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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 14th, 2006 by dcblogs

Most DC bloggers aren’t making use of video, but videos tagged DC are increasing in number. Here’s a sampling of some interesting finds, from the goofy to the serious, found on YouTube and all posted in the last few days.

        Sliding floor performance at the National Gallery of Art.

From the description: A twentysomething-year-old DC area woman decides to video blog her romantic life online.

Dupont Circle Starbucks Madness

Terry Turner has put together this wonderful video about Great Falls that will give you a real feel for the park.

A conversation with someone who recalls a cruel part of DC history. Washington Diaries.

The defunct Visions Theater, a former apartment, the rain, all bring back memories that arrive for an unexplained reason. From Confessions of a relatively harmless mind: big changes are afoot in my world, which is why i guess it’s natural to take a look back over the shoulder. and cool, rainy days are custom-made for reflection.

So what if “cycling is the new golf?” writes Go Clipless, who argues for tolerance, if not embracing, the ultra-rich biking newbies.

A blog that reviews used book stores includes a review of Second Story Books in DC. (Scroll down) Dusty Spines.

The Lambda Rising Bookstores’ Blog.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 13th, 2006 by dcblogs

It’s not easy being a woman sometimes, writes Capitol Hill Barbie, a snappy writer who keeps her eye on beauty, fashion and life in DC.  An excerpt:

Men can roll out of bed, put on a blue button down and a pair of khakis and people think they are the second coming of John Kennedy. But for women, there is a thin line between wanting to look good and wanting to be taken seriously

This intriguing post by City Sparkle raises an issue that may be true for many others as well. It starts:

I’ve come to realize I have an unfortunate addiction. No, it’s not an item, food, or even men or sex. It’s worse. I’m addicted to advice.

Dreams return things to us unasked, writes Cuff at Countersignature, about haunting memories. Reya recommended this exceptional post.

Matt is driving across the U.S. and recording his observations. He discovers that in North Carolina people still dress preppy. Really preppy. Polo pink and green 1980’s Reagan era preppy. His encounters included being propositioned at a rest stop. Media Concepts.

The art and possibility of cussing, at And I Am Not Lying, for Real. Excerpt:

Cussing in general, I support wholeheartedly. I was always told as a kid that articulate people don’t use profanity to express themselves because they can think of other, better ways. As a grown professional writer, I can tell you that’s bullshit.

Photos of the beautiful trees in DupontJanet’s lj presence

In her Netflix queue. Angry Pregnant Lawyer’s recommendations. 

Calling all photographers: The banner art on DCBlogs is open to any photographer who would like to contribute a pix. We would love to display your work. If you’re interested, please contact Meghan.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 10th, 2006 by dcblogs


A car and a woman curled up is the title of a post about an accident on U Street involving a vehicle and pedestrian. An excerpt from the post by 007 in Africa:

I am close enough to see the shock on her face as she realizes she’s going to be hit by our slow but sharply swinging vehicle. I extend a hand in her direction, as if pushing her back from harm, and yell “careful!” to my driver. Her body curls against the front of the bumper and she falls to the ground.

Lost lunch.  Joe, at Dumb Things I Have Done Lately, didn’t take the sandwich out of the workplace fridge, but he did snap a picture of the angry sign left by the lunchless victim.

An exhaustively detailed list about what DCVita is looking for in a man. There’s also advice on how to keep her. At Good Grief: Single in DCity.

For more general information on dating, KAC will be hosting a chat “Dating in DC” at WaPo.

Wine recommendation when helping a friend who has been laid off. Cellarblog.

Thanks to the election, City Mouse can now roar like a lion.

Smash is a law school smash. Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash writes about My First Law School Answer.

Kay Bailey will exhibit some of her work Nov. 12 the Fiberworks gallery at the Torpedo Factory.  She blogs about her show schedule and work at Fiber of Her Being Schedule & Events.

Site note: It’s been about three weeks since our last live feed update and we’re due. We have a few domain changes to make as well. I’ve been trying to write back to everyone, but just wanted to make sure that you know that we’re working on it. 

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 9th, 2006 by dcblogs

The tension in a relationship doesn’t come from words exchanged but from things unsaid. And this writer, Grace, has composed a beautifully written, powerful, New Yorker-quality piece on her own struggles. It’s tagged, frustratingly complicated, life in DC, and here is an excerpt: 

I left his apartment wondering why I hadn’t said what I wanted to say, to ask what he wanted from me, why he kept me around. At the same time, I was grateful that I had kept my mouth shut, in fact, had said very little—grateful that I could continue living through the space, constructing melted-yellow lamp post light into warmth between strangers. 

Local bloggers win races — hint for the rest? Stuart Davenport of the Big Bear Cafe blog wins his ANC race, as does Kris Hammond.

