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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 15th, 2007 by dcblogs

The GW Emergency Room: A Running Diary at Cafe 227.  From midnight until 4 a.m.

Now Teddy Roosevelt and sex will be forever linked. A visit to Roosevelt Island becomes an experience to remember for the OC girl living in an extraordinary world.

Fashion Fights Poverty 2007’s first model call on Saturday, March 24th.  Follow link at the end of the post for photos of earlier model call.

I hate spring. A lot. Writes Miss Scarlet at SVRSPY, who writes: I just spent $2 at Wawa for one (1) Claritin pill.

Special Note:

Many of the posts by the anonymous writer of From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald are witty, thoughtful and, it turns out, so good that it has left some convinced that Fitzgerald actually wrote the blog. For the latter point thank the BBC, which profiled the U.S attorney in a story on its Web site.  It’s a fine profile, even if it pulls quotes from the fictional blog in the mistaken assumption that the blog has been penned by the real Fitzgerald. See the BBC story here.

If the link to the BBC’s story is broken or the story is removed that won’t be a surprise, but here is a blog excerpt, just one of several, that was, amazingly, quoted in the BBC’s profile and attributed to Fitzgerald: “Now that I am in Chicago and D.C. I have found… the rampant graft and corruption to be a travesty – a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.”

With the conclusion of the Libby case, From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald closed. If you didn’t follow this blog, it’s important to note that, for its humor, this writer was on a mission. It included criticisms of press coverage as well as respect for what Fitzgerald set to accomplish. The BBC gaffe adds a period to the point. In a note, the writer of the blog offered a reaction:  

“My apologies to the BBC for fooling them too…I always thought the Brits had a higher aptitude for dry wit.
Isn’t reporting factual information the number one rule of journalism? This not so flattering oversight by the BBC only reinforces the point made repeatedly on the blog: to a large degree the MSM was complicit in the selling of the War in Iraq by both their actions and inaction. 
During the investigation and throughout the trial, the true colors of many publications and reporters became glaringly apparent — partisan, factually incorrect, sloppy and some might say corrupt. 
If not for Joe Wilson’s Op-Ed and the Fitzgerald’s investigation, the American public may never have learned this glimmer of truth on how this Administration repeatedly lied, deceived and then tried to hide the truth of why it went to war with Iraq.
This goes way beyond the sixteen words in the State of The Union Address.  This is also about the millions upon millions of words not written and tough questions never asked by the media. I hope there are many lessons learned from this.
Countdown to BBC srubbing story from website … t – minus…”

Photo Credit: Meghan 

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 14th, 2007 by dcblogs

When Terrance at The Republic of T arrived in DC in the early 1990s, Dupont Circle was ours, a safe place for gays and lesbians. But it’s changing, and he examines those changes in the post, There Goes the Gay-borhood. An excerpt:

I knew the moment Dupont changed for me. It was the day I stopped in my tracks on Connecticut Ave. and saw that a Lane Bryant outlet had opened. Nothing against the store, mind you. But I don’t know many lesbians who shop there. It was a sign that the neighborhood had changed. And that was OK.

What goes through the minds of parents when a child begins spending time away? Here’s a perspective in an ultimately amusing post about raising a child. Pie Pants. An excerpt: 

What do you do the first time he comes home crying because someone said something mean to him? I think the idea that your child now has to go through life, the way you went through it, is terrifying.

There are two things that you shouldn’t do in a public restroom.  First, don’t get on your cell phone and talk to your significant other/boss/potential date while standing in front of a urinal, especially in a crowded airport. “Yes, I’ll complete that (flush) by Monday (flush, flush).” Second, you really don’t want this to happen. Avert Your Eyes.

DC is a small (and weird). There’s no other way to describe two sightings in four days of the fellow with the question mark clothing, car, etc. life off balance.

An amazingly true, sophomoric, ashamed to admit, WaPo fact, which, while almost certainly destined for Jay Leno infamy, was fortunately, to the best of our limited knowledge, missed by DC’s blogging wags, who may be exhibiting far more good sense, if not exceptionally sensitive tact and gentle manners, which is all but missing here along with the grammar, but the point, aside from a sincere apology for even bringing this to your attention, is look here.

Photo Credit: Meghan

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 13th, 2007 by dcblogs

The movie 300 made $70 million at the box office this past weekend. Among those responsible for its opening success was DC Viking, who has this to say about this swords and sandals spectacle: This! Movie! Stinks!

Capital Hill Books: A.K.A. Rae’s Personal Slice of Heaven. Nice photos of this store’s wonderful clutter of books. Rae’s Place

Regal Cinemas Considering New Movie Captioning Technology. DeafDC.  The writer, Shane Feldman, gets a detailed look of competing captioning technologies being considered. Very informative.

Hey Pretty says she knows little about March Madness but is still joining the office pool, and writes: Clueless women have a long glorious history of beating sports-obsessed guys when it comes to this stuff.

A report about DCist Exposed by Washington Jen I was very impressed, she writes. The show runs through the 16th.

Mrs. Mills Goes to Washington and spies … riding the blue line of the Metro to Eastern Market, Tammy Baldwin (D-WI 2nd), star of Fahrenheit 9/11 …

Photo Credit: Meghan 


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A California visitor catches a snippet of an incomprehensible conversation. The post: Syntax and the City at LA Observed

Whom do you call when you see fire engines in this neighborhood? Answer: The writer at Alice’s Adventures Underground.

A local blogger is in Wikipedia for his early political blogging efforts but the latest blog by Peter Orvetti’s Night Writer is more focused on raising a family.

Which house doesn’t fit? Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space makes a sharp point with a photo.

