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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 31st, 2007 by dcblogs

Can you explain it?  Shiftless Badger finds a note tucked in a shirt pocket that he can no longer explain.

Who needs to pay for a Superbowl ad? Starbucks Scores Coveted Libby Trial Product Placement Deal reports Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog.

For the love of dogs. Pamela’s Punch reports on the recent Sugar & Champagne Affair at the Hotel Palomar, where she was the guest of DC Modern Luxury’s publisher.  Excerpt:  So, here we have this gorgeous boutique hotel in Dupont Circle, not yet even a year old, with hundreds of Washington’s movers and shakers (moving quickly through the halls chasing after run away pups and shaking dogs off of one’s leg …

Income math. At $180,000 a year, what can you afford, using the “3 x your salary” computation, writes Northern Virginia House Buyer. One of post blog so far.

Burger, pizza, three bottles of wine and the total: $145. Washington DC Food and Wine.

Hold the next protest in Miami, or some other city, writes Rock Creek Rambler. Excerpt: . . . and invariably The Bar will end up packed to the brim with drunken Midwesterners who act like “stop the war” really means “toga party.” 

Read Express has redone its site with a much more magazine-like, fresher look.  One difference is the relocation of its blog shout-outs, now updated throughout the day, to the main page.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 30th, 2007 by dcblogs

It’s not shopping, it’s misery, it’s the Mall of Death, writes DC, Baby. It begins:

In this mall (Shopping Centre for you Europeans) life is slowly and painfully sucked out of you by the lifeless atmosphere, the fake palm trees and the extremely slow Starbucks staff.

I’m a woman who loves cars, writes Fictional Rockstar, who files a report, with photos of this weekend’s auto show. 

The TV show “24” is a semi-frequent blog topic, but the writer at Draw Conclusions On The Wall, a fan of the show, wonders whether it is harmful to Muslim Americans.

Office Etiquette. Rant therapy by TC the Terrible. Excerpt: I am not your therapist.  If you really want me to listen to your problems you have to ply me with booze or promises of sex.

Bloggers are the new media. Just A Nats Fan attends a meet and greet at the new stadium construction site and says hello to her sports writing competition.  Excerpt: I met and shook hands with a few local sports writers (Todd Jacobson, Tim Lemke, Dan Steinberg, Bill Ladson) and a couple others (Svrluga) completely ignored me.

The voting is still in progress: is the sweater “gay or European?” The Home Improvement Ninja.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 29th, 2007 by dcblogs

The writer,  Cosmos, of Failed Southern Lady is involved in an car accident Friday that flips her car on its roof. Cosmos is hanging upside down in her vehicle and is helped out by a gentleman, whom she is now anxious to locate. An excerpt:

I have never been truly hysterical before, but I completely lost it. I was screaming like nobody’s business. And I wanted out of that car. Because I was basically hanging upside down . . .

Blind Man Pushing a Wheelchair? Two strangers help each other on the Metro, reports Sour N Sweet.

What does it take to get news coverage of the shootings in Shaw? Writes one person commenting on a post about a recent murder: … we will not get any coverage on all of the violent crime in Shaw until a child, an old person, or a white person is shot … From Off Seventh, commenting about the recent report, Kelsey Gardens Murder.

Graphic design artist having fun. Sign on the Metro at Solar Kismet.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 25th, 2007 by dcblogs

Fireworks or Gunshots: self-delusion and lessons learned. A Shaw Thing writes about the reality of living in the District. An excerpt:

The more time I spend living in DC, the more I realize how great the chasms between abstract liberal class-consciousness and actual practical realities of living in DC are. Case in point: I was just setting out at around 8:30 pm last night when I heard a succession of gunshots, or “fireworks,” as a roommate likes to call them.

What were they thinking? A photo analysis of the Democratic presidential candidates at the state of union. Very clever work by Cootie Chronicles.

The warmer weather has meant more bikes on the road with all the same bad habits, writes Randomduck.

Measured rants: Why I Hate Flying Pt II: Airport Security, Good at Drinking, Bad at Life. 

Possibly over-the-top rant, the State of the Sidewalks Address, the DC sidewalk blog. Excerpt: … suburbanists from Maryland and Virginia have continued to menace pedestrians and to place a burden on infrastructure for which they do not pay taxes.

