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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 30th, 2006 by dcblogs

How does Metro deal with an overcrowded train?  It takes it out of service and forces everyone off the train, writes Lizzie at an OC girl living in an extraordinary world, whose frustration with Metro is growing daily. It starts:

I am now starting to dread taking the Orange Line during the morning rush hour. It’s gotten to the point that I never know what to expect when I get to Ballston. A metro station lacking power? A delay due to a train malfunction? A super-packed train so I’m not even able to get on even if I tried? Ugh.

Rude and thoughtless gym behavior is reported by two writers. Kathryn recounts the attitude of someone who has lost her cell phone, as well as a woman who is using a treadmill as a platform for “texting her heart out.” Meanwhile, s in the city deals with an impatient person with a sense of entitlement.

An Open Letter to Men Who Internet-Date by Hey Pretty. A thoughtful, entertaining post. An excerpt:

For starters, remember that old tired cliché, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? (I think it was in fact, a Head and Shoulders tagline for a while). Well as dumb as it sounds, it’s true. And even truer when e-dating.

A car explodes in Silver Springs. It was big enough to shake the neighborhood, reports Silver Spring, Singular.  

Here are some things that were said to me today, writes Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash. Very funny.  

Secrets for improving blog traffic revealed at Alternative Hippopotamus

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 29th, 2006 by dcblogs

New era for bike riders in DC?  A very interesting announcement posted at Life in Mount Vernon Square: You are invited to attend a public meeting on the design of the Union Station Bicycle Transit Center (aka the Bike Station) on Tuesday, December 12. The Bicycle Transit Center will provide bicycle parking, rentals, repairs and accessories in a new state-of-the-art building at the west end of Union Station. 

An overdose of turkey sleep chemicals doesn’t keep Sarcastic and Cynical from recommending an indispensible holiday gift you’ll need when you try to remove your new iPod from its packaging.

SWAT van remains parked at murder scene probably to deter retaliatory violence, writes DC Housing Bubble Blues:  Won’t those with “retaliatory violence” plans just wait until the van stops parking there?

A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm writes with outrage over the deteriorating conditions in Africa, the indifference here and frustrations that come with action. An excerpt:

How can we help, if we aren’t willing to help at home?  How many people go off to the Peace Corps to help people in foreign lands but do not even recognize the poverty, illiteracy and true, desperate, gaping need all around us? How can we help, if wherever we send our troops as a country we are received with a mix of hatred and disgust– but if we refrain from sending them in we are hailed as cowards of inaction?

Working as a medical resident means foregoing some basic human needs, such as sleep. But its absence energizes the writing at Foggy Bottom Lantern. An excerpt: 

… 04:30 is an hour inhabited naturally only by insomniacs, whose charged, restless minds mercilessly repel the sleep that their bodies so need and crave, and by new lovers, whose irrepressible affection for each other transcends the need for sleep, allowing them time to blissfully and tenderly dissect each other’s bodies in consummation of their nascent love.

New restaurants in the works reports City Paper City Desk, including Mio next spring in Thomas Circle.

Blogger Happy Hour Thursday, sponsored by Rooshv and Circle V

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 28th, 2006 by dcblogs

Our first annual DCBlogs nasal roundup. Failed Southern Lady: The family tradition of declaring it Christmas as soon as coffee comes out of someone’s nose continues – and this year it’s earlier than ever! Life and Musings: I have a petite little nose…I don’t understand how it can hold so much snot. Lumpyhead: Baby’s First Booger.

A person who leads gay history tours in DC is also documenting the city’s gay history at Assembled Memories. A recent post looks at the history of gay bars and nightspots: Bars we have Loved

Flushing anxiety. I find myself sitting as still as a mouse for fear of triggering the electronic eye that initiates the flush, writes Looking to Live.

A new blogger, Tinker Bell in the City, writes of the life she left behind: the hick in me. 

Madam Mayo notes what appears to be an exceptional exhibit at the Corcoran about Joan of Arc. She writes: It’s a fascinating exhibit that features some truly extraordinary illustrations from the late 19th century. What arrested me, however, was the bronze statue after the marble by Princess Marie d’Orleans (1813-1839), an amateur sculptor who was the daughter of France’s King Louis-Philippe– and aunt of Carlota, Empress of Mexico. (Carlota’s mother was Princess Louise, daughter of King Louis-Philippe.)

Churreria Madrid in Adams Morgan gets a visit from the writer at Soy un Terrapin. An excerpt: It was a non-fancy small bar. Back in Spain I worked in a similar place, where half the clientele were old barflies. Encouraged by the Spanish ambient I asked for a hot chocolate with “churros”, and I prayed for getting the real thing and not an American hot cocoa instead. 