Regarding the recent court decision allowing gun ownership in DC: Coming from a place steeped in gun culture (Texas, God help me), I can’t help thinking this is a huge step backwards. Fifth and Oh

Queuing Theory and CVS. Charlotte Harris.

Big Sky Girl and Beltway Buzz is a classic story about how self-centered some folks can be in this town, writes Janet at On Rush Hour in who recommends, in particular, the second vignette

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 8th, 2007 by dcblogs

Cleavage and Public Service. Belle’s thoughts on this subject with her date, whom we know as Mr. Disney.  Told in dialog. An excerpt from Dating is Dead

Belle: No, but I’m just surprised you haven’t been looking more. I mean, I put this shirt on for a reason. The waiter has checked me out more than you, and I think he’s gay.

They had four of the winning six numbers. Instead of $390 million, we won $170. life as a blogumentary

Barzelay illustrates the variations of one haircut with photos. There’s only one cut, The Cut

People who are afraid of escalators are afraid of life. Rock Creek Rambler.

Attends Cafe Scientifique, a monthly event sponsored by the National Science Foundation, at the Front Page and learns about solar cars with appetizers and drinksWhat’s Up Arlington. Excerpt:

The two main presenters were hilarious, they were like Penn and Teller, OK, maybe not that funny, but really for two guys giving a science lecture they were a riot. They were interesting and made the subject interesting.

From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald bids goodbye.  Possibly. More scandals, for sure.

Photo Event:

DCist, which has provided a showcase for local photographers on its homepage, is running a show, DCist Exposed beginning March 9 at 6:30 p.m. at Warehouse Arts Complex.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on March 7th, 2007 by dcblogs

The blog, DC Home and Condo Prices, is an informative and eye-opening resource for real estate data. What makes it especially interesting is the research the writer has put together on condo sales at various buildings, such as The Rhapsody on Vermont NW. Sale prices as well as profit/loss on flipped units is included. Check out links as well to maps used to chart sales around the District. 

Only in DC. Overheard. Very short and funny at palewire.

Ann Coulter’s crude and attention-seeking behavior gets the Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog treatment, while why.i.hate.dc takes issue with WaPo’s [expletive delete].

Photos from preppy heaven at Project Beltway. The fashion set at Smith Point.

Top 5 things I daydream about while I’m riding the Metro. DC Viking.

Strange signs at the Silver Spring MARC Station. Photos at The Blog from Nowhere.

ugoseven, a DC-based fashion designer and writer, writes about DC Fashion Week.  It begins: What do you get when you host a series of fashion shows in a fashion vacuum of a city? I don’t know either, but if I had to guess it would look something like DC Fashion Week.

10 Reasons to Love and Hate Living in DC by the DC Divas at I Heart Washington DC!

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Hand-lining for Scorpion Fish from a Sinking Boat in the Bay of Bengal, is the title of report by Lonnie Bruner. Great photos, too.

Would you like a job working in Iraq? Here’s how to apply. Is that a gavel in your pants?

10 things to do when your invited guests don’t RSVP on time at Wedding Tactics.  Funny.

The End Of Internet Radio As We Know It. A warning about the impact of royalty rates at Total Information Awareness.

Idiotarod ’07Land Shark reports with photos.

Vintage is always in style. Panda Head interviews the owner of Junction, Shannan Fales, the U Street NW clothing store.

Update: ArJewTino has a new link.

Photo: Spanish Embassy, 24th NW and Penn.

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In the Comfort of Animals. A beautifully written, touching essay about a lifelong love of pets. Pets of all kinds. By Adventures in Wedding Photography. An excerpt: 

When a kid in middle school brought a mouse to play practice to feed to his snake, I handed over all my lunch money I had for the week ($13 I believe) to save him. When I came out to the car, bawling and clutching my backpack carefully, my mom couldn’t understand why I was so upset. I thought she would be mad that I would bring a mouse home.

Once a Marine … A Silent Cacophony. Marines are different.  For one thing, they don’t like multi-syllabic words.

A Starbucks criticism the company can take to heart. The Dumping Ground.

Things seen or overheard this weekend. Fictional Rockstar
Marrakech Palace in Dupont Circle, a diner’s report. Nomad Wannabe

On the scene: Congressional allies John Murtha (D-PA) and Jim Moran (D-VA) lunching on the cream of mushroom soup with reporter Bob Woodruff at the Grill in the Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City. Hecate

Hip Mommies of Washington DC. Things to do with children.

Dr. Sketchy at Palace of Wonders, a report at DC Conspiracy.

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What Happens After We’re Gone? Tiaras Optional explains why you need to be nice to be people.  And it’s not for the reason you think.

Honey, sorry you’re on life support, but there’s a game tonight.  Don’t you ever … by Doctor Moxie.

This is a thoughtful indictment of an all too common human behavior, by the ever observant Walker, the writer at The DC Sidewalk Blog. (This post also got a nice shout out at the Express)  It begins: 

If one considers the human animal and his motivating behavior in general, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs might describe them well: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and finally self-actualization. But in the human motorist, specifically of the Greater Washington DC area, I have observed that self-righteous indignation is the motivating factor behind most behavior.

My pride, served on a silver platter. Reality smacks DC Katastrophe in the face. Very good writing.

Being a woman. The love and the hate of it, point-by-point, by the writer at Attention Span of a Fly.

Check this out: Photo of an emerging roof at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Eye Level.

Best ‘About Me” description: I’m an indecisive, overly sensitive redhead who wants to save the world but still needs to make peace with herself. I love people but cannot trust, love God but fall asleep when praying, and love my family but moved away from them. By Radical Flower.

Il Pizzico in Rockville, a review at DC Foodies.

Blogger event:

Players Happy Hour, tonight, 7 p.m. Front Page, main bar. All invited.

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