Site Note: We will not be publishing Friday. Good weekend all.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 24th, 2007 by dcblogs

Double Shot of Old Grandad, On the Rocks. On the Rocks. A tribute to a grandfather, garage owner and onetime part owner of Tippy’s Tacos, but most importantly someone who has given Carrie of A Total Waste of Makeup many wonderful memories, some of which she shares in this touching tribute. (Two writers recommended this post, Meghan and Janet) An excerpt: 

Tonight, I found a bill from El Salvador that had a note on the back: To the best boss in the world, with love from my heart and my family’s, and his employee signed it. He would leave 30-40% tips to any server who waited on us at dinner. He did that before he won the lotto as well.

A $5,000 wedding budget … is it realistic? Leslie, who writes the blog decidedly uncomplicated, the diary of an uncomplicated wedding & event planner, looks at the costs of a wedding. 

Grateful Dating is online dating and writes: I’ve become one of “them.” One of those online “daters” who is not actually available for dating. But there is one important difference — I know I’m not available.

Adventures of Hoogrrl! Shares an article she wrote about the Logan Circle neighborhood.

Most of DC’s blogging community is probably oblivious to the battles that flare up between a small numbers of bloggers. In a well written and thoughtful post, DC Cookie outlines a way to address it with advice that will serve all bloggers well. Her post begins:

There is only one way I know how to fight. With kindness. Hence, why I sit on the sidelines and shockingly observe these monstrous, scathing, verbal battles that ultimately get labeled ‘blog wars’ and wonder how my creative acquaintances and friends are capable of existing in that state of up-in-arms that I will never comprehend.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 23rd, 2007 by dcblogs

A driver blows his horn in frustration because some pedestrians aren’t walking fast enough, writes The Dredwerkz. A WMATA employee looked over at the horn-blowing car and remarks: “Hey, where do you think you are? ….

Throughout these playoffs, Tom Brady has been less than great, writes DC Viking in a post: The Tom Brady Myth.

The best compliment ever. A student’s artwork at Quiet in the Stacks.

In 1999 Lennox Campello of Mid Atlantic Art News, sent a letter to the Washington Post suggesting a number of things the publication could do to improve arts coverage.  He pulls out that old letter and writes: Sadly, since then coverage has only become worse. The “Galleries” column is now published about 20 times a year instead of weekly, and “Arts Beat” is also no longer weekly, but apparently ad hoc.

The VP spoke here. From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald, about the E. Barrett Prettyman courthouse, the Libby trial and a speech that the vice president made at the courthouse just a few years ago.

Flickr photos tagged “Heather” becomes a touching tribute to a friend who died in a car accident. Harmany Music.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 22nd, 2007 by dcblogs

Geoff’s home, as well as the homes of many of his neighbors in Fairfax County, was flooded last summer. The damage and disruption was extensive because a waterway was allowed to fill with sediment. Now, Geoff writes that he’s dealing with the possibility of the threat of another flood as well as an eminent domain action by the government. Excerpt from geoffonlife:

… Folks will get about $300k for their homes in exchange for a no-sue sign-off. We’re talking 160-300 homes. The price is below market value, does not take into account pre-flood valuations, and does not compensate flood victims for the $50-$150k they spent restoring their homes, not to mention work losses and emotional distress.

DC Lifecoach takes issue with the ubiquitous, practically an institution, Au Bon Pain and its salad dressings, and writes: … Surely, this was a mistake. I checked the “lite” honey mustard. Fat chance. That sucker had 210 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Leggings for Men? RealityBites.

What is this? DC’s new building permit daily feed has decided to take a breather, reports Near Southeast. Excerpt: … e-mails and questions to CapStat about the state of this feed and other issues go perpetually unanswered.

Newspaper reading toddler wants to see Charlotte’s Web. Alice’s Adventures Underground. (nod to Janet at On Rush Hour in D.C. for this post and the next one)

What’s the best pet to have? Articulatory Loop.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 19th, 2007 by dcblogs

This post, What I Know Now by JoJo at Life and Musings,  is recommended by Kathryn, who wrote: This was just spectacular – different, touching, honest, well-written and so relatable. Best of blogging, in my opinion. The post is in the form of a letter and begins:

You’re heartbroken because the man you loved, built a home with and pinned your hopes and dreams to, has told you that he doesn’t have enough passion for you to marry you. You’re devastated and wondering what is wrong with you that he doesn’t love you enough to marry you.

