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Members of a knitting listserv are urged to “heckle” kickballers. Hey pretty, a kickballer and knitter, speculates on the source of it and writes: More and more, it has come to my attention that kickballers are viewed as something of a scourge in our nation’s capital.

Photos of kickballers dressed up as Indians. Chapter 2006 explains how it happens in a email chain and writes:  So we were completely 100% politically incorrect …

As best as we can tell, Metro ignores bloggers who raise issues that need to be addressed, such as this one: WMATA recycles newspaper? think again. I Am a Lefty.

Her suitcase, along with the airplane, was fueled. More adventures in customer service. Red Nose.

Where do neocons eat? DC Eat knows.

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El Guapo writes of the significance Memorial Day holds after the loss of a friend. Regarding this post, Lillian of DC to Jerusalem writes in a note …  it’s beautifully written, powerful, and appropriate. It made me get all choked up in a public computer lab …. Many commenters had a similar reaction. An excerpt from El Guapo’s post: 

I looked at the thousands of white headstones marking those who fell fighting for someone’s freedom. The hairs of my skin were at a constant attention as I walked by families and friends paying their respects. My feet guided me where my eyes did not wish to look. My feet guided me onward at a quick pace.

Lonnie Bruner’s boating exploits bring him face-to-face with the U.S. Navy and a .50 caliber machine gun that’s “longer than my living room couch.”

The debut of Metrocurean Radar, an occasional look at the food and restaurant blips that show up on her radar. This first installment looks at the Logan, U Street and Shaw neighborhoods.

Becoming a new yorker, writes The Life and Times of Chai, who writes: what i like about true new yorkers (those who have been here for at least for five years or more) is that they keep it real. they don’t have qualms about stabbing you behind the back and making sure you know. they also don’t have issues with helping you out when times are really tough.

A visitor from Belgium describes the DC bike scene and visits a local bike shop. Belgium Knee Warmers writes: A walk through DuPont Circle will yield a mass of amazing fixed gear machines, some Mad Max in style and others look like they have rolled out of a velodrome.

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Something You Don’t Know About Gunfighter. The writer of The View From Here, who pens under the name Gunfighter, tells the story of his first marriage, the separation from his daughter and the resulting family turmoil. Janet at Rush Hour in DC had this to say about this blogger’s work: Really great posts about life, the choices we make, and, in some measure, redemption and new beginnings. There’s a follow-up post here.

A story of teen kicked out a house by an abusive father. Told in interview form by Rantings of a Creole Princes. The post is called Summer job.

The year was 1969 and DCPEG was in the Dupont Circle with a friend who was going to Vietnam. A photographer came by and took their photo.

The remains and grandeur of Eastern Market captured in a photo by Ohad.

Top finds at Dupont Circle Farmers Market by Local Feast

How to Get Married in Washington DC. Step-by-step instruction with photos. Molt Be Blog

Don’t Yell at Me! dc cab rider. More tales from inside the cab.

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Fear of flying and all the other things we all worry about in this beautifully written post by What, me, worry? An excerpt:

Whenever I feel my heart start to skip, I try to remind myself that it will end. Even though it feels like it won’t. Even though it feels like a taunt. Because the gyro will right itself.

In the Blink of an Eye. The daughter of a co-worker is fatally hurt in a traffic accident. Women having it all. An excerpt:

And suddenly my 10-pound weight gain, recent argument with mom, and insecurity with Boyfriend fly right out the window – as insignificant as a chewing gum wrapper

A lot of bikes are stolen in DC and if a bike thief can’t take the entire bike he may settle for a wheel or seat. Invest in a strong lock, especially for locking the rear wheel and frame. A separate lock for the front wheel is wise. And read Alternative Hippo’s post, which begins: Yesterday my bike was stolen, virtually under my nose, while I got a quick bite to eat in Georgetown.

Capitol Hill Barbie describes the perks of government work.

A budding economist offers a tip on apartment hunting. Carlarjenkins. And apartment hunting safety tips at the The Catholic University School of Law Housing Blog. Apartment prayer at shiftless badger … deliver us from junior one bedrooms for $1800. (nod to anon)

Site Note: Enjoy the long holiday weekend; back Tuesday.

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A local ball for “displaced Southerners” gets a fashion critique by a writer who lives up to the name of her blog, The Sassy Blog. Fashion is art, taste and style and it gets a strong reaction in this quippy post. She writes: Since this was a southern event, and being a North Carolina native, I pulled out the fake diamonds and worked my hairspray like it was the last can on-sale at Walgreen’s.

What can a balcony tell you about the occupants of an apartment? Average Jane forms her impressions and wonders what conclusions her neighbors may draw from the things on her balcony.

Anyone have an idea what this is? Brokekid.  Either art, military or Borg scouting party.

There’s nothing better than riding a bike, even after the theft of three previous ones. Team Wet Dog.

Meters Not Zones! A blog about DC Cabs makes note of city announcement Wednesday imposing a $1 per trip fare hike due to increased gasoline prices.