Karma will find you.  A follow-up to the workplace sandwich theft incident. Dumb Things I Have Done Lately

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 27th, 2006 by dcblogs

Busted at Work for Playing Minesweeper.  His training class distraction is put on display for all to see. Ar-Jew-Tino.

A loyal Ikea shopper lists:  The Top Five Reasons I Hate Ikea.  By Me, Myself and Eye.

Thanksgiving conflict averted:  Thankfully, most of the day was spent with short burst of uncomfortableness, writes Across the River, in a post titled: Pass the mashed potatoes and the moussaka.

A conversation with a sixty something man, gray beard, shaggy hair and full of denim, helps frame a history by Jason at Neighborhood, Metro, and Everything of the famous Unline Theater, known as the place where the Beatles played their first US concert.  An excerpt:

You know the cover of Dylan’s Greatest Hits Album? The one that’s all smokey blue? Taken at his show at the Uline. The place also held about 12,000 arrested war protestors during Vietnam, served as a hostile for soldiers passing through DC in WWII, a riot broke out here after a Temptations show. [Here’s link to a video that claims to be an excerpt from the Beatles 1964 DC concert.]

Tales of the lost.  Grad School Reject at The Friday Flare Up, writes about how she never looses things, just people. Meanwhile, Ah Bugger is losing things, specifically her keys, and her first thought is believing she is a crime victim.

My Father, The Redneck, is a portrait of a man who loves bass fishing and auto car racing by Barzelay.

Black Friday and Red Friday stories. Arrives at Best Buy at 4:30 a.m. on Black Friday in search of a digital camcorder. Keep up with Me. Red Friday or Buy Nothing Day at Minerva and the Muses.

Gallery Place Living takes note of an increasing number of blogs that write about the Shaw neighborhood. Among them: remaking le slum historique and Off Seventh – My Chronicles of Shaw.

Why is it that the only place the Catch Up Lady’s sees people drinking tomato juice is on an airplane? 

Lesson for the Day: A vegan who goes dumpster diving to get free food is a Freegan, writes Ecocabs.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 22nd, 2006 by dcblogs


DC is in a transitional swirl, awash in resumes and apartment vacancies.  It’s a town of people seeking advantage or escape, all of it in the murky subterranean depths rather than out in the open, writes Reya of Grace’s Poppies, who is one of DC’s most astute observers.  An excerpt:

Part of the problem has to do with the landscape, at least that’s my theory. When everything is up for grabs, the first thing people want to do is get themselves steady and grounded, which is hard to do in a swamp. The foundational landscape of DC is goo.

The writer at I Am My Own Movie Star feels someone bump her and then hears a woman yelling “I can see you! Put that back!” A pickpocket is caught in the act and escapes with nothing, but this writer has turned out an emotionally charged and outstanding report about her experience.  An excerpt:

My hands start to shake as I begin to realize what just happened. My soda spills over onto my hands, I haven’t put a lid on it yet. Everyone is still standing and looking at me as I turn to grab a lid. The lid doesn’t fit my cup. This doesn’t make sense. I try another one. It still doesn’t fit. “Are you okay?” My favorite sandwich guy, John, has come over to me.

Childhood photos, with amusing photo captions, and the Thanksgiving menu at Quiet in the Stacks.

The cold sets off a car horn in the middle of the night. The police are called and its owner rousted out of bed. The owner of the offending vehicle offers A Mortified Apology to 12th & Clifton Residents. The Luck of 13th St.

A Bush 2008 bumpersticker at Minvan Confessions, Finding Blanche.

Construction company double entendre slogan of the week at I Am A Lefty.  Good catch.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the holiday. We’ll be back after…

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 21st, 2006 by dcblogs

Circle V is attacked and robbed in Las Vegas and is left with two black eyes and a swollen jaw.  She writes about the experience: I’m not sure how long it will take for the emotions to fade, but what happened in Vegas certainly did not stay in Vegas.

An almost perfect encounter with the cute neighborhood boy with dog. I’m not a girl, not yet a wino.

Single bloggers are better bloggers, writes Good at Drinking, Bad at Life, who knows from experience, and writes: a woman ruined my blog.

Who makes the better pecan bars crust? DC Food Blog compares recipes from the Gourmet Cookbook and Barefoot Contessa.

City Desk notes that Zippy the Pinhead recently featured Ben’s Chili Bowl.

