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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 28th, 2007 by dcblogs

Oh Lord it Feels Like I’m Dyin’. A medical scare brings pain and worry but most importantly a realization. A very powerful post by the blogger at I Now Pronounce You. It was recommended by Mandy, who wrote in a note: …  it was, well … perfect.  I wish we all had more moments like this one … An excerpt:

My fiancé sitting there watching this all with a shell shocked look on her face. And there’s nothing I can do. Nothing I can say. I can barely speak b/c the pain and the shortness of breath is just so paralyzing. I wanted to say “I love you”. I wanted to say “I’m sorry.” I just wanted.

A hot lady contest at the GWU college bar McFaddens becomes a truly terrifying spectacle, in a post, Why 30 Year Olds Should Not Frequent College Bars by the blogger at Hey Pretty. Recommended by Meghan. An excerpt:

Now, if that makes them happy, it’s their business and not mine. But my maternal, sensible side was aghast and sadden by what it saw. Where’s the line between liberated self-acceptance/pride over one’s body and shameless exploitation? 

Revelations that Al Sharpton and Strom Thurmond share a common past came from It’s a resource that I know first hand, writes Bruce Johnson. helped me piece together parts of my slave past.

DC’s Newest Literary Magazine is called Lines & Stars, writes kwest at A Portable Snack, who has a story published in it.

Sound advice at the urban trekker blog: Dealing with Noise Level in Condos.

DC ou d’ailleurs – Washington en photos. Good work.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 27th, 2007 by dcblogs

Red Panda Zone’s day included slipping on ice, falling in mud and getting proposition by a neighbor in search of a good time. Dry and sharp humor. Excerpt:

Now, my falling is not a newsworthy event. In fact, it’s an annual winter tradition. But what is noteworthy, I thought, was that none of the people around me helped me get up, or asked if I was OK. In fact, one man actually stepped over me.

Me to Macy’s saleswoman: “Are these boots good for the snow?” See So DC for the rest.

NE no-taxi roundup. Most taxi companies won’t come to my house in Eckington, writes New Kid on the Eckington BlockCan’t get a cab in Woodridge, either, writes Minerva and the Muse. Wikipedia: Woodridge, Eckington

Jake the dog and the fire engines in perfect pitch. Video. Funny. The Gold Poppy.

Washingtonian starts entertainment blog, After Hours. A writer is the blogger at outta mind outta site.

Gore’s Film Wins; Will Bush Demand A Recount? Delilah Boyd

A new blog, The DC Urban Gardener News, committed to teaching earth-friendly gardening practices and environmental stewardship in DC.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 26th, 2007 by dcblogs

You would expect a government-sponsored blog about reducing greenhouse emissions to be as exciting as a high school science class, but that’s not what’s going on in Arlington. The writers of this county-sponsored blog are sharing their personal adventures to cutback on energy use. This is a very good effort and potential role model for other government led blogging efforts. It’s called AIRE Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions.

Making restaurant reservations online? Beware of the deposit requirements. A warning based on experienced at The Appetizer.

DC Eat. A food writer who can read a man by the food he buys.

The Blonde Menace is back and reveals herself as the author one of the most popular posts to ever appear in this  column.

DC Crime VictimThose were the words I read the other day on a button pinned to the lapel of a man’s coat, writes Janet at On Rush Hour in DC.   The button prompts her to write about her own experience with crime and wonders: While I empathize with the buttoned gentleman, I wondered at his choice to advertise his plight.

Pretty in Pink. Many photos of a dog in pink. Girasol.

Do blondes have more fun? I know they get more attention. What happens after extreme blonde highlights, reports Crazy Girl City.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 22nd, 2007 by dcblogs

UVA’s approach to teaching risk management or as Scotus at The DC Universe brilliantly explains, UVA: Lowering your IQ for $17,500 a year

Someone who went bald early in life says a lot of women look hot without hair. The Underachiever’s Progress.

Blogging photo tour of the British Museum by Mayhem by Miss M.

Cabs, brake fluid and French speaking men at DC Savvy.

