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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 16th, 2007 by dcblogs

Something evil this way comes. This writer is at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station when a woman’s coat is snagged in a escalator and slowly sucked in.  The Barometer describes what happens next.

Earthlink Wifi: Is it a good deal for Arlington? A communications attorney takes at look at Earthlink’s plans to build a wireless network. Blacknell.

There is police artist sketch of one of the people suspected of involvement in the sexual assault earlier this month of a woman on G Street, NE. Two men were involved. One restrained the victim’s three year old. At PSA 102.

Happy hour recommendation:  Viridian. Four appetizers $5 each, reports DC Gastronome. These include a Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, a Petite Calzone, Roasted Chicken Drumettes and Mussels.

ArtsReleasePrayer. Artists are invited to send in their prayer requests. Such as this one from Evie in DC: Please pray that the framing gets done easily and nicely and not too expensive … it is a lot of work and money … pray that some of the journalists (or other ones) i met last night at the National Press Club come to my show and report on it.

DC Taxi Fare Calculator.

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What rhymes with “It’s not you, it’s me?”Dealing in Subterfuges
Read this post and the comments, too;
it will leave you in stitches
to read poems about ditches
[Fourth line under construction]

Dating Ratings, something like a Rotten Tomatoes for Men. A proposal at I’m not a girl, not yet a wino.

After four years of study and massive amounts of debt, can’t GW spring for a big-name commencement speaker for its students?  Scott Mizrahi,  senior at GW University,  believes the university can do better than President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. He blogs about it at gee dub.

Sounds of Safeway: an unapologetically bland and … downright white mix of  adult contemporary music blaring merrily through the loudspeakers,  writes a Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm.

A compendium that’s mostly about the boyfriend who is moving out. Karma is kicking me.

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Anacostia Market, 1941, photo. An ordinary scene from another time. Eliza Truitt Photography 

Jaywalking is one of things that makes this city different and more interesting than Los Angeles or Dallas. But this right to jaywalk in DC is under attack. A ticket for jaywalking: $25, reports Let An Umbrella Be Your Umbrella. DCist warned readers in late March that this is going to happen.

Bumper recycling in Columbia Heights. A civic minded act is photographic by Mr. T in DC

Purrs & Scratches is obsessed with Men in great business suits, and writes: Taking the Metro is kind of like looking at Playgirl Magazine for me on some commutes.

The liquor as well as the charity is flowing at Jack’s Restaurant and Bar reports Metrocurean

Unappetizer: This just creeps me out. Rants and Ramblings.

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Headphone Suckage. They break. They fall out. And they’re either too cheap or too expensive. Two-Timing the Cosmos.

The writer of Le blog d’une voyageuse de femme recently relocated from SF to DC and dines at the restaurant, Sushi Taro. She writes: How better to make a place than your home than to find food you love eating?

cargo mike … and his cargo bike. Photos. gwadzilla

Blog Your Way to a New Job. Magic Smoke offers some comment and a link to an interesting Wall Street Journal story about how blogging can help you get a job. He writes … it’s nice to see blogs as a potential asset, and more than just a threat, to employment prospects.

Web novelist American Night gets an impressive shoutout at Wonkette: DC’s #1 web novelist StehJ.

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A woman who has been out of his life for 6 to 7 years is back and now married, unhappy and as beautiful as ever. Missing all the warnings, the writer is quickly drawn into a deep pool of desire and regret. I Now Pronounce You, in two posts:  Ping Pong, Old Friends in Town, and Bad Decisions and Part II. (Via Rooshv).

Forgive me these, for I have sinned. This writer analyzes, understands, but never exorcises the office jealously that physically tears at her. A very powerful post by DC Katastrophe, who writes:  I am digging my own grave with girlfriend sins one after the other. (Two separate writers recommended this post)

Advice is sought: What do you do about wonderful child next door who smashes a vodka bottle in your yard? Prince of Petworth.

Madam Mayo has assembled a list of Women Writers of Washington DC. Today’s DC.

Google search users interested in the health consequences of smoking cessation, such as quitting smoking withdrawals gas farting, end up at Sarcastic and Cynical

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When the Unthinkable Happens. Frozen Tropics reacts to the sexual assault of a woman in an alley. Two men were involved. One restrained the victim’s three year old. An excerpt:

Crimes like this (occurring during daylight hours, taking place in front of the woman’s daughter) are particularly disturbing. They get under your skin in a way that a simple shooting really can’t. Because they make you wonder how any human can be so depraved, and then they make you wonder what someone like that was even doing down the street from your home.

Cheese Whiz are a food group. An effective use of a cellphone camera to deliver some hilarious cultural observations. LaurieWrites.

Why I’m not wife material. Red Panda Zone explains why married men live longer, her part in the health care crisis, and why emergency rooms are like Republican spa vacations.