For those driving on I-95 North: Delaware is acting like the bratty child we always knew it was. Two northbound lanes are closed for construction. From Time I’ll Never Get Back

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 Photo: Apples at Eastern Market

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 20th, 2006 by dcblogs

There will be a crucial vote on the fate of the downtown Martin Luther King library this week. At stake is whether to keep the library in its present building, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, or build a new facility at the site of the former convention center. Something needs to be done with this building. The interior is hostile, cold and disorganized. The stairwells — which must be used more often than not because the elevators are broken or incredibly slow — are a rat maze. The interior design was an afterthought. If preserving this building means keeping it as is, then the city will do better starting from scratch. As The Goodspeed Update points out, the future of the library is a complex tangle of disparate issues. His informative post is a guide to some of them.

In the Gutter compares her marriage with the TomKat marriage and finds many similarities.

Post Secret, the incredible work of DC area resident Frank Warren, needs help. Church of the Big Sky urges readers to support the site as well and writes: Frank Warren of PostSecret is calling on folks for support – buy one of his PostSecret books to keep the website free of advertising.

DC Girl at The Movies reviews the latest James Bond flick. It starts: He still looks like Steve McQueen’s ugly cousin, but I gotta say the man is a great Bond. Daniel Craig killed it…I mean that in the positive slangified way.

The gratuitous hair post by a new DC blogger, A g-woman’s musings.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 17th, 2006 by dcblogs

Lonnie Bruner writes about his close encounter with a turkey, not the gobble-gobble kind, but one with a “death chirp” that came very close to taking a piece of his hide. Literally. Photos and very short video of this fearless turkey giving chase while the blogger drives to safety. 

A long time blogger, Nicolasix, decides to let his mother read his blog. This act results in a post that offers as good of an argument for blogging as you are likely to read.   (Thanks to Sweet of Sour ‘n Sweet for this recommendation) An excerpt:

But the more I’ve done this – shared things with the Internets – the more comfortable it has become – the more natural the voice sounds to me. And so, by extension, the easier it has become to include various members of my family in the content.

DC’s Legal Beagle has been blogging since June 2004 and doesn’t post all that often, but when she does, they’re often well worth the read. Here are two recent gems:  My Creamed Spinach Is Better Than The Palm’s, but especially read the very amusing, You Know You’ve Lived In DC Too Long When…

Speed dating in name only. After 2.5 hours, Carrie calls its quits. The full report at A Total Waste of Makeup.

Fox News is recovering from the sorry fate of its patron party, the GOP, by returning to a happier chapter in its life, the O.J. Simpson case.  Rants and Ramblings has some quick points and links.

Getting over a love can be difficult because more than two people are involved, writes Aileen at Infinite Connections.  Excerpt: When I’m in love with a man (which has happened three times in my life), my longing for a baby becomes very strong. I can’t help but think about what our child would look like, sound like, act like. I can even see a vision of father/baby together.

Confessions of a Cartographer is moving to Savannah, but will miss a number of restaurants in the DC area. Good recommendations for those in search of weekend ideas.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 16th, 2006 by dcblogs

Television in a hospital room can comfort a patient and family but distract a medical team, writes Wyatt, a medical resident, who chronicles his professional and personal challenges at Foggy Bottom Lantern.   Those challenges can include ignoring a TV. An excerpt: 

Where the television can really become a problem, though, is when there is an item of intense interest to the medical team on the T.V. Instead of paying attention to the patient, team members will steal glances up at the screen, straining their peripheral vision in an effort to discreetly absorb as much information as possible …

The writer at Misadventures in DC says he has always been ambivalent about this city. But after a visit to London, his perspective about DC changes.

The waiter delivered more than change. Radical Flower.

After a car demolishes the front of a DC row house, The Home Improvement Ninja realizes that he may have to boost his fortifications to protect himself from SUV driving yuppies.

Urban Trekker has been running an informative series on lower cost housing options, below $400,000.  Her latest installment covers DC and Fairfax County.

DC Cookie trading card. Clever.

New look, new name: Confessions of a Cube Dancer.  Very attractive.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 15th, 2006 by dcblogs

Brunch Bird is saved twice yesterday, once by a stranger and the second time by her significant other. An outstanding post. (Nod to Scott for the recommendation)

What Metro doesn’t want you to know. If you don’t have SmartTrip and are parked at a Metro station afterhours, you will need a way out. Here’s the way. Blonde Pony Tail.

Random patient encounters at The Cords of Billroth.  Excerpt:  … Proceeds to tell me that she likes to “smoke cigarettes and drink coffee all day long.” “In fact,” she tells me, “I told my pastor the other day that I’d rather smoke cigarettes and drink coffee than have sex. When I stop smoking and drinking coffee, you’ll know I’m having sex again.

Bond is a Double 00 alright.  A pre-review of the new Bond movie by Washington Cube.

Office rant about his giggling, infectious, drunk dialing office pals. Temple of the Code Monkey.

Regarding the recent shooting and wounding of four people at 19th and M Streets NE, reports at Frozen Tropics and Stop, Blog and Roll.