The title of this post: A Good Reason to Make Sure Instant Messenger is Turned Off When There is Any Possible Chance That Someone Else Will Be Looking at Your Monitor. Quiet in the Stacks.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 21st, 2007 by dcblogs

Where does the FOUD box go? It’s moving day for KC at Where’s My Cape and it does not go well.  It begins:

I don’t think I have many enemies, but even if I had some nefarious demons in my life, I would certainly not wish moving upon them. I’m not that cruel.

Three tales of annoying people by Alex, If you see something, say something.
Steve Jobs is disrupting the status quo, writes Andy at Too Many Words. A probing piece. Excerpt: I love my MacBook Pro and I am a deep believer in the Apple philosophy towards computer design. I’ve just never been a subscriber to the larger-than-life persona created by/around Jobs himself.

Best opening sentence about a Metro ride goes to an OC girl living in an extraordinary world.  From the post, just another Metro ride horror story

You know, I’m beginning to think that your Metro ride is only as good as the people you’re riding with.

Reno 911 cast on the Metro, reports killoggs.

A grandfather is remembered by I wish I was like you, easily amused. A touching post that begins:

“Stand up straight,” my grandfather used to always tell me. My grandfather had impeccable posture. I had a terrible habit of slouching. To try to correct this, my grandfather used to make me walk around the house with a yardstick across my back with my arms behind the ruler to hold it in place. It forced me into a shoulders back, chest out walking position. Unfortunately, it did little to improve my posture.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 20th, 2007 by dcblogs

DC has too many English majors.  Left-Handed Dynasty. A rant by a Columbus, Ohio visitor. Excerpt:

I saw a 6-pack of pudding cups for $1.25, the same product by the same manufacturer in the 4-pack cost $3.79. I asked the manager person at the CS desk what was up with that and he just shrugged his shoulders like I was the crazy one. I guess it all adds up to why every store in Virginia has a big bottle asking for donations to the local school systems.

It’s 11:19 a.m. Monday and Dealing in Subterfuges is Live Blogging Mayor Adrian Fenty’s lunch at Busboys and Poets. Breathless reporting, as JB continuously updates.  Excerpt:

11:23 Fenty and his entourage just sashayed (yes, that’s the only way to appropriately describe the way this man walks) toward the back room, so sadly I won’t be able to tell you what sort of lunch the mayor eats while making all his awesome decisions about how not to get the city out from under the two inch blanket of ice that’s covered us for almost a week now.

Beautiful anonymous neighbors at the Prince of Petworth. Neighbors shovel a walkway for someone who can’t.

time > shyness. I’m not a girl, not yet a wino

Year of the Pig Products. The Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock at Counter Intelligence.

Little Acorns has photos of Chinese New Year celebration in DC and writes: Although the parade itself was rather short, you had to give the participants and spectators alike credit as it was a cold and blustery day for even your thickest skinned dragon dancer.

Look down here. The boys explain their giggles with photographic evidence from a restroom. Finding Blanche.

Urban Treker takes a look at condo college housing at the University of Va., and reports: Thirty condos still on the market for $259,990.

If you ever start missing ice: Indoor Skating in NOVA. A report by The District Review: Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to go indoor ice skating in Northern Virginia, the Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Ballston, and the Fairfax Ice Arena, in Fairfax.

A former lawyer/lobbyist for cable companies has a change of perspective after getting a cable company to fix a problem. Media Concepts.

Blogger Events:

DC Webloggers meetup Wed., Feb. 21, at Regional Food and Drink (RFD) at 810 7th St. NW, near Gallery Place Metro. All are invited. An informal gathering and everyone is invited, bloggers as well as the curious.

Golden Silence is organizing a DC Bloggers Coffee Klatch on Sat., Feb. 24.


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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 14th, 2007 by dcblogs

I-66’s Bloggentines are definitely worth the visit. Clever and funny.

What happens in Vegas, goes on my blog. ArJewTino writes about his lucky number and his unlucky age.  

In Honor of St. Valentine’s Decapitation. And the experiences that led this outlook. Excerpt: … I firmly renounce romantic love. I don’t renounce romance, sex, or desire. But I do renounce the idea of romantic love. It’s balderdash. Foilwoman’s Diary

CurlyW, who writes about the Nationals, turns his attention to the massive renovation planned for the Frederick Douglass Bridge aka South Capitol Street Bridge. … this is just a ridiculous undertaking … he writes in a post titled,  Why Not Just Raise the City?