The Democratic victory means that Lumpyhead’s Hill staffing job changes significantly.  And that’s not the only significant change on its way: Oh, and I should remind you that in the middle of the transition and turf claiming and first-time stumbling, I’ll be having a baby.

Conservatives bloggers lost more than the election. Circle V points to a poker buddy at Red State who was interviewed by CNN’s lovely Abbi Tatton.  Did he ever miss his chance, writes V: … he  started going on about various republican topics, you know, loser talk. Worse than that is the fact that Abbi works at CNN … the Clinton News Network.

In case you didn’t notice, the Statehood Green Party almost did as well as the Republican Party in DC, writes Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis: I mean, they nearly matched the Republican vote in the District and that’s an impressive result.

What You Can Get for Under $400,000? Urban Treker list properties in Arlington and Alexandria.

Photo: Current location LA.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 8th, 2006 by dcblogs

Wonkette said it best about CNN’s election blogging forum at Tryst in this headline: Exclusive Blog Slumber Party Pictures: White Dudes With Laptops. Also weighing in is former DC resident now at Reno and its Discontents who recalls this about Tryst: Back then it was a pretentious shabby-chic kind of joint–you know the type, old smelly couches, beat up tables and neglectful servers.

For the latest in what local bloggers think about yesterday’s election, check out DCBlogs live feed.

A celeb divorce as an election omen? Quippy observations. T and A writes: As Britney does, so does the nation? Women having it all: When I heard today that Britney Spears was divorcing Kevin Federline, it seemed somehow emblematic of the mid-term elections.

Borat has nerves “made out of diamond strands,” writes Magic Smoke, who loved the film. But also says the movie’s antics may bring a legal backlash. 

A date with a stab wound. This cab driver, Pastor Joe, was looking forward to his date until he was stabbed. He writes: Cab drivers get stabbed and beaten by their passengers more than what you think, it just doesn’t make the news desk unless the driver is dead and they have something dramatic to talk about on the 10 O’clock nightly news. (This post has strong language.) Diary of Mad DC Cabbies.

The view from the Church of the Pilgrims bell tower as experienced by An Innocent Okie Lost in D.C. He writes: The stairs were so narrow, I had to climb up sideways, and it seemed like a joint project for both feet and hands. Photos.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 7th, 2006 by dcblogs

The good, the bad, the uglySarah and the Good Squad hears a noise and discovers her neighbor raking her yard. She writes: Should I be grateful? offended? scared? Do I tip her?  [There are some 30 comments on this post:  One word: Landmines. Another writes: I mean…how bad is your yard?] The bad: A bathroom scoundrel tries to start a flood, writes the Upstate LifeMore bad: After a stabbing, a short report by someone trying to get home. Today all traffic and pedestrians are being diverted from 14th Street between Clifton and Florida Ave and plainclothes detectives are crawling everywhere. The Luck of 13th St. And the ugly. When really big hypocrites fall… Church of the Big Sky on Ted Haggard.

Mattel Barbie Hot Tub Party Bus RV! Photos, too. The Average Blogger  writes: Barbie gets a hot tub? Plus a “couch that opens into a bed. There’s also a pull-down second bed and more!” How many beds does Barbie need? 

Only her opinion matters.  Madam Mayo is asked by BBC TV about the most important issue in today’s election. She gives her answer, and writes: I then proceeded to walk on into Gerogetown and as I did, I realized two things. 1: my vote in DC has nothing to do with the war because, duh, as a DC resident, I don’t have a voting represenative in Congress and no Senator …

When I am Queen. The blogger at In the Gutter, writes about the changes she would make if she was in charge: When I am Queen, men who yell at women passing by on the street or make that dog-calling sound to get their attention will be publicly flogged. Seriously, in the history of mankind, has a women ever responded positively to this? No, I think not. Yelling “I want some o’ DAT” when I walk by is not the way to my heart, construction worker.

A DC resident now living in Alaska tells her story at City Girl in Alaska. During a recent visit to DC she wrote about some of things she missed about living here: guest lists, Georgetown architecture, Georgtown blowhards.

The View from Down South – A Liberal in DC. From the profile: … here I am, a Canadian political refugee in DC. All ready to exchange my Hill Times for The Hill and my Liberal red for Democrat blue.

Ben J. Wattenberg, moderator of the weekly PBS television program Think Tank and a DC resident, also has a blog, Wattenblog.  And he’s thinking about publishing a book based on his blogging. He writes: I don’t believe a successful BlogBook has yet been published. But it is a new form, which I find very well-suited to my writing style and thinking style, I want to give it a shot.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 6th, 2006 by dcblogs

El Guapo’s DC home is broken into and everything from electronics to shirts are stolen.  In “an open letter to the thieves who broke into my house,” El Guapo lists his losses, which do not include his dry wit.

The 80s Have Returned for Our Souls, writes Nutgraf, about the return of leg warmers. 