Right in my backyard. Some thoughts about an assault in one of the safest neighborhoods in the D.C. area, Bethesda, writes Kings of the Road.

My first O.D. experience. remaking le slum historique reports about his first visit to the recently opened Old Dominion Brewhouse. Excerpt: I enjoyed the food: I had a wasabi turkey BLT wrap and waffle fries; if I ever crave a burger or good bar food nearby, I’ll walk to O.D. for a bite.

Snow, the Bus and Circling Words, a nicely written sketch by El Guapo in DC of a man on a bus circling words in a newspaper.

Red Nose is 55 this week. She makes a list of others born on the same date, Jan. 18. 

A review: Bistro Français, Georgetown by Le Cuvee Americain: The American Blend, who writes: I did the night owl prix fixe meal, so I started with the liver mousse and a glass of their house burgundy.

Will Mayor Fenty start a blog? It’s possible, is the short answer. We posed the question to the mayor’s office, and Thomas Houston, the mayor’s deputy director of communications strategy, wrote back: In response to your question about the Mayor starting a blog we are currently looking into that as being a viable option as a way to communicate.  I would recommend that you look on our website,, in the mayor’s corner periodically as this is where we would place the link.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on January 17th, 2007 by dcblogs

What’s involved with hiring a baby sitter, according to the Cootie Chronicle, in a post, Free at Last.  Excerpt:

Apparently many new parents are scared to go anywhere without baby and especially do not want to leave them at home with a stranger. I am not one of those people.

City residents as bad neighbors: The Purple Ladies would like their recycling bins returned. In exchange, writes District Belle, we will gladly provide you the phone number for the city we called last time you pulled your shenanigans and you too can get a brand new shiny blue bin.  Unrelated related, The Prince of Petworth, writes, in a post, Petworth or New Jersey:

… On top of that I see a guy walking down the street fling a huge bag of trash in the empty lot on New Hampshire and Quincy. Now I’m really shaking my head. To top things off as I get to the escalator of the metro there is a guy spitting on the escalator. Twice …

Marriage: Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be? Reacting to the New York Times report that 51% of Women Are Now Living without a Spouse, Sugar N Spice, excerpt: 

The problem is this ladies!!! We have totally devalued the power of the…..”pulsing yonder” for lack of the desire to use the “other word.” Men don’t respect it any more.

The DC Concierge answers questions, such as a good place for a business breakfast

Thrift Store Couture for the broke and fashionable.

All that is wrong with Georgetown, including its bar tabs and bad manners. Very good post by why.i.hate.dc

I’ve Been 42 My Whole Life … I’m Just Waiting to Get There writes the The Friday Flare Up. Long list of comments.

Kevin Chapple, the ANC2C02 Commissioner, blogs about his area of responsibility. A map of ANC 2C02 is here.

Site Note: May not publish Thur due to Weblogger meeting tonight (see yesterday’s post).

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Panda Head is a Washington DC fashion and style blog run and edited by Morgan Hungerford, a local clothing designer intent on dispelling the myth that the District can’t dress. The writer takes photos of sharply dressed women around the city. This is a great effort.

Moving from a PC to a Mac brings changes on all levels, including a change of attitude. To find out what buying a Mac really means, read this clever post:  The Five Stages of a Mac Metamorphosis by Nicolasix. An excerpt from one of the stages:

Generally referred to as the ‘Microsoft who?’ stage. Your friends begin to notice that you are dressing cooler, eating healthier, and generally living better. Every morning, your spouse prepares a full breakfast, which is followed up …

If you are in a bar with your boss don’t … Advice from Lucky Elevens.

What part of “moved” wasn’t clear. The Heights they are a changin’ is a sharply written new neighborhood arrival about Columbia Heights. (Via DCist)

Silver Spring Daily Photo is part of international effort to post photos from around the world. Check this photographer’s work, but explore the link list as well.

Blogging workshops. The writer at Vegetables for Breakfast is also a communications consultant and blogs at Don’t Get Caught, which is headed by Denis Graveline. Details about her blogging workshops are here.

Two big blogging events this week:

Wednesday: The Washington Blogger Meetup Group will gather at 7 p.m. at Regional Food and Drink 810 7th St. NW. These are very informal gatherings and everyone is welcome.

Thursday: This month’s Blogger Happy Hour, 7 p.m., at Porter’s, 1207 19th St. NW.  Everyone is also invited to these fun, social events. Details at I-66.