people drink more.  “In full ‘suvival’ mode,” she also begins living from one moment to the next against the ominpresent threats of that city and its “unlucky lottery.” That moment, for her, arrives when a cab picks her up. What should have been a five minute ride becomes a much longer one. This is an exceptionally powerful and well-written story. (A nod to Phil of the Playaz, who in a note wrote: Namaste has posted some very interesting, sometimes harrowing tales of her recent trip to Israel.  From the beginning, the Playaz urged her to return safely, and fortunately she did.)

Right wing bumper stickers collection by Rude Cactus with appropriate commentary. A favorite: Neo Con Onboard.

On Happy National Coming Out Day, Dale at DC Gays of our Lives lists the 10 benefits, such as:  The ability to watch shows such as Golden Girls, Designing Women, and Roseanne with nary a bit of shame in the world.

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog  shares some photos you may have missed of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recent visit with Iceland’s Prime Minister Geir Haarde.

Cigar Box Love at Judith Heart Song.  


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 11th, 2006 by dcblogs

This is the 11th anniversary of the tragic loss of “one of the Great Loves of my life,” writes Aileen at Infinite Connections.  An excerpt: He arrived to pick me up for our first date, and I was immediately smitten. He had these amazing green eyes- he was definitely an “alpha male” type, but his eyes made him seem very vulnerable and child-like. (Nod to Reya)

Dear Madonna, an open letter seeking adoption, by the Church of the Big Sky. It starts: I know you’re busy these days, hanging on a cross and falling off horses and wrapping mystical red string around the world, but I wanted to bend your ear for a minute. I heard through the celebrity poop scoop grapevine that you’re currently scouring Malawi for an orphan to adopt … (Nod to Janet)

The Candy Economy, by Grateful Dating. The confessions and revelations of a former candy hoarder. (Nod to :)

It’s a great party with a crowd of intelligent people “graciously making small talk,” and Kate, the writer at Sunday Morning, is having a very good time until she accidently locks herself in the bathroom:   I  was hostage; hostage in the nicest bathroom I’ve ever been in, but hostage nonetheless.

Our favorite U.S. attorney runs into Richard Thomas in Whole Foods, and writes:  I told him I enjoyed his body of work – acting – and he said “thank youuuuu” in the most southern drawl any native New Yorker could ever muster – then hung a left towards cheese and disappeared from my life … From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald

Some good recommendations tonight — thanks everyone. — kob

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on October 10th, 2006 by dcblogs

The airline rules were evidently applied to the fleet footed in the Army 10-Miler, reports the writer at Life and Musings, who joined 24,000 others in Sunday’s race. She writes: I’m used to carrying a fuel pack with my Gatorade and gels. I’ve found that taking small sips of fluid throughout the run works best for me. I’ve also been taught to consume gels every half hour. This year, we weren’t allowed to carry fuel packs. The race organizers assured us that there were stations every two miles. This meant that I had to break my rhythm to chug water and Gatorade on the run and couldn’t effectively monitor my fluid intake.

It’s Socktoberfest, and along with some photos of elegant looking socks, Pink Monkey Knits tells of the time she traveled to India for two months to teach advanced knitting skills to young women at a local tailoring school. The post, My Sock History.

Photo of the out-the-door line for Amsterdam Falafel at Metroblogging, which asked: Anyone have a clue why it’s worthy of the wait? (Nod to Erika)

Dupont Circle House Tour on Sunday, reports Velvet in Dupont.

If you are at all curious about what happens in law school classes, see Law School Barbie at The Mark Pike.

Trial separation from TV, writes Ah Bugger. I think we’ll get back together, eventually. It’s not like we are divorcing. I would just like to see other people.

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On a nearly deserted street in New York, the writer at Tripping up the Escalator, breaks out laughing when a boombox-bearing homeless rapper singsongs an appreciation about a part of her looks. But it’s a different experience in DC. She writes: D.C.’s homeless are not masters of language. Their use of language is usually terrifying and invective, not delightful and humorous.

My Head Half Empty reviews Hank’s Oyster Bar. Excerpt: Prior to opening the menu our server places a small bowl of gold fish crackers on the table. The kind our mom’s would pack for us in our school lunch. It was a treat we all have had many times, yet it took only seconds for the bowl to go empty. It took this small gesture on behalf of the restaurant as a hint I might want to order fish.

Such delicious joy from sports writer, Dealing in Subterfuges: The Yankees, with their marquee line up and their bloated pockets and their thuggish, sheeplike hoardes of fans, have been eliminated. In the first round of postseason play. Again.

After dinner and while returning to a hotel, Doc on the Train, gets the sense that someone is following him. Excerpt: The thug dude stopped about 30 feet away and acted like he was checking out some stuff in a store. He kept following me when I started walking down the street again. That’s when I realized he was with a couple other guys I had noticed earlier. They were all spread out following me, stopping when I would stop, walking when I’d walk. I had heard Washington DC can be a rough town after dark … This is part of a longer and entertaining post that was published last month, but was only recently discovered by the dcblog’s crack team of blog researchers. A timeless read.

