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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 28th, 2006 by dcblogs

In a visit to a dog park, Molly, a newly adopted dog, is hesitant about leaving the side of her dog parents.  Molly’s wary look is captured in a photo. Crazy Girl City.

Jimbo has had it with trash dumping in his neighborhood.

Caught up in Sam’s tornado of cheaptitude is La Bella Noire’s Ramblings. And writes: My intended purpose for going in there was to buy the industrial sized package of paper towels and napkins and leave. That was not my final purpose though. I left the store with a new 42″ TV, DVD Player, two bottles of Pinot Noir, and HUGE package of paper towels and napkins that I think is taller than me.
The Upstate Life picks his 10 albums of 2006.

Question from Baby Bananas for readers… : Do you think that if I ate a 2lb. box of chocolates by myself I would only gain two pounds?

DCSportsChick’s new blog look.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 26th, 2006 by dcblogs

After moving from Columbia Heights to Northeast, njc writes that it has been harder to feel so at home here. It feels more foreign, more cold. But then she witnesses something that changes her mind. A beautifully written post by The Cords of Billroth.

A night out becomes a weird adventure for I-66 at Yeah, So I’m. It includes a hunt for a stinkbomb.

Pop Pop Bang sees a “large hooded man” arguing with a young woman holding a baby. The argument turns violent and this blogger calls the police.  This is at 15th and Harvard. The post: Domestic Violence Morning.

Were you stuck in traffic on 14th Street just before the holiday? The blogger at Working Title can explain.  … I’m totally sorry.  Trust me I know that holding up a commute home before a holiday weekend makes me a really bad person …

Hospital admissions decline over the holiday as people do their best to ignore symptoms, writes Wyatt at Foggy Bottom Lantern, who also tells what it’s like to work on Christmas.

DC is deserted over the holiday and Reya at Grace’s Poppies relishes the silence. 

It’s so quiet, I can hear things ordinarily masked by the cacophony of traffic, sirens, honking, people chatting on cel phones, and so on. This morning, out with the dog, I could hear small, contrite birdcalls, the sound of sneakers on the street, Jake’s gently clicking toenails on the brick sidewalks, someone sneezing a block away. I could hear myself breathe.

Among the things Alan Kimber, the  commissioner for ANC 6c05, promises to do this year is seek District council action to stop the ongoing amplified speech problem on 8th and H Streets. He writes in his blog:

One of the most under-used powers of the ANCs is to directly propose legislation to the Council–meaning we can work to address local issues like this without waiting for the Council. They still have to pass the legislation, but at least it forces them to get it into Committee and then hopefully to the full Council. (Kimber’s blog via Frozen Tropics. Kimber, by the way, is one of the few elected officials in this city to blog.)

More on the megaphone using street preachers: David Klavitter who runs a blog documenting this issue, Quest for Quiet, is reporting that Mayor-elect Adrian Fenty intends sign a bill to fix the loophole in the city’s noise statute, which allows unlimited levels of amplified speech in city residential areas. And, he emphasized, “not only would I sign it, but I would ensure the law was enforced.”

James Brown notes: Joe Logon recalls seeing James Brown at the 9:30 Club. The Underachiever’s Progress has created a pop quiz to test your knowledge of James Brown.

Transitions: Kathryn On and Circle V are both great bloggers because they’re authentic voices, as well as sharp and engaging writers never afraid take a strong position or reveal something of the heart. And that’s only a few of the reasons why their blogs will be missed.  These two longtime bloggers said last week that they were ending their blogs.  While we’re reeling over these decisions by two anchors of the DC blogosphere …. all we can say is many, many thanks. The betting, of course, has begun about how long they will truly stay away …  


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 21st, 2006 by dcblogs

‘Tis the season to help and the best way to help is by giving.  See Life of Red to learn how you can help some children.

For $12.50 you can take a seminar on how to ask a woman out. Sugar N  Spice rounds up the cost and sharpens the point: You mean to tell me these idiots need to spend $13 bucks to figure out how to say, “Hi, how are you? My name is [fill in the blank].” Is this the reason why so many women are spending the holidays alone … [For related reading, please see: Big Stupid Guy: Let’s Talk About Sex … Again  ]

Prince of Petworth’s traffic accident gets a citywide police response. He writes:

As for the cops, God bless them. They were out in full force. I’m telling you. There were no less than 4 cars, 1 horse – I’m not kidding here, a horse, a real horse – I guess in case a riot broke out when the folks realized that the Prince of Petworth was involved in a stupid car accident, 1 fire truck and 1 ambulance for essentially a fender bender …

The curse of 6th and F Streets NW and other issues near the Verizon Center and downtown.  Layering, location and business failure as an indicator. This post by Richard Layman at Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space has a number of interesting observations about the state of business development.

Postscript: Back in January, El Guapo wrote a great post about how CVS was locking up condoms. MetroWeekly has a recent story about a CVS decision to modify that policy. This is via HIV in DC blog.