After living in DC for two decades, Matt at Media Concepts is leaving and makes a list of the things he will miss about DC. Among them: People wearing ID badges and talking policy in the bars.

People watching in DC is fantastically gratifying, according to the blogger at In Search of Dudie Too …, an international traveler who recently returned to DC. She writes:

In a ten minute time period I watched a man in a bike helmet decked out from head to toe in silver spandex have a loud argument with himself, two well dressed women walking their well dressed poodle who was decked out in a purple sweater and doggie hat, two women about my age chasing each other through the coffee shop with plastic duck beaks – quacking like ducks (I am not kidding!), two happy gay couples strolling along hand in hand, and the nuclear family complete with the dog and the 2.5 kids …

The frustration of shopping at Ikea at On Rush Hour in DC.

After seeing a Lionel Richie concert, Laurie resolves: I will not date or God forbid commit to any man who cannot sing “Just to Be Close to You” to me and at least pretend to enjoy it. Laurie Writes.

A photo of Milk Dud Cereal. A tasty looking combination of candy and frosty mini-wheats for those who like to overdose on sugar in the morning.  Pygmalion In A Blanket.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 3rd, 2006 by dcblogs

The first snow arrived in Scandinavia yesterday, writes DC, Baby, who is here from Scandinavia to study. But in DC, at least until last night, it’s been warm.

Ok, My point is this: Kind of missing Scandinavia. The weather difference was so stark yesterday it made me miss Scandinavia. Snow rocks.

DC is wearing me out, writes Golden Silence, who sums up the toll extracted by this city.  It’s unlike Santa Fe she writes: The whole week I was there, not one person called me “Hey, shorty” or “Hey, sexy”… but I did have encounters with stupid men. But these were laughable moments.

Found in storage: Jungle boots still with mud from you-know-where caked on the soles, writes DC Soothsayer.

Regarding CNN’s election night blogathon at Tryst. Boztopia at Total Information Awareness suggest that DC bloggers crash it. Like the spirit of that suggestion. But if CNN ever holds a dating blogathon well, then, DC bloggers will fill Tryst with people who can write far more interesting things. 

A piece written from the perspective of his 4-year-old son on the changes in the house following his dad’s unemployment. At the group blog,

When Gangbangers Get Old. Men behaving badly with canes at The Luck of 13th Street.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on November 2nd, 2006 by dcblogs

Is Internet dating insane? Big Sky Girl, formerly Beauty and the Beltway, makes that case in the post: Why I Don’t Do Internet Dating.

DK, a retired Army officer who blogs at A Silent Cacophony, comments on the GOP’s outrage over Sen. John Kerry’s recent remarks. Kerry said students who don’t study may end up in Iraq. He writes: But of course, this issue isn’t really about insulting the troops anyway; it’s about changing the subject. The fact that the President entered into the fray in such an unabashedly political and partisan way is what is really insulting.

Bob Barker’s retirement is sadly noted by internets far and wide, but only the Playaz Ball was thoughtful enough to present him with a special gift.

DC Gays of Our Lives, a witty and often very funny blog about “the misadventures and random thoughts of two gay, young professionals in DC,” is calling it quits.  Writes Dale: I would like to bid adieu to those of you that were at least mildly entertained by my antics. However before I put down my martini and have the butler bring my car around I’d like to leave you with a few little tidbits …. One commenter, Kathryn, summed up the feeling exactly: You shall be missed desperately. Dale is intereviewed at Big Head Rob.

Cafe Saint-Ex is reviewed at DC Foodies. Excerpt: You can get an extremely good meal there for a very reasonable price.

Blogger Happy Hour or Blogsgiving, Friday Nov. 10, sponsored by DC Pussycat Doll and I-66.

Don’t forget to check out the live feed

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The blogger at My Life as an Alien in modern-day USA was in DC from Australia to complete her studies. And over the last year, E warmed the hearts of many with her stories of life here. She also embraced DC’s little blogging world, attending happy hours, making many friends attracted to her charm, wit, intelligence and zest for adventure. E plans to continue blogging and will remain a big part of this blogging community. In her last post before boarding the plane for the long, long flight home, she included a video with a message to her readers. Best to her. 

When rottweilers attack pitbulls. This particular post is pulse-pounding report of what happens when her “silly little monkey of a dog,” who is also a pitbull, is attacked by rottweiler whose owner had her off the leash.

Ah, very strong reaction to people dressed up as Chipotle burritos at Two-Timing the Cosmos. Excerpt: Have we really come to this? Did the terrorists win and I just haven’t heard about it yet?

Being “Asian” in Seattle and Metro-DC, a link to a Seattle Times op-ed that’s worth the read.  At DPRK Studies.

Silver Spring, Singular has photo of a condo pumpkin, but also check out the link to the Silver Bee real estate blog about haunted houses.  The Silver Bee appears to be a new blog.