A long list of bullet point restaurant reviews, including Childe Harold, Luna, Zorba’s, Penang, Ozio, Lauriol Plaza, Teasim, Sette Osteria, Front Page, Daily Grill, and others. Excerpt from a take on Luigi’s: Menu: rustic pasta dishes. The Rigatoni Rustica was delicious but the Spaghetti alla Carbonara was nothing like in Italy (too much cream sauce and tasteless). However, portions are very satisfying. I suggest getting anything that has tomatoes in it, because the tomatoes are fresh. From Bon appétit!!

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It’s In My Blood. DC Cookie explains why she will always be a Canadian citizen.  For those who think of the US as the land of opportunity and possibly the best country in which to live, I’m inclined to agree, she writes. But American citizenship is not my destiny, because the words “Welcome to Virginia” do not elicit a fraction of the same response from my heart strings.

Celebrating her fourth anniversary as a DC resident, Just a Taste of Red, is still thrilled to be living here, and writes: Have you ever stopped to think about how insanely lucky we all are to live here, right here in DC?

The writer of a new blog, the Criminalization of Black Males, argues that he has less freedom today than he had 35 years ago. A case in point is made during a shopping experience. 

What the Foley scandal reveals about the Republican attitude toward sex.  In a well argued and thoughtful piece, Dennis at More Than My Luggage writes:  Events like this have convinced me that, at base, the Republican Party is really consumed with sex. It’s apparently the only thing that really sends their blood pumping. It was sex that sent Republicans into a rabid frenzy over President Clinton. Gay marriage reliably gets Republican votes (even if some of those votes cast on the floor of Congress are cast by (shhh!) closeted gay people).

What looks like your average vintage copy of The Cat in the Hat is actually her new handbag. An Eastern Market purchase by Blah Blah Blog.

Dunkin Donuts is coming this way, writes Harmany Music. Sign seen at 17th and P.  

There was a time when most kids walked to school. Now walking is a special day, as it was this week in Alexandria, as Cold Kiwi, parental walker, reports.

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Sweet, the DC commuter that she is, sometimes composes her blog post while driving.  But now, she’s blogging on video, while driving.  You not only get her well composed thoughts, whoooooooohooooooooo, but action-adventure, pluse-pounding moments when the camera falls and she gets it without hitting another vehicle. Very entertaining, original and clever work at Sour N Sweet.  (Nod to Ar-Jew-Tino. Also on The Express.)

The first words spoken to me today by a living, breathing person were ….  writes DC Katastrophe. Her well written tale has a very effective beginning.

What’s with the lawnmower pushers? The 10th annual Brookland Day Festival on Saturday. From Stop Blog and Roll

Chop’t Creative Salad Company is planning two 2,000-square-foot stores for DC, perhaps Dupont Circle and Penn Quarter, reports Gallery Place Living.

Notes From The Studio, A Painting A Day! The work of Ruth Robertson. The title says it.

Detailed and illustrated look at some of the artists at the Crafty Bastards fair by Halo in Reverse.

Overhead on Connecticut and 17th: We’re going to lose the House over this.  Reports Emma, at her blog, Audiogram:  Song of the Day.  Music videos, too.

New arrival: Oh, Snap, a photographers blog about everything.

A Note: We recently cleaned up some old links on the roll, and the person who completed the work is Dennis, at More Than My Luggage. A special thanks to him.

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Did the burglars return her Netflix DVDs?  The TandA Lady’s home is burglarized but that’s just the start of this mystery.  The burglars take her Gilmore Girls DVDs, which are mailed to Netflix. But then the story gets really weird. Netflix mails to the TandA Lady a personal DVD — it evidently assumes was sent in mistake — of hilariously freaky wedding pictures of two people we know only as “Mr. and Mrs. Debbie.” She writes: Did Debbie and Mr. Debbie also get burgled, or (as I prefer to think) are Debbie and Mr. Debbie the burglars?

A Capitol Life writes:  A good friend was shot on Saturday morning around 5:30 am after leaving his shift at the Argonaut. To this point the only person/media outlet to cover this has been Frozen Tropics.  (Read the comments Frozen Tropics for some details).

Am I just naive, ask the writer, Dr. Strangelove, at Playing With Matches, about guys who just want “casual dating.” Excerpt:  To me this is further evidence why we women need to maintain our (hopefully high but reasonable) standards at all costs.

New blog about life in a neighborhood, A Shaw Thing. Whose author, in the about section, writes:  I plan on exploring methods and charting experiences, as a 20-something Australian of relatively privileged background, in my effort to develop a “pro-poor gentrification” working model, whilst living in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC His most recent post: I had my keys stolen tonight.

Slouching toward November.  A take on the upcoming election by Cuff at Countersignature. Excerpt: So I don’t look to the Dems as the saviors of the nation. However, while the Dems are directionless, the Republicans are pure evil, and at the very least a Democratic resurgence in the House and/or the Senate will stem the tide of idiocy emanating from a Party that has had no check on its power since 2000.