Mark you calendar. DC Blogger Meetup Jan. 17. Until this fall, Rob Goodspeed, and his loyal assistant, kob, had been holding these on a regular basis. But then fate, mostly really bad life/work/school schedules, made the last few months very difficult.  But we’re back — and will resume next month. Everybody is invited. 

Dear Readers: The photo, which I took a few years ago, shows fire hydrants on the side of a building at I and 20th NW, or thereabouts.  Best holiday to all including the DC bloggers in all the far flung places from the playazlands of Georgia to the land Down Under. – kob. 

Return after Christmas. Please see the live feed for the latest.  

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 20th, 2006 by dcblogs

A medical student and blogger, Veritography, ponders the excesses of some of his sheltered classmates. This powerful critique has jaw dropping examples of outrageous behavior, such as: 

I think of those times whenever I see my classmates doing keg-stands and leaning on each other’s shoulders to walk down the street because they are too drunk to walk by themselves. Many of these people will be doing mammograms on patients terrified of breast cancer, but when the patient isn’t around, they still giggle at the word “nipples” like they were 12 years old. A classmate of mine once tried to sneak his girlfriend into the cadaver lab so they could have sex among the mutilated dead bodies.

Circumlocutor should get a Pulitzer. Take a pick at the category: delicious writing, biting humor, gut infused snark. His writing about the City Paper is now the subject of an unholy investigation by the weekly and the Columbia Journalism Review Daily to determine his real identity. To the reporters at CP and CRJ, we offer the annual Subpoena the Press Award. Supporting documentation at Wonkette and The DCeiver and Read Express.  Writes Circumlocutor:

I suppose I should be flattered that reporters from the Washington City Paper and Columbia Journalism Review Daily have been investigating this blog. But, really, I’m just confused.

Write blog. Fix heart. Click Nicolasix.

The Blog. Priceless. The Direct TV porn bill: $104.79. The mystery at ejtakes life. 

Review: Oohhs and Aahhs Restaurant at U and 10th NW at DCFud.  Sounds good.


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There’s magic in the air:  I have found the secret formula to being irresistible to women, writes Throwing Hammers.



DC’s no parking street cleaning rules are designed to raise revenue via parking tickets, not clean streets. The street sweepers rarely show and that’s because street cleaning, like everything else, is partly political. City residents can petition the city to have a street cleaned. If 65% of the residents on a block request street cleaning, the process to make their parking neighbors miserable has begun. It’s just one of the irritating things about the city, unless you move into a neighborhood that doesn’t restrict parking.  As Portable Snack writes:

I’ve never seen anyone in DC livery cleaning the streets in our neighborhood. But, like most ancient traditions, certain rituals are carried on, even after they have lost any connection with reality; in this case, DC still writes tickets for parking on the wrong side of the street on “street cleaning day,” and they still announce when they suspend and resume street cleaning.

City Girl in Alaska, a DC resident now living in Anchorage, writes that whenever she comes home to DC she realizes how Alaska has changed her. She writes: Some are subtle, like I now hate salmon. Some are more obvious, like my new casual Alaskan look.

Harmany Music’s five favorite records of 2006.

Masked Thieves Raid Kickball Bar, says commenter after reading Masked Thieves Raid Hipster Bar at City Paper City Desk Blog.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 18th, 2006 by dcblogs

To my fellow bloggers, writes Avert Your Eyes, Congratulations on being named Time Magazine’s People of the Year. But Alejandra Sent from My Dell Desktop has a different take on it, starting with its cover art. I’d like to kick the genius who came up with that snazzy idea, she writes.

The writer at A DC Birding Blog participated in the Christmas Bird Count on Saturday and spotted 41 species, including numerous hawks and owl.

Have You Been to Sidamo? Photos and write-up of new H Street coffee and tea shop at Frozen Tropics.

The latest in tags: Six reasons why I should be put in a straight jacket. They’re listed at this beautiful distraction.

Golden Silence, an alert observer and flowing writer, describes some of the latest events in her life, including the theft of some money from her purse and rude treatment at a restaurant.

Last Stop Suburbia takes readers on a journey through six months of blogging, with links to many entertaining subjects, including myspace creeps, and advice, such as: You should never cut your hair while on cold medicine. Will only cause pain and suffering.

If you wonder how long the flight to Bangkok is, Life and Musings will give you some ideas in her post, Bangkok, Day One

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 15th, 2006 by dcblogs

Dating blog reader: How to Set His Thighs on Fire and Dating Up: Dump the Schlump and Find a Quality Man. Grateful Dating’s take on some unsolicited books that arrived in the mail.  

Metro’s plan to make working people pay more on the train is just retarded, writes the DC Universe.

People don’t ride Metro during the peak hours because they enjoy waking up early or being pressed up against a total stranger, or because there’s just something magical about the eight o’clock hour. 

Negative balance on Smart Card prompts strange action by Metro Police. A report at OconDC.

Velvet in Dupont is involved in a traffic accident and files a blog report with minute-by-minute details on how the police department handled it. (Added bonus cameo by Ninja.) We pick up the report:

… in D.C., our police department is a bunch of lazy, useless, inept, couldn’t-find-a-criminal if they were sitting next to them, system abusing, power hungry, donut eating, newspaper reading, coffee drinking, double parking, traffic blocking, gossiping, overnight shift sleeping, disability for “work related” stress filing, money drain on our taxes.