Site note: Due to travel, ice, we won’t publish Thursday.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 13th, 2007 by dcblogs

Didja see me? Didja see me? Always Write pens a short piece for the Washington Post about the arrival of wrinkles. After the story appears, it’s not just wrinkles arriving. Excerpt:

At that moment my call waiting beeped and again I answered blindly, like a fool. Christopher said that while he totally respects my (fictitious) relationship, he was wondering if we could have a coffee — just as friends. I told him I’m very busy at work and barely have time even to see my… (God, forgive me for lying) boyfriend.

Your latest only-in-DC career choice at EavesdropDC

Project Beltway  a DC fashion blog, describes itself as a celebration of style in Washington: the girl on the subway who looks so put together (where did she get her SHOES?!), the guy in a great pair of jeans (you won’t ask, so I’ll ask for you), the executive who gives the “power suit” its name.

Of dealings with a bicycle crook. This writer is approached by someone riding  a sweet Bianchi Pista who said he just paid $100 for it and just like that the red flag went up in my head. Kmax Trax

Tips for the First-Time Home Buyer, writes Pop Pop Bang. Sharp edged advice. Excerpt: Skip the house next to the Bail Bondsman and Liquor Store. You don’t want to go in there.

Washington Horror Blog, Semi-fictional chronicle of the evil that infects Washington, D.C.

Photo: Part of the DCBlogs crew has relocated to Tampa to wait out the storm.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 12th, 2007 by dcblogs

DK, a retired Army officer, measures the toll of Iraq and reconsiders impeachment.  An excerpt from A Silent Cacophony:

The stench and stain they will have left has no parallel that I can see, in American history. They have to go, and there can be no pardons for them for what might follow. I’m personally ashamed of being complicit, even if by only being a taxpayer, by what has taken place in the name of this country that I do love

The suburbs aren’t all bad, says DC Katastrophe after spending some time in Va. and attending the The Cat Empire concert at the State Theater.

The National Vandalize the World for Uma Day never ended and is ongoing, reports theaterboy. People scrawling and carving and spraying Uma’s name on stuff. You may come across it. Rules, too.

D.C. Eat A Washingtonienne’s Gastronomic (Mis)Adventures. An entertaining approach to the subject. Such as Ben’s Chili Bowl: “Clean and Articulate” and Coppi’s Organic = Food Porn?

Chinese New Year number 4705 is upon us starting February 18, reports Gallery Place Living. Link to events. 

An outstanding photo of a freight train passing through Kensington Station  by Silver Spring Daily Photo.

For the latest doom and panic news, Capital Weather.

Site note: We’ve gotten a number of request to be added to the feed. Haven’t had a chance to respond to everyone yet, but we’re catching up.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on February 8th, 2007 by dcblogs

DC versus Philly. A comparison rating, by category, of the atmosphere, housing, food, culture, public transportation and jobs in these two cities, at Kittens with Mittens.

Metro elevator outages are on the rise, well, it’s more than a rise, it’s some sort of a systematic breakdown, writes Good at Drinking, Bad at Life. But is there an underlying conspiracy to this?  The writer makes some estimates at the number of outages and number of workers to make a case.

Haydee’s Restaurant in Mount Pleasant is the best option for a burrito fix, writes District Of …

Everything was amazingly delicious, not only then but the next day when I devoured the leftovers for dinner. Total cost? Just $12 for the massive entrée and margarita (before tip).

Is it really better? Compare and contrast the old and new DC Taxi Zone Map at The Land of JD.

A pedestrian is killed at 4th St. and New York Ave., and a writer at Mount Vernon Square expresses her alarm over the city’s neglect of pedestrian safety.  None of the other cities the writer has visited allow sidewalk closings like DC and hopefully DC will smarten up soon and force developers to continue to accommodate pedestrians during the never-ending construction process. 

A column in Newsweek by a woman who shot a Cardinal because it was banging into her window has upset birders.  A DC Birding Blog.

Evidence of snow in DC at Random Duck. Nice photo.

Site note: Back Monday; enjoy the weekend.