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A Baltimore resident who works in DC compares these very different citiesHoly Buck, Fatman! draws from her experience in both cities and includes a scene in a Baltimore bar …  We all sit with the construction workers, the waiters and the unemployed in harmony. There are no suits manically typing away at their blackberrys asking the age ole DC question: “What do you do?”

The boss wants to know if she blogs at work.  And So DC must defend herself and writes: Apparently one of my coworkers, I don’t know who, must think that I blog instead of doing my job and thought to tell him. Isn’t that sweet.

Wedding pick-up lines: “You have some really nice lenses” – a report from the front-lines of boorish behavior by Adventures in Wedding Photography, who writes: There is a very specific reason why I wear a fake wedding band when I do weddings: men are lunatics at weddings.

Is Logan more dangerous than Shaw? Look at the crime stats at Fifth and Oh and don’t skip the comments.

Quite the spectacle just now in DC, writes Droops, who watched the Thunderbirds flyover Tuesday from an office in the Commerce building. But the first reaction is alarm: Panic begins to set in and I start scanning the sky. Nothing on the news. Then the roar comes back and I start looking, and I see them. Video of jets flying over over DC Tuesday.

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Love is Blonde sold enough things at her yard sale, she writes, to pay for either four pedicures or one pair of designer jeans. Complete recap, including what sold and for how much. Photo.

Dear Dr. Gridlock. The good doctor publishes a letter from someone who dislikes bicyclists. There’s a clever response at Freewheeling Spirit.  

Every lane at Safeway’s Adams Morgan store is an express lane, which makes every lane an un-express lane. I am a lefty explains. 

The scene in Malcolm X Park. My Oyster reports with photos: On Sunday afternoons during the warm weather months, people gather here from 3:00–9:00 p.m. in the upper park to dance, participate in a drum circle, and provide food for the homeless. They have been doing that in this park since the 1950s.

A Not-Dark Dark Beer at $5 a bottle that’s not available in Georgia. dcfud.

Listen to Leon is selling clothes and announces: Now, not only can you read the brilliantly ignorant thoughts that I come up with, but you can also wear them!

Strawberry worship. The strawberry trifle at The Slow Cook. And Sunday’s strawberry harvest at Calendula & Concrete. Photo.

Get Smart invented the shoe-phone. Radical Flower discovers the bra-phone, and writes: Laugh if you want …

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There is a lot of rude and thoughtless behavior in this world and Foilwoman provides a guided tour of some of its worse offenders, often men in suits doing their work on the Metro. These are men of some rank, lawyers or government officials. And how does Foilwoman know this? She writes: For the lawyers, it is often a document marked, in bold: Confidential — Attorney-Client Privilege or Confidential — Attorney Work Product. For the government workers, occasionally … the document is marked Confidential or, more rarely, Secret.*

A Moment in a Stylish Life is the title of this touching post by DC Celine, who is carrying a child and describes the many acts of kindness, from friends and strangers, shown her. 

Freedom from Blog reports that in the last few weeks DC Police “have been cracking down, hard, on folks walking their dogs in Logan Circle. They’re out there every night, citing those with dogs off leash.”

A visitor experiences the Metro and writes, I’m in love with the DC Metro. Interesting photo from above of a Dupont Circle Metro entrance. Tyz’s Journal

Bike to Work Day at AOL. A nice round-up with photos of AOL employees, their bikes, and distances. Magic Smoke. And gwadzilla has a number of photos of Bike to Work Day.


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Editors Note: In celebration of National Highway Week (AP Style note: correct usage is “Freeway Week” on the West Coast), the annual tribute to our many miles of pavement, a collection of car-related blog posts.

The amazing self-healing automobile. It self-expels unnecessary parts! Pygmalion In A Blanket

Amazing but true story:  Car missing since February found parked only four blocks away from owner’s home! City Desk.

An effective, and dare we say, amazing use of a Blackberry in traffic, Hullabaloo For You

An amazing political pairing: Cheney in ’08. Political bumper sticker on parking meter in Dupont by DC Zia.

Outstanding is DCist headline on the amazing report that there are 302 vehicles with 26 or more District parking tickets.

Thank You for our highways and photo, too: U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration. Beltway, mid-1960s.

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Metro may be immune from lawsuits brought by the survivors of pedestrians who were struck by Metro buses. why.i.hate.dc looks at the issue and arrives at this conclusion: This is a disgrace.

Relationships that end, resume and then … Fields of Plenty by Freckledk (nod to Erika)

Tryst is a place best visited on weekdays, but that’s an option open only to a certain few, writes If you see something, say something, who believes … the secret to becoming a regular at Tryst is to be a member of the non-day job elite …

Tremonkey’s DC Bar Tour is a new blog that has assembled an impressive collection of happy hour links.

A group blog, the DC Craft Mafia, which describes itself as a group of diverse indie businesses who endeavor to bring craftiness to the capitol masses. A recent post is about Annie Cream Cheese in Georgetown