The (revised) Stages of The Apocalypse at K Street Blues.

DC for Less says Graham Webb Academy will cut hair for $10 or less. 

Photo: Scene from the expected dcblogs press conference outside of GWU Hospital. kob failed to show.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 14th, 2006 by dcblogs

Freewheeling Spirit says some of his government worker friends are worried about Recommendation 74 of the Iraq Study Group Report. That’s the one that says:

“In the short term, if not enough civilians volunteer to fill key positions in Iraq, civilian agencies must fill those positions with directed assignments.” My friends say they would quit rather than accept an involuntary assignment to Iraq.

VP of Dior decides not to date someone she met at the gym.  She has her reasons. And she lists them. DC Pussycat Doll.

Pedestrian with swinging object sends message to thoughtless driver blocking a crosswalk. In Shaw.

Ipod Shuffle: Random Playlist for the Week by Father Jim Tucker at Dappled Things.

End-of-year: Information Leafblower assembles interviews he conducted over the year for DCist.

Sunny, dry and unseasonably warm through the weekend, predicts Capital Weather.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 13th, 2006 by dcblogs

DC is at the center of a major case over its restrictions on gun ownership, writes City Desk.  He writes: the DC government is threatening an extremely important defense against tyranny of the sort that is becoming more visible in the United States. One reason America has not moved further towards dictatorship is because of mass individual gun ownership. [Here’s an analysis of what’s involved with this case by (CBS) Attorney Andrew Cohen]

And while we’re on the subject of guns, Belle at Dating is Dead goes out with the “NRA guy.” And writes:

I knew he has a veritable arsenal in his apartment, which includes such star performers as an AK-47 and an M16. Yet, despite this knowledge, I still gave him directions to my townhouse. Ill-advised?

The Florida Avenue Markets is on the Project for Public Spaces, which describes it as a warehouse-style central wholesale market catering mostly to restaurants and the like, but with small treasures for the urban explorer. And according to Ryan at The Bellows, it’s one of the coolest places you’ll find in the District. 

The setting, for one thing, is amazing. Tucked in between New York and Florida Avenues, with downtown encroaching across the tracks and Union Station and the Capitol visible to the south, the area has an urban feel to it that you don’t find many places in the city. [Photos here]

A Dash of Spice is taking the New Year in a new direction with the help of, and writes: I have offically joined the ranks of super “un cool” people. I am embarrassed to say.

Madam Mayo has completed a six week Improv Comedy Class and shares thoughts about it.  She writes: The improv process, I found, is something like a writing workshop + old-fashioned charades + ping pong + choir practice. Meanwhile, Lisa at Women Having it All writes that she finally got the courage to perform at a standup comedy open mic in DC. The amazing thing was I did NOT bomb.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on December 12th, 2006 by dcblogs

Some of the injured in the recent building collapse in Virginia arrived at the hospital that njc, an emergency medicine resident, works at. It was a sobering moment for many reasons.  The Cords of Billroth.

As I was peeling off one guy’s layers–three pairs of socks, pajama pants then jeans then a jumpsuit, sweatshirt piled on top of sweatshirt and still his skin was just like ice–it made me think of how easily this could have been someone I knew and loved.

‘Tis the season to tip just about everyone. But just what is the obligation to tip if you haven’t been satisfied with the service? And what are the repercussions if you don’t tip? A holiday cheer note from a newspaper delivery person prompts a discussion at Dealing in Subterfuges.

Mel Gibson’s movie is number one at the box office, so  what does this say about us? Asks Aileen at Infinite Connections. She writes: At best, he’s a drunken idiot with poor judgment…at worst, he’s a hateful racist. Meanwhile, she sees Shut up and Sing, the documentary about the Dixie Chicks over their antiwar stance: So it’s OK to spew anti-Semitic garbage, but it’s not OK to bash the President?

The Redskins game was hot, noisy and then there was the person sitting in front of Bee Log wearing a big furball of a hat. Photo.

DC is downright tropical compared to Chicago.  Marci at Baby bananas for everyone recently visited that city and drew this contrast on her return: When I got in my car for the first time in two weeks this past weekend, I mistook the dust and grime covering my vehicle for solidified wintry precipitation–that is until I tried to remove it.  Mystery Girl at Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page has a long history with Chicago and for her, in the Windy City, there is a different sense of it.

Those were moments in which I felt deeply alone. I felt very small in the universe, and yet at the same time like I was a part of something more beautiful and interesting than myself. There was a kind of solace in being this small person in the middle of a city that is both beautiful and harsh.

Andy Goes to Iraq is staying at the Ritz at Pentagon City getting ready travel with a USO tour along with his boss Al Franken. 

My name is Barr. My boss’s name is Franken. He’s a comedian, as you probably know, and a liberal, as you probably know, but for him, and therefore for me, the tour is about the comedian thing and not about the politics thing.