Grindhouse review by DC Girl at The Movies: There is no room for logic in the pus-filled, body-part-strewn, melted flesh smorgasbord that is this awesomely fun flick!

Excellent late night sepia toned photograph of Logan Circle by Joe Tresh. Remember film? 

A series of sharp photos of the buyers and sellers at the Eastern Market posted at Digital Grin.

Last call for DC Drinks.

Some very good blog writing tips at problogger.

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 6th, 2007 by dcblogs

Arjewtino started playing baseball with one talent: speed. He resolved to improve himself and did, and what he learned from the experience help to make his life. A great post, titled Opening Day.

Carry-On or Check, Please? The writer, LMNtal Attraction, pens a keeps-you-reading beginning that delivers to the end. It starts:  See, I think it’s pretty unreasonable to expect a new partner to come baggage-free.
The don’t talk to me about life photo. The Secret Lives of Film Nerds

The double standard. that’s what she said

Brings used clothing items to Secondi on Dupont Avenue and reports: Secondi’s sales associates will comb through your clothing and let you know what they think will sell and what won’t, and they are picky. Deal Diva

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Posted in DC Blogs Noted on April 5th, 2007 by dcblogs

Girls hatin’ girls: Is he really worth it? A thoughtful post at Dating is Dead that looks at friendships that tear apart. Recommended by Meghan. An excerpt:

Ladies, we are victims and perpetrators of hating our own gender. At least when it comes to “protecting” the men we consider our investments. We need to step back and evaluate such situations with a rational outlook before acting out our catty, passive aggressive, and, ultimately, unproductive tactics of revenge.

A night out in DC with Rogaine. A report by Washington Jen. Excerpt: 

Everyone looked like swaying zombies … zombies with receding hairlines, as a vast majority of the crowd were men in their early 30’s with premature balding and they were all pathetically on the prowl resulting in creepy stares that seemed to burn holes in my backside …

This writer, Athos, is from Chicago and is experiencing DC dining. From the blog, Dudes on Foods. An excerpt:

Now that I’m in D.C., I crave things like a decent Italian dish or authentic Mexican food. The restaurants here are … pretty. When you walk in, you want to shake the hand of the person who designed the aesthetics and invite them to design your home. When the wait staff walks past you with a load of dishes, it makes your mouth water. When you finally put the food in your mouth, you wonder what the heck happened!

See where blogging can lead: Press box popcorn is the BEST DC Sports Chick sits in the press box at the Caps game.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer tunes into an online discussion at the Washington Post on the HPV vaccine and gets angry.

Sugar, Spice takes her camera to the Tidal Basin for some well captured, early evening shots.

The Duck At L’Enfant Plaza. Real duck, not post-duck, as in dinner. Photos by Penn Quarterlife.

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On matters of health care, Merujo of the Church of the Big Sky has put up with a lot and, apparently, more is arriving. This post isn’t about sympathy. She is too strong for that. But it is a statement of fact. (Nod to Erika) It begins, simply: I am, apparently, growing my own forest. Who knew?

Social Life? What Social Life?… Matt, the writer of the blog Deglazed, weighs the cost of his decision to become a chef.

Remember to do a coupon search. Sonnet87 gets a deal.

Spring Edition at the DC Sidewalk Blog. This list goes well beyond sidewalks.

Surgar N Spice and the book she wants to read: I just went on Amazon to order it and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m itching to read it. Ghettonation: A Journey into the Land of Bling and Home of the Shameless, by Cora Daniels, is on shelves now. In it, Ms. Daniels makes the case that ‘ghetto’ is an attitude, a deficient mindset, that has permeated our culture from the boulevard to the cul de sac . . .

Note: DCBlogGear has been launched! See icon in upper right. The wonderful, creative design work is the product of the talented Meghan. 

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Signs of Spring — a collection of links assembled by Reya:
1. Documentation of our redneck credentials. Pocahontas County Fare

2. A Spring Crush. Mystery Girl at Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page writes (an illustrated post of the finest stickman/woman art available) about an encounter that turned her from somewhat red to bright red. An excerpt:

But the feeling of a crush — the rush of adrenaline, the blood pooling in important places, the dilation of pupils and constriction of the throat, your stomach dropping at even a completely wholesome touch, the feeling of your body being completely out of your control– this is something I truly haven’t felt in years.

3. Magnolias in NY. Shadows and Light

More spring-themed blogs (not really):

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never kissed a co-worker. Accepted social norms, under a post with the label: boys are nuts. hey pretty.

The review Typepad didn’t eat. Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar on Capitol Hill. A steak sandwich…and a steak sandwich.

Yet, another problem with the taxi cab zone system is discovered by Brunch Bird.

True life testosterone at why.i.hate.dc. It starts: Saturday night I found myself having a pretty crappy time. Yeah, I was in Georgetown.

Photo: DCBlogs Marketing Department prototype bird cage. Patent Pending